IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-10-20

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prologicteK, no, I"ll get around to it in a couple of days03:00
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teKk. version=4.7.2 is the only new line,btw03:05
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tilmanglibc 2.7 is out o_O03:55
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RedShifttilman: changelog? performance enhancements?05:47
tilmanjust found it funny/crazy that they went from 2.6 to 2.7 so quickly05:50
RedShifttilman: sounds like some packagers got bored and pushed a new release *g*05:51
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schniggi1hi all13:35
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schniggieand all right ?13:39
teKwaiting for cptn to (not) accept my patch for prt-get :)13:44
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onestepI'm away14:45
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teKthx for the info14:45
teKI'm here14:45
jjpk"bonus" information ;)14:50
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RyoSi am going for a piss~ laters my friends =)15:08
teKmay I come with you (wlan/laptop)15:09
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RyoSsure teK, you are welcome15:11
RyoSmy bathroom is big enough for #crux15:11
RyoSyou all are invited15:11
RyoSlets get mass away message flood, party time15:11
RyoStilman: join us!15:19
jjpkOpen season for kickbans? :D15:21
RyoSjjpk: join us~ :D15:22
teKmy hobby: taking totally uninterested people with me to my bathroom15:22
RyoSthrice`: may i hand you a "wachturm"? *SCNR* join out "mass away message" religion15:23
thrice`isn't wachturm a watch tower?15:24
RyoSi is15:24
thrice`auf Deutsch15:24
RyoS*it is15:24
thrice`hm...ok :)15:24
RyoSits the magazine of the "Zeugen Jehovas" :D15:24
teKJehovas Wittnesses15:24
thrice`ah - that one I didn't know15:25
teKtoday: things you don't have to know15:25
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tilmanugh, my hdd sounds bad15:36
thrice`building a 2.4 iso? ;)15:37
thrice`wow, another glibc is out? :|15:39
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majykanyone built a firefox port? I've attempted to tweak the port and 2 compiles later (with no errors) firefox doesn't work: Cannot find mozilla runtime directory. Exiting.17:58
majykoops, apparently it runs as root but won't run as a normal user18:00
Romstermajyk, permission issue18:03
Romstermajyk, jaeger i think is attempting to sort the mess out.18:03
Romsteron another note k3b keeps saying cdrecord won't be run in root mode...18:04
Romsterdriving me nuts i got cdrecord as root:cdrom and chmod 471118:04
jaegermajyk: I haven't had time to mess with it today but built it a few times yesterday and it creates a lot of files that need to have their perms corrected. I'm gonna have to spend some time comparing the footprint with it, most likely18:05
jaegermay have time to do it tomorrow, going out tonight18:05
Romsterjaeger, yeah i was thinking of the comparing footprints between the 218:06
Romsterjaeger, would you have any solution to k3b saying cdrecord won't run as root?18:07
Romsteri'm puzzeled.18:07
jaegerI'm not familiar with k3b beyond having used it only once or twice... maybe a setuid issue18:07
majykno problem jaeger18:08
majykI am messing with it18:08
majykit runs fine as root, I'll do a diff against both foot prints18:08
Romsterok if i run k3b as root it dosn't complain but then it cant' find growisofs executable18:08
Romster-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 79K Apr  4  2007 /usr/bin/growisofs18:09
Romsteri'll set cdrecord to that and hope.18:09
jaegerwell, if it's a common issue I'm sure google will turn up some useful info18:10
Romsteri've looked said to use 471118:10
Romsterthat didn't work18:10
Romsterunles kwb needs the 's' bit too?18:10
Romsterunless k3b*18:10
jaegerperhaps, no idea18:11
