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KALA_MATAMzOzD! jackal_ is jackal@ * merlin03:36
KALA_MATAis per doin' ok?03:37
KALA_MATAdoesnt hang out here anymore?03:41
KALA_MATAis crux doing ok then, without per?04:18
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j^2crux has been real quiet lately..09:12
j^2what's the deal?09:12
teK2.4 coming up? :)09:16
j^2i think so, reading the ml the devs are getting somewheer09:17
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mustmrhi. i've been using crux for a week now, and it's really good. i do have one question, though: is it okay to modify a port Pkgfile and use it to make the package, or there's a better way of doing it?10:28
j^2it's fine to modify the Pkgfile, you'll get a footprint mismatch most likely, but thats because you probably changed something10:31
mustmrheh, i noticed it. also, when i updated my system, it updated the Pkgfile i modified to the original one.10:32
j^2yah you probably should create a /usr/ports/local or something and build the pkg there10:32
teKuse a repo of your own and add it to prt-get.conf etc.10:32
mustmrhmm. ok10:33
teKelse your changes will get lost by the next `ports -u`10:33
mustmralso, when upgrading the kernel, should i symlink /usr/include/linux and /usr/include/asm to the new version?10:36
mustmrbut then won't it use the old version headers?10:37
tilman /usr/include/linux are the headers that glibc was compiled against10:37
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j-b_I'm having problems running programs that use wxpython11:58
j-b_I get the error TypeError: wx.Window, wx.Sizer, wx.Size, or (w,h) expected for item11:58
j-b_I'm using lithium ports for wxgtk and wxpython11:58
j^2ah, you need to contact him thin12:08
j-b_I have tried with all other repos that has the packages and I get the same errors12:08
j^2usally emailing the pkgfile/port maintaner is the first best step12:09
j^2in contrib?12:09
j^2i dont remember if it is :_/12:09
j-b_An old version of wxgtk is in opt12:09
j-b_wxpython is neither in opt or in contirb12:09
hitoshiso you used lithium ports for both wxgtk and wxpython?12:10
j^2must have been in 2.2 then, cause i remember it12:10
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j-b_Toshi: Yes12:10
j^2hmm, do you have gtk2 installed?12:11
j-b_The error only occurs when an application tries to add something to a Sizer. All other wxpython applications works12:12
j^2i'd reconfigure wxpython against wxgtk12:12
j^2that's where i'd start12:12
j^2i'd use tclk/perl instead :P12:12
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Romsterlol tilman yeah that kernel symlink is accent, and only a few programs really need the live kernel headers and the majority use the headers that glibc was compiled agenst.15:41
tilmanmy eyes! the goggles, they do nothing15:42
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Romstertilman, you been drinking or something :p15:45
tilmanyour horrible spelling seemed to call for that quote15:46
Romsterj-b_, my wkgtk and wkpython maybe out of date but might be worth trying. in romster repo.15:47
Romsteri only see one word i spelled wrong, guess i really em bad...15:48
j-b_I have tried your ports. I get the same error15:48
Romsterhmm wxgtk problem agenst more recent gtk2 i'm guessing.15:50
jaegerthe same occurs with mine but I'm too lazy to figure it out15:52
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Romsterjaeger, <_<15:54
Romsterwhat ports you use?15:54
Romsterversions. mainly wxgtk one.15:54
jaegerwhatever the current one is... this was fairly recent. 2.8.6?15:55
Romsteryeah that's the current oen now.15:57
Romsterhmm there is a wxX11 one there too.. i wonder.15:57
jaegerwxpython requires wxgtk, if I remember right, and wouldn't work with wxx1115:57
ToshiI hate wxgtk16:02
Romsterj-b_, my my ports and lithium are at the same versions. so either wouldn't help.. i'll update mine to current.16:03
Romsteris that demo in the wxwindows directory?16:03
j-b_I have also tried to compile the latest version of wxpython after installing the latest version of wxgtk, but I get a compilation error16:05
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Romsterah well i'm compiling 2,8,6 of wxgtk then i'll update my wxpython too.16:09
Romsterj-b_, you gonna be around for long?16:09
Romsterk i'll see how i go, and looks like i'll be hiting the same compile error you hit maybe.16:13
Romsterj-b_, have you checked your ports with revdep recently?16:13
Romsterif you've been a long time crux user that is.16:14
Romstersome may need to be reccompiled to relink if any are broken.16:14
j-b_I have never used revdep. I'm been using crux for a long time but I usually reinstall from scratch when updating16:15
j-b_I don't remember how I did the install the last time though16:15
