IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-11-09

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pitillogood morning00:59
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pitillois there a channel related to crux-arm?04:21
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sepenany tester here!? for portdb-search command line tool?05:05
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roliveir1is there a timeline to release CRUX 2.4?05:31
rehabdollnext few months perhaps05:31
rehabdolli would guess05:32
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pitilloroliveir1, are you the packager of pcmanfm? One comment about it, take a look to footprint and see the locales, may be it's a good idea to remove the $PKG/usr/share/locales06:02
roliveir1pitillo: thanks for pointing that out, i will correct that as soon as possible. and maybe remove pcmanfm.desktop too06:05
pitilloroliveir1, well, about the .desktop I prefer to keep it. I think removing the locales can be a good idea to follow the guidelines.06:06
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roliveir1pitillo: ;-)06:07
roliveir1no one keeps  kde ports  for 2.3?06:10
roliveir1rehabdoll: ports/crux-2.2/ kde ?06:15
pitilloRomster, take a look to the port :P06:21
Romsterroliveir1, no idea it's a version out i got later versions here
Romsteri don't know what repo it's in06:22
Romsterstupid server thinsk it's a bin file06:24
pitillobad configuration :P06:24
Romsterwhy can't it be set as a mime/text06:24
Romsterdrives me nuts...06:24
roliveir1i use --disable-nls but it still builds the locales stuff06:25
Romsterchmod 644 th files.06:25
Romsterah then the configure script is crappy..06:25
roliveir1yes i will add rm -rf to the Pkgfile06:26
Romsterso just do as pitillo said, or hack the Makefile with sed/awk/patch06:26
Romsterdont' even need f06:26
Romsterrm -r $PKG/...06:26
Romsteri prefer to edit the Makefile to not install that crap if it's possable.06:27
Romsternot include that directory, like i've done in speex06:27
pitilloRomster, yes, that's better. I thought in the easy and fast solution.06:27
Romstersed -i -e "/^SUBDIRS = /s/doc //" Makefile06:27
roliveir1ok, during the weekend i will update my ports06:28
roliveir1and follow your advices06:29
Romsterjust find what directory it's in and kill it. i admit i take the easy option if the editing of the Makefile is too hard try editing if ya can't then then use Makefile after configure.06:29
Romsteri use the rm option when the first two are too much effort to find.06:29
Romsteri use rm -rf for texinfo stuff as tex may not be installed, but i bet locale files will be installed regardless so no need to force -f06:30
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tilmanso plain athlon64 cpu's don't support linux' acpi thermal zone crap?09:33
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treachmmmh? Where did you get that idea?09:37
tilmani loaded the module, but /proc/acpi/thermal_zone is empty09:37
treachk, strange. AFAIK it should work..09:37
tilmanlet's see what the super io chip tells me09:38
treachhm, it's empty here as well.09:38
treachbut I still get temperature readings. :&09:38
tilmanmodprobe hwmon it8709:38
tilman-> /sys/class/hwmon/hwmon0/device/temp?_input09:38
tilmanseems to be degree celsius * 100009:39
tilmanat least those values would fit ;)09:39
tilmantreach: i had to fuck around in the bios to actually make this POS work, so it's possible i disabled some acpi settings09:39
tilmannot funny09:40
treachsecond hand stuff? ;)09:40
tilmana bios upgrade might solve this crazy situation09:40
tilmanbut i don't trust the flash utility they put in the bios09:40
tilmanso that will have to wait a bit09:41
treachok, sorry, I got that impression because you said "plain athlon64"09:41
tilmani meant "plain" as in "not mobile edition"09:42
tilmanit's an athlon64 x209:42
pitillotilman, 2.6.22.x ?09:42
treachI took it for "pre dualcore".09:42
tilmani'm running 2.4 test109:42
treachtilman: what mainboard?09:42
tilmangigabyte ga-m56s-s309:42
