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nipuLugh, sometimes i hate uni, 200+ lines of boilerplate code to do edge detection.04:05
nipuLalthough it is calculated with a PVM3 swarm04:06
RedShiftfor the first time in my live somebody said two setences which I can't anything out of04:07
RedShift*sentences, get anything out of04:08
nipuLthat made even less sense04:08
RedShiftI didn't understand anything what you said04:09
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nipuLPVM3 is a parralel computing library04:10
nipuLgiven an array of 1's and 0's i need to find the edges, eg04:11
tilmannipuL: ie you set the crap in between to zero?04:13
nipuLswarm is a parallel computing term, just means a heap of nodes all rush to get data and process it without any real coherence04:14
RedShiftsounds very energy efficiënt04:15
nipuLthe actual edge detection algorithm is quite brain dead04:16
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nipuLit is when you have massive ammounts of data to process04:16
nipuLour super computer isn't very big though, only 24 nodes04:18
rxi_lol armidale has a "supercomputer" ?04:20
nipuLlike i said, it's not that 'super'04:21
nipuLand you'd be lucky if 10 of them were up at any given time04:22
rxi_thats pretty poor04:22
nipuLyeah, they got a bad batch of parts on one of the clusters so their always crashing04:23
nipuLand the uni won't shill out for some new gear yet04:23
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rxi_damn having a central ports db was the bestest idea04:35
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nipuLooh 1 node vs 15 gives about a 33% speed increase05:17
nipuLwith 200x200 matrix05:17
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rxi_tilman: having the ports dir shared from my server so my local machines use the same ports05:31
nipuLyeah, makes sysuping a breeze05:36
rxi_i keep all the http/rsync files on the server too05:37
rxi_so i just nfs mount the /usr/ports dir05:37
nipuLalso, for slower pcs add this to prt-get.conf "makecommand ssh -t server pkgmk" :)05:40
nipuLhmm actuall that's not going to work05:40
nipuLi guess you'd need some sort of wrapper, but you get the idea05:41
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Romsterhrmm seems the new udev rules don't have cdrom but disk now..06:11
Romsterbrw-r-----  1 root    disk     11,   0 Oct 16  2007 sr006:11
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Romsteri had to run sudo chown root:cdrom /dev/sr006:24
Romsterto get access to my dvd drive but i know that wont last between reboots, if i add users to group disk that gives access to all them other disk devices..06:25
Romsterdosn't seem wise.06:25
nipuLmust be for sr06:28
nipuLbrw-rw---- 1 root cdrom 3, 0 Oct  8 20:05 /dev/hda06:28
nipuLor haven't i rebooted since i updated udev06:29
nipuLmust have, last commit on udev was sep 3006:30
Romsteri'm on new udev and i've just got a sata dvd-ram drive.06:33
Romsteri'd much prefer group cdrom renamed to media, and now i have to tack down that udev rule issue.06:34
Romsterunless someone else can find it.06:34
Romsterseems sr[0-9] has a permission problem..06:40
Romstercan't see why it would be any diferent to sd[0-9]06:41
Romsteror hd.06:41
jjpkQuick fix, put chown root:cdrom /dev/sr0 into rc.local.06:41
Romsteryeah i ran it locally ina  term for now untill next reboot.06:42
Romsterbut be nice to nail down the exact problem in udev.06:42
Romsteri'm guessing that whats lsited for hd should be applied for sr.06:44
RomsterSYSFS{removable}=="1", SYSFS{media}=="cdrom*",06:44
Romsternot over sure so i'll do some googling06:45
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namenlosRomster: this might help you:
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Romsternamenlos, ah thanks thats a good read.06:49
namenlosRomster: np06:52
Romsterah this is very handy indeed.06:57
Romsterthere is no type in /sys/block/sr0/06:58
Romsterso that the sr[0-9]* rule won't match who wrote them rules...06:59
namenlosmake a git-blame ;)06:59
