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pitillogood morning01:23
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namenlosenemy territory: quake wars demo has been released:
tilmandoes it run on my g550?06:09
namenlosg550? sorry, i got no idea, what that is...06:10
treachAnd more importantly, is it scheduled for inclusion in 2.4? :>06:10
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namenlosif now wharhammer online will be released for linux, too, i won't need windows for the next years...06:10
tilmannamenlos: omg, the famous matrox g550!06:10
* namenlos is ashame ;)06:10
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nipuLgood old yhafri, is there anythig he hasn't ported?07:22
jaegerblah... new alsa-lib builds differently with python installed07:31
nipuLall the autodetection that goes on in autotools is a pain07:32
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treach <- how predictable15:50
j^2so this whole thing is to "standardize" xml?15:51
treachyou fell for microsoft marketing again.15:52
RedShiftAn SQL error has occurred. Please see error.log for details.15:55
j^2...yes...that's my problem all that "business culture/propoganda"15:55
RedShiftnow that's pure microsoft marketing *g*15:55
treachRedShift: it's probably slashdotted15:55
treachj^2: the problem is that office "open" xml is neither open nor that much related to xml.15:57
RedShiftlol at the guy posting political propaganda at the mailinglist by the way :D15:59
j^2treach: ah yeah16:06
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onestepI'm away16:37
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