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daivoxIs anyone awake here?00:06
daivoxI noticed there is no x86_64 CRUX yet.00:07
daivoxAnd I was hoping to chat about that for a bit.00:07
daivoxWell, there's one back in 2.1 or so00:09
daivoxbut that's way back in devfs-land and whatnot...00:10
daivoxI tend to experiment and restart X a lot, so I can't lurk here for long waiting for a response.  If anyone here happens to read this and I'm not here anymore, feel free to e-mail me at computersolutions -at- (with a clever subject line).00:13
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Romsterpppoe[1321]: Packet too big!  Check MTU on PPP interface < wtf01:48
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pedjaHm.i get a footprint mismatch with gettext (libgettext{lib,src}.a missing).08:53
jjpkpedja: I get the same mismatch.09:09
jumalisteI don't have those files and I haven't faced any problems yet09:10
jumaliste(I have gettext)09:10
pedjajjpk: is it safe to ignore or what?09:15
jjpkI don't know, I did not update it.09:16
pedjai'll wait for core team to speak up, then :)09:17
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Roomsterpedja, that's safe to ignore that would be static librarys been removed.10:20
Roomstersome things may break if they use the static librarys of gettext, and will neeed to be rebuilt, but i doubt anything would be using static librarys when there are the dynamic *.so librarys.10:21
Roomsteralthough they should fix the footprint.10:21
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Romsterg'night all10:36
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Dreamer`is there a way to run another X server inside a window?11:19
tilmanuse Xephyr or Xnest11:20
Dreamer`thank you11:21
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Toshijoin #gslug20:36
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Romstermy first console is constatly flooded with "fifo_audio_out: audo buffer underflow!"21:06
Romsterand i just noticed i'm in xorg21:07
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