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tammy_i have a question about umounting my dvd drive, it usually locks, and umount won't unmount00:16
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tammy_is there any special way to unmount a device that is stuck00:17
tammy_i only seem to have the problem with crux00:17
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pitillogood morning01:15
Romsterif anyone is interested i'm compiling firefox 3!01:21
Romstergonna give it a try01:22
Romsteris alpha8 but what prologic said it's quite useable already and fast.01:23
Romsterpitillo, done any more on your chroot?01:23
rehabdollfast? firefox? oxymoron?01:24
Romsterrehabdoll, going by what prologic said.01:24
Romsteri'll find out soon enougth.01:24
pitilloRomster, tested a bit more and worked fine, but needs more work on the chrooted commands to make it more automated01:24
Romsterand report.01:24
Romsterpitillo, on the http/rsync bit i'd do a repo=name omit the .* bit and use a if statement to add rsync or pick $repo.httpup if $repo.rsync dosn't exist.01:26
Romsterand adding all of xorg i don't really aprove not opt, how do you find missing dependencys if the packages are all installed?01:27
Romsteri'd install xorg with prt-get quickdep xorg, then compile if it needs extra list them in the dependencys line and install the missing package.01:28
Romstermaybe adding all of xorg isn't even a good idea, should list each module the testeing port failes to build, find what port has the missing file and add it to depends line.01:29
pitilloRomster, I added a VAR to point directly to httpup/rsync file01:30
pitilloRomster, about xorg, adding all of the repo inside the iso I think it's a good point (it's the base provided by the iso)01:30
Romsterrehabdoll, rofl...01:31
Romsterpitillo, maybe ok for building the package but i much prefer to "find out if i'm missing a package on the Depends on: line" that was my main reason to make what i have.01:32
Romsterand i really need a snapshot util to revert after a command installs so i can start fresh to check the next package01:32
Romsteri guess we both have diferent views01:33
pitilloRomster, sure, that is the finally objective, check missing deps and build ports under a fresh enviroment01:33
pitilloI think we are talking about the same01:33
pitillo(but I am sure I am missing things) The reason to start again with this is the point of making a standard and very easy and automated way to do this01:34
Romsterif packages are installed how do you find a missing dep on the Depends on: line?01:34
Romsterpitillo, your nearly ding what i've done already.01:35
Romsterjsut i need to polish up my version.01:35
Romsterit's a uter mess atm01:35
pitillowell I started the chroot build with you too and that is why I want to make it easier and clear01:36
Romsterdosn't safe_build --help give a clear interface?01:36
pitillothis will give me a bit more of knowledge like the last time I worked with it.01:36
Romsterhmm i should write a man page for it too.01:37
Romsteri'll keep an eye on your work i might pick an idea and redo mine but atm it's far from what i'd be after.01:37
pitilloyes, gives it but I think it's quite difficult and it can be easier (to exec, read and conf)01:37
Romsterthats why i've already made a conf file and stuff but it's like i lost interest and the need for it now i'm thinking i should get bnack into it and clean it up write a man page too.01:39
pitilloI will be working on this, if this cant be a standard util to make better ports (or to check new ports that can be added to contrib) I will use it better than use a VM01:39
Romsterwould make sense to work on the one tool instead of 2.. but atm we got diferent views how it should work.01:40
Romster/usr/sbin/safe-build -h looks quite neat i need to neaten the code, and make a man page and then drop it alpha and make a 0.0.1 version..01:41
Romsteri'ts already helped me check my packages.01:41
pitilloI think both tools finally will make the same, but like I said, starting a new one is a way to understand things better and the point of mine, is to make it easier and more clear01:42
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Romsterah true but i already understand things by making mine :P01:43
Romster-u    --umount              unmount the chroot (shutdown)01:43
Romsteri basicly copy the program into the chroot so it can be used todo other stuff.01:43
pitilloyeah, that is what I want to do, copy a little script to do that into the chroot01:44
Romsteri have to yet figure a way to use ccache inside the chroot...01:44
Romsteri could hardlink01:44
Romsterlike i did with the soruces.01:44
Romsteractually i don't like the fact ya can exit a chroot with the command 'exit' anyway to stop that?01:45
Romsterreplace exit with the script and haev it like 'exit --option'01:46
Romsterso calling exit on it's own won't do anything.01:46