Romsterif i could commit to it..06:59
Romsteri'll just make a diff after i've tested it and submit it.07:00
Romsterhmm there is a type5 this is odd.07:01
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rxi_anyone running mpd and using alsa?07:11
Romsterrxi_, prologic springs to mind. dunno of anyone else.07:11
namenlosrxi_: yes07:11
prologichmm ?07:12
prologicI'm running/listening to music now07:12
prologicworks awesomely :)07:12
Romsterhmm i'm looking in the wrong spot them rules for cdrom are ok, i should be looking for GROUP07:12
rxi_everytime i start it it says cant find alsa plugin07:13
prologicrecompile it07:13
prologicand install alsa-lib07:13
prologicthough install alsa-lib first :)07:15
prologicthen recompile mpd07:15
prologicand it should be fine07:15
Romsterthats the first thing i do if i get issues recompile stuff.07:16
Romsteralthough in this case there is a stupid udev rule i'm trying to nail down.07:16
rxi_dont know why i didnt think of that07:17
Romsterdosn't set sc0 to group cdrom07:17
Romsterah well.07:17
thrice`yeah, mpd + alsa works well here too :)07:17
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Romstergah udev is a pain..07:34
rxi_prologic: what do you have in your device under audio_output07:40
rxi_in mpd.conf07:40
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Romstergah i'll do the chown trick for now, udev rules are messy.07:45
Romsteri'm suprised anything works..07:45
rxi_prologic: ta07:45
prologicudev rules are easy07:45
prologicnps rxi_07:45
Romstereasy find me where group="cdrom" so i can fix permissions for /dev/sr0 the proper way?07:46
prologicthere are none!07:46
Romsteri've spent enougth time looking for it.07:46
prologicadd it :)07:46
Romsteri should be working on html07:46
prologicyou _cannot_ assume /dev/sr0 is a cdrom07:46
prologicit could be your SATA hdd07:46
Romsterremovable media..07:47
Romsterwell i have one of them too.07:47
prologicyou're getting all confused :)07:47
prologicjust add in group="cdrom"07:47
prologicnot that hard07:47
Romsterbut how does udev already know of ide cdroms?07:47
Romsteris what i cant figure out.07:48
Romsterplug a cdrom into ide it sees it as a cdrom.07:48
prologicit doesn't!07:48
Romstersets cdrom group07:48
prologicthey are just standard rules07:48
Romsterit had in the past.07:48
prologicI doubt it07:48
Romsterbut now i have a sata drv-ram drive.07:48
prologicunless it's some trigger script07:48
prologicwhich udev is capable of07:49
Romsterwhich i can't find..07:49
prologicthat perhaps :)07:50
prologiclook tbh I don't think udev ever automagically detected what your cd/dvd drives were07:51
Romsteri looked jsut makes symlinks which should be done in the udev rules directly messy method.07:52
prologicwell why don't you write a new dev file and system management tools07:52
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prologicudev-ng :)07:52
Romsteri have no clue then how my ide dvd-ram drive came under /dev/dvd and that symlinked to /dev/hdc that had permissions of root:cdrom07:52
Romsternow my /dev/sc0 has permissions of root:disk07:53
prologicwell that's actually correct07:53
prologicit's a SCSI disk07:53
Romsteryet it has in 81-cdrom.rules07:54
Romsterscsi yes but removabel media comes yp as type5 in /sys/07:54
* Romster gives up trying to find how it is ment to work and uses a simple work around.07:56
Romsterhmm i fot my firewall that has a ide cdrom in it i'm gonna look at that.07:57
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Romsteri'll be dammed...08:00
Romsterwtf did i do last time to have the right permissiosn on my cdrom drive...08:00
Romsterroot:disk /dev/hdc on my other pc...08:00
Romsterso i don't think i've ever had root:cdrom ?08:01
Romsteryet the odl drive worked fine untill it died.08:01
Romstera slow death of read errors.08:01
Romsteri've wasted hours looking form soemthing that dosn't exist.08:02
prologicI tried to tell you08:02
prologicyou didn't lsiten :/08:02
Romsterhow it worked in the first place i don't know...08:02
Romsteryeah my fault that.08:03
