IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2007-10-07

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tilmanprologic: slowness: blame your idiot drivers (most likely)04:16
predatorfreaktilman: What hardware does he use? :)04:16
tilmanprologic: do things lock up in wms other than xfce?04:17
tilmanpredatorfreak: nvidia04:17
prologictilman, I'm not sure since I don't use any04:17
prologictilman, at this point I would assume they would04:17
predatorfreaktilman: Performance with composite is related to an X.Org 7.3 change.04:17
predatorfreakNot their drivers.04:17
predatorfreakBut other stuff I couldn't tell you.04:17
prologicthank you predatorfreak04:18
prologicI'm not liking gtk 2.12 or xorg 7.3 at all :/04:18
tilmandoesn't matter, your idiot driver cannot accelerate it well anyway04:18
prologicbut I am using xorg 7.3 ok now (gtk 2.12 is the one that's b0rked)04:18
predatorfreakApparently, X.Org 7.3 changed the way the composite extension allocates the pixmaps or whatever they are.04:18
prologictilman, no you don't understand04:18
predatorfreaktilman: It's impossible because they've fallen back to a method you can't accelerate in a driver.04:18
prologicit's a delay in switching workspaces04:19
prologicsince xorg 7.304:19
prologicnot rednering04:19
predatorfreakIt's not done through any sane methods.04:19
prologicI can still render ~4-5k FPS04:19
tilmanprologic: umm!04:19
predatorfreakApparently they thought some minor security concern was worth a massive slowdown in Composite performance.04:19
prologicthe delay is a noticable 1-2s04:19
tilmanprologic: if you shade/unshade a maximized window (firefox would be good) quickly, is it fast or slow?04:19
predatorfreaktilman: Fast here :)04:20
prologicone sec04:20
tilmanpredatorfreak: link? sauce? i think i would know of this change if it were true04:20
prologicno shading/unshading is quick as normal04:20
prologicit just seems to eb related to swithcing worksapces04:20
prologicor virtual desktops or whatever04:20
prologicand only related to xorg 7.304:20
tilmanprologic: switching workspaces is usually:04:20
prologic7.2 it's fast and no delay04:20
tilmanand back: map(*)04:20
tilmanmap causes expose causes redraw04:21
tilmanso bad xrender performance would cause slow switching04:21
prologicI dunno it's the only noticable performance issues with xorg 7.304:21
predatorfreakI've gotta find the dang thread with the link to the mailing list XD04:21
tilmanyes, do it04:21
predatorfreakprologic: As a quick trick, try nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=204:24
predatorfreakIf I remember right.04:24
predatorfreakThat does some magic.04:24
predatorfreakWhich makes stuff more responsive.04:24
predatorfreakDon't ask me how though.04:24
predatorfreakThe example given is window resizing, but it might apply to other things depending on what's happening.04:25
predatorfreake.g. with xcompmgr, 32-bit windows resized fast here, but took FOREVER to return from being minimized.04:26
prologicthanks man!04:26
prologicthat worked nicely :)04:26
prologicpredatorfreak, can I permanately put these settings someweher ?04:27
prologicin xorg.conf  ?04:28
predatorfreakprologic: The only annoying thing for me is that the initialpixmapplacement trick makes maximizing/minimizing windows slower :(04:28
predatorfreakprologic: Not sure :\04:28
prologicfor me it's fine04:28
prologicmaximizing/minimizing windows is fine04:28
prologiceverything is now :)04:28
tilmanpredatorfreak: the meeting isn't private04:29
tilmanit's perfectly possible for anyone to attend04:29
predatorfreaktilman: Yay!04:29
predatorfreaktilman: What's the channel going to be, so I can actually not wind up doing a billion /j's asking "Is this the CRUX development meeting?"04:30
predatorfreaktilman: Thanks.04:31
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prologictilman, know much about the xinitrc.d files ?04:45
tilmango away please ;)04:45
tilmanwhat do you need?04:46
prologicjust want to get nvidia-settings to start when X does04:47
prologicwanted to know the convetion of the files in that dir04:47
prologic10-nvidia-settings I called it04:47
tilmani'd just put it in my xinitrc/xsession :D04:48
prologicnah :)04:48
prologicI like being a global pain :)04:48
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schniggietilman: linux guru there ;) ?06:31
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pedjawhy doesn't udev create /dev entries after nvidia module is loaded?07:53
prologicbecause nvidia sucks ass :)07:53
pedjaheh :)07:54
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tilmanpedja: does your x still lock up?08:25
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pedjatilman: yes08:26
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tilmanpedja: mmh. prologic is still having weird problems08:28
pedjamine are nvidia related, lockups happen with windows too :(08:30
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prologictilman, no I'm having no issues now08:30
prologichowever I have gtk locked - since 2.12 is b0rked08:30
pedjakernel name for my nvidia card is "0000:01:00.0", according to udevinfo...08:32
