IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-10-10

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Romsterpredatorfreak, cool00:23
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SiFuh_ooohh i got OpenBSD 4.2 already in the mail..03:11
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sepenrealplayer dissapears from portdb, no one with that port running?05:34
RyoSwhat do you need rp for?05:35
sepenfor listening a spanish radio05:35
RyoScant you do that with mplayer or audacious or something?05:35
sepenonly mediaplayer and realplayer pluggins are available05:35
sepenhmmm no idea05:35
RyoStry it :p05:36
RyoSmplayer can do it for sure05:36
sepenmmime type seems application/x-mplayer205:37
sepencan I configure firefox to use mplayer for this kind of mimes?05:37
sepenI never do it before05:37
RyoSthere is a plugin for firefox05:37
sepensurely I need win32-essential-codecs also, right?05:43
RyoSi guess so05:44
sepenWin32 LoadLibrary failed to load: avisynth.dll, /usr/lib/win32/avisynth.dll, /usr/local/lib/win32/avisynth.dll05:49
sepenand that? why it isn't included in the port05:49
RyoSdunno :D05:50
RyoShave that problem here too after updating mplayer05:50
RyoSyou can install them by yourself05:50
RyoSits in opt05:50
sepenIm reading mplayerplug-in/README05:52
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RyoSsepen: got it working?06:40
sepennot yet, Im now at office06:41
RyoSaaaaj, vale 8-)06:41
sepenI'll try later06:42
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Romstersome thieves are dumb >,21598,22555286-950,00.html12:26
mxqin my country thieves steal big parts of bridges and train rails, but none of them is that stupid :)12:41
tilmanmxq: we had some cases like that here, too o_O13:09
SiFuhinteresting hmm13:09
SiFuhreminds me of the chinese man who tried to steal some powerlines, and the shock caused him to fall backwards. Fortunately his pants hooked on to some metal rods and left him hanging upside down till police came to arrest him..13:10
RyoSmxq: what country is that? :O13:14
tilmanpoland i guess. /whois ftw13:14
SiFuhoh Germany i think.13:14
teKmy company "lost" silver worth a 60.000 Euros over night :-)13:15
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mxqRyoS: tilman: correct, one and only rzeczpospolita polska13:16
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mike_kmxq:  rzeczpospolita? you are kidding, aren't you!?13:39
* mike_k is looking into wikipedia13:39
mike_kOops, you are not. It sounds like some old name from school history lessons.13:41
mxqmike_k: old? polish-lithuanian union, or polish crown or something like that might be old, but rzeczpospolita polska (polish republic) is the current full name of poland13:43
mike_kmy poor teenager memory was unable to keep that in mind.13:46
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Raizenanyone here? o_O17:05
Raizenyay. :P17:06
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RaizenI'm considering switching to crux so I was hoping I could have some questions answered that the documentation does not cover...17:06
Raizen1) is there a method of checking if your installed packages are out of date with the ports system?17:07
Raizenthat isn't "manual"17:07
treach"prt-get diff"17:07
treachsee the man page for prt-get.17:07
treachit does a lot of nifty things.17:07
Raizenwill do, 2) how up to date are the ports packages compared to the offical sources they come from?17:08
Raizenon average17:08
Raizencompared to offical stable17:08
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treachthe aim is "latest stable"17:08
Raizenmy biggest problem is going to be manually configuring the kernel... hrm17:09
Raizeni've never done it before and succeeded...17:09
Raizenbut I do know my hardware to a certain extent17:10
treachmmh. Always fun the first time.17:10
Raizenany suggestions on how I should proceed?17:10
treachafter that you can always do "make oldconfig"17:10
treach"with patience" ;)17:10
RaizenI use a SATA hard drive on a nvidia board with IDE cd drive17:11
treachsorry, there is no easy way for the first configuration.17:11
RaizenI have heard of some general advice that applies17:11
treachpresumeably you could boot on some live cd and see what it finds.17:11
Raizenlike building the file system support into the kernel and not as modules17:11
