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treach"Wine Is Not an Emulator"?07:54
treach...."Lots of bug fixes" ;D07:55
aoni wonder if sweden still has thousands of DPA-1001's in storage like we do :)07:57
tilmantreach: re. reliable hard disks. my 3 day old samsung is dead o_O07:58
treacho_O indeed.07:58
treachAt least I hope it's still under warranty ;)07:59
tilmannow i have to wait another 2 weeks until i'm able to use teh shiny new hardware08:00
treachdid you set up a mirror? Or are you relying on backups only?08:00
tilmanfucking gay (ffs)08:00
tilmani didn't configure raid08:00
treachmishtake. ;)08:00
treachI'm getting a couple of new drives shortly, and then I'll go raid 5.08:01
treachaon: haha, good old "fältapan" :D08:03
treachor as it's also known "Fälttelefonapparat M37" :)08:04
treachAfaik, they are still in use08:04
aoni inspected ~30 dpa's on thursday :)08:06
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treachthat's high tech. ;D08:07
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aonmost faults could be solved by hitting it08:08
treachHere they are referd to as a "Fältapa" - "Field Monkey" - abbreivated from Fälttelefonapparat.08:08
aonor in extreme cases opening the thing and hitting something internally08:08
aonyeah, i figured that out :)08:08
aonbut in general they were in better shape than our own equivalent08:08
treachsure, not so sure if anyone else got that, that's why I explained it08:09
treachwell, they seemed pretty indestructible08:09
treachyou could probably use it as a close combat weapon if you had to. :D08:09
aonthe finnish pute's are better for that, they're heavier08:11
aoncan't find a picture of one of those08:11
treachwell, will they still work afterwards? :P08:11
aondunno, probably08:11
aonthe internals are pretty much the same :)08:12
treachah, ok.08:12
treachprt-get install wine08:25
treach 1014.30s user 68.13s system 187% cpu 9:38.58 total08:25
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tilmanlast paragraph of shred usage text o__O10:09
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jjpkNetsplit season.13:42
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majykI modified the vmware workstation port to create a vmware-player port, is anyone interested in such a port? I have packaged the latest version of vmware-player.14:47
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Romstermorning all17:16
jumalisteit's 1AM here though17:17
Romstergotta love diferent time zones <_<17:21
RedShiftit's midnight here17:22
RedShiftactually 22 past midnight :)17:22
tilmanwe should all live by GMT17:22
jumalistemaybe the world is heading that way17:22
tilmani for one welcome our new GMT overlords17:22
predatorfreakCrazy ass times! It's 6:22PM people!17:22
RedShiftaah the village idiot speaks17:22
predatorfreakRedShift: Village crazy.17:23
predatorfreakGet it right.17:23
RedShiftpredatorfreak: too late, it's burned into my brains village idiot17:23
RedShiftI'll never learn17:23
* predatorfreak burns RedShift's brain17:23
RedShiftmy precious17:23
tilmanno name calling please, RedShift17:23
predatorfreaktilman: I don't mind.17:23
predatorfreakIt's only IRC :)17:24
RedShifttilman: he declared himself the village idiot a few days ago17:24
predatorfreakRedShift: Read the logs.17:24
predatorfreakI declared myself "the local crazy"17:24
RedShiftbut village idiot sounds cooler anyway17:24
* tilman plays a village idiot on idlerpg17:24
tilmanerr, played17:24
RedShiftbut ok I'll try to remember17:24
predatorfreakRedShift: In fact, you unofficially declared me the village idiot!17:25
predatorfreakMy logs prove it :P17:25
RedShiftpredatorfreak: coming from me that's a compliment17:25
RedShiftcherish it, because I don't compliment very often17:25
predatorfreakRedShift: So wait.17:25
predatorfreakDoes that mean that you telling someone they're intelligent is the reverse?17:26
predatorfreakYou're belittling them?17:26
RedShiftcan't remember the last time I called someone intelligent17:26
RedShiftI usually reply with rtfm17:26
predatorfreakRedShift: Hey, I already read the fucking manual!17:27
RedShiftthat was not pointed at you, just a statement17:27
predatorfreakIn fact, first thing I do is read the manpage/docs, then google for 2 hours, then fuck around, THEN ask someone :P17:27
predatorfreakRedShift: and I was joking.17:28
RedShiftit seems the level of discussion has degraded beyond the point that something usefull could come from it17:29
RedShifttherefore I suggest I go to bed17:29
predatorfreakRedShift: Should I start screaming "LOL NOOB!" and degrade it into the same kind of crap I see in games?17:29
RedShiftno thank you17:30
predatorfreakRedShift: Good, good.17:30
Romsterlol village idiot...17:30
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RedShiftRomster: t t, it's village crazy17:31
predatorfreakRomster: ME EAT YOUR BRAINZ!17:31
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* RedShift zzz17:32
predatorfreakRomster: Wait, I just got into your skull...... and there's nothing there!17:32
tilmandoes that make you an insane zombie?17:32
predatorfreaktilman: Close enough.17:32
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predatorfreakRomster: I can only assume you have found some way to harness oxygen to think.17:34
predatorfreakRomster: I demand to know this power!17:34
Romsteryou can be so amusing at times!17:35
tilmanonly at 10 am17:35
predatorfreakRomster: Good to know :P17:35
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