pitilloI don't tried 2.6.23 yet... in 2.6.22 there isn't thermal zone too09:43
* treach has a lookie09:43
tilmantreach: you got a x2, too, no?09:43
tilmani believe the ACPI stuff should be independent from the superio chip that the board uses09:43
tilmanso the type of the board should not matter (?)09:43
treachsure, I was just curious since you didn't trust the bios flash utility09:44
pitillotilman, do you have the thermal zone in 2.6.22?09:44
treachtilman: it worked beautifully on my asus.09:44
sepenpitillo, that? $ zgrep -i thermal /proc/config.gz09:44
tilmanP4? probably not :P09:45
pitillosepen, here I have kernel support, but it's empty too09:45
tilmanpitillo: didn't try yet09:45
sepenyeah! thats my kernel09:45
tilmantreach: you went with an nforce4 board, iirc?09:45
tilmanwhich model?09:45
pitilloI asked ere and treach help me too, but I discover that was related to the kernel version09:45
treachyeah. M2N.09:45
treachtilman: seems like a bit of a mistake now though. :/09:45
pitilloin E the temp modules doesn't work by that reason, thermal_zone dir is empty09:46
pitillosepen, wich kernel version are you using?09:46
tilmanpitillo: btw, tampoco => either09:46
tilmani'll mess with the kernel tomorrow or so09:47
tilmancan't reboot atm09:47
pitillotilman, thank you for that translation, I always use it bad (neither :)09:47
tilmancool, sim city will be GPLd09:48
pitillowell, if you find an answer and I am in wrong about the kernel version, I hope you can tell me I that I am in wrong and solve my case too :)09:48
sepenyeah tilman por olpc project09:48
tilmanpitillo: so you've got a athlon64 x2 as well?09:48
pitillotilman, nop09:48
sepenolpc: One Laptop per Child09:48
pitillotilman, with a XP got the same, but loading and older version (2.6.20) runs without problems09:49
pitilloI was looking for a solution, but by now, the only I found is using 2.6.20 in my case09:50
tilmanX86_MCE_P4THERMAL is entirely unrelated anyway09:52
tilmanmce -> machine check exception09:52
treach"Microsoft Certified Engineer" ;)09:53
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sepenjaeger, ping09:59
treachtilman: do you have to use "noapic" to get your system running reliably?09:59
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tilmantreach: i think i'm using acpi10:00
* treach wonders what he's using instead..10:00
tilmani had to force the multiplier for hypertransport->northbridge to 1x10:00
tilmanwhich was in a hidden menu10:00
treachhm.. ok.10:00
tilmanand undocumented10:00
tilmangigabyte ftw10:00
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* treach strongly dislikes the squeaking noises emerging from his hd..10:05
* tilman reads conky code to find out where teh data lurks10:05
Roomstertreach, when ya hear it making a crunching noise then you know!10:06
treachyeah, but it's not there - yet10:06
tilmanthe sound my samsung makes when it's writing is a bit ugly, too10:06
Roomsterhow old is it?10:07
treach2 years I think10:07
treachit's already been replaced under warranty once though. :/10:07
Roomsteri notice mine does alot of track changes for about 30 seconds every once in awhile, like relaly going at it over the whole disk, fragmenation is around 11% so i dunno.. maybe soem indexing stuff.10:08
Roomsterbetter have backups just in case.10:08
tilmanbtw, is there any point to powernowd or cpufreqd now that there's a variety of freq. governors in the kernel?10:08
treachmmh, mirroring works pretty nicely10:09
Roomsteri miss them old MFM sounding diskdrives.10:09
treachtilman: not that I know.10:09
Roomsteror that.10:09
tilmanthought so10:09
tilmanthe conservative governor does a good job on the notebook here10:09
Roomsteruserspace tools if you wanna tray dynamic or let the kernel handle it i guess.10:09
treachbtw, since I need to replace this sucky seagate, anyone who can recommend anything?10:10
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treachRelibility > performance10:10
Roomsteri've had a good run on wd10:10
tilmantreach: samsung is said to be good10:10
treachok. I'll have a look at that.10:10