treachthat's kind of critical, unless you plan on using an initrd.17:12
RaizenI've heard that reiserfs, the default the manual recommends fragments eventually17:12
treachWhich I'd advice against.17:12
treachI've never had any problems with reiserfs.17:13
RaizenI've found the jfs file system to be fairly fast and stable, but I don't know for sure17:13
RaizenI didn't like xfs much17:13
treachbut that said, I dont think it really matters which of them you pick.17:13
treachno, I'd advice against xfs.17:13
RaizenI know17:13
treachunless you have an ups17:13
Raizenits really slow17:13
treachIt's pretty fast on big files...17:13
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Raizenits slow at accessing quickly between small files17:13
RaizenI'm currently an arch user, but I've felt like changing to a distro where I compile stuff myself17:14
Raizenand it  sounds like crux does this17:14
treachI'm using jfs myself currently, seems to be working pretty well.17:14
Raizendrijen: yep17:14
drijenRaizen, i had a webpage that laid all the speeds17:14
treachXtended File System IIRC17:14
drijenwant me to find it again?17:14
Raizenno need17:15
RaizenI do see a reason to seperate /home from the root partition...17:15
Raizenit makes reinstalling linux much easier17:15
Raizenif the need arrises17:15
* drijen calls caldonia17:15
Raizenthe arch PKGBUILD appears to be not much different than cruxs stuff :o17:16
treachhardly surprising..17:16
treachconsidering arch's roots. :P17:16
* drijen dislikes arch17:17
Raizenwhys that?17:17
treachjudd used to be a cruxer.17:17
Raizenbinary release?17:17
drijenpackage maintainers need to be shot17:17
drijenotherwise i liked it fine :)17:17
Raizenwhat makes you say that?17:17
Raizenall the "broken" packages?17:17
drijenwhere they were placing things was silly, and many packages had retarded depedancies17:17
drijenthis was awhile ago though, things may have changed17:18
Raizendoes crux give you more leeway with optional dependencies?17:18
drijenRaizen, yes you can edit the package17:18
drijenand generally there are several versions17:18
Raizendrijen: you could edit archs PKGBUILDs, but it feels more trouble than its worth17:19
* drijen nods17:19
drijeni just went back to slack/crux17:19
Raizeni wonder why crux isn't defined as a source distro17:19
Raizensince you compile the ports stuff yourself17:19
RaizenI have been wanting to use a source distro...17:21
treachthere's also the option of telling prt-get to ignore deps at your discetins17:21
RaizenI'm hoping to compile xorg and exclude the drivers I don't need like17:21
Raizenall the redundant video drivers17:21
* drijen does that17:21
* treach eagerly waits for his parts to arrive, so he can go back to cruxing17:22
drijenooOOoo, gratz treach17:22
Raizenyou upgrading or building an entirely new system?17:22
* drijen cheers17:22
Raizenso whats the new hardware going to be?17:22
treach(essentially a new system though :P )17:22
RaizenI upgraded about a month ago with17:22
treachathlonX2 520017:22
RaizenAthlon X2 4600+ and 1 GB ram17:22
treach2GB RAM.17:23
Raizenand a new mobo to boot17:23
Raizenprevious system was17:23
RaizenAthlon 64 3500+ and 1 GB ram17:23
treachI can't put that cpu on this mb.:P17:23
Raizenthe only problem I see with multi-cores17:23
drijengratz treach17:23
Raizenis it that it can be hard to utilize their full potential17:23
* drijen is awaiting money enough to upgrade himself17:23
treachgoing from athlon xp 2500 @ 700MHz to X2 5200. :P17:24
drijenwth was it 700mhz?17:24
treachIt's almost going to be scary17:24
Raizenhow is that scary?17:24
treachfaaaaast. :P17:24
Raizenwhy would you underclock your CPU?17:24
* Raizen boggles.17:24
treachless heat -> less noise17:24
RaizenI don't overclock my CPU I just let it run at the defaults17:25
Raizenor underclock17:25
treachwell, I do.17:25
treachI don't like feeling like I'm sitting next to a runway.17:25
drijentreach, my comp is silent and overclocked17:25
drijenno watercooling either17:25
drijenjust saying it can be done17:25
Raizenthe only sound my CPU makes is a low level of fan noise17:26
Raizenas a whole17:26
treachof course. but it'd be idiotic to spend any money on this system.17:26
Raizentreach: whats your video card?17:26
treachit's cheaper to just upgrade atm.17:26
Raizenyou going to use onboard video?17:26
drijenoh ok i misread17:26
treachI'm waiting that out, I'm going to make do with some old radeon for now17:26