jaegerit doesn't seem to me like it'd be necessary18:12
Romstersame permissions as growisofs yet it complains about cdrecord... and not growisof18:12
Romsterguess i'll google more.18:13
jaegeris it k3b complaining or cdrecord itself?18:13
Romstersays cdrecord won't be ran in root mode.18:14
Romsterbut it will if i run k3b in root mode but that isn't wise18:14
Romsterbut in root mode it can't find growisofs!18:14
Romstergrowisofs and cdrecord both have same permissions now.18:15
Romster-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 309K Oct 21 08:24 /usr/bin/cdrecord18:15
Romster-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root  79K Apr  4  2007 /usr/bin/growisofs18:15
Romster-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 2.1M Jul 26 21:57 /usr/bin/k3b18:15
jaegersounds pretty odd18:15
Romsteryeah really is it a false notice i wonder..18:15
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teK-- ignore --18:37
Romsterok this is funky18:40
Romstercdrdao will be run without root privileges18:40
Romsterwhen i remove the 's' bit18:40
Romsteri really think k3b is flawed..18:40
Romstermaybe a rebuild might help.. i got no other ideas..18:41
RomsterteK, what was that prt-get patch ya talked about? i'm running a modifyed prt-get18:41
teKprt-get [command] -do (for downloading sources _only_)18:42
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teKwhat did you modify?18:43
Romsterthere was a way of doing that but wan't a simple command18:44
Romsterhad to use margs and aargs or something.18:44
Romsteroh it's cptn's edit to use prt-cache so i can do fsearch and stuff alot faster from a file than to do it from the filesysems cache18:45
teK--margs does not work on all commands18:46
teK% find /usr/ports -type d | wc -l18:47
Romsteradded comment for a second run showing hdd disk caching.18:48
Romsteryeah well it's faster with the patched prt-get ;P18:49
Romsterand quicker to type.18:50
teKhow are the chances for inclusion of this modification?18:50
Romster5870 :P18:50
teKsometimes there are _good_ features that do not get merged18:50
Romsternot sure..18:50
teKpercent? ;)18:50
Romsteryou can try it out its on cptn's site18:51
Romsterprt-get 5.15-jw1-218:51
RomsterteK, so whats wrong with sudo prt-get update firefox --margs='-do' ?18:55
Romsteri never did try to do a perventage comparasion you could do that from my results if you like.18:55
teKit does not work for sysup afai18:56
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RomsterteK, sysup --margs=-do works fine..19:02
teKit's not mentioned in prt-get help19:03
teKI relied on that :)19:03
Romster--margs is listed19:04
teK  sysup [opt]                       update all outdated ports19:04
Romsteri think there is one faluere mode19:04
Romsterdon't think there is a way to avoid the pkgadd problem..19:05
teKit's late and I was not at home for some time.. ;)19:08
Romsterwith sysup --margs=-do it still does a pkgadd.19:08
Romsteri find it easier todo a cd /usr/ports/core; pkgmk -r -do19:08
Romsteralot simpler imo19:09
teKI talked to a friend and he said "-do" for prt-get would be cool, so let's see what cptn thinks about it19:10
* Romster can't see why we need to dumbify it more, but i do agree to a patch so --margs=-do dosn't do a pkgadd.19:11
Romsteri think someone pointed out a command line option for this but i forgot it.19:12
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jaegeradd a --fetchdeps option or something19:13
jaegermore intuitive19:13
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Romsterhmm that could work.19:15
Romsterwould make more sense.19:15
teKsame effect, different option?19:17
Romsterprtsweep is borked..19:19
Romster$ prtsweep -n -d -p -a19:20
Romstercat: /etc/ports/*.cvsup: No such file or directory19:20
majykI've given up on the permission issues with Firefox, I'm not going to go insane because the code installs fucked up files19:21
Romstersomething like prt-get download [all|repo|dependent] maybe?19:22
