IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-10-31

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pitillogood morning02:13
pitilloRomster,  can you do something like this in libdvdnav? s/version=r956/version=956 - s/"source/libdvdnav-snapshot-$version.tar.bz2"/source/libdvdnav-snapshot-r{$version}.tar.bz2 ?02:20
pitilloRomster, to keep $version without letters02:21
Romsterleters in the version string don't hurt..02:25
Romsterlook at some tarballs like libevent02:25
Romsteri left the r there so it shows it's a revision02:25
Romsterand your bit of source code is wrong02:25
Romsterand you can simply do r$version02:26
Romsteronly need {} when it is ${version}r02:26
Romstergive me a valid reason to not use r in version= and i may consider changing it, plus i have other ports with rxxx versions.02:27
Romsterpitillo, and also throw out the http file for my repo and use this rsync one instead, i fixed the *~ file issue also on httpup02:28
pitilloRomster, using ${var} isn't wrong, I like keeping vars in that way :) About removing the "r" from version, I think I readed something about removing letters from $version, that is the only reason.02:30
pitilloI am looking at handbook to see if it was refered there. But dont take this in a bad way, if I see something strange, I always cooment it here.02:30
Romsterit isn't wrong i said r{$version} is wrong02:31
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Romsterr${version} is corrent but unneeded in this case.02:32
Romsterthat maybe todo with "prt-get diff" issue02:33
Romsteri can't see a problem there the r is constant and can be provided for in prt-get diff02:33
Romsterprt-get diff has issues when it's like 1.2.3 -> 1.2.3a02:41
Romsterwouldn't mater on r100 -> r10102:41
Romsterwould need extra code to sort though that stuff.02:42
pitilloRomster, ok, I can't find what I said you about only numbers on $version. Sorry, like I said nothing.02:43
Romsteri do agree to not use _ in a version string like in boost.02:43
Romsterreally don't know if they want us to not use leters at all and convert letters to a number value like a=1, b=2 etc.02:45
Romsterso 1.2.3a becomes
Romsterbut when it gets to -p1...p10 thats gonna be fun..02:45
* Romster shrugs.02:45
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namenloshi, anyone can me help with this problem:
namenlosthis occurs when i want to use iwconfig with the kernel
rehabdollget newer userspace tools?08:04
namenlosthe wireless-tools are at the latest stable version.08:11
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mxqexport MAKEOPTS="-j3" in pkgmk.conf -- will it work?11:35
tilmanor was it MAKEFLAGS? :)11:42
jaegerI use MAKEFLAGS11:42
mxqok, thx11:43
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tilmanwoo, new libarchive (2.4.0)14:20
tilmani'm so *not* going to update to that14:21
sepen2.4.0 for crux-2.414:22
childintimeouou crux 2.4? :)14:23
tilmanit's just that in the recent past there were some ugly issues with libarchive. they were quickly fixed, but i'm a bit careful anyway14:24
tilmanschily ftl14:24
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RyoSchildintime: crux is dead!!!1111!14:34
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RyoSbtw.. is this getting old?14:37
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RyoSoh snap :/14:39
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drijenwas old two weeks ago15:07
thrice`yes, surely it has already died15:11
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hnazis it me or is prt-get install -f -fr foo not working as it should?15:16
hnazI expect it to rebuild and reinstall the port in every case but it just says, the package is installed already15:16
hnazam I misunderstanding something?15:17
hnazwith update -fr foo, it just reinstalls the package15:17
thrice`use update15:17
thrice`prt-get update -fr foo should rebuild it15:17
hnaz-fr stands for `force rebuild', though15:17
Toshior -fr15:17
hnazupdating ...\n====> package foobar#...tar.gz is up to date\nreinstalling15:18
hnazI did it exactly as you said15:18
hnazthis is version 5.1515:18
Toshilook in the ports Pkgfile15:18
hnaz(of prt-get)15:18
hnazToshi: to achieve exactly what?15:19
Toshito see if it's upgrading to the version you want it to15:19
thrice`he's just trying to rebuild something that's already installed15:19
hnazno version change.  I want a plain recompile because some libs where updated that foo links to15:19
Toshiyou could always just remove and then fr15:20
thrice`yeah, but why ?15:20
hnazyeah, sure.  But this is obviously misbehaviour15:20
thrice`hm, hard to test, since i'm not on a linux box :(15:20
thrice`i thought "update -fr foo" would do it from prt-get15:20