Romsterbut say to type exit -h01:46
Romsteri'll have to get into a hacking mood again :p01:47
pitilloI will follow it but I will work on mine too, I hope it lets me get more knowledge (bit by bit)01:49
Romsterwell we may both has good tools but each doing it in there own way.01:52
pitilloa little point in the safe-build script it to add pkgmk user/group to build ports. what do you think about?01:54
Romsterit's in a chroot already.01:56
Romsteri saw that and wondered...01:56
Romsterthat's like using pretendroot in a chroot01:56
Romsterso it also picks up ports that write outside the $PKG01:57
pitillowell, it's chrooted, but ports are built like root. has no sense to build them like a normal user?01:57
Romsternot really other than the point i made ^01:57
Romsterwould have to use pretendroot01:58
Romsteralong with a user/group say build:build01:58
Romsterthat way if the port trys to write outside it fails. or hope it does.01:59
Romsterit'll only write into the chroot, but ya won't see the problem though..02:00
Romsteri never took that into consideration.02:00
Romster /most/ programs are pretty good at not writing outside.02:01
Romsterfirefox 3 takes jsut as long to compile as 2 does....02:01
Romsterand something i wasn't aware of APNG02:02
Romsteranimated png files!02:02
Romstergonna replace gif i assume.02:03
rehabdolloh the horror02:08
rehabdollimage.animation_mode once can atleast limit the annoyance02:09
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Romsteri got a firefox extension that makes the stop button stop all gifs from playing02:21
Romsterwhat anoyes me more than them moving is they should not animate when the tab is not in focus!02:22
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rehabdolloh, sounds useful02:57
rehabdollgot a url for that one?02:57
rehabdoll"Active Stop Button" ?02:58
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Romsterrehabdoll, yes "active stop button" works wonders.05:14
rehabdolldoes not seem to work with the rightclick menu tough05:15
rehabdollstop is still greyed out05:15
rehabdollbtw, are there any *simple* mp3/audio players like xmms left? audacious recently became dependent on two additional libraries05:18
treachI'd say "stop-or-reload" is a more usefull plug-in :p05:18
Romsterrestart firefox05:18
Romsteractive stop button stops all animations and crap05:19
Romsteropen 15 pages full of gifs :p05:19
treachyes yes, I read that05:19
treachDoesn't bother me really05:19
Romsteranoyes me that they all run and not just the ones in the focused tab05:19
Romsteradd up more and you get wasted cpu05:20
treachI guess my usual pages isn't that infested with crap like that. or maybe adblock/privoxy gets them :P05:20
Romsteroh i have that stuff too05:20
treach..which reminds me, I should get my mega-hosts file back..05:20
Romstermainly gifs that origionate from the same site.05:20
Romsterblack list?05:21
treachyeah, you know bla.com05:21
Romsteroh that05:21
Romsterdid you rm it?05:21
treachwell, I haven't restored it from backup yet.05:23
treachthe box is still pretty new. :)05:23
Romsterah you done a fresh install on a new machine.05:29
Romsterconfiguring is the fun part :P05:30
Romsteralthough old configs make iot alot easyer05:30
pitilloRomster, pymp05:32
Romsterpitillo, ?05:34
pitilloRomster, you asked about a "simple" mp3 player, isn't it?05:35
Romstersome python package? or you calling me a pimp :P05:35
Romsterah no wasn't me05:35
pitilloah sorry then, I understood it bad then.05:38
treachRomster: jdolan wrote it. :P05:44
treachthat should explain the name05:44
treachit was originally known as the "gay media player" or something :>05:45
Romstertreach, ah05:47
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pell<Thresh> just nu är jag ute efter något preparat eller annat medel för  att höja min puls och mitt blodtryck05:55
treach"porrblaska"? :P06:04
treachPresumebly only works on younger individuals though06:04
rehabdollpitillo: thanks, i'll check it out06:07
pitilloconvinced was romster who asked about, sorry06:07
* Romster shrugs06:13
Romsteri said something about bmp and bmpx and vlc dependencys06:13
Romsteris about all06:13
rehabdollbmp seems acceptable at the moment. didnt atleast require any new libraries06:14
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teKmaybe you want to check out cmus06:41
nipuLor pymp ;P06:45
nipuLjdolan: would you be suprised if i told you i still use that06:45
pitilloit works well :)06:49
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teKRedShift2: please highlight me, if you have got (short) time. thx.08:28
RedShift2I won't do it teK08:28
RedShift2you won't get anything from me teK08:28
RedShift2you can try all you want, tek08:28
RedShift2I won't highlight you teK08:28
teKso. "they" told me that you get 45MB/s in real world conditions08:30
teKthere's a PDF file in front of my face telling me I will get 73-125 MB/s (sustained)08:31
teKthese are Cheetah 15K.5s08:31
