IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-10-24

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nipuLanyone know of a simple audio recorder in ports?01:04
nipuLportdb has a few audacity ports01:06
nipuLguess i can use one of them01:06
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pitillogood morning01:22
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RomsternipuL, firefox 3 may hopefully fix all of firefox 2's problems.01:31
Romsterand likewise if it wasn't for the 3rd party extensions i'd move to opera too.01:31
namenloshm, if opera would have adblock, i would have already switched...01:33
Romsterit has a form of...01:34
namenlosalso a filterset.g updater?01:35
Romsterdon't think so on the later.01:35
Romstertis must be compile day... updates fixes man my cpu must hate me.01:36
namenlosit would be neat, if opera would have a plugin interface, so that you can implement it on your own..01:36
Romsterit's been on 100% most of today :P01:36
Romsteryeah then it would get slow and turn into another firefox <_<01:37
Romsterdunno really.01:37
Romsternew skype has a odd interface..01:37
Romsterit'll be in contrib when it's ready i'm messing more with qt401:38
pitillogood morning Romster, can you check the md5 of mpfr patch?01:44
Romsterpitillo, k considering i'm in a checking ports mood.01:45
Romsterfixing defencts.01:45
pitillothen perfect :)01:45
Romsterpitillo, dosn't seem to have changed deleate the patch file and redownload. let me know if if it still fails.01:50
Romsterhmm ok why has the md5 changed but it is sitll patch101:52
Romsterman i hate some dev's01:52
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Romsterpitillo, out of curiosty what do you use mpfr for?01:54
Romsteri'll fix the md5sum and push changes soon.01:54
pitilloRomster, I dont use it, only got that error when trying to build it.02:05
Romsteroh ok.. your building all of contrib then ?02:07
Romsteri have like 5 or so ports i'm gonna be pushing very soon :P02:08
pitillonot all, I check some and if there are problems I look for the maintainer02:08
Romsterthis is a handy bit of code i've done02:09
Romstercd /usr/ports/contrib02:09
Romsterprtverify -l 7 -m missing-deps -c/usr/ports/{core,opt,contrib,xorg,kde} $(for n in $(grep "# Maintainer: Danny Rawlins" */Pkgfile |awk -F / '{ print $1 }'); do grep "name=" $n/Pkgfile; done |sed -e 's/name=//' |xargs)02:09
Romsterjust change the name, and ya only see your own, and not all the mistakes of others <_<02:09
Romsterand yes i knwo i got some errors and warnings thats what i'm fixing now just haven't pushed git yet.02:10
pitilloRomster, I will take a look, check too fvwm-themes, it has xorg-xmessage port like dep, but cant be found on portdb.02:14
Romsterthats not in contrib..02:15
Romsterthats in my private repo..02:16
Romsterah and renamed to xmessage in contrib02:17
pitillook, then check the dep line of that port :)02:19
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Romsteri'll push it in awhile some of my ports in my private repo need looking at.02:20
Romsteri'll get to them sometime, right now i got way too much going on..02:21
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pitillois there a way to know wich ports haven't all deps installed? (for example with some of last xorg update we got a new dep, libpixman, is there a way to know it, instead of using a script to look for [ ] in deptree)04:22
pitillo(sorry if this doesn't make sense, I don't know how to explain it better but if anyone can help I can try to explain a bit more)04:24
rxiprt-get listinst > listinst && prt-get depends `cat listinst`04:31
rxiif that doesnt work a simple loop should do it04:33
mike_kprt-get listinst | prt-get depends `cat /dev/stdin` | grep '\[\ \]' | awk '{print $3}'04:38
pitilloreading both and studing them, thank you (I was using a loop under the ports tree but I dont know if there were an option in prt-get to do that)04:44
rxiprt-get help04:46
pitillorxi, prt-get depends `prt-get listinst` to do simplier04:46
rxiwhatever floats your boat04:47
pitillorxi, I was reading it and looking a way to do it instead of using a loop. (I asked here to see if anyone found a way to do it)04:47
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mike_kpitillo: oh, how blind could be me...04:58
pitillomike_k, sorry I don't understand you04:58
pitillomike_k, I changed you line too if you mean that.... prt-get depends `prt-get listinst` | grep "[ ]" | awk '{print $3}'04:59
mike_kyes, that is better. I don't know why I like to add complexity where it is useless.05:00
nipuLit's better because you can then pipe the results to prt-get depinst05:01
nipuLignore that05:01
nipuLpersonally, i use cut instead of awk05:02
nipuL | cut -b5-05:03
sepen@seen jue05:11
clbsepen: jue was last seen in #crux 26 weeks, 1 day, 17 hours, 53 minutes, and 30 seconds ago: <jue> np05:11
