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DuddeHmm guys libssl havent your ported that? or libssl-dev09:53
Romsterwe dont' need *-dev as all packages have header files etc.09:55
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RomsterDudde, openssl has the ssl libs in it.09:57
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ToshiI'm having bizarre behavior while using backticks14:11
ToshiI'm going throught the gtk tutorial, the first example has the command gcc base.c -o base `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0`14:12
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Toshiwhich gives me gcc: -I/usr/include/gtk-2.0: No such file or directory \n cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-fcflags" \n cc1: error: unrecognized command line option "-flibs"14:15
Toshibut if I just echo the output of the subcommand and paste it in it works fine14:15
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childintime/me is listening to Buckethead - Enter The Chicken - Nottingham Lace16:30
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tilmanepic failure16:31
jjpkMonday. Things happen.16:33
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LithiumFXHey everyone19:12
LithiumFXI'm looking for some help with the gtkmm port19:12
Toshiwhat's up?19:14
roliveiraLithiumFX, whats the prob19:16
LithiumFXI'm trying to update it and get the following error -19:16
LithiumFXOne sec, pastebin19:16
LithiumFXI'm running CRUX 2.3 and all other ports are up to date. I'm on a vanilla kernel19:17
Toshiis this out of the gnome repo?19:18
ToshiI had the same problem when I was trying to build gnome19:18
LithiumFXIt's out of contrib19:19
Romsterthats one of my ports i'm maintaining.19:19
LithiumFXgparted is requiring it19:19
roliveirait built on my sustem19:19
LithiumFXgparted is my port19:19
LithiumFXI've tried Googling, but all I get is Czech results that I can't translate19:19
ToshiRomster: I had the same problem with the contrib port gtkmm19:20
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LithiumFXAny ideas Romster?19:20
Romsterhas no member named 'tooltips'19:20
Romsterso we are misisng something..19:21
Romsteri'll see if it compiles for me19:21
Romstershould since i made the packages.19:21
Romsteri'm messing around in icewm atm and ugh tray icons don't work very well.19:22
LithiumFXI've got an Openbox setup19:23
roliveirahad no problems with gtkmm myself19:23
LithiumFXConky sidebar, kdesktop for wallpaper (only decent twin monitor wallpaper app I could find)19:23
LithiumFXProbably something on my system19:23
Romsteri got kde but i wanna move away from that19:23
LithiumFXI'll rebuild the gtkmm depends19:23
roliveiraglibmm cairomm19:23
Romsterdo a deptree gtkmm and see if your missing anything19:23
LithiumFXGot everything19:24
LithiumFXRebuilding depends19:24
LithiumFXI like KDE components, but as a package it's too bloated19:24
LithiumFXI use kicker and kdesktop19:24
LithiumFXOpenbox + Conky + xcompmgr for visual effects19:24
LithiumFXDepends updated fine19:24
LithiumFXI'll try gtkmm again19:24
Romsterbuilding ok so far.19:25
LithiumFXSo far so good19:25
roliveiraLithiumFX, what have you updated before19:26
LithiumFXI'd kill for a quad core box19:26
LithiumFXI've got an old socket 939 Athlon X2, it does the job I guess19:26
LithiumFXgtkmm fell over again19:26
LithiumFXroliveira, do you mean recently?19:26
LithiumFXPretty much everything19:27
LithiumFXI do an update monthly19:27
LithiumFXIf the last update to glib was less than a month ago then yeah, updated19:27
roliveirathe messages seem to point to glib19:28
Romstercheck with revdep | tee revdeplist.txt19:28
RomsterRD_VERBOSE=2 revdep | tee revdeplist.txt19:29
LithiumFXRunning now19:29
Romsterremove the tee if you don't want to save the output.19:29