RedShift2so they won't check out if there really is a problem?08:32
teKthe somehow broken controller will be replaced.08:32
teKi'm talking about those 36MB/s from Array1 to Array2 (same controller, 2 (two discs) independent RAID-1 sets)08:33
teK36MB/s in this scenario is too slow, too. Right?08:33
prologicMB/s or Mbps ?08:34
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RedShift2teK: what if you write from dev/zero to one of the arrays?08:35
teKarg! sec. :)08:35
RedShift2teK: you did use a journalling filesystem right?08:36
teKext3, yes.08:36
RedShift2use dd_rescue to test speeds08:37
RedShift2then you won't have to fiddle with blocksizes08:37
teK(without index_dir feature enable, dunno if this does matter)08:37
teKI used time08:37
teK# time cat /dev/zero > ZERROZERRO08:37
teKcat /dev/zero > ZERROZERRO  0.08s user 4.91s system 15% cpu 32.132 total08:37
RedShift2and how much data has it written?08:38
teK2247 MB08:38
teKthats 70MB/s08:38
RedShift2and on the other array?08:38
teKomg.. completion after such operations is awfully slow... cd /oradb[TAB] spent about 5> seconds to complete ...08:40
prologicwelcome to the wonderful world of caches :)08:41
prologicit's clearly not real raw speed08:41
teKit's 79MB/s on the other array.08:41
prologicraw ?08:41
teKprologic: would /dev/random be a better choice?08:41
prologicor cached ?08:41
prologic/dev/random takes time to generate08:41
teK# time cat /dev/zero > ZERROZERRO < but on the other array08:41
teKprologic: CPU is not the bottleneck, imho08:42
prologicyes but using /dev/random is pointless08:42
prologicI would have to say it's written at 79Mb/s using caching08:42
RedShift2so the problem is when access both arrays concurrently08:43
RedShift2teK: what kind of SAS controller are you using, and is it fitted in the appropriate slot?08:43
teKit's a FSC box, I do hope it's in the appropriate slot...08:44
* RedShift2 doesn't know FSC08:44
RedShift2does it have 64 bit/133 Mhz PCI slots?08:44
prologicit'd better08:45
prologicor you'll be quite screwed08:45
teKafaik yes..08:45
RedShift2or pci express slots?08:45
prologicyou should check08:45
RedShift2teK: take a picture08:45
prologicbe fun trying to fit 140MB/s through a 32bit bus :)08:46
teKno no no. I'm dumb. It's onboard :-)08:46
teKwrong slot? Impossible :P08:46
RedShift2ok than they have use the right bus08:46
RedShift2good luck!08:47
RedShift2since I can't access the machine myself I'm out of suggestions08:47
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teKsales rep on the phone. sec. please :)08:54
teK32,7MB/s for my 14,5GB file09:30
RedShiftI wouldn't be satisfied09:30
teKI'm am NOT.09:30
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treachrofl ->
Toshihow much worse could windows get, jeez14:31
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rehabdollawesome, the new ati driver does not support 2.6.2315:35
rehabdollwhat a fucked up company15:35
rehabdollmy radeon has been sitting on my shelf for a few weeks now15:35
rehabdollbest investment i ever made15:36
teKATi is about the basics (2D)15:36
Toshiwhat card do you have?15:39
rehabdolli think i've logged about 5hrs usage with it! :)15:40
rehabdollpure shit15:41
jaegerno matter how much people bag on the closed-source nvidia stuff, I'll stick with it any day15:41
jaegernever had good results from ATI15:41
wbeenei had a nasty problem for awhile with the nvidia drivers15:42
wbeenewhen i close X my screen would be all messed up15:42
ToshiI wish I had the money to buy a graphics card15:43
rehabdolli bought the ati one for use with the radeonhd driver but i need zaphod support *now* so im back with nvidia15:43
rehabdollwbeene: remove vga= from the kernel line15:43
wbeenerehabdoll: is that all that is?15:44
jaegerdepends on the problem15:44
jaegereven with no framebuffer console in use, my laptop screen turns to garbage if I run the latest drivers on it (which work fine in X)15:45
jaegerif I downgrade to the last 96xx legacy release it works as expected15:45
wbeenejaeger: so x works fine but when you close x, what does it look like?15:45
jaegermostly a white screen but it's slightly garbage15:45
wbeenedoes it kind of fade away and look really terrible15:45
jaegercan still type but can't see it15:45
wbeeneyea, that's the problem i have15:45
jaegerif X is restarted, it works fine again15:46
wbeeneif i do startx again everything is fine15:46
wbeenebut it is really really annoying15:46
jaegerrehabdoll: nothing like that in my case15:46
jaegerI'll take a pic, give me a minute15:46
wbeenetotally different for me15:46
rehabdollsometimes theres colours also :)15:46
wbeenejaeger: which video card do you have on the laptop15:47
rehabdolldont buy a laptop w/o intel graphics if you intend to use linux15:48
Toshiwhat laptop brands do you guys look at?15:49
wbeenei've never had intel graphics15:49
jaegerI'll stick with nvidia, this is the only one that gives me any trouble and it goes away with the legacy driver15:49
