IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-10-09

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tilmanrehabdoll: didn't i do that? maybe i forgot to push the commit o_O02:09
tilmanrehabdoll: i'll check when i'm home again02:09
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rehabdolltheres no port for it04:22
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RyoS_does someone here use maildrop and can help me a bit with ~/.mailfilter?05:46
tilmanrehabdoll: sorry, i even forgot to commit that version bump05:51
tilmanit's in now05:51
tilmangcc ............ diff:
tilman    GCC 4.2.2 has been released.05:58
RedShifttilman: performance improvements?06:00
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tilmanRedShift: we didn't want to release crux 2.4 w/ gcc 4.2.1, so.06:01
tilmanunfortunately the compile bug with mesa didn't make it in06:01
RedShiftbut I'm more interested in performance improvements :D06:02
tilmanchrist, don't they have a changelog for 4.2.1 -> 4.2.206:07
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pedja-march=pentium-m? that is pentium-mobile?06:39
pedjathose are flags set by mplayer.gcc doesn't recognize/optimize for  dual core chips yet?06:41
pedjahi, btw :)06:41
tilmansome sites say that pentium-m is correct for some dual core chips06:41
tilmanprescott might be better for your cpu06:42
tilmanbut i wouldn't worry too much about it06:42
pedjai don't, i'm just curious06:43
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mwansatilman, when can we expect 2.4...weeks, months?06:53
pedja'when it's ready'[tm] ?06:54
tilmanmwansa: my unofficial, personal, non-quotable guess is the third week of november06:54
tilmanIMO crux releases aren't *that* exciting06:55
tilmanit's usually just new glibc and new gcc06:55
tilmaneverything else you get via ports anyway :)06:55
pedjacrux is dead anyway, right ;)06:55
jjpkOf course pedja.06:56
* pedja reads ml 06:56
mwansa:p, to people that have really shitty connection and cant afford jaegers iso and dont wanna run sysup for 2 years. a new realease is almost christmas06:56
jjpkThis is nothing but the carcass of crux. :D06:56
tilmanyeah, it already smells06:56
RyoS_crux dies!11111106:56
RyoS_oh, pedja said that already :P06:56
pedjai'll read ml carefully later, i need a coffee first.06:56
tilmanthe new release is only to prove those people wrong06:56
jjpkI suggest it is dedicated to Ott. :D06:57
tilmanshould be codenamed "we're not dead yet"06:57
tilmanwe need code names anyway!06:57
tilmanthey are cool :)06:57
tilmanunless they are lame06:57
jjpkPff. What's wrong with using just number ID releases. :s06:58
tilmanthey make me smile06:58
tilmansmile =good06:58
pedjaubuntu code names are..weird06:58
RyoS_they just dont have sense06:58
tilmanno, not like ubuntu06:58
tilmanthey are too retarded06:58
tilmanwonder whether they'll ever release "rotten retard"06:59
jjpkI don't see the need to use codenames at all.06:59
namenloswill it be possible to update crux to a new release without a install medium?06:59
pedja'crux-2.4' is 'nuff for me, thank you very much :)06:59
jjpkI see it as unneeded hype. Crux has never been about hype and I hope it would remain that way.06:59
namenlosthat would be a nice feature.06:59
tilmannamenlos: yes, if you're brave07:00
tilmannamenlos: i renamed some ports, removed some ports etc. so you'll have to shadow those changes yourself07:00
tilmanbut it's possible07:00
tilmanhype? what?07:00
tilmani never said it needs to be hyped07:00
jjpkI did not imply that you would either. I simply meant that is how I perceive their use by the larger distributions.07:01
pedjatheme song for crux:Public Enemy-don't believe the hype.07:01
jjpkThe next song is Fight the Power, isn't it?07:02
namenlostilman: so in theory i would only have to adjust the /etc/ports/*.rsync files?07:02
tilmannamenlos: yes, though i would suggest to update gcc and glibc with the package on the iso07:03
namenlosinstall all from core and make a pkg-foster.07:03
thrice`possibly in init 107:03
pedjajjpk: Burn, Hollywood, burn ;)07:03
namenlosi think i got to read more about toolchains...07:03
thrice`me too.  slackware always said do major glibc updates from init 107:04
pedjanow where is that (legally) bought PE CD?07:05
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Romsteri just use -mtune=$(uname -p) and leave it at that.07:41
