IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-10-22

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pitillogood morning01:28
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namenloshi, enemy territory: quake wars full linux client has been released *jump*03:24
* tilman heard etq sucks03:24
tilmanetqw even03:24
tilmannice timing though, only 3 weeks late, right?03:25
namenlosyes, something like that...03:28
rxitilman: its pretty awesome03:46
namenlosi like it, too03:47
namenlosrxi: you are playing it on linux?03:48
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rxinah i played the demo on win3203:55
rxitempted to buy it tho03:55
namenlosah, ok, because i got some troubles launching it on linux...03:56
rxiid stuff is usually pretty painless03:57
namenlosdoom3 was...03:58
RedShifthey guys, you got experience with mod_ruid?04:00
RedShiftit seems too good to be true04:00
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namenlosman, man, man, i was able to install and launch etqw, but in-game there aren't any fonts...05:00
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pitillolinux sin efectos = nada?05:04
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pitillobrbrbrbr welcome back to irssi and /window X :)05:08
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rehabdolldoes anybody recognize this?:
rehabdollwierd change for just a version bump13:34
thrice`have you done a ports -u today ?13:38
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jjpk"no activity?! quit quit quit quit!!!111" :p13:44
jjpkpush it a step forward and deduce crux is dead community-wise. :D13:46
jjpkHave to love this distribution's public profile.13:47
jjpk"yeah, we're dead, take a picture why don't you" :D :D13:48
RedShiftfact is13:49
RedShiftnobody cares13:49
jjpkSmall group of users, you can't expect much.13:51
RedShiftat least the crux community steps up to the users and says fuck you13:52
RedShiftif you don't like it take your business elsewhere13:52
RedShiftsomething archlinux is affraid to do13:53
RedShift(and I think in fear of losing popularity)13:53
jjpkIf the dead joke hit arch, it probably would be front page news on osnews13:53
jjpkIt's almost their pet.13:53
tilmanwe do?13:53
tilmanRedShift: we don't tell them to fuck themselves. we're delivering what crux always delivered13:54
tilmanand i think our users like it that way13:54
RedShiftyes that's true13:54
RedShiftbut one thing I've never understood is the need for a "games" group13:55
RedShiftI don't see what a game makes so different than any other application13:55
RedShiftyet, under community pressure... a games group was added13:55
RedShiftwell if we keep on sucking up that community pressure, we'll get another ubuntu13:56
teKbuying a voice regarding those decisions by commitment is a good thing, I think :)13:58
RedShiftteK: can you rephrase that?13:59
j^2RedShift: i think the games group was from back in the 70s on a unix mainframe where you could lock out the normal users14:01
RedShiftj^2: my point is, they added something so useless under community pressure14:01
RedShiftI wouldn't subcombe to community pressure, to hell with the community14:02
teKRedShift: one should be allowed to speek up (and be heard) if one showed commitment14:03
teKjust saying "a game repo" is not hard and the consequences  are only for the devs14:03
RedShiftteK: it's not a game repo14:04
RedShiftit's a game group14:04
RedShiftas in, a seperate group in /etc/groups14:04
tilmanteK: group as in /etc/group14:04
teKwoops ;P14:05
teKok. Useless as well in most cases14:05
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teKanyone using SAS discs (with RAID-1) here?15:15
RedShiftteK: what about them?15:15
jaeger"anyone using" <-- this was the question part :)15:16
RedShiftwell I've sold machines with SAS controllers and SAS disks15:17
RedShiftand a few machines in my rack have SAS15:17
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teKI've got 2 discs. reading via ftp/http over GBit Network gives me 50MB/s average.. is this ok?15:17
RedShiftthat seems slow15:21
RedShiftwhat kind of disks are they?15:21
RedShift10k rpm disks usually get about 80 megabytes per second15:21
RedShiftthat should get you 100 megabytes per second15:21
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RedShiftteK: what does hdparm give you?15:21
teK Timing buffered disk reads:  374 MB in  3.02 seconds = 124.05 MB/sec15:22
RedShiftso the problem lies somewhere else15:22
RedShiftwhat network card do you have?15:22
teKBroadcom Corporation NetXtreme BCM5715 Gigabit Ethernet (rev a3)15:22
RedShiftbroadcom support can be tricky at times15:23
RedShiftdo you have another gbit network card?15:23
teKon both sides (same HDDs, NIC,..); interconnected via cross15:23
RedShiftwhat if you wget them to devnull?15:23
RedShiftwhat speed do you get then?15:23
teKhave to try this. please standby15:23
teKuh oh..15:25
RedShiftstanding by15:25
teK00:22:39 (112.21 MB/s) - `/dev/null' saved [2147483602/2147483602]15:25
RedShift112 is about the maximum you'll get out of gigabit15:26
RedShiftso there's nothing wrong with your setup15:26
teKthe other machine seemed to have problems with its batter backed write cache.. maybe I should *recheck* this issue15:26