LithiumFXSo far I've got an error in avg19:29
LithiumFXWhich is my port19:29
Romstersome things it'll say are borken like openoffice and firefox.19:29
Romsterbut anything else that errorsout force rebuild it then run that command again.19:30
LithiumFXglib & glib1 are ok according to the command19:31
Romstermy guess is something is broken from a update and needs rebuilding.19:31
Romsterthen they be ok then.19:31
Romsterit'll take some time it uses ldd to check every library link.19:32
Romstermight pay to rebuild gtk if you don't find anything related to gtkmm19:32
Romsterbet your suprised you got broken packages that need to be recompiled :P19:33
roliveiramy glib is 2.12.9-119:33
LithiumFXI think my heart just stopped19:33
LithiumFXMy Demonoid account is close to being banned19:33
* LithiumFX seeds19:33
roliveiracurrent port is 2.14.1-119:34
Romsterlol you haven't been seeding enougth?19:34
Romsteryou should update that19:34
LithiumFXI forgot to seed19:34
LithiumFXI'll rebuild gtk19:35
Romsteranything else broken or is it still checking?19:36
LithiumFXNothing significant19:36
LithiumFXBesides KDE and firefox that's it19:36
Romsterkde O_o19:37
Romsterwell firefox always shows up as that.19:37
Romstereven when i add LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/{firefox,thunderbird}19:37
Romsterso don't worry about firefox oh i got some updated kde ports since the maintainer hasn't yet...19:38
LithiumFXI have my own ports19:38
LithiumFXI'm awful for updates19:38
LithiumFXI have two jobs, college and a social life19:38
LithiumFXAND a port repo to maintain19:38
LithiumFXOh, and sleep :P19:38
Romster kde directory and http file for the next version.19:38
LithiumFXThanks for your help though19:39 is my repo19:39
LithiumFXgtk rebuilt fine19:39
Romsteri've just quickly hacked at kde ports and i'm on kde earlier today seem to work ok if you wanna try them.19:39
LithiumFXI'll try gtkmm again19:39
Romsterisn't that prederfreak O_o19:40
LithiumFXIt's my repo, with some of his ports19:40
LithiumFXWhen he switched to Arch a while back I took over his tree19:40
Romsteroh i see...19:41
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Romsterlol speakign of him.19:41
predatorfreakRomster: I hear you're talking about me.19:41
Romsterhi predatorfreak19:41
predatorfreak(My ears are omnipresent)19:41
LithiumFXgtkmm fails still, I'll have to go soon Romster, want any more info off me?19:41
Romsterlol yeah pool of randomness wa si thought predatorfreak's repo19:41
predatorfreakRomster: Nope that's Lithium.19:42
predatorfreakI'm dcaf-security.org19:42
roliveiramy money is on glib19:42
LithiumFXI'll rebuild glib19:42
roliveirait might be the version19:42
Romsterok its confirmed i got a broken port.19:42
LithiumFX2.14.2, the opt port19:43
roliveiramaybe gktmm doesnt work with the new version of glib19:43
Romsteri'll have to look into it so hold off on building that.19:43
LithiumFXglib rebuilt fine19:43
Romsterthat could be it, it used to work19:43
predatorfreakRomster: gtkmm hates you :P19:43
LithiumFXI wish xcompmgr didn't fudge so much19:43
Romsteri'll have to figure something out..19:43
LithiumFXRomster, would e-beer help?19:44
roliveirai`m off, good luck19:44
Romstera new computer would be good <_<19:44
Romsterbuti'll look into it.19:44
LithiumFXThanks roliveira19:44
Romsterlater roliveira19:44
predatorfreakroliveira: Don't stab anyone.19:45
LithiumFXWhat IM services do you use Romster ?19:45
RomsterLithiumFX, so you got predatorfreak here i bet :P19:45
predatorfreakThat's my job.19:45
LithiumFXYeah, I've known predatorfreak for years19:45
Romsterpredatorfreak, you gave all your repo to LithiumFX now?19:45
roliveirapredatorfreak, ok!19:45
LithiumFXI think he lives in my house secretly19:45
predatorfreakRomster: At one point yeah.19:45
Romsteryahoo icq msn19:45