tilmani was happy with my seagates in the past10:10
tilman(barracudas from 2001 and 2003 or so)10:11
treachI've had 4 Seagates failing on me relatively recently10:11
treach(Maybe I'm just hard on them)10:11
tilmantreach: avoid maxtor10:11
Roomstersame model?10:11
treachRoomster: more or less10:12
tilmanthose died for me a lot10:12
treachtilman: yeah, I've heard bad things about them. :)10:12
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treachtilman: btw, "ondemand" is usually recommended rather than "conservative" for laptops.10:27
treachtilman: if you feel like it you can try "powertop" from my repo on your laptop.10:28
tilmani actually used it before10:29
treachoh, ok10:30
tilmani think i felt that conservative was better because it strained the battery less10:30
tilmani mean that's what i understood from the documentation in the kernel10:30
treachI see.10:30
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treachhmm. MP-BIOS bug:8254 timer not connected to IO-APIC. Kernel panic, IO-APIC + timer doesn't work. :/10:51
treachgrr. Idiots.10:58
* Romster raises an eyebrow11:01
treachASUS compiled the dsdt with microsofts crap, rather than using then intel stuff.11:03
treachthat's why I have problems. :/11:03
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treachmh,. alternative fix.. brb11:15
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crazyhorsany powerpc guys here?11:46
rehabdolli think they have their own channel11:49
crazyhorsi c11:50
Romster#crux-ppc maybe?12:00
Romstermaybe we can answer your question though.12:01
Romsteri said /maybe/ treach :P12:03
crazyhorswell i am trying to boot from a usb dvd drive12:04
crazyhorson a mac mini12:04
crazyhors(internal dvd drive is hooped)12:05
treachyay, crux on a mac. someone post the macibans. :D12:07
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Romstercrazyhors, let me guess it don't work... and that the kernel config on the install cd they use dosn't have usb dvd support enabled in the kernel?12:20
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treach"Tilan" :)13:04
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treachheh "sudo pkgmk -d -u  1385.23s user 87.11s system 157% cpu 15:36.61 total"15:17
teKit's a monster15:17
teKI did compile it with 400MHz ONCE15:17
treachI did it on a p166 once :D15:18
teKok you win15:18
treachbut that was with "mozilla"15:18
treach32MB ram. it took a while. :D15:18
teKI have 256MB15:19
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teKluxury :P15:19
treachcomparatively, yes. :p15:19
treachI've got 2 GB here15:19
teK256MB should be enough for nearly every usual application+OS etc.15:20
teKbut well.15:20
treachyeah, but it's nice when you can build stuff on a tmpfs. :D15:20
teKI wanted to suggest this, too. You're right.15:20
teKThere's an appliance called RAMSAN or smth.; 4 Gbit-Fibre Channels and up to XXX GB 'disc' space provided by RAM Modules, battery backed for power loss.. now THAT's  really cool15:21
treachyeah, I've seen that somewhere I think.15:22
treachI wish someone chould tell me why I get a huge ass footprint mismatch with firefox though.15:23
teKI got *many* those days, too. Don't know why... I even did a rm -r /usr/ports/*15:24
teKsomeone on the ML should flame people for TOFU15:26
tilmani could do that15:26
tilmanteK: what's TOFU in english, btw?15:26
teKI will have to google15:27
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treachisn't tofu still tofu..?15:28
teK'text oben' .. how to transfer this in english with t.o.? Text On top? ;)15:29
tilman"text on top, full quote under it" would work, but it's obviously crappy english15:29
treach"tex above"?15:29
tilmanA != O15:29
tilmanthe acronym only works in english15:30
tilmanerr, german15:30
treach"text oben, full unter"?15:30
* treach gets confused15:30
tilmantext oben, full quote unten15:30
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treachtilman: think MacLaurin series and polynoms, and Taylor ditto.15:43
tilmanisn't that lambda calculus?15:44
tilmanat least taylor series15:44
treachNo idea.15:44
