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pitillogood morning01:12
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rehabdollgtk 2.12.105:47
namenlosmaybe it then will compile on my machine ;)06:05
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rxiprologic: what was that command you used to rollback xorg to the cd version?06:25
prologicjust pkgadd -u *06:37
prologicin the xorg dir on the cd06:37
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rxididnt work06:45
rxibut i think i found the problem anyway06:46
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rxiwell that didnt work07:07
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rxi*waves his fist at xorg*07:14
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prologicrxi, upgrade to the latest Xorg and gtk ports07:17
prologicthey work fine now07:17
prologicexcept for a minor performance issues with switching workspaces07:17
rxiim running the latest from the ports tree07:18
prologicrecompile your gtk then07:19
prologicthe latest port includes a patch to fix that nasty bug07:19
rxii cant even get xorg to load let alone gtk07:20
prologicupgraded nvidia ?07:20
rxiits intel07:21
rxiheaps of people are had the same problem but the fixes they used dont work for me07:21
rxiyeah tempted to format it and be done with it07:23
thrice`I don't think that will help your xorg perform better07:24
rxithrice`: i beg to differ07:24
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mindshif1what makes crux more KISS than archlinux?10:16
RyoSnever used arch myself so can't tell10:19
thrice`it ranks higher on the kiss-ometer10:20
mindshif1is the core installation more minimal?10:22
mindshif1but then you have to compile the programs I've heard10:23
thrice`the package management is different.  crux Pkgfiles seems a little easier to write than arch10:23
thrice`yes, crux is source based10:24
mindshif1it's like openbsd?10:25
mindshif1oh well, I guess I have to try it10:26
pitillomindshif1, did you take a look to CRUX's handbook? may be you can find some answers there10:26
mindshif1does crux try to be unix like?10:35
aonour dream is to someday become 100% SCO-compatible10:36
mindshif1do crux put installed stuff in /usr/local/ ?10:39
aonwhy don't you find out?10:41
thrice`that is also stated in the handbook10:41
thrice`which isn't particularly long10:41
pitillobut very usefull to know more about CRUX :)10:42
mindshif1I think I might give crux a try, sounds really interresting, but I will miss pacman :)10:43
aoni miss pacman too, although i've never used it10:44
mindshif1I just need xfce. tango icon theme, deja-vu sans font, vlc pidgin, transmission, abiword, firefox, xfce apps and epdfview10:45
predatorfreakmindshif1: CRUX isn't like OpenBSD, beyond both being UNIX-Like OSes.10:47
predatorfreakOpenBSD is OpenBSD, CRUX is CRUX.10:48
mindshif1but both tries to be unix like10:48
predatorfreakAlthough CRUX and Arch have similarities, think of CRUX as Arch with only ABS and a package management system based around that,10:48
predatorfreakmindshif1: Shitloads of OSes act like UNIX.10:48
predatorfreakThat's not a big deal anymore.10:48
mindshif1oh well :)10:49
predatorfreakAny Linux system is some kind of a UNIX system :)10:49
mindshif1but how is the development doing with so few users?10:51
j^2instead of pacman, ms pacman kept me company on lonely nights ;)10:51
predatorfreakmindshif1: The core CRUX developer folks do a dang good job.10:51
predatorfreakmindshif1: Also, user contribution is a bigger deal here.10:52
predatorfreakPeople can actually submit work and get it ACCEPTED without being developers ;)10:52
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predatorfreakHey treach.10:53
rehabdollnew hardware yet?10:53
treachyep. :P10:53
predatorfreakJesus Christ this music is infecting my mind.10:54
treachnot donew with assembly though, just trying out the monitor currently :D10:54
predatorfreaktreach: I SEE A LIZARD10:59
treachyeah, for now.10:59
treachI still haven't upgraded the box, I just came home with the stuff. :D10:59
namenlostreach: is this fvwm?11:00
treachno, it's kde.11:00
j^2novell oh novell11:00
mindshif1ok, overall it sounds really good, and I get the feeling that it's almost like freebsd with linux, but more trimmed and slimmed, burning a cd now11:01