Romsternamenlos, i got a toolchain guide i used to update my system without using medium.07:44
tilmanuname -p is i686 for that laptop07:45
tilmanso that would be bad07:45
namenlosRomster: could you give me a link?07:45
Romsterdunno where i got it from, i've edited it a bit. dc send07:46
Romsteror do i have to pastbin it07:47
thrice`pastebin would be nice :)  I wouldn't mind a look either07:47
thrice`gentoo has a nice pastebin script you can pipe stuff too, btw.  cat file | wgetpaste07:47
thrice`i think it's wgetpaste, anyways07:48
treachonce again.. -march *implies* -mtune, so playing around with it is essentially *useless*.07:49
jaegerI have a pastebin script I can post somewhere if needed, it's very useful07:49
namenlosRomster: got to find out, how to get a dcc file with irssi.... ;)07:49
treachjaeger: btw, ncftp seems to need a small bump. :)07:49
jaegerit even copies to the clipboard if pygtk is installed07:49
jaegertreach: ok07:50
jaegerthat's one I don't have in my ck4up config, thanks07:50
namenlosRomster: thx07:50
treachyou're welcome. )07:50
Romsteroh no idea with irssi, i know my xchat and firewall works ok on dcc.07:50
Romsterthrice`, neat07:50
Romsterthrice`, where could i get that wgetpaste?07:51
Romsterjaeger, be interesed in that program.07:52
jaegerI don't remember where I got it... the authors are at the top, though07:53
Romsterk hmm binary file unles apache is misconfigured07:54
namenloshehe, i simply had to type /dcc get ;)07:54
Romsternamenlos, lol07:54
jaegerRomster: it's just that lighttpd doesn't really know how to serve it up07:55
jaegerno extension, no file magic07:55
jaegerI can rename it to .txt or something if you prefer07:55
Romsteranyway redoing the tool chain then rest of core and all other packages isn't what i call fun.07:55
Romsterah k.. would of guessed any file not marked as executable would be text.07:56
jaegerI guessed that initially, lighttpd doesn't seem to roll that way07:56
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Romstermust think .bin is binary.07:58
jaegerit assumes no extension is binary, I guess. it doesn't seem to do file magic checking07:58
Romsteroh well got the file i'll have a look at it.07:59
jaegerit's python08:00
Romsterah good08:03
Romstermuch prefer python over perl08:03
Romsteri'll look soon.08:03
thrice`or bash :)08:05
Romsteryeah i like bash too.08:06
prologicI hate it :)08:06
Romstertrue bash isn't as portable outside of linux08:07
prologicit's a suckful procedural scripting  piece of carp :)08:08
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namenloshm, for what do i need the libstdc++-compat package?08:08
prologicafaik not needed if you compile everything :)08:09
prologicdon't quote me08:10
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namenlosk, but why do we then have it?08:11
Romsteri think it for adobe and open office etc08:11
thrice`some binary stuff needs it08:11
Romsterand google-earth08:11
prologicbinary compatibility08:11
prologicnot everything can be comiled :)08:11
prologicmost propitary stuff ;/08:11
prologicif you dn't care to have any of that installed08:11
prologicthen you don't need it08:12
namenlosok, now i understand. thanks.08:12
treachit's also handy if you upgraded your system from say 2.208:13
treach(and didn't feel like rebuilding everything, like Romster seems to do twice a week. :o) )08:14
prologicyeah he does that08:14
prologicstrnage man :)08:14
treachindeed. :)08:15
Romsterlol i use the overkill and be done with it approch.08:16
prologicI could think of better things to do with my time :)08:16
prologichmmm sleeep :)08:16
treachah timezones. time for a little afternoon break here. (15:18) :)08:17
* tilman yawns08:17
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treach#include <coffee.h>08:18
tilmancoffee isn't a magic bullet for yawning08:18
tilmannot for me at least08:18
Romster/dev/mug i liked that one.08:18
treachtrue, I guess you could try "quick_walk(fresh_air);" too.08:19
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Dr-PePPaanybody in here10:04
Dr-PePPayeah!!! finaly10:05
jaegerfinally? you've been here about a minute :)10:05
Dr-PePPait's my first irc session and i didn't manage to talk to anybody10:05
Dr-PePPathought the connection isn't ok10:06
jaegerwell, with IRC there's no guarantee someone's at the keyboard, so be patient if you don't get a response quickly10:06
jaegeroften someone will see it later and respond10:06