treachnever heard that name15:44
treachbut it makes sense15:44
jaeger-_Has anyone in here used a Dell PowerVault MD3000i yet?15:45
tilmantreach: lambda calculus is when you examine graphs15:45
tilmanminimal values, maximal values and other crap15:45
tilmanwhat did you mean then? what name did you not hear before?15:46
treach"lambda calculus"15:46
jaeger-_referring to the irc logs, I built mozilla 1.something on a sparc LX once... 64MB RAM, 50MHz15:46
treachtilman: I never heard the name before, but considering "lambda" usually refers to wavelengths etc it kind of makes sense15:47
* teK hands the balls of steel award to jaeger-_ 15:47
treachteK: now that's funny. :D15:47
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jaeger-_I still have that sparc LX under my desk, maybe I should revive crux-sparc3215:47
*** jaeger-_ is now known as jaeger15:47
thrice`that revival may take years on a 50MHz15:47
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jaegerI would do my best to crosscompile15:48
treachteK: today, I read about a assclown tv-host who got her sentence for spraying water on our PM.15:48
treachName of the show? "Balls of steel". :D15:48
teKwhat's 'out PM'?15:48
treachPrime Minister15:48
teKHair-Dissection *sing*15:49
teKwho are 'we'15:49
treachus swedish people.15:49
teKah ok15:50
treachresult: Fine 20 000 SEK.15:50
treach(~2 160 E)15:51
tilmani'm now watching a cooking show15:52
tilmanmostly because i'm too lazy to get up and switch it off15:52
tilmanteK: Kerner o_O15:52
teKtilman: Hagen Rether once said: von einem versifftem Akademiker zum naechsten15:53
teKBut I _do_ love Schubeck! :D15:53
treachGerman cooking show... O.o15:53
* treach takes cover15:53
tilmanthere's like 4 or 5 of them15:53
teKBioleck ;o15:54
tilmanteK: no idea who that is15:54
tilmanbiolek was kind of fun :D15:54
treachI'm afraid I'm terribly biased against german cooking. :D15:54
teKtilman: super kabarettist15:54
teKtreach: ever been to England? *g*15:54
teK+ my girlfriend is german, so beware!15:55
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treachteK: no, not yet. I don't plan to either, btw. :)15:55
treachI should beware?15:55
teKwhat to say about cooking ;)15:55
tilmanenglish food sucks15:55
treachrather, you'd have to take care..15:55
jaegerjust be afraid of the british cooking shows15:56
teKI got fat not sick :>15:56
treachI doubt she would be a danger to me.15:56
treachjaeger: yeah. damn drunks :D15:56
jaegeror scottish, that'd be really scary15:56
treachthat floyd guy was here, the reports said he was drunk most of the time.15:57
tilman"i'm taking the sheep now... and stuffing stuff in there"15:57
tilmanwhee, haggis :D15:57
treachtilman: sounds a bit like newzeeland.. except they skip the stuffing stuff part afaik. :P15:58
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treach"Fried Sheep brains" for breakfast is probably the most gross thing I've ever heard anyone eat for breakfast15:59
treach...welcome to the redundant departement of redundant sentences. :/15:59
tilman(11:33) <   optical> the department of redundancy department16:01
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treachor something. ;)16:06
tilmanteK: kerner akzeptiert wikipedia nicht als dingsquelle ;)16:08
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bdfyHi ALL!!16:12
bdfyI had some problem :(16:12
bdfy# pkgmk -d -i  ... =======> ERROR: Directory '/home/pkgmk/distfiles' not writable.16:13
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jjpk"hi ALL!" and problems. hah :D17:25
treach"does it exist"17:33
treach"Whoups" *zipp*17:34
jjpkI'm sure that problem came about earlier as well.17:36
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treachyeah. It feels familiar17:38
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jjpkThis is great. Updating ports is a nightmare because of poor connectivity.18:09
jjpkThe dreaded "connection reset by peer" shows up too often. :p18:10
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treachmmh. :/18:22
