IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-10-25

RomsterteK, don't like it make a port in your colection and remove them in the package or rm them off your system if you wanna be even more careless.00:00
Romsteri much prefer man pages for everything not this htmldoc and other formats.00:00
Romsterhmm new gimp updates that too soon.00:03
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pitillogood morning01:15
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drijenhi Romster01:54
Romsterhi drijen01:56
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Romstersepen, you wanted me earler?02:06
sepenyeah, it's only for the openexr port02:07
Romsterjust state what ya want me for instead of me having to wait...02:07
sepenmorning all02:07
Romsterah i've messed with it it seems to not want to build...02:07
Romsternew version old version i'm stuck,,02:07
sepenyou are a contrib mantainer of this port no?02:08
Romsterso i've left it to fix other ports first.02:08
Romsterthen try again.02:08
sepenand I appear at Packager line02:08
sepenimo I can remove this from my personal repo02:08
Romsteris my name in the maintainer. ah i would have got it out of your repo maybe?02:08
Romstersepen, why not become a contrib maintainer?02:09
Romsteri use packages from other private repos if one exists.02:09
sepenyeah! I think if port is well mantained at contrib repo, it don't need to appear on both of them02:09
Romsterthan to strrt from scratch seems only fair.02:09
sepenRomster, Im a contrib mantainer but not for this port02:09
Romstertrue. atm i got issues with it.02:10
Romsteroh you are in contrib?02:10
sepenas Jose V Beneyto02:10
Romsterwould you like to take over maintainership?02:10
Romsteroh rofl..02:10
Romsteryour quite active in contrib.02:10
sepentrue, at this moment02:10
Romstersad to say some seem to be very idle.02:11
sepenIm working hard at office these days02:11
Romsteridle as in not fixing there packages or keeping updated.02:11
sepensurely in the next months I'll maintain better my ports02:11
Romsteryour alot better than some i've seen.02:11
Romsterrun prtverify over it :p02:11
Romstercontrib that is.02:12
Romsteri've been fixing my packages up few issues.02:12
Romsteropenexr is being a pain to update.. not sure why yet, but if you get a chance maybe you could have a look at it02:12
Romsteri'm gonna retry again.02:13
Romsteratm looking at another package.02:13
sepennp my question was about to purge it from my repo02:13
Romsteri've been quite busy.02:13
sepenI consideer you're a well mantainer02:13
Romsterah thats fine it's not gonna go from contrib.02:13
Romsterhope so :)02:13
Romstersepen, if you get a chance bump the version of openexr and ilmbase and see if it works for you.02:14
Romsteri've had no luck so far maybe it could be a issue on my machine.02:14
Romsterwant to knwo if the program or me has the issue.02:14
sepenI planned to use ck4up to my plans02:15
Romsterwhen yoru not busy that is.02:15
Romsterah i got that now have fun making the ck4up.conf file :p02:15
sepenok, noted02:15
Romsteri'm planing todo something about that..02:15
teKRomster: I can live with openssl as it is, I was just curious02:15
RomsterteK, :P02:16
RomsterteK, imo doubt man pages take much space.02:16
teKit's not about the space dammit :p02:16
sepenI've some useful script to do some mantainer tasks, but ck4up is better02:16
Romsterlol ok..02:16
Romstersepen, be intersted in whatyou have i got some snipets i use.02:17
sepenRomster, if you're interested port crux-scripts-sepen from my repo02:17
Romsteri might start making a small program out of them.02:17
sepenalso they're developed in my personal svn repo02:17
Romsteroh you into openbsd too.. so i see.02:21
Romsterah cool02:21
Romster < dosn't have the index.html portspage.02:22
Romstersepen, or anyone else i have rsync now gonna phase out httpup
sepennope one moment02:23
Romsterbut i cant mail the site to get it changed lol... such fun.02:23
Romsteri have my contrib ports in a seperate directory.02:23
Romstermakes it alot easier imo.02:24
sepenI use my own repo2index script02:24
Romsteroh i see02:25
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Romsterhmm your repo2index needs some links so ya can open the Pkgfile etc.02:27