Dr-PePPaok thanks10:06
Dr-PePPagot to register my nick now. got to find out how to do that10:06
jaegersend nickserv the message "help"10:07
Dr-PePParegister s10:09
namenlosjaeger: in your crux iso, do you have sshd enabled?10:11
jaegernamenlos: it's not started by default but yes10:11
jaegernamenlos: boot cd, load network module, configure interface, set root password, start sshd10:11
namenlosdo you have a link to your page?10:13
namenlosor your git repository?10:13
jaegerI don't use git but you're welcome to browse the svn repo -
namenlosjaeger: thx10:14
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Dr-PePPahow can i find out if my nick is set up and registered correctly?10:22
Dr-PePPais there any command or sthg10:22
jaegerI think you can via nickserv10:22
tilmanwhy do you think it isn't?10:23
Dr-PePPacause the message i just sent isnt in the logfile at yet10:23
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jaegerif you sent a message to nickserv it will not show up in that log10:24
jaegerthat log only shows public messages to the #crux channel10:24
Dr-PePPano, i mean the messages i sent here10:25
Dr-PePPaahh, sorry, now its there10:25
jaegerthat log also isn't quite realtime10:26
Dr-PePPayeah, thats right.10:26
Dr-PePPathank you10:26
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Dr-PePPawhy doesnt the client ask me for my nick password when i reconnect?10:30
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jaegeryou're not required to enter it. but you can either send a message to nickserv to identify after you connect or use the password as the server password10:32
jaegernot all IRC networks support the latter method but freenode does10:33
Dr-PePPahow do you mean "use the password as the server password"? sorry for bothering10:34
jaegeryour IRC client allows you to supply a password to connect to the server10:35
jaegerit is not required here but if you supply your nickserv password as the server password it'll use that to identify you10:36
Dr-PePPaok, i understand, if not, i have to do the nickserv identification everytime i connect, isnt it?10:36
Dr-PePPaok, thanks a lo10:36
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tilmand'oh, i thought he wanted to ask a crux question10:37
jaegereventually, perhaps :)10:38
* jaeger beats wxpython with a stick10:39
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Dr-PePPahey!!! it works!!! i love computers :)10:40
jaegerwelcome back10:41
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Dr-PePPajo guys what's up.12:04
Dr-PePPahow are you :D12:04
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teKsegmentation fault14:24
ximondaHi there.14:24
ximondaI'm Clemens.14:25
nullpointerteK, u dereferenced me14:25
nullpointeru know you shouldn't14:25
teKyeah :\14:25
ximondaPretty late... had to find my chat client again.14:25
RyoShello clemens~14:25
ximondaNice to meet you in this medium.14:25
nullpointerhi ximonda, are you the Clemens i know already?14:25
ximondaYes, I think so.14:26
nullpointeryep nice to meet U all14:26
ximondaClemens Koller.14:26
ximondaGermany / Munich.14:26
nullpointeri come here very rarely14:26
nullpointertoo busy lately :(14:26
ximondaThe one with the embedded powerpc stuff.14:26
teKMuenchen regelt14:26
acrux|ppccruxppc take over14:26
ximondaI don't want to disturb your discusstion. I just had some minutes left.14:26
nullpointerximonda, yes i got who you are :-P14:27
nullpointerwhat's up?14:27
nullpointerso u didn't uunveil the secrets of your secret ppc powered devied14:27
tilmanthe meeting is in #crux-devel, in case you came for that14:27
nullpointerhmm i didn't know that14:27
ximondaAh, well... ok. Didn't now that.14:28
nullpointertilman, can we come over?14:28
rehabdollis #crux-devel open for silent spectators? :)14:32
tilmanyou may comment, too!14:32
ximondaThere is nothing to comment...14:32
tilmanmostly because we started 1.5h ago14:33
ximondaSo, I should just ask when we are merging all platforms into one CRUX? ;-)14:33
ximondaAnd feed the trolls.14:34
nullpointeracrux|ppc, i know you have some feedback on the xorg ports, come over in the other channel14:35
nullpointerit's ok for me14:35
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Dr-PePPajop münchen regelt14:49
Dr-PePPawhy :(14:49
RyoSbayern is a big nak14:49
RyoSssimon: right?14:50
Dr-PePPa:-) nope14:50
ssimonRyoS: die14:50
Dr-PePPawhy dont u all subscribe to the crux users list?14:52
