IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-11-03

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RyoSdoes anyone know how i can make firefox eat less ram..? i already customized my settings to use less unneeded features05:47
RyoSbut it starts with 100mb, goes over to 200 and so on.. its like a maniac in mc donalds05:47
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thrice`jaeger: buyin a mac, eh?14:54
jaegerreplacing the laptops at work with macbook pros15:08
jaegerso it's not my money, fortunately :)15:08
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thrice`ah, awesome.15:16
thrice`pretty nice machines15:16
jaegeryeah :)15:16
treachMac OS, a fancy name for a prison. :/15:17
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jjpktreach: possibly, but it is still a lesser evil than vista :D15:22
thrice`works great on laptops15:22
treachmaybe, I have managed to avoid vista so far.15:23
treachthrice`: there is a difference between "works with laptops" and "works". :>15:23
treachAnd complying to other people's ideas about "usability" doesn't really fit in the "works" category, for me. :P15:24
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* thrice` shrugs15:29
treach(If I were a mac person I'd probably not be using crux atm. ;) )15:30
thrice`i haven't found a reason to stick linux on the macbook yet15:32
thrice`once OS X starts slowing down, I probably will15:32
treachput crux on it, take a picture and post it somewhere on some mac forum :P15:33
treachthat'd be a good reason IMO ;)15:33
thrice`actaully, I had heard that linux reduces the battery life by more than half15:36
thrice`that was my biggest reason for avoiding it15:37
treachthat might be true15:37
treachsince I usually run my laptop in console mode I actually gained batterylife compared to windows.15:38
treachI guess that doesn't work for everyone though15:38
jjpkIt would not matter what I run on this laptop, the battery is completely useless. :p15:41
jjpkA very unportable laptop you might say.15:41
treacheverything has an end, they say.15:41
treachexcept a sausage, which has two. :P15:42
jjpkNot when served in slices. ;)15:44
jjpkThree years in use, wonder what will fail first. :p16:03
jjpkOops, now I've jinxed it. :D16:03
thrice`i spend all of this time trying to figure out how to write to journaled HFS+16:05
thrice`when scp will work much easier16:05
thrice`i'm so bad at linux :>16:05
RedShiftIIRC linux can't write to hfs+16:06
jjpkThere should be some hfs support in the kernel, must be read-only though.16:07
thrice`yeah, can't write to their new journaled16:07
treachspeaking of which, I find it a bit strange that linux doesn't write to UFS either.. or at least didn't in the past.16:09
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jjpktreach: as in BSD filesystems?16:15
jjpkMust not be a priority, who knows.16:18
RedShiftIIRC linux can write to UFS16:19
treachpresumeably. I suppose it's mostly meant for bsd refugees. ;)16:19
RedShiftbut you need to a pass a weird mount trick16:19
jjpkRight, since the *bsds are "competitors" ;)16:33
treachWell, they should be grateful they have somewhere to run to when their platform becomes un-viable. :>16:40
jjpkThey are not going anywhere.16:41
treachshort term, no, I don't think so.16:41
treachLong term, tbh, I have a hard time seeing *anyone* being able to keep up with the resource pooling linux represents.16:42
RedShifthey guys16:42
RedShiftIn other news, turns it I'm world's second fastest host16:42
treachso, basically, you have no customers? :p16:43
treachjjpk: case in point, see this "open solaris" thing. It's really nothing but a desperate attempt at staying in the game.16:44
RedShifttreach: no, it means my investments are good16:45
treachor that you've overinvested. :>16:45
RedShiftyeah I've wasted loads of money on server and network equipment16:45
RedShiftbut that's just who I am16:45
RedShiftit's either decent or it's not going to happen16:46
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mustmrif uou need to modify a Pkgfile (add/remove options), you just cd to the port directory and modify it?17:17
thrice`yes.  however, the modifications will be removed when you do a "ports -u"17:20
mustmralright, then17:21
thrice`you can keep your own ports in /usr/ports/local (or something similar)17:22
thrice`and copy ones you have modified there so the changes are still around17:22
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