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pitillogood morning01:26
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Romsternew wine version has a bug01:44
Romsterseems to show resources in the windows.01:45
clickonceRomster: This is #crux or did you read it as #wine?01:46
Romsteri know it's crux yeash...01:47
Romsterjust wondered if anyone else has expeareanced my problem...01:47
clickonceNo, sorry, been using VMware instead of Wine lately.01:47
Romsteror it's just me that has this problem01:47
Romsteractually asking in wine would be an idea.01:48
Romsterbut i might jsut pkgadd -u oldversion01:48
Romsterand wait for the next one to come out.01:48
Romsterclickonce, was it you that made the vmware player prt?02:00
Romsterfrom the server package02:00
Romsteror was that someone else that was here.02:01
clickonceNope, not me.02:01
Romsterso much going on i can't keep track of everything.02:01
Romsterso what do you do clickonce if you don't mind me asking.02:07
Romstercrux user? i've been once since crux 2.102:07
clickonceCrux user since 2.0 :) iirc02:09
clickonceNowadays I only use it as firewall/router since my current work is targeted towards Win32/MSSQL02:10
Romsterah i see02:18
Romsteri have it on my firewall and desktop.02:18
Romsternot a fan of win32 but i'm sure you arn't either but forced to be.02:19
Romsterand last version of wine is doing the same, guess it's time to rebuild wine.02:20
Romstersome update is messing it up i'm figuring.02:20
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Romsterhi onestep mrks sepen02:32
onestephi, Romster02:32
* onestep is setting up L2J server02:33
Romsterhmm whats L2J ?02:36
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sepenhey, morning02:41
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Romsterok wine issue is wrong font it's like it's stuck on dingbats or something..02:58
onestepRomster: Lineage 2 server, written in Java :)03:16
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root____Are crux packages up to date? Rolling release? Small installation core?03:32
onestepactually, all the packages = core :)03:43
onestepeverything else are ports03:44
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Romsterok problem solved.. missing dep.04:42
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roliveirathe users repositories are verified everyday?07:25
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Romsteranyone tryed that patch on the mailing list yet? i redid it so it actually would patch.
onestepRomster, yes10:49
onestepmy xorg-server is built with this patch, everything works without problems10:49
Romsteri haev yet to reboot.10:49
Romsterwell restart xorg that is.10:49
Romstertilman, you should apply this patch, was on the mailing list i just redid it so it would work.10:50
tilmanfalk mailed me about it, too10:51
Romsterah by the ML it looked like it bounced.10:53
Romstershould send it up stream :) if it hasn't already10:54
Romsterand the fact gentoo have it? so it should already be on it's way upstream already or should of been ages ago.10:55
Romster'upstream' = xorg devs10:55
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tilmani think xorg-server 1.4.1 is due soon10:56
tilmanchances are i won't apply the patch until then10:56
tilmanerr, i mean 1.4.1 has the right fix for the bug10:57
Romsterwell i've already patched and updated.10:58
thrice`easy enough to do :)10:58
thrice`maybe stick the patch in, but not update the release # ?10:59
Romsterwhy wasn't there a insert led on keyboards? that always anoyed me.10:59
Romsterthat's an idea. throw the patch in but don't alter the release number.10:59
tilmani think i'll have a sane system to test x on again in a few days10:59
tilmanthen i'll get back to crux issues11:00
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Romsterso if anyone wants the patch they can rebuild it.11:00
thrice`bad crux dev!11:00
Romstertilman, hdd you been wating for?11:00
tilmanthe hdd seems to be okay11:00
tilman*maybe* the problems were because i used sata_nv when the controller was in ahci mode. just a guess though11:01
tilmanatm i'm testing the frigging ram...11:01
thrice`wish I could help...not too bright on hardware myself11:01
tilmani feel a bit uneasy about this drive still11:03
tilmanbut the smart test data came back alright11:03
tilmanand badblocks succeeded11:03
tilmanwhere it would fail horribly, quickly, totally etc before11:03
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Romsterwrong commands from using the wrong driver i guess.11:08
roliveirabad blocks takes a loooooonnggg time to complete11:09
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tilmanroliveira: shred is worse (/dev/random vs /dev/urandom) :D11:11
tilmanone pass of writing from /dev/urandom to a 500gb drive takes rougly 24 hours here i think11:11
Romsterthat's a long time.11:11
Romsterand urandom would use 100% cpu?11:12
roliveirai checked my 320GB and it took more then one had a lot of bad blocks :D11:12
tilmanRomster: yes, shred's performance is cpu-bound11:13
roliveiraits like a cancer..11:13
tilmanat least if you use /dev/urandom11:13
Romsteri see.11:15
tilmanRomster: dd'ing from /dev/urandom to the drive gives me 5 mb/s :D :D11:15
Romsterbe faster using noise from some source digitised.11:17
tilman16 bit per sample, 44.1khz samples -> 44100 * 16 / 8 bytes per second11:21
tilmanthat's 5 mb a minute11:21
tilmanunless i'm forgetting something :P11:21
Romsterah that is what about a video capture card composet in thats i think 7MHz bandwidth iirc11:25
Romsterah must sound cards can do 48Khz11:25
Romster44.1Khz is just more popular because of the audio cd sampling rate.11:26
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clickonceports/opt/libungif says that it should get the files from, though, says that libungif is an invalid project.17:20
clickonceThey have changed the project name on from libungif to giflib :)17:23
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nipuLsweet, got mpd + pitchfork web client running at work now21:45
nipuLjust need to convince the boss to let me put some more speakers in the place21:46
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