IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-10-30

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pitillogood morning02:10
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pitilloRomster, take a look to your private repo, there are some Pkgfiles~ referenced that doesn't exist.04:32
pitilloRomster, only 1 file, fvwm-themes/Pkgfile~04:33
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namenloshi, what do you think about including rcs on the install iso?07:35
tilmanwhy? ._o07:36
sepenis it essential?07:37
namenlosso i can install the sys and version my config files from the beginning on..07:37
namenlosno, but handy.07:37
tilmanyou use rcs? omg :D07:37
namenlosfor simple files - sure, why not?07:38
thrice`we should include gnoem too07:38
sepenor svn with local repos....07:38
sepen(245M of iso)07:41
RedShiftman installing windows is a pain07:44
RedShiftit takes so damn long07:44
rxiits quicker than crux07:48
RedShiftrxi: teh trollz!07:50
RedShiftdammit it bluescreened07:55
* RedShift didn't lol'ed07:55
rxiwell something is faulty then07:56
RedShiftno shit :(07:56
rxiram or hdd or both07:57
RedShiftit's a virtual machine using qemu07:57
RedShiftbah I gotta go to the post office07:58
tilman namenlos i dunno08:00
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* Romster yawns10:29
* tilman waves10:31
* Romster goes to get coffee <_<10:31
sepenI need a cofee too10:34
* tilman ditto10:34
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Romsteris it me or there's been a stack of dns problems since yesterday.10:41
RedShiftRomster: where?10:41
Romsterwell i'm in australia i've had a hard time resolving dns names for some places only since 6am yesterday when my dsl timed out a few times and reconected, never lost line sync though10:42
Romstersince then dns resolving has been crap, from my isp and even with maradns10:43
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* Romster looks at TeX Live holly fuck 970MB!19:43
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nipuLheh, just finished doing an inventory on all the tested parts in my workshop, gave them all a tentative price20:20
nipuLi have $1500 of junk20:20
nipuLjunk like p2 slot 1 processors, 1-6gb hard drives20:22
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Romster1-6Gb hdd's O_o22:03
RomsternipuL, how many of them do oyu have?22:03
nipuL5 so far22:06
rehabdolli really need to get rid of all my crap, 2 coputers, 2-3 gfx cards, 1 monitor, 2 ide-hds, couple of dvd-rw/cdrw's, keyboard, mice and a shitload of fans22:09
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Romsterrehabdoll, ah.22:14
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