treachY U don't type properly?14:53
Dr-PePPasry :-P *scnr* sorry14:53
ximondaActually, what are the risks envolved in upgrading from udev-096 to udev-115 on x86.14:56
tilmanshould be painless unless your setup is strange14:57
treachI think someone said something about burning cds makes the system freeze with the new udev.14:58
ximondatilman: Usually, I don't care so much, but one of my machines isn't accessible if something goes wrong there.14:58
treachI don't remember who though.14:58
treachthe log should tell anyone interested.14:58
treachright, it was pedja14:59
pedjayes, it was me.15:00
ximondaI don't burn CDs on a remote server.15:00
teKtilman: you mean rejected rejmerges? ;)15:00
treachI don't particulary care what you do or do not do with it, you asked for potential problems.15:00
ximondapedja: What kernel did you use?15:01
pedjaudev set wrong permissions on /dev/sr0, or something.15:01
tilmanteK: i just wanted to be on the safe side15:01
tilmancan't vouch for everything :D15:01
ximondaMhm... still over here.15:01
ximondapedja: I think I'll have to check that first locally...15:02
pedjaon a first run, i got a lot 'udevd can not read $a_lot_of_rules' in /var/log/errors15:03
pedjait was a, it works fine, afaict.15:04
pedjaI haven't tried to burn a dvd yet, though15:04
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ximondapedja: Have you had the errors in you local udev rules or in the ones which came with the port.15:04
pedjaones from the port15:05
ximondapedja: So, they propably needs to be fixed.15:06
ximondapedja: I'll have to check cdsymlinks...15:07
ximondapedja: Well, thankyou anyway for this hint.15:08
ximondapedja: Well, those are just missing files...15:11
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ximondapedja: Okay...15:14
ximondapedja: So, what's wrong?15:14
pedjaI don't know.15:15
ximondaOkay... I'll about to update one testing machine right now and 'll have a look15:15
pedjanow all works, but udev still ignores my 10-custom rules.weird...15:16
pedjas/all/almost all/ :)15:16
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thrice`I'd try to test burning a CD, but my linux box about a week ago :(15:16
ximondapedja: That's not what it's supposed to do.15:17
ximondapedja: Did you ask GregKH or KaySievers what's wrong there?15:17
pedjano, since i'm the only one who had this issue after udev update, afaik.15:18
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pedjai'll check lkml15:18
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rehabdollI had some permission issues with the new udev15:19
rehabdollsince im the only one using this machine i allowed myself to be a bit more generous with the permissions15:20
rehabdoll660 :)15:20
ximondarehabdoll: Okay, good hint.15:20
rehabdollbut i've had no freezing issues15:21
ximondarehabdoll: the freezing issues are propably not related to the above file access stuff.15:22
*** jjpk has joined #crux15:22
rehabdollprobably not, no15:23
ximondapedja: lkml is propably not the right list.15:24
ximondait's liinux-hotplug-devel a@t lists.sourceforge.net15:25
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pedjaximonda: thanks, i'm browsing it atm15:28
ximondapedja: My testing machine here is pretty slow and got it's last updated some time ago. So it will take some hours to come to an conclusion.15:28
ximondapedja: Is there a newer release than the 115 one?15:29
acrux|ppcudev-115 works fine on ibook too15:30
thrice`that's re-assuring15:30
treach"intresseklubben noterar" :)15:31
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ximondapedja: Okay, on my powerpc, I get ton's of entries with udev-115:15:42
ximondamaybe the kernel is too old: 2.6.21-rc5-gitsomething15:44
rehabdollwhy are you running an old rc-kernel?15:50
ximondarehabdoll: because I had no time to compile a new one on that devel machine.15:50
ximondarehabdoll: I wanted to switch over from the ppc to the powerpc architecture and change the bootloader also... but no time yet.15:51
predatorfreakjaeger: Could I request a full log of the devel meeting? :)15:52
predatorfreakSince I missed the opening bits.15:52
treachpredatorfreak: see the log...15:52
predatorfreaktreach: What log?15:52
treachthat one ^15:52
predatorfreakThat's #crux?15:52
treachit's a droplist..15:53
predatorfreaktreach: I'm blind :P15:53
treachbaaaaka :p15:53
ximondaYes, namenlos made a point: toolchain upgrade without install media.15:59
