IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-10-19

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rxiRomster: you alive09:04
Romsterrxi, yes09:13
rxihave you got the twisted.internet py module?09:13
Romsterits in contrib.09:14
Romsteroh internet..09:14
Romsterwhat uses that?09:14
Romsterhmm i'll have a look i may aswell port twisted.internet09:18
rxiwell its part of twisted09:18
Romsterwell twisted is in contrib09:19
rxiyeah ive got that installed09:19
rxibut elisa says it cant find twisted.internet09:19
Romsterah k09:22
rxithe internet folder is installed under /usr/lib/python/twisted09:22
Romstershould pick it up..09:23
Romsterconfigure say anything about versions?09:23
Romsterand configure optiosn for path?09:24
Romsterrxi, where is the port of elisa ? so i can see it for myself.09:27
rxiim trying to make it atm09:28
rxiit cant find twisted.scripts either09:28
Romsterrxi, see what version of twisted it supports/09:31
rxi=> 2.209:32
Romsterthat equel to or less than 2.2 ?09:32
Romsterso 2.5 won't work with it?09:32
rxigreater than or equal too09:33
rxi>is greateer isnt it09:33
Romsteri always get confused on them too09:34
rximight try 2.209:34
rxialso do you have gdk-pixbuf-2.0?09:36
Romsterah that i think i do it's gdk-pixbuf in contrib i think09:37
Romsteryeah gdk-pixbuf09:37
rxiyeah once again its installed but the autoconf cant find it09:37
Romsterso check confire paths.09:37
rxiits looking for the gdk-pixbuf-2.0 package09:38
Romsterit should use /usr/bin/gdk-pixbuf-config09:38
Romsterpastebin the logs.09:39
Romsterand Pkgfile so i can try it.09:40
Romstersaves me typing one out.09:40
rxidw i think i got it09:47
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Romsterlet me know when you figure it out09:47
Romsterhmm was that vectori09:47
tilmanyeah, a few characters match in the name, it must be the same guy09:48
Romsterjust wondering that.09:49
tilmanno he wasnt09:49
Romstercould of been.09:49
Romstercould of been a lame attempt to lurk under another identy :P09:50
Romsteror someone else will never know.09:50
jaegersheesh... lots of 0600 mode files in firefox
rxiRomster: found the problem09:57
rxijust symlinked the .pc files its looking for09:59
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Romsterok thats new never knew they changed there picture int eh about firefox.10:01
Romsterrxi, oh.10:01
rxidw ill just do a preinstall on the port im working on10:01
Romsterinto it's work/src/.... ?10:01
Romsteri can add copatability symlinks to twisted.10:02
rxino it was looking for gdk-pixbuf-2.0.pc when all ther was gdk.pc10:02
rxino this is gdk-pixbuf im doing atm10:02
Romsterso twisted is ok as it is then?10:02
rxinope just going back to something else10:02
Romsterk you haven't tested twisted then yet10:02
rxiunless you wanna put those symlinksin your gdk-pixbuf and pygobject ports?10:03
Romsteryeah looking at it now.10:04
Romstertheres no .pc files in gdk-pixbuf10:05
Romstercan ya show what ya symlinked and what packages..10:05
Romsteroh of course lol10:06
rxiln -s /usr/lib/pkgconfig/gdk.pc /usr/lib/pkgconfig/gdk-pixbuf-2.0.pc10:07
rxiln -s /usr/lib/pkgconfig/gdk.pc /usr/lib/pkgconfig/gdk-pixbuf-xlib-2.0.pc10:07
Romsterhad to add both..10:08
rxiln -s /usr/lib/pkgconfig/gobject.pc /usr/lib/pkgconfig/pygobject-2.0.pc10:08
rxiln -s /usr/lib/pkgconfig/gobject-2.0.pc /usr/lib/pkgconfig/pygobject-2.0.pc10:08
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rxito glib10:08
rxidisregard the 3rd one10:09
rxioh wait it bombed on something10:10
Romsteri'll let you fix it first before messing with other packages.10:10
Romsterrxi, prt-cache cat gtk .footprint |grep .pc10:11
Romsterjust thinking why would it be using gtk1?10:11
Romsterand not gtk 210:12
Romsteryou seriosuly got something messed up there...10:12
rxigdk-pixbuf needs gtk110:14
rxianyway sleep time for rxi10:14
Romsternight rxi10:15
Romsterthing is if it was gtk1 i would think it owuld be gdk-pixbuf-1.0.pc10:17
Romsterusing gdk-pixbuf-2.0.pc would conflict with gtk 2.10:17
* Romster shrugs.10:17
Romstermaybe i'll try porting it...10:17
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rehabdollnew firefox & openssl btw13:32
jaegernew firefox needs work13:35
tilmanyet another openssl?13:37
treachperhaps they feel like they need to live up to the "open" part of their name :p13:38
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jjpkopen openssl. ;)14:40
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nipuLoh sweet! apparently the IRS owes me $25018:02
nipuLeven though I live in Australia18:03
nipuLand apparently they have changed their website to www.nflfurniture.com18:03
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Toshijust say no18:25
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nipuLi'm just suprised it wasn't the nigerian tax office19:34
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