IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-11-07

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pitillogood morning01:27
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Romsterhi pitillo02:38
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tilmanthis looks useful04:13
tilman(the /proc/sys/vm/laptop_mode thing)04:13
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teKtilman: did you see my message about directfb and sudo?04:14
tilmanteK: yes04:15
tilmani think i'll just drop directfb04:15
tilmanor maybe not04:15
teKsplashy needs it and i wanted the tiny bootscreen *rolleyese*04:16
RedShiftblah bootscreens04:17
RedShiftI find those so useless04:17
teKwell if you got the right[tm] Distro there's no time for bootsplash :))04:18
tilmanexactly :p04:19
teKand I certainly meant not-SuSE04:20
teKit's just great seeing the output of dmesg(1) laging because there's a tiny logo on top of the framebuffer console04:20
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namenlosanyone got an idea, why the cvs port is configured with --disable-server?04:44
tilmani think nobody wanted to maintain cvs with the server04:45
rehabdollwho in their right mind would want to run a cvs-server? :)04:56
namenlosif you got ssh access to a server, where git is not installed?04:56
rehabdollbut cvs.. ?04:57
tilmanyou don't need git to be installed on the machine that hosts the repo04:57
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namenlosi do not want to mess around with subversion, and it is simple.04:57
teKand CVS is _uber_evil04:57
namenlostilman: right, just forgot about that...04:58
namenlosanyway i wanted to test git-cvsimport and git-cvsexportcommit...04:58
tilmando they require cvs?04:59
namenlosas far as i know.04:59
namenlosfirst of all i was looking how to setup a testing cvs server, and found out, that the server is disabled...05:00
namenlosand git-cvsimport needs the server option, too, even if i set CVSROOT to a local directory05:02
teKbtw the cvs client-app has to be recompiled, too, iirc. I had an issue there with gentoo..05:02
tilmanteK: recompiled for what?05:03
teKrecompile with right useflags, I don't remember exactlty05:05
tilmani totally get what you're talking about ;D05:05
namenlosto be used with git-cvsimport?05:05
namenlosi don't think so, since it works with the sourceforge cvsserver, too05:05
tilmanteK: please shoot sip a mail re. sudo05:08
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teKtilman: k05:28
tilmani updated directfb btw05:29
tilmanyell if it broke things05:29
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teKkk, thx05:33
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Romsternamenlos, mercurial06:45
namenlosRomster: i don't like python ;)06:46
namenlosand i think both are nearly the same (but git might have more features=06:47
Romstermore features and more headaches06:52
namenlosatm i am happy with git.06:54
namenlosdo you know any examples for your headaches?06:55
treachnamenlos: ask jaeger. :P06:55
treachhe's had plenty of them :D06:55
namenlosbtw can anyone help me with this: google doesn't seem to know anything about that.06:55
namenlostreach: i will.06:56
treachnamenlos: looks like a missing dep..06:56
treachlike libxdamage or something..06:57
namenlosyes, there is xorg-libxdamage, but not listed as dependency...06:58
namenlosi will try that out. thx06:58
tilmanyeah, seems xorg-libxdamage should be a dep06:58
treachnamenlos: xorg-damageproto06:58
pitillonamenlos, I think it's listed, deptree gtk shows it06:59
treachtank:/usr/include% grep -R XDamageNumberEvents *06:59
treachX11/extensions/damagewire.h:#define XDamageNumberEvents         (XDamageNotify + 1)06:59
tilman*proto is a dep of *lib anyway06:59
treachtank:/usr/include% pkginfo -o damagewire.h06:59
treachPackage           File06:59
treachxorg-damageproto  usr/include/X11/extensions/damagewire.h06:59
tilmanso depending on the lib is the right thing06:59
treachtilman: sure, just wanted to get things 100% right.06:59
namenlosyes, xorg-libxdamage is already installed...07:01
tilmanbut -proto isn't?07:02
namenlostilman: yes, this one is installed, too07:03
namenlosi mean xorg-damageproto is installed (without the 'x')07:05
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Romsternamenlos, wtf..07:27
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namenlosRomster: sorry for confusing you... xorg-libxdamage and xorg-damageproto are both installed.07:29
