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jahcHi guys, I have a Sam440ep machine here.. I'm wondering if anyone is able to provide me with the beta Crux that can be installed over NFS02:44
jahcAs I understand it, its not quite ready yet, but there have been versions which can be run from an NFS server..02:44
jahcI have to get some sleep (its nearly 10pm here).. if anyone can help me out, an email would be cool! .. thanks guys02:55
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bdfyHi All! I had some problem: can't build xine-lib from port03:44
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LithiumFXHey everyone, I've got a problem with the default pointer icon in Xorg07:22
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treachthat's enlightening.07:35
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LithiumFXtreach, indeed it is07:44
LithiumFXThe cursor looks like a triangle, not the cursor07:44
treachtried switching to some other cursor?07:45
LithiumFXNope, I've not changed my cursor settings, I use Openbox07:46
LithiumFXI've not updated any software either07:46
tilmanwhat does the cursor have to do with openbox/07:46
tilmanls -l ~/.icons/default07:46
tilmanlrwxrwxrwx 1 tilman tilman 11 Sep 14  2006 /home/tilman/.icons/default -> pUbuntu-24/07:46
roliveiraob is great07:47
thrice`eek, outnumbered :P07:47
treachbut dwm>fvwm>>ob. :P07:47
tilmanLithiumFX: grab a cursor theme from gnomelook/kdelook/whutever and set it up like that07:47
treachdon't forget Xcursor.theme Name in .Xdefaults..07:48
tilmani don't have that07:48
LithiumFXWhere are the default X cursors stored07:49
treachI see. Maybe that's not needed if you have .icons/default07:49
tilmanthe default x cursor uses a bitmap font i think07:49
tilmancalled "cursor"07:49
tilmantreach: mmmh, i thought that was the right way :D07:49
treachheh, "all ways leads to rome"..07:50
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treach"now with 500% more working cursor"? :p08:14
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jjpkCursors that change without intervention, that's a first.10:34
treachcursed, I tell ya, they are cursed.10:34
jjpkJekyll uses, Hyde abuses (subsequently blacking out) :D10:35
jjpk"I ain't touch a thing!"10:36
jjpkBetter yet, blame OB.10:36
treachI was rather picturing some suspicious-looking italian guy waving his arms and saying "I did noothing", but then I saw his tld, so I guess that would make people think me being more evil than I actually am.10:45
jjpkI dare say many might already think you are, regardless of origin. ;)10:50
jjpkIt is a pity text is unable to display the subtleties of speech.10:51
jjpkNevertheless you tend to get amusing situations.10:52
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treachindeed. Amusing to others that is. :/11:03
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treachjeez.. some people really have too much time. ->
tilmanquot the website:13:35
tilmannot too flood the channel13:35
tilmantreach: ^13:35
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treach  To this end, I pushed the hardware complexity to what I consider the limits of my hobbyist abilities, and included support for preemptive multitasking and paging to enable me to support a "real"  operating system for my machine.13:39
treachsome hobbyist, eh..13:39
RyoSimpressive.. and frightening13:39
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jjpkYears in the making. Impressive...13:50
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Romsteri hate feeling tired but i had 8 hour sleep20:11
* Romster goes to make a coffee.20:11
Romsterit's really talkitive in here today <_<20:56
jaegerI'm playing Hellgate London :)21:21
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