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ximondaI was a little bit worried to do that, but I didn't run into any troubles (with glibc).16:00
Romsterximonda, i've done it a few times.16:05
ximondaYeah... shouldn't be a problem.16:05
ximondaRomster: similar issues apply for libstdc++-compat stuff.16:05
*** jaeger has quit IRC16:06
Romsteri recompile everything so it relinks to the new glibc16:06
Romsterlibstdc++-compat is jsut for binary stuff like open office, adobe, stuff.16:07
ximondaI've just read the logs.16:08
ximondaI get more issues when I downgrade gcc from 4.2.1 to i.e. 4.1.116:09
Romsterwhat issues?16:10
*** Viper_ has quit IRC16:10
nullpointeroops sorry16:11
nullpointeri missed part of the conversation16:11
nullpointerwhat are you talking about ximonda16:11
ximondaRomster: The problem I have on my strange platform is the /nof/ = no floating point folder.16:12
treachnullpointer: <- may contain clues16:12
nullpointerok treach sorry16:12
nullpointeri will read all the logs :)16:13
ximondaRomster: if I configure gcc with --disable-multilib it doesn't put it into the /nof/ subdirectory.16:13
treachnullpointer: I wasn't trying to put you down, sorry if it came across that way16:13
Romsteri haven't had issues with gcc.16:13
ximondaRomster: Yeah, that's specific to my platform, I guess.16:14
Romsterthink so what arch you on?16:14
nullpointeri mean ximonda you downgraded gcc in the running distro?16:14
ximondanullpointer: yes.16:14
nullpointerhmm i wouldn't expect that to work16:14
nullpointereven on x8616:14
Romsterdid oyu rebuild glibc and everything after downgrading gcc?16:15
ximonda$ uname -m -p ->16:15
ximondappc e50016:15
ximondaRomster: No...16:15
Romsterah that one i saw recently someare ML maybe16:15
ximondaRomster: That's a c++ issue.16:15
ximondaRomster: A solution would be to 1) don't allow gcc to use the /nof16:16
ximonda2) recompile the c++ app.16:16
nullpointerif you change this16:16
*** onestep has joined #crux16:16
nullpointerbnaries won't link with that at runtime16:16
Romstertryed with gcc3 ?16:16
ximonda3) provide proper libstdc++ in the correct folder (that's what we have libstdc++.compat for)16:17
Romstergcc34 in contrib.16:17
ximondaRomster: gcc-3.4.6 is available...16:17
Romsterneeded for some really old coded programs.16:17
ximondaRomster it didn't have multilib support, so there are no issues there.16:17
nullpointeryep qemu, mol... seems all the emulators need that!16:17
treachneeds gcc3 -> really old.. hmm.16:17
ximondaWell, it's no a big deal. Usually I don't want to downgrade.16:18
predatorfreakDidn't qemu get updated for gcc4?16:18
Romsterximonda, ah16:18
treachpredatorfreak: last I heard about it sip switched to a binary port instead16:18
predatorfreakI could swear 0.9.0 is supposed to work with gcc 4.16:18
nullpointerpredatorfreak, i haven't been trying to compile it for long time16:19
Romsterpredatorfreak, not sure if they have yet i know that was in a TODO16:19
Romsterhmm will have to look at that.16:19
nullpointerbut anyway16:19
nullpointerthe most i coulg get out of quemo was the x86 emulator on x8616:19
predatorfreakGentoo don't have any blocks against qemu 0.9.0 with regard to gcc.16:19
ximondaBut on exactly this platform, I have something like a customer which insists on using gcc-4.1.1 on my system because they are afraid that any change in compiler version might put more problems to verify their licensed application usability.16:19
nullpointerand ppc emulator on ppc16:19
nullpointernot very useful!16:19
treachpredatorfreak: key phrase: "last I heard about it" :)16:20
nullpointerximonda, yep that sounds reasonable16:20
predatorfreaktreach: I haven't used qemu in forever, so take my words with a grain of salt ;)16:20
nullpointerbut you should bootstrap the system from scratch16:20
nullpointerif you want to have so different toolchain components16:21
treachI'm looking forward to use KVM so I'm not following it too closely myself. :)16:21
nullpointerwell i wouuld have used it if it worked16:21
nullpointerbut it didn't16:21
ximondanullpointer: that shouldn't be necessary as long as libstdc++ would be built to stay in the same folder.16:21
nullpointerbut yep i remember sip switching to binary port, but that's not useful for me on ppc16:22
nullpointeryahfri maybe has a from-source port16:22
predatorfreaktreach: If I was actually going to use an emulator now, I'd be using KVM.16:22