Raizenwhen you do upgrade17:27
* drijen has an old xp1500 awaiting server duty17:27
Raizenif nvidia is still best17:27
Raizeni don't know17:27
treachno, I'm not going to buy another nvidia,17:27
Raizenif fglrx becomes fully open source...17:27
Raizenwhats wrong with nvidia? O_o17:27
drijenyeah whats wrong with nvidia17:27
RaizenI'm using a nvidia nx8500GT...17:28
treachI don't like the way they just might decide to turn your perfectly serviceable card into a paperweight any moment17:28
Raizentreach: whats that supposed to mean?17:28
treachLike they did with my gf2. Perfectly sufficient for me, but nvidia got tired of maintaining the driver for it..17:29
Raizenwell you could just use legacy drivers17:29
drijenyou can always d/l the legacy drivers - they work perfectly fine17:29
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Raizenbut seriously17:29
drijennot like ati is much better17:29
treachRaizen: for a long time there were no legacy drivers..17:29
drijeni wouldn't call those drivers17:29
Raizenati cards SUCK under linux right now17:29
Raizenmy old ati x160017:30
treach2xx works pretty well.17:30
Raizenlast year ati x160017:30
treachhmm. R2xx I mean17:30
Raizennewer ati cards suck17:30
Raizenunder linux17:30
treachspecs are out though.17:30
treachonly 2d for now, but alledgedly they will release 3d next year.17:31
Raizeni hate companies that refuse to disclose enough stuff for linux drivers to succeed17:31
Raizenhardware manufacturers17:31
treachwell, cheers to amd then. :)17:31
Raizeni heard fglrx is going Open source17:31
Raizenbut it could just be a mere part of it17:31
Raizenunless its full17:31
Raizenwhich i wonder17:31
Raizenwhen did amd/ati merge anyway?17:32
treachlast year?17:32
treachI don't quite remember, but it's been a while17:32
Raizeni dunno why but i just dont like intel processors very much17:32
Raizeni guess i like to support the "underdog" :P17:33
treachoverpriced imo, and then they have this habit of covering up bad engineering with tons of chache. :/17:33
Raizenwouldnt it be ironic if amd became the #1 hardware backer for open source?17:34
Raizeni mean for compatibility17:34
Raizenfrom what I hear intel/nvidia are a better pairing for that17:34
treachyeah, I don't think intel is too cosy with ms anymore.17:35
Raizenbiggest threat to FOSS I would say is microsoft17:35
Raizenmicrosoft and its patent dick wand...17:36
Raizenafter seeing all the crap vista is pulling...17:36
treachActually I think their bought politicians is the worst threat.17:36
Raizenat least the EU is putting their foot down on microsofts anti-competitive ways17:37
treachhmm. we'll see about that in the long run.17:37
Raizenits sad how here in the US, patents have become an anti-competitive tool17:37
Raizenthey no longer resemble that they were intended to be17:38
Raizenwhat they*17:38
treachwell. they seem pretty consistent to me. "computer running an operating system from microsoft on every desk in the world".17:39
treachwhatever it takes.17:39
RaizenI feel you can patent your own special design, but not things that prevent someone else from being a competitior in the same field17:39
Raizenor rather17:39
treachthat's what you get when you have patently stupid politicians,17:40
drijenRaizen, amd has been pro linux for a long time17:40
Raizenoh, it has?17:40
treachdrijen: but hardly ati17:40
drijenthey forced intel to do a lot of things becasue of it17:40
drijenyeah but ati wasn't absorbed till last december17:40
treachand the ati people have done pretty much anything to sabotage the merger from what I've seen17:40
Raizenbut I get the feeling microsofts days are numbered17:40
drijentreach, i figured as much, what are they doing?17:41
Raizenwith each costumer they piss off, its one more step to their grave17:41
treachwhen you have 90%+ of the market, there is pretty much only one direction to go.17:41
Raizeni don't mind if the market is essentially ruled by FOSS, as long as one app can be run on any of the other FOSS platforms17:42
treachdrijen: lots of "technical problems" with the latest generation of chips etc. delay, delay, delay, etc.17:42
Raizencross-platform compatibility is what I hope to exist one day for PCs17:42
drijenamd is in trouble though17:42
treachI don't think so.17:42
drijenaquiring ATI was for a good purpose, but their finances are crap17:42