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onestepGMail is monster :)06:36
treachmmh, apparently it's not available to my account yet. :/06:37
nipuLthis is cooler ;)
treach"You are currently using 23 MB (0%) of your 4350 MB"06:40
treachjesus, last time I looked it was like a litte bit over 2GB06:40
treachIf I only could trust them not to snoop, I could pretty soon do away with my $HOME at this rate.06:42
tilmannipuL: haha06:42
nipuLi just run a vps with my own imap server06:43
nipuLof course it's not free, but a small price to pay not to be spied on by much06:44
treachbah, I only have ml stuff and things like that on it, so I don't really care06:45
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rehabdollmy mailbox has 74gb free.. muhahahah06:58
treachyay, gmail suddenly got a whole lot friendlier06:58
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treachsee tilman? Now you can use gmail without it's retarded webinterface. =]07:06
nipuLbut if you don't use the web interface, you can't read their ads07:09
nipuLand that like stealing07:09
rehabdollyes, dont be so evil treach07:10
treachthat line of thought is like.... completely retarded.07:10
treachalso, if they thought so, why did they enable imap in the first place?07:11
Romsterhr noshade :P07:12
Romsterevery time i see 'hrhr' it reminds me of html...07:12
treachok, EOD.07:12
nipuLthat site isn't irc friendly07:14
Romsterits like husing a hash for a url07:16
Romsterwell ya can't miss the link on irc...07:16
nipuLif you were on a console you could be forgiven for thinking the matrix had you07:17
Romsteroh man so funny..07:26
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pitilloanyone know a way to discover wich sensors has a motherboard (without knowing the MB model)?08:12
treach"The patch is big.  Really big.  You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindbogglingly big it is.  I mean you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to how big the patch from 2.6.23 is.08:13
treachpitillo: lm_senors have a script for it iirc08:13
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pitillotreach, do you mean sensors-detect?08:14
pitilloummm ok, I thought that can be another way to know that. But seems that if it doesn't detect them, it wasn't supported. Thank you :)08:15
pitillos/it wasn't supported/they weren't supported. :)08:15
treachor even "aren't supported" :p08:17
pitilloyeah, I tried it some time ago. Now aren't supported :P (Thank you for that correction :)08:18
treachno problem. just remember, "One thing -> isn't", "many things -> aren't"08:20
treachand don't listen to Romster, which is rule #1. :D08:21
jaegerwhich are rule #1? :)08:22
* jaeger ducks08:22
treachI fink rul #1 are that you shodnt' lissen to rommy08:26
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treachhe have no grasp of gramar nor spelingg. ;>08:27
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pitilloI try to write it as best as I can, corrections are welcome. :) (Sometimes sentences like this are a bit complex for me)08:29
treachit's cool. I don't think anyone but a total asshole would complain about someone doing their best.08:32
treachhi Romster ;)08:32
jaegeryeah, don't worry about it08:32
Romsteri know my grammar is bad and spelling..08:32
rxiRomster: your from victoria i know you cant help it :P08:33
treachdon't worry, you're the perfect example to point at. ;)08:33
treach"How not to write" :)08:33
Romsterand pitillo dosn't write fluent english but he trys. guess we all have our problems and trust me i know someone way worse then me.08:33
Romsteri can paste some of his text makes mine look way readable.08:34
* Romster knows treach gets buged easily.08:35
jaegerhrmm... I need to start storing my kernel configs somewhere08:35
treachI think that guy would have made it into my ignorelist in 2 sec's flat, if he's worse.08:36
treachjaeger: the return of the floppy? :P08:36
jaegerugh, no08:36
jaegerI'd rather lose them than use floppies08:36
treachusbsticks ftw08:36
jaegerwell, those might end up the same way, heh08:37
jaegeryeah, was just thinking of using my usb stick08:37
jaegeror webspace08:37
Romsterjaeger, i store kernel configs in /boot08:37
treachI really like asus ezflash util btw.08:37
jaegerspeaking of floppies, though, I'm booting a DOS CD I made from the partition magic 8 rescue floppies and a DOS RAM disk program :)08:37
treachI wonder if any other manufacturer has something like that08:38
jaegerRomster: I don't always remember to back those up08:38
rxitreach: most do now thank god08:38
Romstertsk i do it every time i install a kernel08:38
treachrxi: ok, I haven't seen anyone else advertise it.08:38 vmlinuz- kconfig-
Romsterfor every version i have.08:39
treachput your new bios on a usb stick, enter bios and have fun, that's the way.08:39
jaegerdoh, wonder if I can resize the XP partition at all, it doesn't seem to start OR end on cylinder boundaries anymore08:39