Romsteri use update but the last one i did a early update and redid my tool chain. swithced to the new ports tree then updated the rest from there.16:16
Romsterj-b_, RD_VERBOSE=2 revdep | tee revdeplist.txt16:18
Romsterprt-get update -fr <port>, for anything that is broken16:18
Romsteronly a few won't every say there ok that be firefox etc.16:18
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j-b_I only get errors for amule, acroread, firefox, jdk, openoffice. amule is build against the wxgtk-version in opt. I'll try to recompile it later. The other errors are probably due to that they include precompiled binaries16:40
Romsteracroread you can ignore it's a binary port16:41
Romstereither precompiled or librarys that arn't in the normal /usr/lib directory16:41
Romsterthis is gonna take some time to compile <_<16:43
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Romsterj-b_, have you installed pyopengl ?17:11
Romsteri just noticed.17:11
RedShiftsup everyone17:11
RomsterRedShift, not alot recompiling wxpyton17:13
j-b_Nope, I'll try to install it and then recompile wxgtk and wxpython17:13
j-b_ImportError: No module named setuptools17:16
j-b_The depends line is missing setuptools17:18
Romsterjust wxpython and i'm not sure if it needs recompiling after.17:20
Romsteri'll report that..17:20
Romsterjust install that manually and verson bump it to a617:20
Romsteri've just built lateist wxgtk i'll get pyopengl done then i'll start on wxpython.17:21
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j-b_I got the same error17:39
Romsterdarn.. compiling wxpython now.17:39
j-b_src/gtk/aui_wrap.gcc:22032: error: 'optionDockFixed' is not a member of 'wxAuiPaneInfo'17:40
Romsterdid your wxpython fail to compile on the version?17:40
Romsterthat looks like a wxgtk and wxpythin version incompatability. might need to downgrade wxpython if it's current.17:41
Romsterah i should of said might need to downgrade wxgtk...17:50
Romsterj-b_, what gtk version do you have installed?17:50
Romstergtk 2.12.1-117:51
j-b_The one in opt. 2.12.1-117:52
Romsterthat error above is that from wxpython?17:52
Romsterwarning: dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules17:52
j-b_It get alot of those also17:53
Romsterthers a hell of alot of that in the current wxpython i might add the -f flag to that port..17:53
Romsteractaully i'm gonna force the -fnostrict-aliasing17:55
Romsterway to many warnings for my liking.17:58
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Romsterhmm wish setuptools would rune more than one make job..18:33
Romsterand i get that error j-b_ time to go bug hunting.18:41
Romsterhi hnaz18:41
hnazhi Romster18:41
Romsterj-b_, i'm gonna go to the new swig version.19:00
Romsterread about alot of changes to aui19:04
j-b_I have swig 1.3.31 installed. I think it's the latest version19:04
Romsternope 1.3.32-rc1 is current19:05
Romsterversion bump and compiling now.19:05
Romsteri'm certain aui relies on swig19:06
hnazcool, think I got it running19:06
hnazI modified pkgutils so they ignore signals just in critical regions19:06
Romsterhmm hnaz what are you working on?19:07
hnazthis enables you aborting a `pkginfo -o insert-wrong-regexp-here' that lists almost all files installed on your systems :)19:07
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hnazI don't like if programs ignore all signals from the user19:11
hnazit is okay, though, to protect really critical regions that leave the system in a bad state when aborted19:12
hnazso my intention is to make pkgutils ignore signals only when really needed19:12
Romsterah like ignore signals on a pkgadd and pkgrm but abort a pkginfo listing to screen.19:19
hnazor, consider a biiiiiig package19:22
Romsterj-b_, darn still error..19:23
hnazand you do a pkgadd on it and then, while it still reads the package archive, that you do not want this19:23
hnazyou hit ^C instantly19:23
j-b_wxpython has a USE_SWIG option. I'm going to try it out19:23
j-b_It's seems I already tried it. Got the same error19:24
Romsterideally ^c should stop installing and roll back the action so the system is in a clean state.19:24
Romsterj-b_, i arn't done yet..19:24
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hnazanyone interested in the patch?19:26
hnazRomster: that is another thing.  But I don't think it really follows the kiss principle19:27
hnazhnaz: if you once start registering a package and rolling the files into the system, then this operation should be atomic19:28
hnazwhoo, already talking to myself19:28
hnazromster, meant you19:28
Romsteri'll look it over email me it :) find my email in a port in contrib.19:31
Romsterj-b_, not sure what exactly but naming changes have been happening in wxPython19:31
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LithiumFXHey everyone19:34