ximondanullpointer: Well, anyway, maybe in two weeks I have three more systems available and then I 'll want to bootstrap anyway.16:22
predatorfreakSince I actually have a CPU which supports it :)16:22
predatorfreakHowever, I don't need to run more than one OS at a time ;)16:23
treachnullpointer: I'm just refering the facts. What value they have is up to decide. :)16:23
ximondamaybe ready for the 2.4 release :-)16:23
treach*to you to decide*16:23
ximondaI think I'll go out and get a beer.16:24
nullpointertreach, ok ;) but i wasn't commenting on their value16:24
treachpredatorfreak: sometimes you just have to use apps that doesn't like wine16:24
ximondaNice to meet you, guys...16:24
ximondaSee you again on the crux and/or crux-ppc ML.16:25
nullpointerximonda, bye16:25
* treach lifts his imaginary hat in the general direction of munich16:25
predatorfreaktreach: Nah, I just reboot to Windows.16:25
predatorfreakSince those are mostly games.16:25
ximondatnx, treach, nullpointer, predator.16:25
predatorfreakand games in an emulator = SLOW!!!!!!!!!!16:25
teKgn8 ximonda16:25
predatorfreakximonda: Night.16:25
ximondaGuad Nacht!16:25
treachrebooting sucks, and I'm not a gamer anyway16:26
predatorfreaktreach: better than going at 1FPS :P16:26
*** ximonda has left #crux16:26
treachI'm still not a gamer, besides from what I've gathered WOW works excellently with wine..16:26
treachie, not 1 fps16:27
*** pedja has quit IRC16:27
predatorfreaktreach: I don't play WOW.16:29
predatorfreakI play Dark Crusade, ETQW (which should hopefully have a Linux client before long) and AOE3 :)16:29
*** RedShift has quit IRC16:29
predatorfreaktreach: RTSes and one FPS :P16:30
predatorfreakI like crushing people with an army of units.16:31
treachso. My point still stands. games are possible and does not automatically give 1 fps.16:31
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah, but I've never managed to get AOE3 or DC to work in linux.16:31
teKAOE3 comes directly outta hell. iirc.16:32
predatorfreakand Windows is just less hassle with games written for Windows ;)16:32
predatorfreakteK: Yeah, but it's fun :(16:32
treachisn't that microsoft?16:32
treachAOE I mean.. hardly surprising if it won't work on anything but windows then..16:32
teKmaybe.. I need the break. gn8 ppl16:34
predatorfreaktreach: Yeah, Ensemble studios.16:34
predatorfreakteK: Night.16:34
nullpointeri am going too16:34
predatorfreaktreach: MS own Ensemble, so, basically.16:34
nullpointeri still have to have supper16:35
nullpointerbye friends16:35
predatorfreaknullpointer: Night.16:35
treachnipuL: that's kind of late, isn't it?16:35
treachdamn tab16:35
treachnullpointer of course16:35
nullpointeryep but i'm still in time! the fridge won't run away16:35
treachanyway, good night to those going to sleep.16:36
nullpointerbye bye,16:36
treach24 min16:36
nullpointeri might come over again later this night16:36
treachyou just might make it. ;)16:36
treachbefore it becomes breakfast. :P16:36
nullpointersee you16:36
*** nullpointer has left #crux16:36
jjpkSounds like a challenge.16:37
*** onestep has quit IRC16:40
*** destruct has quit IRC16:41
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*** hp_tux has quit IRC16:48
rehabdoll2.6.23 \o/16:55
treachyay, 3.8MB changelog..16:56
*** Romster has joined #crux17:01
jjpkGive it a few days and the first major bugs should pop out.17:02
treachhopefully there shouldn't be too many, considering the number of rc's..17:02
jjpkIdeally, yes.17:04
* predatorfreak DLS and gets out his "kernel rape" tools.17:04
rehabdolli've been running the last 3-4 rc's without any issues17:04
jjpkI have not touched the laptop's kernel in at least 1.5 months. :p17:05
rehabdolli cant stay away :)17:05
jjpkNothing wrong with that.17:06
*** destruct has joined #Crux17:07
rehabdollprologic: dhcp could use a bump in version17:11
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*** predatorfreak has joined #crux19:15
predatorfreakSomehow 2.6.23 breaks libnfnetlink/libnetfilter_queue19:15
predatorfreakSeems to be some kind of compatibility issue with the netlink interface.19:26
predatorfreakas iptables still works fine.19:26
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predatorfreakWoohoo, turns out libnetfilter_queue was out-of-date by 2 versions, quick bump solved that :)23:46

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