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Sashiso this is based on what? nothing?00:33
Sashiand has ports like BSD?00:33
Sashiwoah the installation is like gentoo too! :P00:37
Romsterbased on BSD init scripts rest is preaty much like LFS but with a ports system.00:52
RomsterSashi, ^00:52
Romsterone important diference we don't use useflags on package installation.00:53
Sashiuseflags can be a pain sometimes00:53
Romsterif a package/port dosn't it your needs you edit the Pkgfile and maybe start your own private repo.00:53
Romstereasier to edit the Pkgfile imo.00:54
RomsterKISS principal.00:54
Sashiwell ill give Crux a try00:56
Romsteryou haev to compile and install a kernel on your own.00:57
Romsteralthough there are some instructions in the manual.00:57
Sashi<< has a gentoo box00:58
Romsterif you got a working system now /proc/config.gz if you have that.00:58
Romstercool you should like crux then.00:58
Romsterwhat de/wm do you use or just console?00:58
Romsterwe have that too i beleave e17 that is.00:59
Sashiscrew CLI lol, i need to watch my videos and stuff01:00
Romsterthought you might be a light desktop type person, i run kde but i've dabbled with others.01:00
SashiKDE is not light01:00
Romsterah xine-ui01:00
Romsteryou'l want.01:00
Romsterope neather is gnome.01:00
Sashignome is lighter than KDE01:01
Sashiand e17 is the "lighest" of all01:01
Sashitheres also flux,ice,window,openbox01:01
Romstergood luck one fine point some ports have pre/post-install files prt-get depinst xorg --installscripts01:01
Romsteroh really.. that's interesting to know01:02
Romsteri've messed with icewm a bit too.01:02
Romsters3d i'm wating on it's in my repo01:02
Sashiwell time to install cya01:02
Romsterpop backin when you are up and running :)01:03
Romsteri'm on 24/7 but not always at my pc, same with alot of people here.01:03
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pitillogood morning01:19
Romsterhi pitillo01:20
Romsterhi namenlos too01:20
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namenloshi Romster ;)02:07
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nipuLis it just me or doesn't crux set DST?02:27
nipuLi rebooted my desktop after god knows how long and the time reverted02:27
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Romsterno idea there would of been a change in locale i think..02:54
Romsterhaven't you got TIMEZONE= set corectly in /etc/rc.conf ?02:54
RomsternipuL, ^02:54
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pitilloanyone had problems with gettext port getting missing files?03:22
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nipuLRoomster: yep04:05
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Romsterthen i dunno some package was updated for DST changes.04:08
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nipuLi guess it's not that important, reboots don't occur that often04:11
pitillois correct that a core/opt port has missing files? (footprint missmatch)04:18
nipuLyeah i got a few footprint mismatches, but i just ignored them04:19
pitillonipuL, but is strange that core ports has missing files...04:21
pitillomay be mistmach footprint with new files... but with missing?04:21
namenlosyou mean the gettext package?04:26
nipuLif you build it with emacs installed you get some new files04:27
pitillonamenlos, yes04:28
namenlospitillo: had some archive files missing, too04:28
pitillonipuL, I got some missing files building gettext port.04:28
nipuLyeah i got that too04:29
pitillowell, then may be filling a bug must be the option.04:29
pitillocan someone verify if there are theses files?  usr/lib/libgettextlib.a , usr/lib/libgettextsrc.a I want to check that it isn't my fault04:33
namenlosiirc that are the files. but wait a minute, i will rebuild again.04:34
pitillonamenlos, ok04:35
namenlospitillo: usr/lib/libgettextlib.a and usr/lib/libgettextsrc.a04:40
namenloswe got the same04:41
namenlosmaybe the maintainer forgot to commit the .footprint file04:41
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pitilloyes, or may be builded with some other package installed, but not sure. I will fill a bug to see if it can be checked. Thank you for your test too :)04:43
* namenlos is fighting with cvs2svn and svnadmin load...04:44
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Romsterpitillo, i answered that *.a files way earlier05:11
Romster*.a is static library safe to ignore as long as *.so dynamic files are present. but the footprint should be fixed, or add --enable-static or remove --disable-static if it is there if you are concerned.05:12
pitilloyes Romster, I understood it but I filled the bug to correct it from the root. Thank you :)05:30
