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RyoSsomeone here uses spamassassin with mutt and got macros for sa-learn?06:24
RyoShey ^^06:25
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trishould i use arch or crux ?06:47
trihm :-)06:47
RyoSubuntu :D06:47
RyoSwhatever you like best06:47
tilmantri: uh uh, what kind of answer are you expecting here?06:49
trijust what to know the advantages from crux ?06:53
tilmandidn't you use crux before?06:54
triyes but i also used arch - i'm just not sure if i should use arch or crux :-)06:54
RyoSwell you like to set everything up exactly like you like it by yourself?06:55
nipuLdepends if you want package support aswell06:55
mxqtri: it depends on how much time do you lke to spend in front of your pc06:56
trithe best thing in arch related to crux was just the mkinitcpio - for me06:56
trieverything else i like more the kiss way from crux but they are very simelar06:57
tilmani don't really get the point about initrd06:57
tilmanwhy don't people just compile in the stuff they need at boot time?07:03
tilmanrather than using modules07:03
tilmani can see the point for distros where people don't compile their own kernels07:03
tilmanbut for crux...? ._o07:03
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tilmanheh, linux is there08:42
tilman[sata]    * corruption fix:08:42
tilmanuh oh08:42
rehabdollyeah, for a "HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL" driver :)08:45
rehabdollsome marvell crap08:46
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bjohanany one know of any good software to make backups to dvds?10:14
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bjohanrehabdoll, i meant backup the other way, put my filesystem on dvd's :)10:44
rehabdolli played around with dvd-ram for a while10:47
rehabdollgave up when i realized it sucked :)10:47
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vuxhi dear CRUXers10:50
vuxi saw that is 2.4 docs and ReleaseNotes10:50
vuxwhen the realize willbe available10:51
vuxsory for BAAD English10:51
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tilmanvux: we will probably release in a few weeks11:02
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vuxcrux is my favorite distr11:03
vuxbut when (in 2.3) i build xorg 7.3 the mouse (ps/2) is not work(((11:03
tilmandid you re-build xorg-xf86-input-mouse?11:03
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vuxof course11:05
vuxI rebuild fuul xorg few times11:06
tilmancan you be more specific then?11:06
tilmanwhat does "not work" mean exactly?11:06
tilmanmaybe the Xorg.log has some details11:06
vuxno.Log dont help11:08
vuxsimple mouse stay at center of screen11:08
vuxmaybe xorg 7.3 not so stable?11:09
vuxfor this time11:09
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vuxis it good idea/ To rebuild full system with glibc???11:12
mxqvux: unplug and plug in your mouse11:12
mxqmaybe that will help :)11:12
rehabdollvux: paste your xlog i
vuxand i want to know. If i rebuild full system. What c-flags did you recomend me. My config is - 2xCPU Xeon2.66/1GbRAM11:15
rehabdoll@google "safe cflags"11:17
clbrehabdoll: Search took 0.27 seconds: Safe Cflags - Gentoo Linux Wiki: <>; Talk: Safe Cflags - Gentoo Linux Wiki: <>; Safe compiler flags to use for gcc 3.x (Linux Reviews): <>; Arch Linux Forums / Safe CFLAGS for Mobile AMD64: <>; (1 more message)11:17
vuxthanks a lot11:17
vuxI think that for different packages is different flags. Is it true. For this time i build system with simple O2 and multimedia soft (like kodeks) fnd archives with O3. Is it good?11:19
vuxand archivers11:20
rehabdollagressive flags might break some apps11:21
vuxI know. So for simple system i choose O2 march=i686 (but not pentium4)11:24
vuxas I saw. Example: mp3lame codek looks good with O2 -marh=i686 (better than march=pentium4)11:25
vuxthank you so much/ I think I wait for 2.4 release11:27
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rehabdolli wonder what will break.. *building 2.4*11:31
thrice`rehabdoll: heh; good luck :)11:44
rehabdolltime for glibc :)12:00
trihm wups :-)12:12
trirehabdoll how is your 2.4 going ?12:13
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teKMark Rosenstand.. anyone..? :)13:46
tilmantri: how annoying. back then i had to go with because was taken. and now that idiot let some weirdos grab it :\13:47
teKah, so he's not here.. do you know any good reason for lvm2 not being bumped from 2.02.19 to 2.02.28 or something..?13:48
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treachteK: according to the ml he switched to fedora and stopped maintaining his ports13:49
teK[tek@irwin][/usr/ports/contrib]% grep Rosenstand **/Pkgfile | wc -l13:50
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thrice`teK: he's still in here regularly, though13:54
mxqi accidentally deleted the driver from /etc/ports is there a way to get it back?13:54
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mxqports: no driver(s) installed13:58
treachget them from the portdb13:58
thrice`or reinstall the ports pkg ?14:01
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mxqteK: thx14:09
teKno problem14:09
rehabdolltri: no issues so far14:10
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bdfyHi All!!14:17
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bdfyI am trying to build XFE..14:19
bdfyXFE needs libFOX.. :(14:19
bdfyI can't understand where I can get libfox14:20
bdfyThere is: "configure: error: "libFOX-1.6 not found""14:21
rehabdollprt-get depinst xfce ?14:22
treach <- there, for instance14:22
treachmeh, who needs a DE anyway? ;)14:23
teKmy girlfriend14:23
thrice`yeah, mine didn't get fluxbox very easily :(14:24
teK"the printer on the laptop is STILL not working with xpdf" me: -_-14:24
treachteK: never heard that "a woman more than one meter from the stove is a woman on the run"?14:24
teKI have to look THIS up14:24
teKhaha no, I get it14:25
teKI know this as "what if your woman is standing in the living room? .. the chain is too long"14:25
bdfytreach: Iam lloking for simplest file manager14:26
treachcp, mv, etc? =)14:27
teKbdfy: I just recently read about one in *some* blog. give me a second14:27
treachthere's always mc otherwise.14:27
treachshould be simple enough14:27
thrice`rox is good14:27
treachpcmanfm is to buggy14:27
rehabdollpcmanfm requires retarded deps14:27
treachrehabdoll: not really14:28
bdfytreach: :)14:28
rehabdollall simple filemanagers do14:28
teKbdfy: it's called pcmanfm14:28
rehabdollemelfm2 is the only one with deps i can live  with :)14:28
treachrehabdoll: the more retarded deps of pcmanfm is *optional* :)14:28
teKdamn -_-14:28
rehabdolllibstartup-notification <- retarded :)14:30
treachyeah, you don't *need* dbus etc iirc, but it's still too buggy for me to find it usefull14:30
treachIsn't that optional?14:30
treachI don't remember.14:30
treachI haven't used it for months14:30
rehabdollnot according to the sf-page14:31
rehabdollchecking out the svn14:31
rehabdollNo package 'libstartup-notification-1.0' found14:31
bdfyWery Thanks for All!! pcmanfm and rox is interesting :)14:38
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schniggiehi all14:52
teKhi there14:53
schniggieanyone has same werd probs with udev like me ;) ?
schniggiei think there was a udev update last week but i am not sure14:54
schniggieRomster: you there ? i saw i my logs you said my name, anything important ?14:54
Romsterschniggie, was it you about avifile being broken?14:59
Romsterthere was a recent update but it's fine for me.14:59
schniggieyes was me15:02
schniggiehad no time untill now to fix it, let's try to rebuild ;)15:02
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schniggieok now let's see :)15:05
Romsteri've had a hack at it but not much luck change a few ints to longs15:05
Romsteri've nearly decided to remove sample stuff. but i'll have another hack at it later today.15:06
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treachmh, something apparently went wrong.. :>15:49
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