predatorfreakWhen I left CRUX for Arch/other heresy.19:45
predatorfreakNow that I'm back I've resumed my own ports that I care about :P19:46
LithiumFXWill I get spammed if I give you my MSN address to you over IRC (i.e. spammers from mailing lists)19:46
Romsteri never knew you left crux, shame on you.19:46
predatorfreakRomster: The heresy wasn't as fun as they made it out to be.19:46
predatorfreakRomster: 'Course, that was months ago.19:46
RomsterLithiumFX, email me can find my email address in gtkmm :P19:46
predatorfreakLithiumFX: also, I'm under your bed :319:46
Romsteralot of ports are out of date...19:47
predatorfreakRomster: Also, might I suggest using the static skype build?19:47
Romsterand why on earth have you got alsa ports they keep current.19:48
predatorfreakIt's really about the same as the standard shared version.19:48
predatorfreakBut less annoying.19:48
Romsterah i much hate static stuff but any reason too?19:48
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Romstercompiling qt4 anoying?19:48
predatorfreakRomster: You don't need QT4 for one package?19:48
Romsterno but i got plans for more qt4 stuff19:49
predatorfreakIn fact, the only lib needed is libsigc++.19:49
Romsterand besides who else would benefit from a qt4 package that is already in contrib to be used.19:49
Romsterlook at the dependencys on the skipe download page.19:50
predatorfreakRomster: Well, I really don't like installing QT4 for a single package and I don't think other people who only really want skype would either :)19:50
Romsteror oyu refering to static.19:50
predatorfreakRomster: Beyond X11 and libsigc++, for static.19:50
predatorfreakNothing is needed.19:50
predatorfreakerr alsa-lib too, technically.19:50
Romstereh guess i could add skype-static as a port..19:50
predatorfreakBut those are all rather low-bitchiness things.19:50
LithiumFXI've sent you an e-mail Romster19:51
Romsteriom it's a one time build for qt4 qt3 will become obsolete.19:51
predatorfreakRomster: qt4 doesn't fully replace qt3.19:51
predatorfreakI.E. I can't use shit like k3b with qt4 yet.19:51
Romsterthat's why it is a add on.19:51
Romsterfor now.19:52
Romsterkde4 will use qt419:52
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, whenever the fuck that comes.19:53
Romsterkde4 is beta now.19:53
predatorfreakRomster: and it's still not finished.19:55
predatorfreakA couple months back it was supposed to be DONE by now.19:55
Romsterhmm do you like keeping everything that you use in your repo?19:55
Romsteryeah there draging it out...19:55
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, even if it's a dup.19:55
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predatorfreakI'm too lazy to sync others ports collections.19:56
Romsteri'm seeing alot of dupes.19:56
predatorfreakRomster: Although, there's also a fair amount of originals.19:56
Romsteri'm working on that plus keeping them seperate on my site.19:56
Romsterliek i've seperated core and my private ports on my site.19:56
predatorfreakRomster: Plus I've been forced modify others packages in the past.19:57
LithiumFXI do that quite a lot19:57
LithiumFXOr I bump out of date ports19:58
Romsterah i try to keep mine in date specasily contrib i'm slwoy weeding out my private repo now too.19:58
predatorfreakRomster: Plus I use pretty much everything in my repo.19:58
predatorfreakAlthough, I suppose I can kill off moblock since I don't use that anymore.19:59
LithiumFXI work 64 hours a week, college + two jobs19:59
LithiumFXI have NO time lately19:59
LithiumFXI've got a temp job as a flash developer19:59
LithiumFXIt pays well19:59
Romsterwhat i'm gnonna get to evently is a script that can sync versions and show diffs.20:00
predatorfreakLithiumFX: With all that insanity I'd not want to do flash.20:00
Romsterah neat.20:00