drijenand have been since before the aquisition17:42
* drijen used to be a shareholder -.-17:43
treachbecause they are building fabs like crazy iirc17:43
RaizenI will continue to buy AMD processors until either I die or they do :)17:43
drijeni hate intel17:43
drijencrappy engineering17:43
drijensilly chipsets17:43
Raizenonly thing I would say i like about intel is17:43
Raizentheir non-cpu stuff17:43
Raizenchipsets of graphics in a laptop is better than radeon17:44
Raizenfor linux support17:44
drijenbarely *snort*17:44
Raizenthough it feels like AMDs processor line has become stagnant lately17:45
Raizenin terms of developement17:45
drijenit has, they are quarter late with phenom17:45
drijenand intel is eating them with two whole processors and a price war17:45
RaizenI don't like the idea of AMD losing17:46
drijeni have a feeling amd will be on top again once phenom hits, but they need to hurry17:46
Raizenbecause then there won't be any competition for PC processors17:46
treachI don't really think intel is winning, other than in the propaganda departement.17:46
drijenthats all it takes though17:46
drijengood marketing17:46
RaizenI guess I believe the only way for stuff to thrive is for competition to exist17:46
Raizenif companies aren't constantly pushed to do better by competition17:47
treachwell, "good marketing" shouldn't include downright deceptive practices.17:47
Raizenwe would get really crappy stuff17:47
Raizenand they could get away with anything17:47
treachwell, they already are, pretty much.17:47
treachsee the icc debacle, for instance.17:48
Raizenwhats icc?17:48
* Raizen boggles.17:48
treachintel c compiler17:48
Raizenis it a really lousy compiler?17:48
treachprobably the best compiler around.17:48
Raizenthen what did you mean?17:49
Raizenwith that statement?17:49
treachbut it optimizes code for amd as if it were a 386...17:49
drijenwasn't there a fight between gcc and icc17:49
drijensomething abuot icc purposly breaking amd and some other stuff17:49
Raizengcc is my favorite compiler17:49
treachRaizen: and guess what all test suits are built with. :p17:49
RaizenI prefer gcc17:50
Raizengcc > icc17:50
Raizenits FOSS :D17:50
treachgood marketing != dishonesty17:50
Raizeni think its fun how17:50
Raizenor rather17:50
Raizenfunny when gcc compiles itself...17:50
Raizenbtw, if i find a package that isn't in any of the normal ports, can i make a build file for it and submit it?17:52
treachI'm not a compiler guru, but i think gcc has got *one* thing going for it.17:52
treachit's more portable than any other compiler.17:52
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Raizenthats what linux stands for anyway17:52
Raizenmy bad17:53
drijentreach, a corruption of "welll...."17:53
treachI bet you're not even out of diapers..17:53
Raizenbest thing linux is how many different platforms it can17:53
Raizenbe run on17:53
RaizenCPU archs rather17:53
drijenyou mean netbsd17:54
drijentoasterBSD anyone?17:54
treachHave to disagree with that. the ability to customize your environment is the killer for me.17:54
Raizenis one thing it has17:54
treachdrijen: netbsd isn't as portable as they'd like you to think.17:54
treachit actually runs on less cpu archs than linux iirc17:54
Raizenanyone know the different between openbsd and freebsd?17:55
treachone appears to be run by sane people, the other one does not.17:55
Raizenlike this?17:55
Raizencat: /proc/sanity: No such file or directory17:56
treachno, google for teo the rat17:56
treacheh. teo de raadt17:56
Raizenwho else here uses irssi? :D17:56
drijenwho doesn't?17:56
treachjaeger. iirc.17:56
Raizenpeople who love xchat?17:56
Raizenor konversation?17:57
* drijen uses xchat too17:57
treachxchat stinks.17:57
drijeneach to his own17:57
drijenbut yes, i do prefer irssi17:57
treachsome people likes smelly things.:P17:57
Raizenwhat GUI web browser do you use? firefox, seamonkey, opera, or netscape?17:57
drijennone of the above17:57
Raizendo you use links?17:57
drijenor however the hell you spell it17:58
Raizensounds japanese17:58
drijenyeah that17:58
drijenit is17:58
drijenmeans wind doctor or something17:58
treachheh, I didn't know that17:58
drijenits ont he page17:58
Raizendo you know what omake means then?17:58
RaizenI know some japanese words not a whole lot though17:58
drijeni used to know some japanese from doing martial arts17:59
drijenlong lost though17:59