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namenlossubversion is weird07:10
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mxqim cant build the ati drivers from contrib ------->
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mxqi compiled kernel09:51
mxqmaybe i should add symlink somewhere or something09:51
sepenmxq, what version of gcc are you using09:51
sepensame as me09:52
sepenand kernel?09:52
mxq2.6.23.1 without any patches09:52
sepensounds that I need to update my kernel for testing better09:53
pitillomxq, have you followed the steps explained at README fle?09:53
sepenI need some time09:53
mxqpitillo: yes09:53
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namenlosafaik the ati driver is not released for 2.6.2309:56
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namenlosif you are using the propetiary drivers (nvidia and ati) you should be patient with upgrading xorg or the kernel.09:56
mxqnamenlos: you suggest to try with 2.6.22 kernel?09:57
sepencould be the problem, here with runs perfectly09:57
sepenbut ati sucks09:57
namenlosmxq: yes09:57
namenlossepen: nvidia got the same problems09:57
mxqok i will try09:57
sepenthanks namenlos for helpUS09:58
sepennamenlos, but I think nvidia drivers are better than the ati support09:58
namenloswe don't know whether this was the problem.09:58
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sepenmore supported hardware for the same driver09:58
namenlossepen: hopefully it will get better now when they opensourced the drivers09:58
sepenyeah 100%09:59
namenlosbut a friend of mine (who is deeper int this thing) said, that there are still parts missing.09:59
namenlosbut i don't know for sure.09:59
mxqill try with
namenlosinterresting is, that there are already tags for (or something like that) in linus' git tree, but no tarballs for that ;)10:03
sepenmxq, please report results10:06
mxqsepen: ok10:07
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mxqsepen: it work's10:50
sepenohh nice10:50
sependri ?? and aiglx too?10:50
mxqi've heard that ati propertiary drivers wont work with 2.6.23 kernel, but i thought that it was fixed10:51
sepenI the mantainer at contrib and Im not very satisfied with ati10:52
tilmanproprietary drivers suck10:52
tilmanfact of live10:52
sepentilman, but with that last one seems the thing is better10:53
mxqso if i'll switch back to 23 kernel my x will breake?10:53
sepenreally sucks x:)10:54
thrice`mxq: x will work, ati drivers probably not10:55
sepensince they noticed another new driver that fix the problem x|10:55
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mxqsome problems with dri, but i'll wory about it later10:58
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* rehabdoll slaps sepen 12:47
rehabdollmd5sum missmatch on enemy territory12:47
rehabdollbtw, why a .desktop file?12:47
sepennot necessary12:47
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sepenbut I think enemy territory is a desktop oriented port12:48
Romsterseen that, must of got edited look in git12:48
tilmanrehabdoll: use /etc/pkgadd.conf INSTALL hook to ignore .desktop if you don't like them12:48
rehabdolloh, cool12:48
sepenI'll fix md5 file12:49
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jmshello, i have an old Crux 2.0 CD here.. my question is if i can update the 2.0 to the current 2.3, if i install with the 2.0?12:56
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tilmanDevice does not support SMART14:46
tilmanthis is a new disk14:46
tilmanwhat the bleeping fuck!?14:46
RyoSeek. the b word.14:48
teKsaw the news about hdds being shipped with viruses? :)14:48
tilmani think i need to blame my mainboard14:50
tilmangoddamn POS14:50
tilmanNot all current hard drives support SMART. SMART was designed for IDE drives.14:54
tilmancan anyone confirm that? this is an sata drive indeed :)14:55
Romstermy sata dosn't have smart either... wondered why too.14:58
Romsterand it is in 16 bit transfer mode and not 32 bit another concern.14:58
tilmanpitillo pointed me to it15:02
tilmanyou need to use the "-d ata" command line switch15:02
roliveirasmartctl --all /dev/***15:05
tilmanroliveira: it only works for me if i add -d ata15:07
roliveiratilman, ok :)15:11
roliveiramy hd does not support smart also15:12
roliveiraoh sorry, it does support15:12
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clickonceWhat is that dependency-checking ports command called?19:31
mustmrprt-get depends package ?19:47
clickoncethanks, prt-get install is what I wanted :)19:52
thrice`no, prt-get depinst is20:05
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clickoncethanks :)20:11