majyksounds like mozilla's problem to me19:22
Romstermajyk, that bad..19:22
majykRomster, it won't run as a normal user, only as root19:22
Romsterwhy not use find file type -exec chmod ... ?19:22
Romstercompre footprint between current firefox and new one.19:23
majykprobably because I don't know how to write the command to do it19:23
Romsterman find.19:23
majykit's easy to say read the man page19:23
majykI've been on linux for 10 years and there is still a shit load I don't know19:23
teKi'm scared, FF WILL install fucked up _software_ :|19:23
majykor probably have the brain power to know19:23
Romsterand also grep find /usr/ports/opt/*/Pkgfile19:24
Romsterfor examples.19:24
Romsteror core/contrib or anything else.19:24
Romsteris how i figured a sed problem i had once.19:24
Romsteri looked at others.19:24
majykRomster, I modded the port, it builds just fine but some of the permissions in are different than
majykactually a lot of the files19:25
majykRomster, I know how to make ports19:25
Romstermajyk, i don't know everything either but i look and try to learn19:25
Romstermajyk, then you shouldn't have a problem porting it then.. <_<19:25
majykRomster, haha19:25
Romsterand i know how to make ports too.19:26
majykRomster, the issue is that Firefox is different than in that when the files are installed there are permission variations from
Romsteri know it be messy but not sure how bad yet.19:26
majykso much so that it doesn't allow a normal user to run firefox19:26
majykthe problem is not because of my lack of knowledge of the find command19:27
majykit's because it's genuinely fucked up19:27
Romsterso why not run chmod over the files?19:27
Romsterok i'm building it now and i'm gonna attack it when i get a footprint of it.19:28
majykbecause that would require time and a pretty nice solution to compare both footprints and fix up the perms, a bash script could do it but I'm not going ot spend 3 hours writing one19:28
Romsterthe way there going it needs to be forked.19:28
majykI'm not a bash scripter19:28
Romsteryou a programmer?19:28
Romsteri've wrote some bash stuff.19:29
majykI do dabble in code I just don't dabble in bash scripting19:29
majykand I am of the mind if the Firefox devs fucked up they need to fix their problem19:29
majyksorry but I don't feel like trying to read minds on how the permission layout of the firefox files go19:30
Romsterthats why i'm gonna look at the footprit files19:30
majykI can email you both footprints =)19:31
Romstersure go ahead :)19:31
majykbut it'd be better if you built it to make sure I am not going crazy19:31
Romsterya can find my email in one of the ports in contrib19:31
majykwhy don't you have a go at building it and see if you can come up with a working firefox19:32
majykthen we can compare notes19:32
Romsteroh i'll defently build it but saves me building it jsut to get the footprint first.19:32
majykI tweaked the port to build
majykmaybe I did something wrong19:32
Romsterah i jsut bumped the version removed the patch19:32
majykyeah that's what I did19:33
Romsterok i'll compare and figure something out if i can.19:33
Romsterlet me know when you've emaield me the footprint.19:35
majykRomster, what is your email address19:37
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Romsterromster at shortcircuit dot net dot au19:38
Romsterkinda figured you'd get it from greping contrib :P19:39
majykRomster, I didn't know your email was in some of the contrib ports19:39
Romsterall of mine it is.19:39
Romster150 or so..19:40
majykI was always of the mind that there should have been only 2 repositories, core and opt, if a port wasn't core than it should have been dumped in opt19:41
majykand that goes for every port19:41
Romsterseems sourceforge si borked i can't download nfs-utils19:41
majykbut instead we have core, opt, contrib, fuck, foo, bar, shit, piss, blah19:41
Romsteryeah ops is maintainers version of contrib.19:41
teKmajyk: yhafri + all other ports ~= 6000 Ports or so..19:42
