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pitillogood morning01:18
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rehabdollsepen, enemy territory still has md5sum issues02:21
rehabdollMISSING   3cb0b454e6239c9f61ee1d60eac0a7aa  enemy-territory.desktop02:21
rehabdollNEW       f837afc4fbb11b911a2c4fd116fd70c2  enemy-territory.desktop02:21
sepenyeah, Im going to update it02:22
sepenrehabdoll, thanks02:22
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sepenI'll register a planet
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Romstermorning all (1am)08:01
pitillomorning Romster08:07
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namenloshm, anyone got problems installing qt4?09:25
namenlossomehow i can't download qt-x11-opensource-src-4.3.2.tar.gz09:25
namenlosthe url should be:
Romsterlook in the Pkgfile there is a mirror use that.09:27
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Romsterthe site worked for me, trench had the same issue and used that mirror.09:28
Romsternamenlos, ^09:28
Romsterfor heavens sake stop using problems installing you keep making me think it's broken! when it's the darn server that's not leting ya download the archive.09:29
namenlosman, sorry. i didn't want to offend you.09:30
Romsterit's ok you arn't the first trnch did the same thing <_<09:31
Romstermade me think the package i spent hours on perfecting was faulty <_<09:31
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Romsterseems there site is unreliable but worked when i built the package09:32
Romstermaybe i should use the mirror permantly.09:33
namenlosi just wanted to suggest that right now...09:33
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Romsternamenlos, does that mirror work ok for you that's listed in the Pkgfile?09:46
Romsterdunno why i never had a issue with the main site and you are the second person to have a issue with that.09:47
namenlosRomster: i was using now
namenlosRomster: haven't tested the chemnitz mirror.09:48
Romsteroh another mirror again..09:49
Romsteri dunno waht mirror to use too bad pkgutils dosn't have a mirror option...09:49
namenlosi just picked one from the qt page...09:49
Romsteri better add a readme about the mirrors.09:49
namenlosimho it can't get worse than the trolltech mirror...09:50
namenloswhy not simply exchange the SRC and wait whether new complains come?09:50
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Romstertilman, dosbox is broken missing library from framebuffer10:29
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telitiHi! Just a question: Is it possible to make 'ports -d' not display packages (installed) which are newer than those who are in ports?12:22
jaegernot really. it only lists differences, it's not concerned with higher or lower versions12:24
telitijaeger: thank you!12:25
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Romsterteliti, only thing that i can think of that comes close is prt-get.conf prefer higher versions12:31
telitiRomster: ahh - thats what I was searching for - thank you!12:32
Romsterteliti, have you bumped a few ports yourself?12:33
Romsterwhat ports and you got them in a repo or jsut prt-get edit them?12:34
Romsteri'm starting to keep bumped and modifyed ports in seperate repos on my site.12:34
telitiIve edited them manually ... (and collected them in a private repo)12:35
Romsterah is the repo on portsdb?12:35
telitino, not yet ... Its still a little repo, I'm new to crux (some hours now) and I was searching for some additional software and bumped up some ports too (because xorg was out of date)12:36
telitiIf its finished I will tell you!12:37
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Romsteryeah tell me about it...12:39
Romsterteliti, ah neat..12:39
teliti .-) there are not much enough? hehe12:39
Romsterteliti, some xorg out of date O_o12:40
Romsterxorg-server has a patch for keyboard leds have you done that?12:40
telitiI'm still downloading Mesa ... I have ISDN only *argh* hahaha12:41
Romsterwould like to know what's out of date <_<12:41
Romsteri'm only on DSL12:41
Romsterhmm updating mesa could be risky..12:41
* teliti has max. 11,4 kb/s12:41
Romsteras in breaking stuff.12:41
Romsteryou too far away for ADSL?12:42
Romstershould look into wifi?12:42
telitiwell, it seems that the biggest university in german cant effort a better connection for their students ... its cruel - fools!12:42
teKLudwig Maximilian Uni. (Munich)12:43
teKor where are you12:44
teKwho many students do you have12:44
telitisorry, I dont know ... Ill tell you when Ive builded firefox hehe :-)12:44