treachthe joys of decentralization. Pro; Small risk you won't be able to get *anything* you need.18:23
treachcon; HUGE risk there will be something you need that is't accessible..18:24
jjpkWhat do you mean by decentralization in this case? :o18:26
treachthe fact that all the sources are scattered all over teh Internets :/18:27
jjpkTrue. Then try to access it from a network that is overloaded with p2p kiddies.18:31
jjpkLooked at what was happening with tcpdump, you can tell bittorrent and other p2p was sucking up everything. :/18:32
jjpkOh yes.18:33
jjpkIf a simple page loads up in 30 seconds, you're having a great day. :D18:33
treachI don't quite get those who continously download tons of crap.18:33
treachI mean, they download stuff way faster than they can watch it.18:34
jjpkThey need their latest fix of tv programs from what I hear.18:34
jjpkMovies has to be another biggie.18:34
treachcan't get enough of stupid tv programs on telly. gotta download teh crap as well :S18:35
treachsure. But seriously, how many movies can you look at..? =|18:35
jjpkDL DL DL DL, watch later.18:36
treachsay two hours / movie, six files that's 12 hours of uninterrupted watching..18:36
treachwho has time for that?18:36
jjpkThere are plenty of slackers here, attending class is not mandatory. ;)18:37
treachwell, even if you don't have to attend class, you still have to get your studies done18:37
treachplus, you still have to eat, sleep, etc.18:37
treachalso, at least imo, if you're doing nothing but that and watch movies you'll get bored to tears sooner or later18:38
jjpkI was surprised to find out that the wealthier families put their children into "full maintenance" dorms.18:38
jjpk500-600 EUR / month and they essentially do everything.18:39
treachincluding homework? ;)18:39
jjpkI'm under the impression that homework easily goes by.18:41
jjpkThe tests account much of your grade.18:42
treachyeah, but you don't usually catch up that fast for the tests..18:43
treachat least not in my world18:43
jjpkMany are not hurried to do much here. There are a few students in the dorm who've been here for 5-6 years still without a bachellor's degree.18:43
jjpkSit back, have a beer (or 10), the usual student life.18:44
jjpkIt all makes you wonder how they put up with it for so long. :p18:46
jjpkor it might be an acute case of 'pappa betalar'18:46
treachheh, might be.18:47
treachstill, small minds are easily satisfied.18:47
jjpkNow that you mention that, you have an excellent point.18:48
jjpk"life's good, no worries"18:48
* treach looks at said point18:48
treachit looks a bit sharp actually18:48
* treach puts a peice of cork on it18:48
treachsafety first. :)18:49
jjpkSafety first. ;)18:49
treach"Two souls, one mind" or how do you usually put it?18:49
jjpkCould be.18:50
treachIn swedish, I had asked you if we were headed for the same party.18:51
jjpkIn Finnish it would roughly be "you must be taking the same path"18:52
treachok. :)18:52
jjpkor way, however it is translated. :p18:53
treachthere's a difference in finland? ;)18:53
* treach takes cover18:54
* jjpk orders an airstrike18:54
jjpkFire in the hole!18:54
jjpkMust have missed the target. ;)18:55
treachRooomster: I guess you've never seen any movies portraying finnish soldiers during WWII18:55
treachIf you had, you'd know what I was getting at18:55
*** Rooomster is now known as Romster18:56
Romsterhad to watch germans....18:56
treachall "roads" seem to be paths, were soldiers transport themselves on bicycles.18:56
Romsteradolf hitler.18:56
treachthat is; the places were they don't have to carry their bikes in a heroical style18:57
treachit's all earth and roots, deep in the woods, all spruce18:58
treachthat's finland. ;)18:58
treachjjpk: you're not up to something vicious, are you? ;)18:59
jjpkNow you'll tell me getting a glass of water is malicious? :D19:02
treachno no, the silence was just getting a tad omnious. :D19:02
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jjpkIndeed those old movies depicting finns at WWII all seem to show the same rough road imagery.19:08
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