j^2mindshif1: lovely11:01
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treachj^2: opensuse is probably the best distro you can use if you're a kde user.11:01
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j^2ah, i'm a...cli user only now :-/11:02
treachwell, I'm just a kde user by coincidence for now, the upgraded system will not feature suse.11:02
* mindshif1 is strictly a gtk+ only user (no gnome)11:02
predatorfreakmindshif1: CRUX is not BSD-Linux.11:02
mindshif1i know11:03
predatorfreakIt's Arch from source.11:03
predatorfreakIf you want to boil it down.11:03
mindshif1oh ok11:03
predatorfreakOnly, Arch copied us and made it binary :P11:03
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treachanyhow, kitchen duty. ->11:03
mindshif1but did archlinux made it more bloated?11:05
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j^2mindshif1: no11:06
j^2bloat is only a state of memory11:06
predatorfreakmindshif1: Not really, both are minimal as fuck.11:07
predatorfreakArch includes some excess crap due to how they do certain things in their core install that CRUX doesn't.11:07
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predatorfreakbut that's not a significant difference.11:07
mindshif1has cdrecord changed it's name to wodim?11:15
mindshif1how long will it take to compile xorg-server with a 2Ghz?11:17
predatorfreakmindshif1: Depends on the CPU and CRUX still has yet to replace cdrecord with cdrtools (the Debian fork of cdrecord due to licensing conflicts)11:18
treachalso depends on *how* you compile it. If you use a tmpfs to build on, it speeds things up quite significantly.11:20
predatorfreaktreach: I probably could build xorg-server in tmpfs thanks to having 2GB of RAM :P11:21
mindshif1oh well, we'll se what happens, hopes the install cd has the handbook in it11:22
treachyeah, that's no problem11:22
treachwine/mozilla takes more space11:22
predatorfreakMozilla takes more than 2GB of space to build?11:22
predatorfreakJESUS H CHRIST!11:22
treachit takes more than Xorg..11:22
mindshif1brb hopefully11:22
predatorfreaktreach: Oh, don't mind me.11:23
predatorfreakI'm a bit tired.11:23
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treach(since the release of modular x, that is)11:23
predatorfreakI've been overworking myself lately.11:23
treachthat's stupid, don't do that. :P11:23
predatorfreakRuns in the family :P11:23
predatorfreakBlame my mum, I picked the habit up from her!11:24
j^2predatorfreak: you're aussie right?11:24
predatorfreakj^2: Not lazy time I checked.11:26
predatorfreakI mean, my ISP says I'm in Michigan... and the TV says I'm in Michigan...11:26
predatorfreak-lazy +last11:26
predatorfreakGod-damn I am tired.11:26
j^2damint i'm totally off11:26
predatorfreakj^2: So, unless Michigan suddenly became Australia, nope.11:26
treachor your tv started telling you more lies than usual :>11:27
treachI hope you're not trusting FOX to tell you were you are. :p11:27
predatorfreaktreach: Nah.11:28
predatorfreaktreach: If I trusted FOX, they'd tell me I'm in The Great Land Of George W. Bush Did Nothing Wrong.11:28
predatorfreakor something to that effect.11:28
j^2but you are in the great land of W11:29
j^2...i know i am11:29
treachor at least "land of"11:29
predatorfreakj^2: Who did and continues to do a lot of shit wrong.11:29
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ToshiWhen I do a prt-get depends .., some user contributed ports have x11 as a dependency (instead of xorg) which causes a missing dependency notice.  Is there a way to remove this?13:34
j^2Toshi: take it out of the pkgfile13:34
j^2or email the port mantianer, (that user)13:34
thrice`idealy, e-mailing the maintainer, since they should no longer reference x1113:35
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Toshithanks guys13:42
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mike_kToshi: at least it should be resolved by prt-get.aliases (unless you've modified that file)15:06
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Toshimike_k:  That's the funny thing I still have the entry in prt-get.aliases (xorg: x11) and I thought this would give you the "provided by" message but ...16:09
ToshiI need to look around more for some docs16:11
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