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Romsterconfusing indeed..07:31
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namenlostilman: according to MadCoder on #git it is not possible to push to a host via ssh where ssh is not installed..08:09
teKwhere git ist not installed? ;)08:10
tilmanhe's probably right then08:10
namenlosteK: true ...08:10
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totonutsI need some help with crux and inotify09:40
totonutssetting INOTIFY=y in kernel config doesn't activate inotify support09:41
totonutsso udevd creates trouble09:41
totonutsany ideas please?09:41
pitillototonuts, grep INOTIFY /usr/src/your_kernel_version/.config09:43
totonutspitillo, I'm referring to a problem that occurs after recompiling09:43
totonutscat /proc/config.gz | gunzip | grep INOTIFY09:44
totonuts=> same09:44
thrice`or just zgrep INOTIFY /proc/config.gz09:44
totonutsah didn't know that :D09:44
pitillototonuts, check only INOTIGY09:47
totonutsare the extended reiserfs attributes necessary for inotify?09:49
totonutspitillo, what do you mean?09:50
totonutsah not INOTIFY_USER?09:50
pitillodo you have INOTIFY_USER enabled?09:51
sepen<totonuts> cat /proc/config.gz | gunzip09:51
sepenis not the same as 'zcat' ?09:51
totonutssepen, guess so09:51
totonutspitillo, yes I do09:52
sepenthrice`, nice zgrep09:52
totonutspitillo, should I remove?09:53
totonuts(INOTIFY_USER, that is)09:54
pitillototonuts, no09:54
thrice`sepen: :)09:55
sepenthrice`, or $ zless /proc/config.gz10:05
totonutsok problem solved10:07
totonutsthanks folks!10:07
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namenloshm, i think i solved this 'XDamageNumberEvents' problem10:35
namenlosi forced a rebuild of xorg-damageproto and updated it, and now the file is there...10:35
namenlosi got no idea, why it wasn't there from the beginning on.10:36
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namenloshm, i am trying to setup sshd to be launched via inetd, but it seems only to work, if i run it through tcpd...11:16
namenlosanyone got an idea, why?11:16
RedShiftnamenlos: why would you want to run sshd via inetd?11:17
namenlosso it doesn't run all the time.11:18
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treach namenlos; ssh             stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/tcpd  sshd -i works for me.11:26
namenlostreach: i got the same. but i was curious about the tcpd.11:27
namenlosand it works here, too11:27
treachI don't know why... I was able to connect from *nix hosts without tcp, but not from windows host iirc,11:28
treachI have no idea why, I just found out that that's the way it was and then left it at that.11:28
treachs tcp/tcpd/11:29
RedShiftI don't see the use of running sshd through inetd11:32
RedShiftin fact, I don't see the use of using inetd at all11:32
RedShiftI've always found it a useless concept11:32
treachwhat's useless about not running stuff when you don't need it?11:34
treachI suppose it's useless not to run samba/nfs/talkd and whatever too, even if you have no use at all for it.11:35
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RedShifttreach: not I was talking about the inetd part11:44
namenlosafaik he, too11:46
namenlosi mean why should i have a sshd running all the time, if i only connect to my server once a day?11:46
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treachROFL ;D20:05
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* Romster attacks kde4 some more20:49
Romstertreach, you doing much on kde4 ?20:50
treachnope, been busy. Also that boost error was somthing of a showstopper20:50
Romsterhmm on 2.4 but kde4 should work on 2.320:51
treachmy system doesn't like 2.3 :/20:51
Romsterany chance of pastbining the compile log or is it a one line error you can paste here.20:51
Romsterthat's a suprise.20:51
Romsterah maybe the install cd dosn't have the drivers you needed.20:52
Romsterenabled or too old of a kernel.20:52
treachsorry, I'm busy right now, and I should soon go to bed. I'll have a look at it when I wake up again.20:52
treachno the problem isn't to get 2.3 installed20:52
Romsterok no rush in the mean time i'm sorting out dependency hell.20:52
treachthe problem is to keep it running in a stable way20:53
Romsteroh, be interested as to what whas causing your system to be unstable on 2.320:53
Romsterbut chat to you when you arn't busy.20:54
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