Romsterto view it.02:27
sepennice timeline02:27
sepenwhat are you using?02:27
Romsteri plan to redo my portspage to use mod_python to use the actual files in the scm.02:27
Romsteronce i do the new layout i can just hg push and the page be updated upon reload.02:29
Romsterso no need to even bother to regenerate it then02:29
Romsterit'll be cached so it won't need to regenerate all the time.02:29
sepenyeah, so Im a happy trac-user02:29
sepensound good form me too02:30
Romsterone of those todo things ;p02:30
Romsternot high on the pirority list.02:30
sepenwell, need to work a bit02:30
Romsterok catch ya later.02:33
pitilloRomster, # pkginfo -i | grep -E "openexr|ilmbase"02:38
pitilloilmbase 1.0.1-1 openexr 1.6.1-102:38
pitillorebuilding them under the chrooted enviroment02:38
Romsterneat thanks02:40
Romsteryeah there the new versions i've tryed,02:41
pitilloI will upload .footprint if you want to take a look to it when it will finish under the chrooted env.02:41
Romster /if/ it works02:42
Romsteri couldn't get openexr to build ilmbase built ok02:42
pitilloilmbase built fine under the chroot, now it's building openexr02:43
Romsteri need another hdd i'm running low on space..02:43
Romsterthats the problem one..02:43
Romsterbrb coffee02:44
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Romsterpitillo, has it bombed out yet ?02:53
Romsterwasn't very far into the compile.02:53
pitilloRomster, they were build fine02:53
pitilloonly bumped versions on both ports, I will diff footprint from my system and chrooted02:54
Romsterargh so i have a problem maybe if i removed the old version of openexr before i compile..02:54
Romsteror i have a issue with that program with distcc/ccache02:54
Romsteri'll try again..02:55
pitillono differences, may be I am missing something in the chrooted env or may be it's really clean02:55
Romsterpackage is really clean :p02:55
pitilloRomster, I hadn't ilmbase|openexr installedbefore building them02:55
pitillowell, I didn't check footprints. Only built them twice.02:56
Romsteryou would need ilmbase installed to build openexr. i'll check with distcc first it could be messing it up.02:56
Romsterlike qt4 didn't like distcc.02:57
pitilloRomster, yeah, I see that point. I installed it before building openexr :)02:57
Romsterif you take a look at that port.02:57
Romsteralthough current version did compile... time to recheck..02:57
pitillowell, time to take a bite, bbl02:58
Romsterah now this is obvious... i didn't pick up on it before..03:03
RomsterILMBASE_CXXFLAGS = -pthread -I/usr/include/OpenEXR03:03
Romsterit's using the old version of openexr header files O_o03:03
Romsterwhy on earth would it be doing that..03:04
Romsterpkg-config --cflags IlmBase03:18
Romster-pthread -I/usr/include/OpenEXR03:18
Romsterhmm confused...03:18
pitillohere again,.That sounds a bit strange for me Romster. Can't do much more about.03:39
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Romsteri foudn the issue but why is the question...03:42
pitillohad anyone problems with openssh source? Can be changed the source line to get another mirror?03:43
Romsterproviding the md5 matches and you don't do a -um03:43
Romstertry restarting it a few times.03:43
Romster^c up arrow enter03:44
Romsterwhat i do..03:44
pitilloRomster, I don't know, sorry. Like I said, I hadn't ilmbase or openexr installed before building the newer versions03:44
pitilloRomster, yeah I know, but a package in core I think must have a good url to get the source, and in packages like that, wich has a lot of mirrors, can be a good idea to pick another one.03:45
Romsterif only pkgmk suported mirrors...03:49
Romsterthere is a patch someone made for mirrors..03:49
Romsterforgot who.03:49
pitilloRomster, sorry, that is like chinesse for me (I need more knowledge)03:51
Romsterpkg-config --libs-only-L IlmBase should return -L${libdir} as /usr/lib ?03:51
Romsterah sorry as -L/usr/lib03:52
pitillofor me doesn't return anything that command03:52
Romsterwhat version of pkg-config are you running pitillo?03:53
Romsterprecisely it should return all Libs: -L....03:53
pitilloRomster, pkg-config 0.22-103:53
Romsterevery -L compiler links in the *.pc file.03:53