RedShiftteK: are you planning on using NFS with those machines?15:26
teKno. god beware.15:26
teKI'd love to do a 'full' backup of our ERP system during lunch *g*15:27
RedShiftwhat? something wrong with NFS?15:27
teKI think rsync will be a better choice15:27
teKI don't like NFS that much to be honest15:27
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RedShiftwell I was going to give you a tip on NFS and gigabit, you have to use a bigger rsize and wsize15:28
RedShiftotherwise performance will suck and NFS will be hugely unreliable on gigabit15:28
teKI will try to remember that. thank you15:28
teKour hardware supporter suggested trying something else then FTP as "we had problems with FTP that often"15:28
RedShiftuse rsize=32768,wsize=32768 as options for mounting15:29
teKhis first question was "transfering with Explorer or what?"15:29
teK-> -_-15:29
RedShift(NFS default packet size is 1024, which causes huge amounts of fragmentation because packets are getting sent too fast)15:29
teKI see :)15:30
RedShift100 mb networks don't suffer that, although performance might increase if you use those parameters on 100mb networks as well15:30
teKthe idea with /dev/null should have come to my mind, too... the supporter said "50MB is fairly good, afaik" ..15:30
teKhopefully he meant using one disc, not two.15:31
RedShift50 MB is pretty weak with 15k rpm disks...15:31
RedShiftbecause a single 15k rpm disk can push at least 100 mb/s...15:31
teKthe first server has a working BBU but: [ wait 2 more minutes ]15:35
teKroot@titus:/oradb1 # du -sh dumps15:35
teK7.9G    dumps15:35
teKroot@titus:/oradb1 # time cp -r dumps /oradb215:39
teKcp -r dumps /oradb2  0.40s user 23.04s system 10% cpu 3:39.84 total15:39
teKtwo separate RAID-1 sets, of two discs each..15:40
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rehabdollwill glibc 2.7 make it into 2.4?15:51
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teKthank you so far, RedShift. Do have any idea why there could be this really bad disc-disc copy-performance?16:02
RedShifthmm 36 megabytes/sec is pretty poor16:02
RedShiftcaching set to write-through instead of write-back?16:02
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teK@titus? No. It's write-through and write-back on the other machine with the broken(?) BBU16:04
teKno the other way round..16:04
RedShiftwell set it to write-back16:04
RedShiftand try again :D16:04
RedShiftyou can do that in the SAS controller's BIOS16:04
teKI checked this toady and it is write-back on the 'good' machine (titus)16:05
teKthe other machine gives me an error about the bbu being not charged or broken.16:05
RedShiftwell has it been charged, the battery?16:05
RedShiftand it still says that?16:06
RedShiftis the connection between the battery and the controller OK?16:06
teKthat's not too important right now, I will have it replaced or fixed..16:06
teKaccording to the BIOS it's present / charging and so on. I think so, yes.16:07
teKMore important to me is the fact that I get this poor performance despite write-back being active on the other machine16:07
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teKeven worse: ftp FROM that machine TO /dev/null on the 'broken' one gives me 22:21 < teK> 00:22:39 (112.21 MB/s) - `/dev/null' saved [2147483602/2147483602]16:08
teKI don't get it.16:08
RedShiftftp from the broken machine?16:10
RedShiftwell if there is a battery problem, reading is never affected16:10
RedShiftthe battery is there to preserve the write cache, so if there's a problem with slow write speeds, that's where you would look (the write cache)16:10
teKtitus is the one with working BBU. _but_ it only performed with 36MB/s from disc to disc.16:11
teKthat's my problem.16:11
teKIt has write-back activated16:11
RedShiftwell that's pretty slow 36 MB/s16:12
RedShiftwat does hdparm -t give you on the first array and the second array?16:12
teKboth at about 124MB/s16:15
RedShiftok, so it's really writing that's a problem16:16
RedShiftI'd still inspect the controller's BIOS caching settings16:16
RedShiftwrite caching settings ofcourse16:16
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teKok. I owe you a glass of beer something :-)16:18
RedShiftteK: it's solved?16:18
teKno but I had not much clue..16:19
teKIt's up to our supporter to help me tomorrow. (he does get paid)16:20
teKit 11pm and I got a 24x7 contract plus his mobilenr. ... :>16:21
teKone last thing (YFYI): broken-bbu/controller machine to "good" machine(titus):  23:20:26 (69.62 MB/s) - `/dev/null' saved [8589934378/8589934378]16:24
teKthe controller must have some problems ... broken battery should not affect reading..16:25
treachrehabdoll: yeah, I get the same footprint error, got it for the previous version too.16:26
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teK< get some sleep. n8.. and thx again RedShift16:28
RedShiftno problem16:29
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mwansarehabdoll, did you find out if glibc 2.7 is gonna get pushed into 2.7 ?17:44
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djfpAnyone use crux ppc?20:20
treachyeah, but they aren't here.20:22
treachhmm, "alasctl restore". No wonder that didn't work. :>20:24
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