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pitillogood morning00:57
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RyoSnice ;)07:05
mwansanice ;) :
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jaegerbjohan: updated the ISO on my site09:28
bjohanjaeger, great!09:29
mike_kjaeger: have you experienced
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jaegernot so far but haven't built it recently09:45
jaegerI'm using libsigc++ 2.0.1709:47
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mike_kok, I'll retry with that version09:50
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thrice`oh noes, we killed CRUX :(11:21
sepenany familiarized with new l7-filter-userspace?11:22
tilmansepen: shut up, we're mourning11:22
thrice`WRT the ML11:23
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sepen'mourning' ???11:25
tilmanestar de luto11:25
teK  sepen11:25
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fernanhi all11:28
fernananybody know of a tool similar to unison?11:28
teKit alls boils down to C vs. C++ I _knew_ it *G*11:29
fernanunison is tw way11:29
fernanbut i would like something simpler.  just synchronize my files between laptop and server11:30
fernanbecause sometimes I edit stuff on my laptop and sometimes on the main pc. I dont want to be botherd by remembering to push changes everytime on a fulle blown Version control11:31
sepenhmmm teK Im going to11:31
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tilmani'm sure the RR will jump in on that thread and start the bonfire11:33
treach"another crippling bombshell hit the crux community today.."11:34
sepenoOOoo! ML11:34
treachI'm pretty curious about what "community" this guy is refering to that should be entrusted the further development..?11:34
treachI thought we already were "community based"...11:35
fernango C!!!11:35
tilmani have an idea but i don't want to tell in public11:35
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teKlocalisation? :wurgs: (saying that as a german)11:36
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treachIMNSHO his mail reads alot like that "bsd is dying" troll. :)11:36
teKare there any points you/the devs agree with?11:37
treachlocalisation is a complete red herring...11:37
tilmanteK: i'm writing a reply atm11:37
* treach insulates his mb with some asbestos11:38
teKI'm looking forward to reading it11:39
sepenI can't understand his position11:40
tilmanjesus fucking christ11:40
treachI just don't get that C/C++ thing. Who gives a *damned* wether it's C or C++?11:40
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sepenchrist fucking jesus11:40
treachI actually think it was god who fucked jesus. "Having a good time there son? No, I'm not going to save you, omgbbqwtf pwned!"11:41
tilmanfrankly, i'm not sure i care how many users crux has11:47
tilmanwell, if there's < 100 users who contribute ports etc it would probably be boring11:47
treachwell, it does have some bearing.11:47
tilmanbut i work on crux because it's the nicest linux distro i've encountered so far11:48
treachalso more users means it would be easier to recruit new developers.11:48
treachie, less load on the rest of you guys11:48
tilmani didn't mean *that* angle of the situation11:49
tilmantreach: he sounded like "ziomg nobody likes crux anymore, we gotta change something"11:49
treachah, well. true.11:49
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treachI'm just saying that while I'm with you in the regard that world domination isn't a main goal, it's probably not good to fly too low below the radar either.11:51
thrice`but we shouldn't sacrifice for it.  I'm sure if we had a nice graphical installer, more people would join.  but, what's the benefit?11:56
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treachI don't think anyone is ordinating sacrifices, exactly. But it does look a bit planless sometimes, especially if you're not on irc.11:59
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tilmanit worries me that he says he sent patches to opt maintainers and they just ignored him12:21
thrice`I sent my udev stuff to sip a couple weeks ago, and he never responded =|  I thought he was out, though12:22
tilmanthrice`: i usually send a second mail if $person doesn't respond after 5-7 days (depends on how often i have contact with him etc etc)12:23
tilmanthrice`: next time, bitch around here, so jaeger or me sees it12:23
thrice`i knew you would eventually notice, tilman ;)12:23
tilmanwe should be able to help ;)12:23
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tilmantreach: re. planless: we need and people who blog about their crux activities12:52
tilmanmaybe it would be like planetjaegercrux though12:52
treachno doubt. don't we have some Aron guy who can do the pr stuff? :P12:53
tilmanaron? o_O12:53