Romsterwell i agree to kde, gnome, xorg stuff being in there own repo.19:42
majykso from an end user perspective you have to dig through the hundreds of user repositories and add them manually19:42
Romsterand private repos they can do whatever i wouldn't want junk in a main repo.19:42
Romsteror edit pre-get to include them or throw them all in your own private repo.19:43
Romsterya can include single packages from a repo.19:43
teKI think CRUX is very cool just like the way it is at present. (thx :>)19:44
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RomsterteK, yeah i'd hate to see everything in one repo...19:50
Romsterit would be one huge mess.19:51
Romsterand not everyone would trust contrib but would trust opt?19:51
teKthat does not mean, I'd love to see CRUX being bash-neutral (YES!)19:51
Romsterwell i agree being bash-netual if thats what i think it means not stuck on bash and able to use other shells.19:52
Romstermajyk, jaeger new firefox has alot of permission changes but looks simple enougth to correct.19:52
majykRomster, I was using a tweaked one, not jaegers19:54
majykRomster, having 800 repositories is just as big a mess19:54
Romsteri'm using the one in opt and editing that.19:55
majykyeah me too19:55
Romsteri did a diff -u of the new and old footprint19:55
majykso did I =)19:55
Romstermainly 2 fiels types i've spoted that need altering.19:55
Romsterfind $PKG/usr/include/firefox/ -type f -name '*.h' -exec chmod 744 {} \;19:56
Romsterthat would i think fix the header files.19:56
Romsterlooking at the rest of it.19:56
Romsterah and gotta add cfg to that list too.19:56
Romster644* typo..20:00
Romsteranyway i'll see how i go.20:00
Romstermajyk, ok not sure if i'm 100% right but here goes first test
Romsterthats what i added.20:12
Romsternot ideal but it's just a test to see if i got it all.20:12
* majyk looks20:13
Romsterlet me knwo if i got a bug in that code.20:13
Romsteri'd rather know now than later :P20:13
majykdid your port work with that?20:14
Romsteri'm about to find out when it finally compiles.20:14
Romsterand see if i get a permission mismatch after.20:15
majykit'll take me at least 45 minutes to compile again20:15
Romsterdid you remove both patches or just one?20:16
Romster$name-2.0-add-ldflags.patch $name-nopangoxft.patch20:16
majykjust the nopangoxft20:17
majykthe only reason I removed that one is because the build was complaining about it20:17
majyksaying something like it'd be removing a patch that was already included20:17
Romsterso that patch has been aplyed upstream now.20:18
majykthat's my take on it20:18
Romsteryou should really look at ccache if you recompile stuff alot.20:19
Romsterand distcc if you got more than one computer to put to use.20:20
Romsterboth in contrib.20:20
Romsterimo firefox is geting way bloated.20:21
Romsterif i knew enougth i'd hack at it.20:21
Romstersadly i don't know /that/ much.20:21
Romstermaybe enougth to get me in trouble <_<20:22
teKbloated is an understatement20:22
teKfrom 1.5.x to 2.0.x it got unusable on my 400MHz machine20:22
Romstermajyk, how long ya been on crux for? i've been on since crux 2.1 came out sometime after that and well before 2.220:23
RomsterteK, oh..20:23
majyksince 0.9.320:23
Romstermajyk, yikes20:23
majykthere is still tons I don't know though so don't let that fool you =)20:24
majykI keep coming back to Crux20:24
Romsteroh i don't know that much either really.20:24
majykI try new stuff out occasionally20:24
Romsterif i ever did move from crux it would haev to be LFS20:24
teKwith pkgtools <320:24
majykbut in the end it ends up sucking in some way so I come back to my security blanket Crux20:24
Romsterbut why beat a good package manager.20:25
RomsterPkgfiles are great i can useally wip a new port up in no time.20:25
majykdebian packages require a PhD20:26
Romsterits finding out ti has a million dependencys that no one has packlages for already that bugs me.20:26
Romsteryeah really. i've seen them and nearly fell out of my chair.20:26