Romsterso ir don't for you either, then how did OpenEXR find the LDPATH?03:54
pitilloI don't know Romster, like I said, I don't understand it well.03:55
Romsterman pkg-config see the description for --libs-only-L03:55
pitilloif I have it empty, means that isn't well linked?03:56
Romsterin actual fact none of them comands --libs or --cflags even output the -L/usr/lib03:57
Romsterempty just means it didn't even read it or not parse it.03:58
Romsteri need to look at another *.pc file and see if any of them output -L lines.03:58
pitillothen it was a bad build?03:58
Romstermeans for some reason your build picked yp the library path while mine did not.03:59
Romsterok as i see it pkg-confit --libs will read the libs: line otu of *.pc files...04:00
RomsterLibs: -L${libdir} -lImath -lHalf -lIex -lIlmThread -pthread04:00
Romsterfor some reason it's missing -L${libdir}04:00
Romstercat /usr/lib/pkgconfig/IlmBase.pc04:02
Romsterfirst 3 lines set that to -L/usr/lib04:02
Romsteri'm gonna try hard seting it and see if pkg-config reads it then.04:02
Romsterguessing i need to run ldconfig when i edit a *.pc file.04:04
Romsterok pkg-config has a bug!04:06
Romsteri hard set the line..04:07
RomsterLibs: -L/usr/lib -lImath -lHalf -lIex -lIlmThread -pthread -test04:07
Romsterin the ilmBase.pc file04:07
Romsternote i added -test04:07
Romster-test gets returned fine with the rest of the links, /but/ no link flags will be returned.04:08
Romsteri'll report when/if i find soemthing i'm looking into it.04:14
Romsterok recompiling pkg-config didn't help there defently is a bug..04:16
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Romstertreach, can you confirm a bug pkg-config --libs-only-L <some pc file>04:30
Romsterreturns nothing for me infact no *.pc files with -L lines get returned.04:30
Romsterpkg-config --libs-only-l <some pc file>, works but not L04:31
Romsterwent back 2 versions 21 and 20 both broken to O_o this can't be right.04:32
treachfunny, neither works for me.04:32
treachmaybe I'm not doing it right.04:32
treach(it migth also be this system that is a bit.. funny)04:35
Romsteri've done it on 2 machines and pitillo has too and none return anything!04:35
Romsteri've down graded to 0.20 still no luck04:36
treachno, that's right, neither returns anything. Are they supposed to?04:36
treachie, if it doesn't find anything you get an error, but if it finds something you get nothing04:36
Romster--libs would return the Libs: line in *.pc files04:36
treachit doesn't here04:37
treachjust a blank line04:37
Romster--libs-only-L only returns the -L/usr/lib etc stuff04:37
Romster--libs-only-l only returns the -lname04:37
treachtank:~% pkg-config --libs-only-l /usr/lib/pkgconfig/kbproto.pc04:37
treachtank:~% pkg-config --libs-only-L /usr/lib/pkgconfig/kbproto.pc04:37
Romsterno just use kbproto04:38
treachthere's a blank line after the first one04:38
treachthat gives an error04:38
Romsterpkg-config --libs kbproto04:38
treachtank:~% pkg-config --libs-only-l kbproto.pc04:38
treachFailed to open 'kbproto.pc': No such file or directory04:38
treachNo package 'kbproto.pc' found04:38
treachsame with "L"04:38
Romstereh name must have a caps letter..04:38
Romsterah has to be what Name: is in the file04:39
Romsterbad example pick a pc file that has a Libs: line in it04:41
Romsterthat has -L and -l on that line04:41
Romsterlike pkg-config --libs imlib204:41
treachyou mean like "Libs: -L${libdir} -ltorrent"04:42
Romsterthe line is Libs: -L${libdir} -lImlib204:42
Romsterin imlib204:42
Romsternow -libs should return that line --only-libs-l will return the -lImlib204:42
Romster--only-libs-L should return -L${libdir}04:43
treachI have neither package04:43
Romsterwhich would be parsed to /usr/lib04:43
Romsterjsut find another pc file04:43
Romsterand test that.04:43
Romsteri'll brb ordering pizza04:43
Romsterso yeah i'm preaty sure pkg-config is broken or some misconfiguration?04:46
treachok, I think I got it right. -L does nothing04:46
Romsterit's ment to return the -L off the line04:47
Romster--libs-only-l works --libs-only-L don't04:47
Romsterand --libs is ment to return the line but for some reason it skips -L04:48
Romsterhence it's giving me problems compiling a program as it didn't pick up on the LDFLAGS04:49