sepenRomster, Failed to download The requested URL returned error: 40420:00
Romstermore flasy ads :p20:00
sepenand some similar to /icewm/Pkgfile~20:00
Romsteryeah i'm aware of that i'll fix it, low pirority.20:00
sepenyeah only information20:00
predatorfreakRomster: I've got a sync script to avoid that.20:01
sepenI recently ports-u iu20:01
predatorfreakRegens the REPO file every time I sync and kills backup files like that.20:01
LithiumFXRomster, if you ever need some hosting let me know, I've got a server spare20:01
Romsterpredatorfreak, oh whats it called if it's not in the repo you got a url to it or email me it please.20:01
RomsterLithiumFX, ah that may come in handy.20:02
predatorfreakRomster: It's like five lines :P20:02
LithiumFXI'm offski everyone, thanks for your help Romster20:02
LithiumFXAnd Romster, did you get my email?20:02
Romsterpredatorfreak, saves me redoing it :)20:02
LithiumFXIf you didn't, ask predatorfreak for my details20:02
Romsteri haven't checked i haven't done all the menu in icewm yet thinking of going back to kde for now...20:02
Romsterso not used to this.20:02
LithiumFXWe'll sort the hosting out sometime20:03
Romsterdunno if i like icewm..20:03
LithiumFXI love my Openbox setup20:03
sepenor try rsync ..... /usr/bin/rsync -rvz --exclude '*.svn' --exclude '*~'20:03
predatorfreakChange username blah blah.20:03
LithiumFXI'll get abused for what I say next...20:03
LithiumFXAero is nice20:03
LithiumFX... :(20:03
predatorfreaksepen: That's what mine does :P20:03
LithiumFXAnyway, goodnight everyone20:03
Romsterhmm maybe i could use jaeger 's ports :P20:03
Romsternight LithiumFX20:03
LithiumFXIt's 1:03AM in England, that's bed O'clock20:03
LithiumFXThanks again20:03
predatorfreakLithiumFX: HERESY.20:03
* predatorfreak lights LithiumFX on fire20:04
predatorfreakAERO IS SATANISM20:04
* LithiumFX burns20:04
* LithiumFX becomes cutlural icon20:04
predatorfreakBWAHAHAHA! ROAST HUMAN!20:04
* predatorfreak eats LithiumFX :320:04
LithiumFXYou're now Hitler20:04
predatorfreakLithiumFX: Bah.20:04
predatorfreakDid Hitler like metal?20:04
predatorfreakI don't think so!20:04
predatorfreakRunning Wild - Tortuga Bay - Death Or Glory20:04
LithiumFX<insert Jew joke>20:04
LithiumFXWhat happens when a Jew walks into a wall?20:05
predatorfreakHEHE music to be a pirate too.20:05
LithiumFXHe breaks his nose20:05
LithiumFXHAHAHA :(20:05
sepenpredatorfreak, I have some other utils for crux
predatorfreakLithiumFX: THE SS!20:05
LithiumFXExcuse the bad joke20:05
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Romsterpredatorfreak, not the idea i had in mind.20:05
predatorfreakRomster: Using rsync or the insanity that followed?20:06
sepenhere my sync tool
Romsterthe insanity of looking at that snipet of code.20:07
sepenI use only a remofirst feature20:07
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predatorfreakRomster: I never claimed it was a glorious script.20:07
sepenwell too later, Im going to sleep20:07
predatorfreakIt's just a couple lines that works.20:07
predatorfreakNo funny stuff :)20:08
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Romstersepens isn't too bad but not what i'm after i'm forced to write my own :)20:10
predatorfreakRomster: Bah! What's wrong with just generating the REPO file, calling rsync and being done with it? :P20:11
Romsterbecause i use mercurial for starters and i generate the repo files locally then push my commit. i'm after a tool todo more advanced checking, i'll write my own..20:13
predatorfreakRomster: Bah way too lazy to manage my ports with a RCS.20:16
predatorfreakI only use those for my bigger projects.20:16
Romsteri'm gonna have to do a auto ports regeneration like every time a dependency is updated to make sure my packages haven't broken too.20:18
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