thrice`i love those types of problems :-)08:03
Romsterseriously i would expect removeable would trigger cdrom group change.08:03
rxi_prologic: do you run mpd as root and do you have an rc file for it?08:03
* Romster kicks udev for wasing my time.08:04
thrice`rxi_: I prefer to run it from user08:04
Romsterbah i can never type properly anymore.08:04
thrice`so if you add your user to disk, does it work ?08:04
Romsterprobaaly but thats opening a can of worms i added a chmod root:cdrom /dev/sr008:05
rxi_thrice`: id rather run it as a service08:05
prologicrxi_, no i run it as my user08:06
prologicchuck "sudo -u rxi mpd" in /etc/rc.local08:06
rxi_good idea08:08
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prologicrxi_, also highly recommend my gmpc ports08:09
prologicand their plugins08:09
thrice`prologic: have you looked at sonata?08:09
rxi_prologic: using the windows version atm08:10
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prologicthrice`, no08:17
prologicany good ?08:17
thrice`prologic: yep.  much nicer than gmpc, imo :)  very easy to port, too08:18
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prologichmm I'll try it sometime08:20
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jaegerI've got a sonata port but it doesn't find taglib. I haven't tried to troubleshoot it yet08:53
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jaegeroh, maybe it was tagpy it didn't find08:58
thrice`I just compile it with pygtk (and deps)09:06
jaegeryeah, it works fine without, just no tag editing09:07
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thrice`ooh, ok.  I thought you meant it wouldnt' compile.  never tried to include that09:07
jaegershould have been more specific, sorry09:08
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jaeger@seen predatorfreak09:21
clbjaeger: predatorfreak was last seen in #crux 2 days, 11 hours, 49 minutes, and 49 seconds ago: <predatorfreak> Freaking tiny-ass Micro ATX cases :(09:21
schniggieRomster: you there ?09:26
jaeger@seen viper_09:27
clbjaeger: viper_ was last seen in #crux 11 weeks, 3 days, 16 hours, 19 minutes, and 3 seconds ago: <Viper_> what's the new url?09:27
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namenloshm, since in cvs2svn all are python scipts, i don't have to list python as dependencies, right? or have i misunderstood there something?10:39
tilmani think you shoud list it10:40
tilmanit really does depend on python, doesn't it ?:)10:40
namenlostilman: ok, but then the perl example in should be clarified...10:42
tilmannamenlos: but perl is on core, python is in opt10:43
namenlosaahhh, now i got it...10:43
tilman-> you can assume that perl is installed, but you cannot assume that python is available10:43
tilmangotta run, bbl10:43
thrice`ah, I never knew that either10:44
thrice`WRT not listing core apps10:44
namenlosthis one i knew, but somehow i forgot this fact for this example...10:45
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rehabdoll"ET:QW Linux Demo Coming TODAY"12:47
treach"OW Linux"? Sounds painful12:47
treachNew meaning to smp, "Sado Masochistic Processing" :P12:48
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rehabdollenemy territory: quake wars12:51
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rehabdoll(it's a game) :)12:51
bjohan_rehabdoll, a what now?12:51
rehabdollthink "nethack with fancy 3d"12:52
treacha QW. Q and O is too similar. :/12:52
bjohan_rehabdoll, i actually played doom :) and still do12:53
bjohan_and im not like nethack-old :)12:53
j^2ì <-- you know you want one12:57
treachI'm not sure why all ms fans insists on that "you want it" wrt the latest ms crap.. Is it the new astro turf meme?12:59
j^2it's 100bucks for a 30gig palyer12:59
j^2jesus, lag12:59
treachI wouldn't touch it with a 10' pole12:59
j^2put linux on it ;)12:59
RyoSi would love it <313:00
treachnah, I'm eagerly awaiting my upgrade kit instead. :p13:00
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Romsterschniggie, i'm here now16:48