jaegerwbeene: 6600gt pci-express mobile15:49
wbeenei can't remember what mine is... but i think it is like a 6200 mobile15:50
rehabdolli wish intel made cards also :(15:50
wbeenei just quit using crux on the laptop i had this problem with15:51
wbeeneand that seemed to fix it also :P15:51
treachno idea what's wrong with those ati people, they seem to really *hate* anything not windows. :/15:52
wbeeneare you guys ever going to do a cruxcon again?15:52
jaeger <-- normal15:53
jaeger <-- messed15:53
jaegeras for using crux or something else, I can easily reproduce the problem with crux and ubuntu15:53
wbeenemine looks different15:53
wbeenei'm using ubuntu on my other laptop and it doesn't seem to have the problem15:54
jaegerToshi: depends on the purpose. I bought this one for gaming, it's a sager (alienware)... if I were buying one for work or didn't care about the gaming performance, I'd look into dell, ibm/lenovo, or a macbook15:54
wbeenei have a sony and a dell at work and while my sony looks a lot nicer :P they both work pretty well :P15:55
tilmantreach: yeah, they hate it so much that they are releasing docs now so people can build drivers for non-windows systems :>15:56
jaegerI've got a dell latitude d600 here as well and I detest it... works well for normal stuff but the ATI card makes me want to punch babies15:56
wbeeneyea, my work dell has an ati card as well15:56
jaegerI'm really looking forward to seeing something nice come out of ATI's new policy15:56
treachtilman: well, I'm pretty certain it's the amd people standing behind them twisting their arms we should thank15:56
wbeenebut i don't need 3d for anything at work15:56
rehabdolltreach: from what im told its not just linux. their windows drivers suck also15:57
tilmantreach: ah, right. i didn't get you meant ati specifically15:57
rehabdolla friend of mine had a radeon 9800 running in xp. he got fed up and sold it :)15:58
treachI have a 9000, never had any problems with it, neither in windows nor in linux15:58
jaegerthe only ATI card I've ever BOUGHT was a 9800 pro... sold it15:59
rehabdollwell you have free drivers for that one so i would be surprised if you did15:59
jaegerworked fine in windows but I was never happy with the fglrx stuff in linux15:59
wbeenemy desktop still has a geforce 2 mx... works great :P15:59
treachrehabdoll: yeah. :D15:59
jaegerback then, I don't think there were any useful free drivers15:59
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treachhappily nvidia still cared about my gf2 in that period. :>16:00
rehabdollati has also started to corrupt their dvi connections. they require a special adaptor if you plan to use a dvi->hdmi cable16:00
jaegergotta go, take care16:01
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morlenxusDo i need special kernel options for dbus?17:47
ToshiI don't think so18:02
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Toshimorlenxus: What are you trying to do?18:27
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majykRomster, I see your Firefox port made it into opt, good work!19:19
majykafter the permission fiasco I don't see much advantage in compiling my own Firefox rather than using the i686 binary provided by Mozilla...19:20
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majykI'm for the lazy quick way out and the binary gives me that, download untar in my home dir and run....19:21
majykor pkgmk -d, wait 1 hour then run19:22
majykbut if anyone can offer a reason to use the source compiled Firefox please let me know19:22
majykI wonder why was fucked up by default and installed fucked up permissions19:28
majykI'm sure the devs on the official firefox channel won't answer19:28
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nipuLmajyk: crux is source based which is why compiling is always preferred20:14
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majyknipuL, I know... I've been on Crux since 0.9.320:23
majykI was being somewhat sarcastic20:24
majykbecause of the idiotic FF file permission disaster20:24
majykand the idiot devs on irc.mozilla are clueless as well20:24
nipuLsomeone needs to fork that bitch already20:24
majyktotally oblivious20:24
majykprobably use Windows20:24
majykI don't see how it slipped through quality control20:25
majykoh... well... maybe they don't have one20:25
majykit is open source20:25
majyksure it's free, what do I expect?20:26
nipuLthe firefox devs have been slowly becoming less interested in supporting linux over the years20:26
majykI wouldn't doubt it20:26
nipuLwhich is stupid because linux is the birthplace of firefox20:26
nipuLif it wasn't for all the fantaastic 3rd party extensions i would switch to opera in a heartbeat20:27
majykas soon as money gets involved the whole thing wants to go proprietary20:37
majykunder an open source guise20:37
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