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clickonceAre there any ports for KDE somewhere?20:50
thrice`yes, an entire kde collection20:51
clickonceGood :)20:51
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Brian|lfsdoes anyone know how to kill frozen virtual consoles in crux I don't see a process associated with them to kill them21:38
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nipuLhave you tried using lsof to find what's connected to the terminal?22:00
clickonceWtf, doesn't work... it puts wget in an endless loop22:01
nipuLyes, their round robin servers are a constant headache22:02
clickonceSo, in affect, ports doesn't work at all...22:02
nipuLno, sf doesnt work22:03
nipuLmost people just override the dns address in /etc/hosts22:03
nipuLeg: dl.sourceforge.net22:03
clickonceYeah, so I did.. that's when I end up in the loop22:03
nipuLwell turn it off then22:04
nipuLor try a different server22:04
Brian|lfshey sorry22:05
Brian|lfsI didn't see you anyone respond to me in the irc room22:05
Brian|lfsI tired lsof with no luck22:05
nipuLwhy do you need to kill the terminal?22:06
nipuLhow many users are there?22:06
Brian|lfsbecuase there froze22:07
Brian|lfsand I want ot keep my good uptime22:07
nipuLdo you _need_ them?22:07
Brian|lfsjust 122:07
Brian|lfsbe nice to have them22:07
Brian|lfsmore curosity22:07
Brian|lfsit would seem that crux doesn't use getty or agetty22:08
Brian|lfsso I'm confused not sure what its using22:08
Brian|lfsalso I have antoher question22:09
Brian|lfshow do I update all my ports22:09
clickonceports -u22:09
Brian|lfsI read the documentation and it says to use prt-get sysup which says there are no updates22:09
clickonceand crux is using agetty22:09
Brian|lfshow can that be if the system has been updated in a few months22:09
clickonceBrian|lfs: that's the system, not the ports22:09
Brian|lfsoh lol22:10
Brian|lfsahh lol22:10
clickonceprt-get sysup will recompile and update your system, not your ports tree22:10
Brian|lfsthat makes sense22:10
clickoncedo ports -u && prt-get sysup and it'll start working22:10
Brian|lfssorry for my ignorance I only did the install on the CD my firend did all the configureing and installing the programs remotely lol22:11
Brian|lfsshes installing away she will be going awhile lol22:16
clickoncemost likely :)22:17
nipuLit would cool if pkgmk would let you define multiple package sources, then i could plug in my package repository at home and let it fall back to my local one22:19
Brian|lfsmy friend and I are looking with lsof we don't see agetty at all22:19
nipuLis the fronzen terminal a tty or a pty?22:20
Brian|lfsit should be a tty its non X22:21
nipuLps aux | grep agetty22:21
nipuLcheck the status codes22:22
nipuLwhich tty is frozen?22:22
Brian|lfsno results22:23
nipuLwhat does /etc/inittab say?22:23
Brian|lfsthe one wihen you hit f1 f2 and f3 are22:23
Brian|lfsbut ps aux don't show22:23
nipuLthe contents of /etc/inittab22:24
clickoncetry "init q"22:24
nipuLyou should have something like c1:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux22:24
clickonceand then "init u"22:24
nipuLbut one for each tty22:25
Brian|lfsno I don't see that22:27
Brian|lfsjsut the one for running the grep command22:28
clickonceBrian|lfs: What does this command give you: "cat /etc/inittab | grep agetty"22:32
Brian|lfswe figured it out22:32
Brian|lfswe did /sbin/agetty 38400 tty2 linux &22:33
Brian|lfs and it restored the consoels we did it to22:33
clickoncejust reload init22:34
nipuLso where are your ttys in inittab?22:35
Brian|lfsit said permission denied when I did a grep on them22:36
Brian|lfsand I"m root22:36
nipuLls -l22:36
Brian|lfsc1:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty1 linux22:37
Brian|lfsc2:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty2 linux22:37
Brian|lfsc3:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty3 linux22:37
Brian|lfsc4:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty4 linux22:37
Brian|lfsc5:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty5 linux22:37
Brian|lfsc6:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 tty6 linux22:37
Brian|lfs#s1:2:respawn:/sbin/agetty 38400 ttyS0 vt10022:37
Brian|lfs my whole inittab22:38
Brian|lfsam I still there22:46
Brian|lfsis there a way I can use use flags on crux?22:59
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nipuLyou're lucky the channels idle23:09
nipuLuse flags on crux == creating a private repo and editing your pkgfiles23:10
nipuLand if you don't like that don't use crux :)23:10
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Brian|lfsI was just curious23:28
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