tilmanyou don't mean aon, do you? :D12:53
tilmantreach: can you come to the other channel? *cough* *cough*12:54
treachNo, I was thinking of Asegio.12:54
tilmanasegio? o_O12:54
treachyeah, he does a lot of pr stuff for kde.12:55
tilmanmaybe we can hire him12:56
treachhmm, speaking of forking and new grand ideas.. anyone who knows what happened to hannes mayers' crux64? The site seemed to have most of it's pages missing when I had a look at it.13:08
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jaegertreach: no idea here13:38
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teKomg! arch is going down, too13:49
teK, _too_! :D13:49
teKin someone asked, who is planning to switch because of this and what's the new distro of choice ;)13:51
tilmanhach, it's nice to see some support <313:54
teKthe philosophy is implented and _expressed_ ?!13:55
teK"sorry, we're a C-only distro"13:55
tilmanstupid was smart and only sent me one mail when the guy replied to my address _and_ the list14:18
tilmani deleted the first one14:18
tilmannow i can't reply properly14:18
tilmandamn technology!14:18
teKno paperbin? *duck*14:19
tilmani always delete stuff directly in mutt14:19
thrice`the "about14:32
thrice`the "about" page refutes a few of his points, based simply on the philosphy of crux14:32
tilmanso he tried to contact a few of us by mail directly and got no response14:34
tilmanokay, next he tries to write to the list14:34
tilmanbut his mail gets rejected because he isn't subscribed14:34
tilman-> he decides we all suck14:35
tilmankind of tells how serious he is,no? :P14:35
treachI like cptn's view on it. ;)14:35
treach"I'd rather crux died than applied your views". :P14:36
treach(freely paraphrased)14:36
jaegerthe mailing lists haven't allowed non-subscribed posts since day 114:36
jaegerunless someone changed them recently =)14:36
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mike_knevertheless, nowdays rarely anybody wants to reply_to/fix/decide/improve/change things he isn't directly maintaining. I can't imagine that situation in cptn's time...14:52
mike_kAm I wrong?14:52
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tilmanmike_k: it's probably true that we slowed down a bit since cptn left14:54
mike_kbtw, who is in charge now? =)14:55
tilman"core" personel is juergen, simone, jaeger and me14:56
tilman"opt" personel is Viper_ and aon14:56
tilman.oO(just these day? wtf)14:56
aonso it seems14:57
mike_kI hope it's not like nobody gives a shit on what's going on with the distro in global, but it is not far from reality. "works for me" is still a rapid unswer to many questions on CRUX design ((14:58
mike_ktilman: I mean, who is the pricipal. I guess cptn was the leader of the core team.14:58
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tilmanmike_k: there is no principal :)15:00
tilmanjust the cabal15:00
aoncrux time on the laptop!15:04
aon\o/ /o\15:04
treachwhee :)15:05
aonthe cdrw seems mighty broken15:06
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acrux_imho, i did'nt like Per's period15:12
acrux_i prefer the actual core team15:12
treachmmh, merging with crux-ppc.. right, we all know, heck everyone who have had a look in the ml archive knows how well any such attempts have gone in the past...15:14
acrux_mmh, it's not so good  maybe in the next future15:15
treachnot even sure it's still active at all.15:15
treachHaven't heard or seen anything about it in ages15:16
acrux_ahah, it's active ;)15:16
treachstill at 2.0.x something?15:16
acrux_no, there is a 2.2rc15:17
acrux_2.3 skipped15:17
acrux_and a 2.4pre waiting for x8615:17
treachco-opting the name?15:17
acrux_we are waiting for crux 2.415:17
acrux_and then will'be cruxppc 2.415:18
acrux_only after x8615:18
treachcrux-ppc for x86.... o.O15:18
tilmantreach: nah15:18
tilmanthey are just waiting for "our" 2.4 release15:18
tilmanas i understood it15:18
acrux_yeah :)15:18
treachwell, crux-ppc 2,4 pre for x86.. that *is* to invite confusion..15:19
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acrux_maybe i was not clear15:20
treachNo problem really, I guess it's just the cirumstances that makes it confusing15:21
treach"McCrux" would probably be a better fit. :)15:21
acrux_power architecture isn't apple15:22
treachno, that's right.15:22
treachbut your x86 version is for macs, right?15:22
acrux_x86 version?15:23
acrux_CRUX is for x8615:23
acrux_apple with intel core i suppose can use CRUX15:23
treachmeh.. I understood "a 2.4pre waiting for x86" as you having a version in the pipeline for intel macs.15:23
treachsorry for the confusion.15:24
acrux_no no, only power architecture15:24
treachI see, that makes more sense.15:24
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sepenjurjurjru ML's happy crux16:32
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