telitiRomster: regex are a pain! hehe12:45
teKs/builded/built/ (ha!)12:45
Romsterit used to be i'm getting better at it.12:45
Romsterteliti, just look though Pkgfiles there got alot of sed regex's in them :)12:46
telitiohh dear ... its almost midnight .-) ...12:46
Romsternearly 6am here.12:46
teKyou're not a rael student ;)12:46
Romsterin Australia12:46
teKit's 20pm in Germany12:46
telitiwell, its 8pm here, but ... I feel like if it was midnight12:46
Romsterreal students stay up late :P12:46
* teliti got old ...12:47
teK20pm... omg12:47
teKdon't listen to me12:47
telitithere are still 11 min left!12:47
telititeK: your typing is a charme :-)12:47
jaeger20pm, I like it12:48
RomsterteK, rofl12:48
jaegeranyone know if gnutls 2.0.x is compatible with 1.6.x?12:48
Romsterno idea read the changlog?12:49
Romsteris 2.0.3 even stable?12:50
telitiahh, xorg-libxdamage is missing as dependency of mesa in the crux64_x86 repo12:50
jaegerthat's what I'm trying to find out12:51
Romsterteliti, oh you are on x86_6412:52
teliticrux is everywhere ... :-))12:52
Romsterwhich 64bit one you using hans or nipuL's?12:52
telitiok, almost ...12:52
Romsterwell i know of ppc 2 lots of 64 bit.12:53
telitisince now hans ... is there a like to nipuL's one?12:53
Romsterthis one and hmm wasn't there a bsd one think the other han does as add on ports for bsd.12:53
telitis/like/link ...12:53
telitiargh ... I should go to bed12:53
Romsterjaeger, hmm new stable relase 2.0.312:56
jaegeryeah, that's why I'm looking for more info12:57
Romsterjaeger, by what i read version 2.x.x is compatable.12:57
jaegerfrom the release announcements I can't see any incompatibility problems12:58
jaegergonna build it here and see how it goes12:58
Romster1.7.x got bumped to 2.0.x12:58
Romsteryeah i jsut had a browse12:58
Romsterit's one of them realse a version 2 after the beta test was done on 1.7.x and 2.x being stable.12:59
Romsterthen minor bugs fixed from 2.0.0 -> 2.0.312:59
Romstertha'ts what i beleave from looking.12:59
jaegerso it seems13:01
Romsteroftern wondered whats diferent from gnupg and gnutls13:01
Romstergnupg just does a hash kind of thing while gnutls does a ssh kind of layer?13:02
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Romsteri sware i'm gonna make a alias for git ci to git commit13:03
Romsteris driving me nuts.. i keep trying to use git ci13:03
jaegergnupg is intended to be a free replacement for pgp... gnutls is a different intent, a library that provides security over a reliable transport layer13:03
Romsterso gnutls is jsut a diferent protocol to openssl ?13:04
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jaegerI suppose so13:05
Romsteronly ting i see using gnutls is libsoup13:07
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Romstertoo bad it wasn't a password ;P13:08
Romsterprt-cache dependent --all gnutls13:08
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telitiIs there a good alternative to burn cdrom/dvd to cdrtools?13:16
mwansamorning all :). i have been absent getting a few ms certs. whats the info on 2.4 realesed yet? or should i just fall use jaegers iso ?13:21
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Romsterteliti, why?13:25
telitiRomster: well, I'm just asking ...13:25
Romsteri have a modifyed port that has a chmod/chown for cdrecord.13:26
Romsterso it works as a normal user.13:26
Romsterthere is cdrkit13:26
telitihmmm, thx, Im gonna have a look at!13:26
Romsterbut eh i was using that then i went back to cdrecord13:26
jaegermwansa: there's a test 2.4 iso but no official release yet.13:27
Romsteryeah he is on hans 64bit i beleave jaeger13:27
telitiright you are! Ill have a look at it later13:28
mwansaah thanks :D, ill mess around with it later13:28
telitihmmm, does hans also build a test-iso for 2.4? I couldnt see anything except 2.3.5 - but ssmtp doesnt work with it anymore13:29
teKhan's -> han (btw)13:30
* teliti becomes red ... opps, sorry13:31
tilmanteK: this is about hans mayer, not han boetes i think13:32
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jaegerHannes Mayer, isn't it?13:33
telitiright .-)13:34
tilmanoh, sorry13:35
* teliti notes he's new at curx (8h now) ... 13:35
telitiargh ... ok, I will have some sleep, this is horrable !13:35
teKdamn it13:35
teKfor today my mouth is closed.13:36
* teliti waves and bows!13:36
teliticu tomorrow!13:36
teKthe germans strike again :D13:36
Romsteryes han's mayer13:36
teKgute Nacht ;)13:36
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tilmanRomster: FFS, jaeger just said it!13:36