hnazthought so too ;)15:21
hnazremoving the package, of course, is a workaround15:21
Toshiit works on my machine -> update15:22
hnazToshi: the rebuild or the reinstallation?15:22
Toshioh wait..15:22
Toshisudo prt-get -fr update foo15:23
hnazdoes this recompile foo, even when an up-to-date package is found?15:23
hnazhmm.  this is weird15:23
hnazwhat version of prt-get are you running?15:24
Toshiand yea, it works15:24
thrice`I think it should have worked the other way, too15:24
thrice`oh, ok :)15:24
Toshiyou mean -fr install?15:25
thrice`no, update -fr15:25
Toshioh oh ok15:25
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thrice`well, I suppose you could rm /usr/ports/packages/cryptsetup#* and try15:29
hnazprt-get install -f foo does not force reinstallation either.  It just says, that foo is already installed ;)15:29
childintimeprt-get update -fr foo works, i am sure..15:32
hnazargh.  Sorry, I am just stupid15:34
hnazthis can't work15:34
hnazmy makecommand in prt-get.conf is screwed15:34
hnazsorry for the noise15:35
thrice`did that fix it?15:36
hnazyes.  I was very clever doing the fakeroot command with su instead of sudo15:40
hnazso the -fr was passed to su rather than to pkgmk15:40
hnaz"sudo command args" versus "su -c 'command args' ... user additional-args like -fr"15:42
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LithiumFXHey everyone18:59
LithiumFXAnyone been getting lookup_group errors since updating udev/18:59
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Romsterhnaz, su -c -- program other flags that should get passed to su because of the --19:11
Romsterhi LithiumFX19:11
LithiumFXHi Romster19:11
Romsterget gtkmm and glibmm updates ok?19:12
LithiumFXI'll check now19:13
LithiumFXGot any ideas on my udev problem?19:14
Romsteri'm just doing a ports -u now.19:16
Romsteror was that awhile ago you updated.19:17
LithiumFXUpdating gtkmm19:17
LithiumFXA few days ago19:17
LithiumFXVersion 115 I'm using19:17
LithiumFXI've tried upgrading with -u -f for pkgadd19:17
Romsterupdate glibmm first.19:17
Romsterdon't need -f19:17
LithiumFXI do for udev19:17
Romsterunless there is a file conflict and that shouldn't happen.19:18
LithiumFXThere was in /etc/udev.d19:18
Romsterdon't sound good19:18
Romsterthat should be handled by rejmerge19:18
Romsteri've been on 115 for a good few weeks.19:19
LithiumFXAt boot I get quite a few "lookup_group not found" errors19:20
Romsterno issues other than manually seting permissions for my cd burner device.19:20
LithiumFXI do that too19:21
Romsterhmm have you updated your /etc/groups file?19:22
LithiumFXDo I need to?19:22
Romsteri'd see what's diferent and merge it19:22
LithiumFXThe errors do seem group related19:22
Romsteryou should if your missing groups.19:22
LithiumFXThat's my current groups19:23
Romsterjsut don't use update or keep but use merge.19:23
Romsterdisk::6:root,lithium < sure that's wise :P19:25
Romstercomparing to mine19:25
LithiumFXDo I not need to be in the disk group?19:25
Romstertape ascanner floopy www your missing some groups19:30
LithiumFXI'll add tape, ascanner and floppy19:30
LithiumFXI've removed apache so I don't need www19:30
Romsterbut that arn't why you're geting them group errors you need to add some missing groups.19:30
LithiumFXDo the group IDs matter or can I just use groupadd19:31
Romsterwhers your video group even?19:32
LithiumFXI don't know19:32
LithiumFXI've not removed groups, ever19:32
Romsterjust use group add, i dont' tink the ides matter but look at /usr/ports/core/filesystem/group19:33
LithiumFXgtkmm works fine, thanks!19:33
LithiumFXWhat was the fix?19:33
Romsterupdated they moved to a more recent version, you did update glibmm first i hope.19:34
Romsterwhat it is i use ck4up but the *mm have alot of newer versins but not marked as stable.19:34
Romsterand recently they changed what version is stable, but ck4up isn't any good at finding that.19:35
Romsteri had a few groups that matched the new group file so i moved them around and added the missing ones19:36
LithiumFXYou've bumped the port?19:37
Romsterlook in got log..19:38
Romsteror on the gitweb page for contrib19:38
LithiumFXDoes CRUX have an nslookup port?19:40
LithiumFXOr, a port containing nslookup19:40
Romsterwhois ip19:41
Romsterresolveip that comes with mysql.19:41
Romsternot sure if these are exactly what your after.19:42
LithiumFXIt's not that important, my FreeBSD box has all the tools19:42
LithiumFXJust, CRUX doesn't seem to have an nslookup/dig port19:42
Romsterah i did see one i think..19:47
Romsteri forget though19:47
LithiumFXI'm offski Romster19:49
LithiumFXThanks for your help with gtkmm19:49
LithiumFXAnd with udev19:49
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