Romsterwonder if i should file a bug report?04:50
Romsterthats 4 diferent boxes beed tested on now that don't work.04:50
rxianyone here use/sell/admin avaya ip office or cisco ucm or uc500?05:07
Romsterrxi, care to test pkg-config ^^^05:08
Romsterrxi, no idea prologic may know.. he seems to deal in that or his mate does.05:08
rxiRomster: sure what did you want me to test?05:09
prologicrxy, what are you after exactly ?05:11
rxiprologic: just doing some research for a client05:12
rxido you have any general thoughts on either?05:12
prologicresearch into what ?05:13
rxibtw you dont work in the channel by any chance?05:13
prologicin wot channel ?05:13
prologicdamnit call me :)05:13
prologicI'm cooking dinner05:13
rxiill wait til you come back05:13
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Romsterok i find a quirk of pkg-config05:38
RomsterLibs: -L/usr/lib will not list but -L/usr/lib/ will.05:38
Romsterbug or some other feature?05:39
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prologic/usr/lib is not a valid path06:18
prologicyou're asking it to source /usr/lib as a dir06:18
prologic/usr/lib is clearly a path to a file called "lib" in /usr/06:18
prologicafaik in unix like OSes you must expllicitly use / in your paths06:18
prologiconly some software can tend to be more lenient06:19
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RomsterLibs: -L${libdir} -L/usr/lib -L/usr/local/lib -lImath -lHalf -lIex -lIlmThread -pthread06:40
Romsteri added -L/usr/lib -L/usr/local/lib06:40
Romsterjust for a test06:40
Romsterpkg-config --libs IlmBase06:41
Romster-pthread -L/usr/local/lib -lImath -lHalf -lIex -lIlmThread06:41
Romsterthe fact it dosn't show -L/usr/lib06:41
Romsterwhy? not a valid path?06:41
Romsterprologic, that would mean say -L/usr/lib/mysql is a file yet in that case mysql is a directory.06:43
Romsteryet that shows up in pkg-config fine.06:43
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tilmanRomster: /usr/lib is searched for libraries by default, so.07:35
tilmansame for -I/usr/include in Cflags07:35
Romsterok tell openexr that...07:37
Romsterso i have a demented configure script that dosn't add /usr/lib to it's list..07:44
tilmandid you read what i said? :p07:45
Romsteryes i have but tel that to the program that bombs out on me...07:47
Romsternevermind i'll sed the thing to include /usr/lib07:47
Romsterthought i was looking at a bigger problem..07:48
Romsterconfigre in this program is retarded.07:48
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tilmanwhere's those httpup files for core/opt again? :p07:50
Romstertilman, oh i did find the URL is wrong for prt-config at least...07:51
Romstermissing a - in your line.07:52
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morlenxustilman: Did you get e17 running with dbus support on crux?08:17
pitillomorlenxus, how can you know if E is using dbus?08:19
morlenxusBecause i compiled it with e_dbus?08:20
pitillomorlenxus, ok08:21
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rotumHello everyone.09:12
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tilmanRomster: works for me09:31
tilmanmorlenxus: didn't try09:31
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rotumTop of the morning to all.09:46
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rotumCan any help with a screen res problem?11:53
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sepennice! 2.4 for testing13:22
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jjpkoh noes, dead channel syndrome.17:02
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wbeene13:19 < sepen> nice! 2.4 for testing17:17
wbeenecrux 2.4 for testing is available?17:18
thrice`shh, don't tell17:18
jjpkSecret's out. :D17:18
wbeenewhere is it though? i don't see it :P17:19
wbeeneah cool17:19
wbeenehow large of a user base does crux have? i've not encountered anyone in real life that has even heard of crux17:20
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jjpkInsignificant compared to the big players, but guessing a couple thousand give or take.17:24
thrice`nto sure.  I'd guess a couple thousand too17:24
wbeenei mean i like crux, i've been using it for a few years now17:24
wbeenei was just wondering17:24