majykI don't particularly like building a port that has 10 other ports that need built as well but in the end nothing is as simple as a Pkgfile20:27
majykit's easily readable20:27
majykand most importantly it's easily hackable20:27
Romstertrue, i've had to build other dependencys many of times.20:27
Romsteris why i throw common ones in contrib20:27
majykI don't know why packages like RPM, DEB, Gentoo Ebuilds need to be so damned complicated20:28
Romsteri try and save the headache of redoing librarys that are used for alot of things.20:28
Romsterno idea..20:28
majykwhich is another reason why I prefer Crux20:28
majykI don't have to have a college degree in order to build a package20:28
Romsterthey make it the art of Makefiles and storing there patched source files.20:28
Romsterone thing i'd like todo and i haven't bothered yet is to use lzma instead of tar.gz for packages.20:29
Romsterand not sure if it is worth it or not.20:29
majykI've never heard of lzma20:30
Romsterfaster and more compression than gz or slower and even better compression.20:30
Romster7zip uses it but lzma and 7zip are a bit diferent in format.20:30
Romsterprt-get info lzma20:30
Romsteroh i didn't put that in contrib20:31
Romsterhome page20:31
majykeven better compression than bzip2?20:33
majykthat is impressive20:33
morlenxusHey, does someone already use kernel
majykmorlenxus, yes I do20:35
morlenxusDo you use dhcpd client?20:35
morlenxusIn /etc/rc.d/net ?20:35
morlenxusHm k20:35
Romstermajyk, yep20:35
majykI use it for my wireless card20:35
Romsteri'm still without wifi :P20:36
morlenxusNew kernel stops when running dhcpd client, might be a bad kernel configuration...20:36
teKi'm out. n820:36
Romsterand use static setup.20:36
Romstermorlenxus, rebuilt dhcpd ?20:36
Romstertek night.20:36
morlenxusHm why should i?20:36
morlenxusIt works with
Romsterdoes it even link to kernel code?20:37
morlenxusSo might be a missing kernel option.20:37
morlenxusI don't guess so?20:37
Romsterwell did you do make oldconfig?20:37
morlenxusIt does?20:37
Romsternot sure but i was asking.20:37
morlenxusYes, but i also did some little changes.20:37
morlenxusNothing important imho20:37
Romsterthen go back over and double check do a diff of both config files maybe.20:38
morlenxusMight be the best.20:38
morlenxusJust wanted to make sure that the kernel works for someone else.20:38
Romstermight be some change that you need to enable something else or one of your changes.20:38
majykI don't know, I never had any issues with the dhcpcd client20:39
Romsterwtching code compile is fun :P20:39
Romsteri'd do a google there could be a aptch floating about for dhcp20:40
Romsterlike tilman had to make one for kqemu20:40
Romsteri'd be guessing some call to the kernel has altered.20:41
Romsterif it's not your config changes.20:41
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majyk[majyk@serenity ~]> pkginfo -i | grep dhcpcd20:42
majykdhcpcd 3.1.6-120:42
Romsteri really need a new hdd this one is nearly full.20:42
majykLinux serenity #1 SMP PREEMPT Sun Oct 14 12:04:35 UTC 2007 i686 athlon-4 i386 GNU/Linux20:42
Romstermajyk, you in sa?20:42
Romsterah no your ahead of me..20:43
Romsterahead of my time by 40 minutes O_o20:43
majykI'm in the US20:43
Romsteroh ok 24h time20:44
Romsterso it's just past midnight there.20:44
majykno it's 9:40'ish20:44
majykgive or take20:45
majykI'm on the east coast20:45
thrice`majyk: where are you?20:45
Romster-majyk- TIME Sat Oct 20 21:47:2520:45
majykmy clock is a bit fast it would seem20:45
RomsterOct 14 12:04:35 UTC20:45
Romsterwhy don't that match up?20:45
majykmy cell phone says it's 9:4020:45
Romsteropenntpd :)20:45
majykI compiled on the 14th20:46
Romsterah right...20:46
majykat 12:04:3520:46
* Romster got confused...20:46
Romsterok i need coffee.20:46
Romsterlol this looks promising20:46
Romsterfirefox build20:46
RomsternsGlobalWindow.cpp:6187: warning: 'abuseLevel' may be used uninitialized in this function20:46
