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Romsterhi pitillo01:07
pitillohello Romster, good morning01:14
Romsterafternoon here :)01:18
pitilloyeah :)01:22
Romsterwoot someone is downlaoding crux-2.3.iso from torrent.01:22
pitillois a good idea to provide a commented line in /etc/rc.d/net to use dhcpd in next release?01:47
ToshiI think it's in the handbook01:49
pitilloI know, then you think isn't a good idea....01:51
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ToshiMaybe just move that section out to the public doc area on the site01:58
pitillowell, I think it's better to keep it under the handbook, people will keep it near when installing. I think isn't hard to add that commented line, but don't know if it's a good idea, I think it can be, but may be people think like you, better to keep it in the handbook. Mine it's only a opinion. :)02:01
ToshiI wouldn't mind, I always end up switching it anyways02:04
pitillofor me depends on the computer... I have no problem to do it by hand, but it's easier to uncomment a line. Like I said, it's only a point or an opinion.02:06
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Romsterpitillo, a commented line for dhcp, i thought existed..02:27
Romsterhi sepen02:27
pitilloRomster, existed in 2.2m but in 2.3 and the next 2.4 isn't provided02:28
pitilloRomster, it's only a point, to only uncomment that line, instead of doing it by hand.02:29
Romsterbe wise to bring that up at a meeting before crux 2.4 is released.02:29
pitilloyeah, that is the reason I tell that here. I hope devs can read it and take consideration about.02:29
sepenmorning all02:29
pitillogood morning sepen02:31
ToshiI don't know where you all are but It's bed time, good night02:31
Romsterother side of the world to me it's 5:34pm here02:32
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Romsteroh to hell with it readding core off the cd, soemthing is really broken in my compiler.04:54
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Romstersolved issue..05:35
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TheBeastis there a cvs/svn repo for crux's ports?20:57
Toshiports are just build scripts21:00
ToshiYou can check to see if someone has written a port that pulls from svn or just write it yourself21:01
RomsterTheBeast, there is git but you use ports -u to pull the repos in.21:07
TheBeastwell we all use rsync to update the ports21:08
TheBeastI mean to download the latest Pkgfile .footprint and the other file21:08
TheBeastforgot its name21:08
RomsterToshi, you using a ata hdd? care to tell me what mode hdpram is using for IO_support21:08
Romstergonan try 3 it's set to 0 16 bit and i'm going wtf i have a 32 bit bus21:08
TheBeastanyway, I thought there might be some central repo that hosts all this + eventual patches that might be applied at build time to certain packages21:09
RomsterTheBeast, re have a ports tree21:09
Romsteryou run the command 'ports -u'21:09
Romsterthen: prt-get cache; prt-get sysup21:09
Romsterwill update the system from the cd to current.21:10
Romsteryou haven't read the handbook have you...21:10
TheBeastI did. A couple of years ago21:10
Romsterwhat are you trying todo i told you how to update to current ports tree above..21:12
Romstersoe things have changed.21:13
TheBeastRomster, I'm fine, don't worry :)21:13
Romsterwe no longer use svn/cvs but httpup and rsync.21:13
TheBeastI basically wanted a cvs webgui or something to take a look at pkgfiles for different ports21:13
TheBeastI figured out that it doesn't exist so I rsynched whatever I needed21:14
TheBeastI always come back to CRUX, don't know why21:14
TheBeastprobably its' simplicity :-)21:15
TheBeastyou cannot see the Pkgfiles for the core and opt repos21:16
Romsterpoke around in /usr/ports/* or on git interface21:18
Romsterwhy do you look at the Pkgfiles they work.. you can also do prt-get cat port21:20
TheBeastyeah, thanks for pointing me to the git interface21:22
Romsterhmm i don't get this i have a sata hdd and i can't change the mode it's stuck on 16 bit IO_support    =  0 (default 16-bit)21:25
Romsterc1 and c3 says invalid..21:25
Romstermaybe sata's are stuck to 16 bit and not 32?21:25
Romsterlibata issue in kernel or maybe i need to use sdparm *shrugs*21:32
Romsterwhy i always find this crap.. on my system taht dosnt' work as expected.21:32
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