jaegerwonder how it got that way, heh08:39
treachdynamic volume?08:39
jaegerat least, I didn't make it that way :)08:40
treachmmh, I've had friends where the system for some reason decided to make the disk a dynamic volume, automatically and for no reason. ://08:40
jaegermaybe I can shrink it a bit to get it to rescan08:40
jaegerhrmm... not looking good, XP's disk manager can't seem to initialize it either08:42
jaegermaybe parted08:42
Romstersounds like ya about to bolw a partiton apart...08:43
jaegerand if that fails, I guess I'll reinstall windows as well08:43
jaegeror try to recreate it where fdisk thinks it lies08:43
treachNP: Iron Maiden - Can I play with madness08:44
jaegerwoot, the disk manager finally recovered08:44
Romsterjust throw another small hdd in do the work then put the amin hdd back in.08:44
Romsteri always haev a few small ones floating about.08:44
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jaegerhrmm... parted on the ISO for 2.4? :)08:46
treachI suggested that a while ago..08:46
jaegerI thought I remembered someone doing so... it's a good idea08:46
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treachIt didn't provoke much response on the ml. Everyone seemed to get stuck up on the "anti-bashism" part instead. :/08:47
Romsteri personally use fdisk, everyone says fdisk is hard to use, i don't think so.08:49
treachRomster: please.08:49
jaegerI'm fine with fdisk but 11 years of linux makes that pretty easy08:49
jaegerbut parted can do some things fdisk won't08:49
treachfor once. find out what the tools are about before you speak.08:50
Romstertreach, ? i'm being careful on my spelling.08:50
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Romsterto partition a hdd08:50
Romsterthat's planely obvious08:50
treachparted can do *resizing* as well.08:50
Romsterwould depend on the partiton format, does it not?08:51
treachof course. but how many formats can you do that using fdisk?08:51
Romsternever counted, so jsut put both on the iso like grub and lilo is on the iso now.08:53
jaegerdidn't mean to start an argument over it :P08:54
treachRomster: so you can non-destructively grow shrink fat partitions with fsdisk?08:54
Romsterlolz neither did i...08:54
Romsterwho uses fat anymore?08:54
treachfor instance08:55
treachread up what parted is about, and compare it to what fdisk can do, then form an opinion.08:56
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Romsterlol i think i pissed him off..08:57
Romsterok two diferent things so, dosnt' take much to include both...08:57
Romsteri wonder about jfs in core since i dont use it, but it's there stull, why not parted in opt.08:58
Romsterjaeger, whos in charge of looking after contrib for errors and stuff?08:59
jaegercontrib maintainers?08:59
Romsteri've seen stuff that needs fixing in ports but still haven't been.08:59
jaegeras for parted in opt, I'm not sure how useful it'd be in opt after the install08:59
Romsteri've been fixing my ports but other maintainers of /there/ ports.08:59
Romsterhmm well just on the cd iso then. and not in opt?09:00
jaegerkinda what I was thinking but that adds another level of complexity (albeit a small one)09:00
Romsterwell dosn't the iso already have a seperate list of packages?09:01
Romsterfrom what i've seen in the Makefile09:01
Romsterin opt wouldnt' be so bad what happens when you add in a extra hdd?09:02
jaegeryeah, it wouldn't cause any harm09:03
Romstergotta boot off the cd to use tools, or just run a parted on a live system on the extra hdd then mount it and bring it online.09:03
Romstersimple thow it in opt and have it on the iso.09:03
Romstermy opinion.09:04
j^2yay gmail imap support!09:06
rehabdollgrr, i get about 10 times the bandwidth from the us-mirrors (
rehabdollstupid eu tubes :(09:19
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rehabdollpath to uevent helper (UEVENT_HELPER_PATH) [/sbin/hotplug] (NEW)09:23
Romsterhmm indeed.09:34
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treachRomster: no, you didn't particulary piss me off, I had to go. I had promised to help an elderly lady get VoIP. :)10:46
Romsterhehe gotta love channel logs :P10:46
rehabdollfinding out what cards xf86-video-ati supports is giving me a headache10:47
treachyou can't hide :>10:47
Romsternot in these channels i can't.10:47
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treachrehabdoll: man radeon? =]10:48
rehabdollahh, right in front of me10:50
rehabdollwhich one do you have?10:51
tilmanrehabdoll: it basically supports r1xx-r4xx10:53
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pitillorehabdoll, here RV280 [Radeon 9200 PRO]10:56
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treachI'm currently using a 9250 PCI :)11:04
treachwaiting for stuff to get a bit more clear on the pcie front.11:04
jaegerbeen very happy with my pcie stuff so far... but it's all nvidia11:20