jjpkI have a feeling it is something that will remain unknown.17:28
wbeeneyea, i wasn't expecting an exact number :P17:28
jjpkThis distribution has never been about numbers. :p17:29
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wbeeneright, but if you have only 10-40 users the chance that the distro will completely die is a lot higher than say 1000 or so17:29
wbeeneso that makes me happy17:29
wbeenei'm just making that up really ... i don't know anything17:30
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jjpk10-40 users hahaha. Don't tell me you took the mailing list post too seriously.17:31
wbeenewhat mailing list post17:31
wbeenei don't actually read the mailing list... i prefer irc :P17:31
jjpkNevermind then. Someone went on a troll offensive on how to improve crux among other things.17:32
jjpkThen decided crux is dying, possibly dead already.17:32
wbeeneah, the only problem i have with crux is occasionally a package won't build but it is usually just my fault, a dependency that wasn't explictly stated, or a footprint mismatch based on some other package i've installed17:33
jjpkFootpring mismatches are not really errors, but they appear as such.17:34
jjpkThat's "simplicity" for starters. :p17:36
wbeenewell, the thing is if i'm updateing several packages i don't notice why the package failed at the end17:37
wbeeneit would be nice if it said it "failed" because of a footprint mismatch17:37
thrice`it does17:38
wbeenealright, well, i'm leaving work17:43
wbeeneso peace17:43
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jjpkCrux peculiarities. ;)17:47
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Dr-PePPahi guys19:54
*** sepen has quit IRC20:14
Dr-PePPaso many user round here but so boring20:18
jaegerpeople have other things to do than talk on irc all the time20:18
Dr-PePPamaybe...but that no one is talking even if there are tens of users, ist funny20:19
Romsterwe are all on at diferent times21:04
Romsterand i just woke up21:04
jaegerand some of us, myself included, leave our irc clients open when we step away21:06
Dr-PePPaok. sorry for that.21:06
Romsteryeah and some of us stay online 24/721:06
Dr-PePPadoes anybody have experience with the z shell?21:06
RomsterDr-PePPa, you a crux user?21:06
Dr-PePPayes i am21:07
jaegerI'm a bash user, myself21:07
Romsterrecently or a long time? nope haven't messed with 'z shell' zsh?21:07
Dr-PePPayes zsh21:07
Romsterbash here too.21:07
Dr-PePPacant use my del- and -home and -end keys anymore21:08
Dr-PePPaRomster, not too long, perhaps 3-4 Months21:08
Romsterask a question and someone will reply later when they read it21:08
Dr-PePPabut i will stay with it. its imho the best linux distribution out there.21:09
Romsteryou a programer?21:09
Dr-PePPai want to start with programming so i can join developers21:10
Dr-PePPahavent decided which language to start with21:10
Dr-PePPaany ideas?21:10
Romsterah well C and python are popular.21:10
Romsterboth have diferent tasks.21:11
Dr-PePPasome say c would be to hard for a beginning21:11
Romstersome prefer perl but i avoid it.21:11
Dr-PePPawhy? any reason?21:11
Romsteryeah it would, Python would be good to begin with Object Orintated.21:11
jaegerI avoid perl because it doesn't discourage lazy/bad coding21:12
Romsterno garbage colection in C can casue memory leaks etc.21:12
Romsterjaeger, that too plus it's hard to read when it is coded bad.21:12
Dr-PePPabut it looks quite geeky if you understand it ;-)21:13
Romstertake a look at python very powerful language21:13
Dr-PePPaso you two think python is the best way to start?21:13
Romsterand works on multiple OS21:14
Romsteri would say so, but others here may have other views21:14
jaegerI prefer python, myself, but good style and practice are the same across any language21:15
Dr-PePPado you know any good books or have any links?21:15
jaegernot for general coding style but for python I'd take a look at dive into python at
jaegerfor c, no idea... but I'm sure google would turn up something21:18
Dr-PePPathanks a lot. perhaps i will also find something in german. would be more easy for me. :-)21:22
Romsteroh your german.21:22
Dr-PePPaand you two?21:23
Romsteri'm australian.21:23
Romsterone of the few,21:23