Romsterthe fact it's 'abuseLevel' <_< the irony20:47
morlenxusmajyk: Can you send me your kernel config for
majykmorlenxus, what is your email address?20:50
morlenxusThank you20:51
majykno problem20:51
majykgimme a couple minutes20:51
Romsterzcat /proc/kernel.gz > config20:51
Romstersomething like that20:51
majykmorlenxus, sent20:52
Romsteralthough i save my kernel cofigs into /boot20:52
morlenxusmajyk: thx20:52
majykno problem20:52
Romstersure hope this fixes firefox.. *waits*20:53
* majyk hope it fixes it too20:53
Romstermajyk, if you had ccache installed you'd be done compiling way before me.20:53
majykI wonder how the perms got screwed up in the install20:53
Romsterbe from the source file.20:53
Romsterextract with permissions in pkgmk20:54
majykon another note has anyone had issues with vlc, specifically when playing music the music has crackles and pops in it? The same music is perfectly fine within beep-media-player.20:54
Romsterso point the finger to mozilla devs20:54
majykRomster, yp20:54
Romsteroh sound buffer? and i haven't sued vlc20:54
Romsteri'm so glad i'm not a layer20:55
Romsterloyer i so can't spell..20:55
majykI have vlc installed because it can play more formats but any format the song crackles and pops, whereas in beep-media-player the song is smooth and plays normally20:55
Romstermajyk, i'd also check the output device.20:56
majykI don't know, I've used vlc before (same version) on Gentoo and had no issues20:56
Romstervlc might be using soemthing diferent to bmp20:56
majykRomster, I set it to alsa which is what I'm using20:56
Romsterdoes it use the same librarys as bmp?20:56
majykI don't think so20:56
majykit has a huge dependency tree20:57
majykI don't think so, but I can't remember20:57
* Romster does a deptree20:57
majykit took me a long time to compile it with prt-get20:57
Romsterhmm no vlc...20:57
majykthere are a shit load of packages it depends on20:57
Romsterbe just as bad as my bmpx port in my repo20:58
Romstermajyk, you using jagers repo for vlc?20:59
Romsterdosn't look that huge of a deptree.. if you removed samba21:00
Romsterbmpx is alot worse.21:00
Romsterhmm i so need to fix the dependencys on libvisual21:01
majykRomster, yeah21:03
majykI'm using jaegers port of vlc21:03
Romsteri got lazy and just added xorg as dependencys.21:04
Romsteri should narrow it down t the exact modules it uses.21:04
majykI think the reason I thought it had a big tree is because I installed it on a fresh Crux install, it took a lot of compiling21:04
Romsterah probabbly.21:04
majykbmp was quick prolly cuz all the other junk was already there =)21:05
Romstermsot of it is used by other stuff.21:06
Romsterso love dynamic librarys :)21:06
Romsterwhat i really hate about firefox is it's bundiling of librarys, and not using the system librarys.21:09
Romsterand the fact firefox is geting so bit it should be modularised like X11R6 and xorg 7 did.21:10
majykit's huge21:10
Romsterso that way you only install the core of it and what ever you use.21:11
Romsterand updates arn't so much a pain when there is many smaller packages.21:11
Romsterit's like rebuilding a million lines of code for one small change..21:12
Romsterif i didn't like firefox so much i'd move to opera.21:13
Romsteri used to use mozilla suite <_<21:13
majykI may move to the prebuilt firefox's21:14
majykI haven't noticed any differences from my compiled firefox to the ones I download from the website21:15
majykeven the downloaded one is i686 optimized21:15
Romsterseems to be..21:16
Romsterbut i bet it has the same permission problems <_<21:16
Romsteri dispise binary ports personally.21:16
Romsterwould prefer it to be optomised for my exact hardware.21:17
majykactually the binary from of works fine21:17
majykI just downloaded it21:18
Romsteri'm expecting you got a fast computer and i got distcc on some slower computers so this should be intersting to see if i get this compiled before you do.21:18
Romsterthat's funky.21:18