pedjasomething is really wrong here...08:32
schniggiecan anyone help me ? lots of my gui apps crash since 2 weeks08:32
schniggiebut i don't know why ...08:33
tilmanget a debug build and a backtrace08:33
* pedja hands over tilman crystal ball08:33
pedjayou'll need it ;)08:33
schniggiethis happens when i try to open the plugins window08:34
tilmanschniggie: try to reproduce the error with a different gtk theme/engine08:34
tilmanseems it's related to the 'industrial' gtk engine08:34
schniggieah ok08:34
tilmanmaybe it's enough to recompile gtk-engines!08:35
bjohandoes any one know if dvi-d works well with linux?08:35
tilmanbjohan: errrr, depends on the driver08:35
tilmanwhat card is it?08:35
schniggietilman: it's enough to choose another theme :D08:35
schniggiethx :)08:36
bjohantilman, i dont know yet :) but lets say its an nvidia card08:36
bjohani dont know if mine supports it yet, but i am thinking of using a big ass monitor and haveit double as tv08:36
bjohanto save space in my apartment08:36
tilmanbjohan: no idea. maybe #nvidia can help08:37
bjohanok, thanks, but its driver related?08:37
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bjohantilman, any idea if it would work with a normal text console?08:38
tilmanbjohan: i guess it's vga compatible, so yes08:38
tilmanbut i can't promise anything08:38
bjohantilman, i understand that. but it sounds logical08:38
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pedjawhen xorg starts,there are /dev/nvidia0 and /dev/nvidiactl.08:52
pedjawrong group, though.08:52
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pedjalet's see how long it takes to freeze again...08:57
rehabdollhum, how come pciutils wants to install its man-files to /usr/share/man on my desktop, but /usr/man/ on my other box? D;09:00
pedjasame thing happened to me when i updated pciutils today.09:02
pedjawhy, me don't know09:02
rehabdollyeah, but why not on my other box?09:02
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pedjawould someone send me output of 'ls -al /dev'? something is seriously fsckd up with /dev on my machine...12:32
pedjaor with udev setup.12:33
RyoS_rejmerged udev rules?12:35
pedjayes, i did, but it keeps acting strange.12:38
treachas per the ml, it's probably a symptom of it dying. ;)12:39
pedjamy computer?oh, fuck.12:40
treachno, crux.12:40
RyoS_no dude, crux12:40
RyoS_crux dies :(12:40
pedjasays who?12:41
treachpedja: haven't you follwed the news? :P12:41
treachCrux is dying. It's a fact, well known on the ML :D12:41
pedjano, i haven't read the ml yet.12:41
RyoS_you should in that case12:41
treachheh, have fun :D12:41
pedjaafter I find what is wrong with udev/dev, it's bloody annoying.12:42
pedjahardlocking a system while burning dvd is no fun.12:43
pedjawhy we updated udev in the first place?old one worked fine :)12:44
RyoS_hehe :P12:44
RyoS_never touch a running system12:44
treach*we*? :>12:45
treachIIRC *you* updated it. :P12:45
treachthis isn't windows with automatic upd^W breakage you know. :)12:45
pedjadev semigods updated it, i just followed :)12:46
treachlife is hard as a lemming. ;D12:46
treachtbh, I think thrice` updated it because it was way old, and depended on hotplug, which is no longer needed/desireable, if I got things right.12:47
pedjabut, if it worked fine for everyone else, it must be PEBKAC then :D12:48
treachwell, I haven't updated my laptop yet, and this one isn't running crux, so..12:49
pedjai would try downgrading it, but I haven't got old udev port around.12:51
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RedShiftso anyone from belgium here?13:15
treachyeah, a crazy bastard who calls himself RedShift13:16
RedShifthey I know that guy13:16
RedShiftnice fellow *g*13:16
RedShifthe just repaired an IBM switch13:17
RedShiftmandantory pics:
treachmh, but he eats french fries with mayonnaise.13:17
treachthat's gross.13:17
RedShiftactually, he doesn't like mayonnaise13:17
treachhehe, just a stab in the dark. ;)13:17
RedShifthe usually eats it with stew or infrequently with ketchup13:17
treachstrawberry beer?13:18
RedShifthmm, never tried that13:18
treach(belgian food seems.. strange)13:18
RedShiftdoes that even exist?13:18
RedShiftwell I was asking because I'm doing datacenter tours every once in a while13:19
RedShiftif someone wants to come and take a look they are welcome13:19
pedjahm.I pulled old udev port from git, and can't find any significant differences wrt rules in the current one.13:21
RedShiftpedja: what did you expect?13:21
RedShiftthe only miracles in life are the ones you create yourself13:22
treachahem, no... sometimes you're just incredibly, incredibly lucky..13:22
RedShifttreach: exactly... think about my sentence ;-)13:23
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treach  <- hardly miracles of their own making13:25
RedShifttreach: read it again. It's only a miracle if you pronounce it a miracle, thus, you created a miracle13:25
treachok, agreed.13:26
RedShiftexistence philosophy :D13:26
RedShiftI had that bullshit for 2 years :(13:26
RedShift(when I went to school)13:26
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