Romsterthate come in here.21:23
Dr-PePPawhy are there so few?21:24
Romsterno idea, other distros or they don't come on irc?21:24
Dr-PePPaperhaps crux should be spread more around...21:24
Romsterwell it is on the internet so it can be accessed by anyone now.21:25
Romsterso i don't know what you ment by 'should be spread more around'21:25
Dr-PePPathats right, but arent there many things on the net that arent known by the average people?21:26
Dr-PePPamake some kind of advertisment21:26
Romsteroh as in searching.21:26
Romsterif you look for linux distro sites crux is listed.21:26
Dr-PePPaif you enter crux to google there is not too much you can find about it, i think21:27
Romstersites like distrowatch that list distrbutions would have crux in there list.21:27
Romsterplus alot of personal sites would mentaion crux, not sure on wikipedia21:28
RomsterDr-PePPa, do you use NLS so you got your native language in crux?21:29
Dr-PePPano, i dont, i thought the idea of crux was to use english21:29
Romsterok that i didn't know21:29
Romsterjaeger, crux is a southain star O_o acording to wikipedia21:30
Dr-PePPawhat is a southain star Romster21:31
Romsterah well we use it as english because it's mainly a english distro i guess, but you can tweek it start your own repo and make it use german.21:31
jaegerit's also commonly aclled the southern cross21:31
jaegerwell, more commonly than crux, I imagine21:31
Dr-PePPano, i didnt mean i was looking for a german distro, i ment a book about python in german.21:32
Romsterthe australian flag uses the southain star
jaegerRomster: not related to why per picked the name, though21:32
RomsterDr-PePPa, no it was a side note i was thinking you'd be more comfortable in german than english?21:33
Dr-PePPaok i understand.21:33
Romsterjaeger, ah but i'm a bit suprised, ah yeah southan cross is a more common name.21:33
Romsteri don't know of any german sites for python..21:33
Dr-PePPai was confused cause you misspelled the word southern21:34
jaegerI've thought about it before, it seemed a tad ironic to me we have an ircer named acrux here21:34
Romstergoogle may find some.. maybe look for python in your language.21:34
Dr-PePPayes i will. thx21:34
Romsteroh my spelling isn't the best, but i try.21:35
Dr-PePPa;-) mine neither21:35
Romsterand i maintain ports in contrib if you used the contib repo.21:35
Romsterand if some program is missing you can always make a package, do you have a private repo of ports you've made? listed on the ports database of the site?21:36
Romsterjaeger, 'acrux' i didn't get the meaning of that 'a'21:37
jaegerRomster: it's just the name of one of the stars in the southern cross21:37
jaegeracrux, becrux, gacrux, delta cru, epsilon cru21:38
Romsteroh, now i get the irony21:38
Dr-PePPai think thats the name of a crux-user21:38
Dr-PePPaisnt it?21:38
jaegerDr-PePPa: that's exactly what I was saying21:38
Romsterrofl yes we just said that acrux21:38
Dr-PePPa...has a repo21:39
Romstermaybe we need others to take the other names :P21:39
Romsteras i take it CRUX wasn't picked for any reason other than it sounded good.21:39
RomsterCR linUX21:40
Romsterno idea if it realy had a meaning or not.21:40
jaegerif I remember right Per liked the sound of it AND he picked it for the sort of "turning point" or "focus point" definition21:41
jaegerit's been a while, though, I could be misremembering that21:41
Romster"Crux (band), the Christian hip-hop/rap quintet" < maybe j/k21:41
Romsteryeah we haven't seen Per for a long time now.21:42
Romstersad that he left.21:42
Romsterit was his pet.21:42
Romsterwonder if he still uses crux.21:43
jaegerI would imagine so but not sure21:43
Romstereven some of the more busy crux users manage to make an appeareance once in awhile.21:43
*** acrux has joined #crux21:46
Romsterspeaking of...21:49
Romsteracrux, did you pick that name as one of the southern stars?21:51
acruxyes, :)21:52
acruxi did21:52
acruxalpha cruxis21:52
acruxalpha crucis21:52
acruxdamned keyb..21:53
Romsteri never knew and just today i found out crux on wikipedia is the southern cross/star21:55
*** Jason5876 has joined #crux21:56
*** acrux has quit IRC22:22
*** Dr-PePPa has quit IRC22:46
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