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Romsterschniggie, if ya wanna tell me something just type it after saying my nickname i'll mostl likely read it after i get back16:48
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surrounderjaeger: here ?17:02
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bdfyHi!! Can't build avifile.. :(
surrounderjaeger: I wanna announce that I don't host the mirror anymore and don't use CRUX at all anymore, I love the distro and the people around it and that I wish you all the best of luck.17:05
treachanother one lost to ubuntu17:06
surrounderjust debian this time17:06
surrounderand BeOS/Haiku17:06
jaegersurrounder: ok, thanks for the notice. which mirror? surrounder.zapto?17:06
surrounderjaeger: yup17:06
surrounderjaeger: if you guys ever need anything for hosting or w/e just ping me17:07
surrounderNP for me to arrange a good link17:07
tilmansurrounder: i'd like to insult you a bit in good fun now ;)17:07
jaegerappreciate it :) best of luck in your non-crux endeavors17:07
surroundertilman: be my guest! \o/ ;)17:07
surrounderfirst need a pipi!17:08
tilmani am cornholio! need tp for my bunghole!17:08
treachpippi..? That would explain the defection17:08
tilmanpippi langstrompen? :p17:08
treachtilman: no. "få pippi" means go crazy17:09
surrounderwell, I was thinking about porting CRUX to embedded devices with a friend of mine17:10
surrounderor at least ideas17:11
surrounderI love this distro, but since my job I got lazy :D17:11
onestephi everyone17:12
onestepI need assistance on iptables :)17:12
onestepI'm a complete noob in this17:12
onestepthe task is: block a port 21 for IP
treachonestep: depends on what you're trying to accomplish.17:13
onestepI'm trying that: iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp -d --dport 21 -j REJECT --reject-with tcp-reset17:14
onestepis it right?17:14
onestepmaybe FORWARD, not OUTPUT?17:14
onestepINPUT, ok17:14
onestephow to delete the rule? :)17:14
treachpresuming that you're runing the server on you computer that is17:15
treachflush it17:15
treachyou should really have a look at the manual, and some ip tables howto, the basics really aren't that hard17:15
onestephowtos are too complex :)17:16
onesteppersonally I prefer hosts.deny, but this does not work for pure-ftpd :(17:17
jjpkNot if you can get the information you need out of a howto.17:17
jjpkhosts.deny is not a proper firewall, sure it is easy but its not supported by every app.17:17
treachonestep: it's not too complex, it all basically boils down to the same thing all the time17:17
onestepokay, thanx :)17:18
treachyou tell it what chain you want to manipulate, what interface, ports, portocol, source and destination.17:18
treachand obviously, what you want the rule to do.17:19
Romsterbdfy, yes working on that and em aware of it.17:20
Romstersurrounder, aww :/17:20
schniggieok Romster :)17:20
schniggiewhere is your updated avifile port ?17:20
schniggieit's not the one in opt right ?17:20
bdfyRomster: What I need to do?
schniggieRomster: wher can i get it ;) ?17:24
Romsterschniggie, thoguht you where hacking at it too, i haven't complted it i've got so much todo.17:25
onestep"iptables -A INPUT -p tcp -s --dport 21 -j REJECT --reject-with tcp-reset" - that works, thanx everyone ;)17:25
Romsterbah i'll do a quick fix remove the darn samples..17:25
treachonestep: you're welcome17:25
treachThough I usually just do -j DROP :P17:26
bdfyGoodbye! I am need to sleep.17:26
Romstertcp-reset hrmm17:26
treachthat's probably a better way than just dropping it.17:26
schniggiesorry Romster yesterday i thuoght you had it ;)17:27
Romsterwhy not just REJECT?17:27
treachbecause ---17:27
treachif you just reject, the client will keep trying on another port17:28
treachand then another one, etc.17:28
*** bdfy has quit IRC17:28
Romsteroh never thougth of that.17:34
Romsterhmm anyone ever used sed to do lines with \17:35
treachwhat do you think..?17:35
Romsterso it does the entire lines untill no more null chars17:35
Romsteri'm googling but haven't found the answer.17:35
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