Romsteryeah after i read i notice..13:37
Romstertilman, ddi you get that dosbox is broken i never got confirmination you'd look at that.13:38
tilmanyes, i read it13:38
Romsterk thanks13:38
Romstermaybejsut a symlink would do i was looking for a way to make it use but i failed.13:39
Romsterdon't even know if it's compatable to the newer lib or not, might have to use the old lib with it still, installed along side the new one.13:40
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tilmanRomster: dosbox builds nicely here14:16
Romsterbuilds nicely but run it..14:16
Romsterjsut sue 'dosbox'14:17
Romsterit'll say missing lib14:17
Romsterjust use*14:17
tilmancan you paste your error somewhere?14:18
Romster2 lines14:21
Romster$ dosbox14:22
Romsterdosbox: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:22
thrice`it's been rebuilt since a directfb update?14:22
tilmanpkCONFIG: Using default settings. Create a configfile to change them14:22
tilmanALSA lib seq_hw.c:457:(snd_seq_hw_open) open /dev/snd/seq failed: No such file or directory14:22
Romsteri have rebuilt it14:22
tilmanALSA:Can't open sequencer14:22
tilmanMIDI:Opened device:none14:22
tilmanRomster: is directfb installed?14:22
Romsterof course...14:23
Romster$ pkginfo -i |grep directfb     directfb 1.1.0-114:23
tilmantry to rebuild dosbox, just for fun14:24
thrice`stupid question, but did you update to re-compiled dosbox after pkgmk'ing it?14:24
tilmanthrice`: that's my guess, too14:24
Romsteri used prt-get update -fr dosbox14:25
thrice`i always do pkgmk but forget to update afterwards :-)14:25
Romsteri'll try again..14:25
Romstersame error14:26
Romsterccache had the objects so it didn't take long to rebuild.14:26
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nipuLi just put my ccache dir in /dev/shm19:18
nipuLalso build in /dev/shm...zoom!19:19
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RoomsternipuL, wicked.19:57
RoomsternipuL, but how mow much ram have you got for it?19:58
Roomsterd/mow //19:58
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nipuLi have 2gb and set shm to 2gb20:30
nipuLi'd like to up it to 4 though20:31
jaegerI used to have PKGMK_WORK_DIR in shm but burned up some RAM :/20:33
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nipuLhow would compiling in memory kill ram?20:43
jaegermay be unrelated but that machine's RAM went bad20:45
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jaegerI just haven't set it up on any other machines20:46
nipuLugh, stupid woman, i'm only charging AU$132 for a data recovery and she thinks it's too much20:47
nipuLwait till i tell her her hard drives faulty20:47
jaegerseems like most people think it's too much if they have to pay at all20:48
nipuLheh, i should have charged her the total time i spent on it so far20:49
nipuLthat would shut her up20:50
nipuLbut that said ccache in shm is very nice20:50
jaegerI bet20:52
nipuL53.99user 10.47system 1:10.38elapsed 91%CPU20:55
nipuL38.53user 9.44system 0:49.53elapsed 96%CPU20:55
nipuLi might try a diskbased build20:56
nipuLquiet day at work20:56
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nipuLweird, it was faster off the disk, but got not speed improvement from ccache21:05
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RoomsternipuL, hmm21:38
Roomsterhope you realise ccache does nothing but store on the first run <<21:39
Roomsteri was thinking of shared ram over distrbuted computers21:41
Roomsteron gigabit lan.21:41
Roomsterjaeger, only way you'd burn out ram is if you over voltaged it and/or overclock it and it got too hot as you didn't have a heatsink on it.21:50
jaegernone of the 321:51
jaegerit literally burned out, even smelled like it21:52
jaegerbad batch, perhaps, not much heat in the rest of the case21:53
jaegerit's only happened once in all the RAM I've owned, so probably just a fluke :)21:53
Roomstermust of been below spec memory chips i guess.21:53
nipuLi've had a psu short out against the case, there was a big scortch mark21:54
Roomsterwas gonna say that would be a very rare thing to happen.21:54
nipuLit took out all my ram and both hard drives21:54
Roomsterbut left the rest of the stuff ok?21:54
Roomstersuprised it didn't fry the mobo too21:54
nipuLgo figure21:55
nipuLelectricty is a funny thing21:55
nipuLi still have one of the hard drives, just waiting for one to show up at work so i can rip the controller card off it21:57
Roomsterand recover the contents.22:00
Roomsteras long as the heads and motor didn't get fryed too.22:00
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