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pitillogood morning01:21
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Romstersepen, that's alot of lego!09:06
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treachLEGO FTW! :D09:08
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RedShiftlego rules09:09
RedShifttoo bad those new sets have so little blocks09:09
RedShiftall big blocks, there's no fun in building those09:09
treachmmh, catering for the lazy. ._o09:11
treach"better not make those poor kids think, or they'll go to their playstation instead" :/09:11
treachOld time lego was excellent toys. You could be creative with the peices, and if you wanted to build your kit, you got training in reading instructions.09:13
RedShifttreach: true that09:14
RedShiftI still got my lego helicopter with integrated engine09:14
RedShifthold on I'll take some pictures09:15
treachmy mom gave away all my peices. :/09:15
treachI had a whole sack full.09:15
RedShiftman that would have pissed me off09:15
treachWell, I wasn't too happy about it.09:16
RedShiftno shit09:16
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RedShiftIt's uploading09:19
RedShiftI've got some other great lego technics module09:20
RedShiftlike that formula 1 car from 1997 (I think it was 1997)09:20
RedShiftI always like the big models09:20
RedShiftno time for sleep, had to keep on building untill they were finished09:20
RedShiftthe first heli where the little lego guys could sit up straight :D09:22
treachI once built an F14 inspired swing-wing aircraft, from scratch. :)09:25
treachNo pictures of it though, it was in my pre-digital era. :)09:26
RedShiftnice :o09:28
RedShiftI'd love to have seen that09:28
treachit wasn't that great, but it was a nice demo of the fact that you could get pretty creative with the peices.09:28
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Dreamer`how can i fix a footprint mismatch?12:38
Dreamer`it reports new files and refuses to install12:39
teKpkgmk -uf12:39
Dreamer`great, thanks12:39
treachthe manpages for pkgmk and prt-get is even greater12:39
teKis it? *ducks*12:40
treachno, they *are* greater.12:40
treachsorry for the confusion.. :>12:40
teKare they? *ducks*12:40
jjpkYou and your "what ifs" ;)12:47
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