hnazRomster: patch on its way19:35
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LithiumFXAnyone had any alsa problems with the latest updates?19:36
Romsterhi LithiumFX19:36
LithiumFXHey Romster19:36
Romsternope LithiumFX19:36
LithiumFXI think it's the group file modifications last night19:36
Romsterj-b_, it's defently a swig/wxpython issue.19:37
LithiumFXI'm wheel, users, audio, burning & vboxusers but get "no device" as a non-root user19:37
Romsterdon't even need to be in wheel...19:37
LithiumFXI do since I su19:37
Romsteri use sudo and i arn't in wheel.19:38
LithiumFXThe permissions on /dev/dsp are rw for the audio group19:38
Romsterso being in the audio group you should be able to access it.19:39
Romsteru+rw ?19:39
LithiumFXcrw-rw---- 1 root audio 14, 3 2007-11-01 23:55 /dev/dsp19:39
hnazyou don't need to be in wheel for using su19:39
Romsterthats correct..19:40
Romsterhnaz, and the permissions19:40
Romsterwhat program can't access sound?19:40
LithiumFXEverything, xine, mplayer. mpd19:40
LithiumFXI've rebuilt alsa-*19:40
LithiumFXroot works fine19:41
hnazalsamixer does not use the device files iirc19:41
hnazat least not /dev/mixer19:41
LithiumFXaudio:x:102:lithium, that's the audio group19:41
hnazls -l /dev/snd/19:42
LithiumFXAll the same as /dev/dsp19:42
j-b_What does groups show? Have you logged in/out or run newgrp?19:42
hnazand this happens only with recent alsa userland stuff?19:43
LithiumFX that's /etc/group19:43
LithiumFXI've logged in and out, rebooted, removed /etc/asound.state and rerun alsaconf19:43
hnaz`id' will tell you exactly the effective groups of the current session19:43
LithiumFXAnd yeah, only with recent stuff. I'm on
LithiumFXaudio is listed19:43
LithiumFXAny ideas?19:48
Romsteri'm out of ideas, what did you change run regmerge?19:49
Romsteraudio works fine for me..19:49
LithiumFXDoes my groups file look OK?19:49
Romsteryou messed with asound.conf ?19:50
LithiumFXI've tried removing it and it doesn't work then19:50
RomsterLithiumFX, wtf you have 2 audio groups19:52
LithiumFXYes I do19:52
Romsterremove 102 and edit audio::16: to audio::16:lithium19:52
Romsterand why add burning the cdrom group does that.19:53
Romsterand why arn't you listed under the video group?19:53
LithiumFXaudio::16:lithium doesn't work19:54
LithiumFXRunning newgrp and then id doesn't show me as a member19:54
Romsterlogout and back in then try19:54
LithiumFXWhat does :x: do?19:54
Romsterafter editing group19:54
j-b_It's the groupd password19:54
j-b_It's rarely used though19:55
LithiumFXBrb, I'll logout19:55
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j-b_Members that aren't members of a group can get the id of the group by "logging into the group" with newgrp groupname19:55
Romsterah group password.. to tell it to use the group password file?19:55
j-b_I don't know it stores the passwords19:56
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LithiumFXWorks perfectly19:57
LithiumFXThanks Romster & everyone19:57
LithiumFXI can't believe I didn't notice the two audio groups19:57
Romsterlol knew it.19:57
LithiumFXI've removed burning too19:58
Romsteryou didn't look too hard :P19:58
Romsteradd to cdrom and i've added some changes to my rc.local file but i'm gonna mess with udev sometime again.19:58
Romsterchown root:cdrom /dev/sr019:59
Romsterchmod 660 /dev/sr019:59
Romsterin rc.local19:59
LithiumFXI've already got the lines for burning, I've fixed it now19:59
LithiumFXQuick question, should any groups use :x:?19:59
Romsteri have none..19:59
Romsterwith x19:59
Romsteroh wait i have a few...20:00
LithiumFXI've got messagebus, haldaemon and vboxusers20:00
Romsteronly services have a x20:00
Romstertor ntp hal clam messagebus realtime20:00
Romsterguess jsut them for services still not sure if they are needed or not either.20:01
LithiumFXThanks for your help lately Romster20:01
LithiumFXI'll post you a quad core for Christmas :P20:02
LithiumFXI'm going to bed now, but thanks again everyone20:02
LithiumFXFeel free to drop me an IM sometime roliveira20:02
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RomsterLithiumFX, you might wanan check passwd too20:02
Romstergah too late..20:02
Romsterlol would olove one of them..20:02
Romsterok back to this issue.20:05
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Romsterhmm maybe a wkgtk/wxpython compatability..20:29
Romsterj-b_,  in xGTK-2.8.6/include/wx/aui/framemanager.h20:34
Romsterit appears to be Fixed not DockFixed i think i've discoverd it.. wxPhthon needs updateding i'll give it a shot..20:35
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Romsterj-b_, still here got the new one to build but not current.21:43
Romsteri'll throw them in my repo very soon21:43
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