*** MzOzD_ has joined #crux21:18
majykoh I wasn't compiling actually, I was waiting for yours to complete to see if your changes fixed the issue21:19
Romsterfrom what you said earlier it'll take another 45 minutes to compile, that you where too21:21
Romsteri'm on a accent 1.4GHz k7 with a another pc 667Mhz that i got distcc on.21:22
majykyeah it would but I didn't start it again21:22
Romstersomeday i'll get a AM221:22
Romsterdual or quad21:22
Romsterand some compile farm happening too using minture atx boards.21:22
majyksince you had started the compile I figured I'd let it finish,no need to start 2 compiles if one was not going to fix the issue21:23
Romsteri've seen the lunchbox compile farm.21:23
Romsteri'm just hoping i didn't miss anything.21:23
Romsterbut then again if i have to edit and recompile it'll be cached in ccache.21:23
Romsterso it wouldn't take as long todo if i had too.21:24
Romsteri copyed the old .footprint back so if it don't diff too much or at all i'll be happy21:24
majykI never fix anything if the diffs are new files21:25
Romsterif it does alot i'll do the same tatic again and find what i missed.21:25
majykI just update the footprint and rock and roll21:25
Romsternew files is diferent.21:25
majykmissing files are bad21:25
Romsterbut there is cases that i build in a chroot and miss some files, becasue i've ahd people complain of misisng files in say xine.21:25
Romsterthat whre only other sound drivers. that where safe to ignore but got sick of the same retarded question.21:26
Romsterit looked obvious they there output sound drivers too.21:26
majykI've had the mind to use a vmware sandbox with just a crux core loaded so I can build packages isolated to just the core OS to determine what deps something has21:26
Romsterfor jack etc.21:26
majykbut I haven't taken the time to do that yet21:26
Romstermajyk, i got a safe-build package i've made that does that to some simaer degree.21:27
Romsteri need to update it.21:27
Romsterno need to goto vmware. there is qemu too but i find a chroot works good enougth.21:28
Romsterdon't mind the version i stuck on it it works and well, but i haven't used it in quite awhile.21:30
Romsteri use it to check for missing dependencys.21:30
*** MzOzD has quit IRC21:31
Romsteri'll get into editing it more seems to be a handy tool21:31
Romsterjust needs to be polished up more21:31
Romsteroh btw the system install seems broken sue the cd image to install from if you use it.21:31
Romster /sue/use21:31
*** mafarka has quit IRC21:32
Romstersomeone else did a simpler version
Romsterbut it don't do what mine does.21:33
Romsterso take a pick or use your method.21:33
Romsterlooks like install stage of make now.21:34
Romsterabout time.21:34
Romsteri never timed this either..21:34
Romsterreally demented permisions if you ask me.21:35
Romstercoffee brb21:36
Romstermajyk, you may know, with the progra install, is there anyway to get install to do recursive install with sub directorys instead of having to do it with cp -r ?21:50
Romsteri've never found a solution with install.21:50
Romsterfinally it's going though my find commands now.21:53
Romsterbuilt but missed stuff, knew it <_< editing more.22:00
Romstermajyk, had to alter some stuff but it's looking alot better.22:11
Romsterjaeger, i think i got firefox sorted if you havn't been reading, i've added find statements to chmod files doing a second compile now.22:16
Romsteri'll send you the diff when i'm done if it all works,22:16
majykRomster, I don't know, this is the first time I tried to tweak the FF port22:19
majykRomster, does it work?22:20
Romsterah i missed some permission on it so i'm rebuilding first.22:31
Romsterthis /should/ be the last rebuild though.22:31
*** treach has joined #crux22:31
Romsterand it'll be alot faster since objects are cached now22:31
Romsterhi treach22:31
majykRomster, sweet22:32
Romsteri'm attacking firefox port :P22:32
Romsternearly got it sorted i hope.22:32