* tilman grabbed a pcie radeon on ebay yesterday11:20
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treachtilman: was it rehabdoll's per chance? :P11:41
treachrehabdoll: btw, looks like you should be able to use that radeon again next month.11:42
tilmanwhich card is that?11:42
treachhd 2600 iirc11:42
treachdoesn't currently work with 2.6.2311:43
tilmanwhy is that?11:43
treachapparently it has something to do with x86-64 support.11:43
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treachbtw, for those who are both brave and using ati and 2.6.23 ->
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tilmanhi dude? ur whatever?12:06
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thrice`new ati driver does aiglx, eh?12:10
treachtilman: allow me... ???12:11
tilmanwhat? :p12:11
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rehabdolltreach: i doubt it. im sure there are other issues preventing me from using it :)12:27
treachI suppose the glass is always half-empty, right? :>12:28
rehabdollits always empty with ati :)12:29
rehabdollscrew it, ill order a nvidia12:36
thrice`treach: that is a shady website12:42
treachthrice`: yeah, why do you think I said "if you're brave"? :P12:43
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jjpkI have to say I am surprised ati is getting their act together, at least appearing to do so much better than before.13:30
jjpkWho knows, might even consider ati hardware on the next upgrade.13:32
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sepenRomster, ping13:58
rehabdolljjpk: really, dont.14:01
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jjpkrehabdoll: don't worry, that upgrade is not coming for a long time :D14:18
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teKquestion: how many times have _you_ accessed openssl's function's man pages?15:58
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rehabdollevery day, i keep it as my motd16:02
DuddeWhy i get this message?16:02
Duddesh: uncompress: command not found"16:02
Duddei have installed gunzip and symlinked it to uncompress16:03
teK[tek@irwin][ports/core/openssl]% grep -c man3 .footprint16:03
tilmanhow many times have _you_ accessed the readlinkat(2) manpage?16:04
rehabdollthats my etc/issue16:05
teKtilman: what's your point?16:05
Duddeguys why does my system keep getting me this message "sh: uncompress: command not found"16:05
tilmanwhat's *your* point?16:05
Duddegunzip is installed?16:05
tilmanDudde: check $PATH16:06
treachDudde: sh is looking for a command called "uncompress" obviously, which it can't find.16:06
tilmanteK: i used the openssl manpages, fwiw16:06
DuddeBut i made a symlink from gunzip to uncompress16:06
teKtilman: openssl contains 1104 files. 961 quite useless16:06
tilmanhow much disc space do they occupy?16:07
teKtilman: my point is that there are many Pkgfiles doing rm -r $SRC/doc etc.16:07
treachafaik, uncompress is handled by cpio or something like that, not gzip16:08
tilmanteK: yes, but those docs aren't man pages16:08
teKit's not about disc space. I just watched the list scrolling by on my 400MHz machine and I wondered if there's a specific reason for keeping them16:08
treachhm, I was wrong apparently16:08
tilmanteK: the crux bible^Whandbook states that random docs (!manpages) can be removed16:08
treachput that in rc.local or somthing16:09
tilmanteK: manpages are considered essential though16:09
teKyeah. And I thought probalby noone would miss them. + I'm just curious16:09
treachremoval of one random man-page per boot. :P16:09
tilmanteK: hehe, ithink *someone* would miss them16:09
tilmanteK: that was what i was trying to say by mention readlinkat.2 ;)16:09
teKI have never been a friend of man 3 *. :>16:10
treachit actually annoys me that the manpages isn't available during install.16:10
* tilman slaps tek around with a trout16:10
teKfor (POSIX?) std. functions I do use:16:12
teKfunction cstdfuncs() { # {{{16:12
teKfor i in $@;do ${BROWSER:-w3m}"$i".html16:12
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tilmantreach: 404 for blackmesa!16:20
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treachtilman: yeah I know. I've fucked up the repo a bit. It'll be back tomorrow.16:33
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treachgrr.. I hate that obsd mirror.. :/17:00
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treachtilman: since it's tomorrow now, black mesa should be fully operational again :)17:36
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rehabdollblack mesa?17:49
treachinternal joke17:49
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nipuLlike a clown locked in a suitcase?20:08
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nipuLsweet, gimp 2.4.0 has been pushed. that's enough to motivate me to sync my ports20:20
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