treachotaku japanese.:P17:59
Raizenomake -> bonus17:59
Raizenor extra17:59
drijentreach, geek17:59
Raizensomething like that17:59
Raizenwhen crux upgrades, would I have to use a new ISO to upgrade?18:00
Raizenor could I just use ports to upgrade?18:00
treach*could* and *recommended* diverge pretty badly on this one.18:00
Raizenwould be nice if all i had to do was upgrade packages :/18:01
treachI *is* possible to upgrade through the ports, if you know your shit.18:01
treachbut it's not for newbies.18:01
treachIf you get my points.18:01
Raizeni guess its not that a big deal18:02
treachno, not really.18:02
Raizenwhen i used to use windows18:02
RaizenI had to reinstall every 6 months anyway18:02
treachwell, crux tends to release a bit less frequently.18:02
treachbut since the system is pretty up to date anyway, that's no big deal.18:03
treachIe. the only thing I can think of right now that isn't the latest is glibc, which isn't something you update lightly.18:04
treach(or at least shouldn't..)18:05
RaizenI'm gonna need to include the latest stable kernel source18:39
Raizenwhen i install CRUX18:39
RaizenI figure18:39
treachthe kernel is your problem18:39
Raizenif i'm gonna build my own kernel18:39
RaizenI should use the latest available18:39
treachyou'll have to do that18:40
Raizeni'm used to having the kernel already handled for me :/18:40
Raizendo you have any suggestions?18:40
treachfor what?18:40
Raizenwhat kind of stuff to enable18:40
Raizenand what i can disable18:40
Raizenthat i'll never use?18:40
Raizensome stuff I don't know what it is18:40
treachmake sure you have your basic hardware configured. the rest can be tuned later.18:41
Raizensuch as the right alsa driver?18:41
Raizenand disk controllers?18:41
treachyeah. sound isn't critical18:41
Raizenmy current distro uses udev18:41
Raizenit has a few modules mentioned that it already loads18:41
treachbut discontroller, filesystems etc is critical, and have to be inclueded18:41
Raizenit has 3 modules listed18:42
Raizenso far18:42
Raizenpata_amd, ata_generic, and sata_nv18:42
Raizenare these critical?18:42
Raizenone good thing about custom kernels...18:42
treachotherwise your kernel won't find your disks, which makes it kind of unhappy18:43
Raizentreach: if i upgrade the kernel, do I need to upgrade the headers too?18:43
Raizenthen what are kernel headers then?18:43
Raizeninfo on your CPU?18:43
treachcat /proc/cpu18:43
* Raizen boggle18:43
Raizenno such file18:43
Raizenmaybe you mean cpuinfo?18:44
treachas for an exact answer to kernel headers ask google.18:44
treachI didn't press tab hard enough. :)18:44
Raizenwhen i install my first kernel18:44
Raizenare headers auto installed?18:44
Raizeni never really knew what a freakin kernel header was18:45
Raizenmy headers say my cpus MHZ is18:45
treachdon't worry about them, I've never had to find out the details about it,and I've used crux for a loong time18:45
Raizenwith 512 KB cache18:45
treachthat has nothing to do with your kernel headers..18:45
treachthose headerfiles are used for compiling programs that interface with the kernel.18:46
Raizenkernel headers tell the compiler code in userspace what kind of special optimization it can use?18:46
Raizenlike mmx?18:46
treachthat's totally not related..18:46
* Raizen faints.18:46
Raizenis there an easy way to stick the source tar ball onto the default 2.3 iso?18:47
treachyou're refering to compiler flags, which are set in /etc/pkgmk.conf, for those who know what they are doing18:47
Raizenbefore I burn?18:47
treachno, not easy, but you don't need to do that.18:47
treachyou can swap the kernel sources during the install18:48
treachjust load the relevant driver for your nic and download the newer sources18:48
treach(but in your case I guess it would be easier to just use what's on the cd)18:49
treachat least until you get more comfy with the procedures18:49
RaizenI don't know if the default kernel has support for my newer NIC18:54
treachwell. neither do I.18:55
treachI guess you could always put it of for a little while, 2.4 will presumeably be out shortly.18:56
treachat least a testrelease of it.18:56
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Raizenexcuse me, could someone tell me how I am supposed to setup the network script to run off DHCP?22:34
Raizenis anyone even here? o_o22:50
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