Romsteron another note 'search and replace' in gvim. where the hell is the option to use reguler expressions...22:32
treach"now with 50% less bloat"?22:33
Romstertreach, i wish.22:33
treach(too much to hope for I guess)22:33
Romsteri'm just using a stack of find statements and chmod'ing22:33
Romsteri'm trying to add "\t\t<li><a href="">" to the start of some lines in gvim, looks like i'll have todo it the slow way..22:34
treachman I wish I knew why crux_x86-64 works like a charm on this box, while plain 2.3 gives me all kinds of problems. :/22:34
Romstercan't use sed unless i'm careful of what lines to only touch.22:34
Romsterdiff the enitre ports repo?22:35
Romsteragenst the two.22:35
Romsterwhat sort of problems?22:35
treachall sorts of IOAPIC, acpi and timer crap.22:35
Romstermaybe the cpu has shitty 32 bit support too22:35
treachbasically I have to use "noapic" to get it running, and that makes it unstable.22:36
Romsteryou did have the kernel compiled to only 32 bit when you had 32bit crux on?22:36
Romsteri guess bad kernel support..22:36
Romsterin 32 bit mode.22:37
* Romster shrugs22:37
treachI have no idea, tbh.22:37
treachjust bloody annoying22:37
Romsterme neather but it's odd.22:37
*** mwansa_ has joined #crux22:41
Romsteri bet it would be, but why run 32 bit on a 64 bit system?22:41
Romsterother than compatability with old 32 bit stuff.22:41
treachsome apps doesn't like 64 bit.22:41
*** mwansa_ has left #crux22:41
treacheg, java doesn't like a pure 64 bit system, some codecs apparently doesn't like it either etc.22:42
Romsterand you can't have a dual /lib and /lib64 system?22:42
*** mwansa has quit IRC22:42
treachI guess I could, but this isn't it, yet.22:42
Romsterok firefox built now to check footprint again.22:43
*** mwansa_ has joined #crux22:43
treachI like to see the cpu load while building ff. ~2x40% :p22:44
majykRomster, did it work this time?22:51
Romsterseems to have the right permissions i'm just closing my other one then install and give it a real test22:52
majykRomster, what's the verdict?22:58
Romstergah broken22:58
Romster$ firefox22:58
Romster/usr/lib/firefox/ line 131: 27716 Segmentation fault      "$prog" ${1+"$@"}22:58
Romsterpos program22:58
Romsterall i did was correct file permissions nothing else besides removing that one patch22:59
majykat the moment I'm using the binary provided by mozilla22:59
majykit works fine22:59
majykthe source code is fucked22:59
majykwell at least at the moment23:00
majykI'll log in tomorrow to the firefox channel and report this tragedy23:00
majykapparently nobody realizes this23:00
majykgotta run... see ya Romster23:00
*** majyk has quit IRC23:00
Romsteri'll go over my footprint and see if i've missed something.23:01
Romsteri should goto #mozilla and bitch to them right now infact...23:01
nipuLobviously the source code isn't that bad if you're using a binary that works fine23:02
Romsteri'm guessing i messed a permission up23:04
Romsteri'll patebin the footprint.23:04
Romstergah i should of got him to give me the footprint of the binary.. or unless that file he sent was that.23:04
*** mwansa_ has quit IRC23:05
Romsteri can do a diff on that and see where i went wrong.23:05
Romsterah i see it some header files need to be xecutable.23:10
Romsteri changed them all to 644..23:10
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:10
Romsteredit and recompile again then maybe i'll have some luck. since when do header files need to be executable?23:10
*** morlenxus has joined #crux23:11
treachsince idiots took over?23:12
treach"no code in headerfiles"23:12
treachI think that's the first thing they tell you about C.23:13
treachok, time to make another attempt at sleep() :/23:15
*** treach has quit IRC23:15
* Romster recompiles again.23:18
Romstermy cure is worse than the desease in this case. <_<23:19
*** mafarka has joined #crux23:30
Romstergood nick mafarka can see ident and looks like acrux :p23:36

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