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Romsterj-b_, in my repo is fixed ports didn't run the demo though but the main window loaded of the demo and said couldn't find the files, but i ran it from the working directory before i installed it.00:49
Romsterlet me know what you find.00:51
Romsterhnaz, i looked over the patch you should put it on flyspray too.00:56
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hnazRomster: not yet.  I have a better idea01:50
hnazRomster: lemme come up with something, I will do it later when being at work01:50
Romsterhnaz, k01:54
hnazhmm.  It seems there is a common consens in that pkgutils better be written as a library in C.02:11
hnazIs this still true?02:11
hnazit's `consensus' actually02:19
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j-b_Romster: It seems to work. Thanks alot07:25
Romsterj-b_, spent some time messing with it :)07:28
Romsternow only to get it updated in opt and i should throw wxpython i contrib or something..07:29
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sepenj0j0 curious
tilmanlol, nice07:37
RedShiftlooks cool07:38
RedShiftit probably works too07:38
RedShiftbut I don't have a CRT monitor07:38
sepenI've more than one07:38
sepenolders 14" inch monitors07:38
RedShiftsepen: try it :D07:39
RedShiftI'd like to know the results07:39
sepenyeah surely I port the program before07:40
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tilmanman, zsh's git completion is *slow*09:59
tilmanwith 'git diff ...' eg10:00
sepentilman have you never use 'meld' ?10:07
sepen3diff with svn control10:07
sepenit can take diffs between 2 files and merge changes on the other10:08
sepenand more and more10:08
RedShifthey has anyone tried to configure X with two seats on a single, dual-head nvidia video card?10:08
sepentoo many useful for me at office10:08
sepenRedShift, running here 2 ati cards in dualmode10:09
RedShiftno no no, dual head10:09
RedShiftnot two cards10:09
RedShiftone video card with two outputs10:09
sepensorry 1 card only10:09
jaegerI have not, only dual monitors. Never messed with multiseat in any config, myself10:09
sepen2 connectores10:09
sepenDVI and VGA10:09
sepenon the same card10:10
RedShiftsepen: really? multiseat?10:10
RedShiftthis two keyboards, two mouses, etc...?10:10
sepenyeah! but with ati instead10:10
sepenohhhh not10:10
sepennow I known the meaning of 'multiseat'10:10
sepenRedShift, why you're not using a simple KVM switch for that job?10:11
RedShiftit's not for controlling multiple computers10:12
RedShiftit's for allowing multiple users to work on one computer at the same time10:12
sepensounds similar but not exacly you are loking for10:15
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sepenRedShift, did you take a look? was like that?10:31
RedShiftsepen: I'll have to get back at you later, I'm processing an order from a client10:31
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westcubegeekis crux a source-based distro or not?13:20
drijenyou compile things yes13:21
westcubegeekis it automatic?13:21
westcubegeeki mean does it compile automatically13:21
drijenin what way13:21
thrice`drijen: liar ;)13:21
westcubegeekor does it need the intervention of the user?13:21
thrice`you have to tell it to compile, yes ;)13:21
westcubegeekyou mean ./configure && make && make install13:22
tilmanmore like "prt-get install foobar"13:22
thrice`no, it uses ports13:22
RedShiftwestcubegeek: ofcourse, if you're installing software you always need to intervene, the computer can't read your thoughs13:22
drijenwestcubegeek, go read the docs then come back13:22
westcubegeekyeah ok13:22
westcubegeeki mean the program compiles itself after asking a package13:22
drijengota  whole section on the package management, will answer a lot of that in detail for you13:23
drijenRedShift, i think i will fear the day a computer can read my thoughts :p13:26
RedShiftdrijen: same here13:26
drijencoul dyou imagine being at work13:26
drijentyping a spreadsheet13:26
drijenwhen that hot little number from accounting walks by?13:26
drijen*d/l'ing videos......"13:26
drijen"oh sh!t"13:26
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nipuLhmm, i wonder if i can use qemu + axp cdrom to chdsk this hard drive18:05
nipuLs/axp/a XP/18:05
nipuLit worked, yay18:29
nipuLanother step closer to a windows free workshop18:29
RedShiftnipuL: well that's not true, you still used windows to chkdsk18:30
RedShiftyou could have just as well inserted the wintendo XP cdrom and booted from that18:30
nipuLyeah, but i didn't have to reboot my workstation18:31
nipuLjust plugged the drive into my usb adaptor18:31
nipuLbut then a technician in a windows free environment wouldn't have much work to do18:33
nipuLif it wasn't for spyware and unstable operating systems, i'd be out of a job ;)18:33
RedShifttrue that18:35
RedShiftyou should how much money we made out of that business18:35
RedShiftbut I wouldn't return to that business without a big fat wage18:36
RedShiftone more than one occasion I pulled my hair out18:36
RedShiftmostly because of the computer intellect of the customers18:36
RedShiftif you say type this in the address bar and start typing in the google search box, you know where you're at18:36
RedShiftthen when you say you want them to type in the address bar, "where's the address bar?"18:37
nipuLi had one case where i had to spend 5 minutes explaining that "right click" meant18:38
RedShiftthe telephone is just hell18:38
RedShiftyou can't get anything done and the phone keeps on ringing18:39
nipuLor one lady tried to convince me it was IMPOSSIBLE to read a had drive formatted for mac without a mac computer18:39
nipuLso i made a bet with her, i would "try" and if i couldn't i would pay her, and if i could she would pay me double18:39
RedShiftdid she pay up?18:40
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nipuLshe never came back19:01
nipuLi guess the stakes were too high19:01
rehabdollpeople are insane19:05
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drijen2i mean whos she?19:23
nipuLa customer19:25
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nipuLhmm, 3x80gb raid 5 or 2x80 raid120:16
nipuLthen sell the 3rd drive20:16
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* treach begins to hate "" with a vengence..22:09
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Romster < neat manpage site.22:18
RomsternipuL, depends on what price you put on your data i guess.22:18
nipuLwell, bother offer reduncancy22:19
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Romsterraid 5 will be a bit slower for reading/writing and more chance of a sigle drive failing, but raid 1 will be slow for writing too.22:25
Romsteri recken raid 5 if you asked me.22:25
drijen_raid 5IMO22:25
drijen_stripes one, leave the rest22:25
drijen_problem is, if you lose the card, you lose the drives too22:25
Romsterthere we go 2 votes for raid 522:25
Romsteri'd use software raid.22:26
Romsteror something.22:26
drijen_get a 3ware card if ya can, IMO22:26
nipuLi'll be using mdadm22:45
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