IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-11-15

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pitillogood morning01:21
* Romster goes to make a coffee01:39
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j^2very pretty :D11:17
sepenjdolan, quake2world?11:18
jdolanyep, that's the first proper q2w map11:18
jdolantaking advantage of the engine's features and performance.  previously we've been running on mostly legacy q2 levels.11:18
jdolanbut, as you can see, that doesn't look much like q2 :)11:19
sepenyeah! congrats for your job, seems really pretty11:19
sepenpitillo, discovered me the game11:20
jdolanah cool, yea he's a regular in our irc channel.11:20
jdolanaltho he doesn't play with us too often :[11:20
sepenhe plays true-combat often11:21
jdolanwe're in #quetoo if you feel like idling.11:21
sepenand me some times11:21
jdolanah cool.11:21
sepenohh nice11:21
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tilmanjaeger: on 2.4, alsa-driver 0.14 doesn't build. 0.15 does compile,  but it conflicts with alsa headers owned by glibc :(12:04
jaegerI plan to remove alsa-driver with 2.412:06
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tilmani seriously start to wonder whether my mainboard is broken12:23
tilman/lib/udev/usb_id is segfaulting when i boot with a mouse attached12:24
tilmanmy soundcard has issues with being probed12:24
tilmanwhat's next?12:24
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mxqcheck if any rats are eating your board12:32
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tilmananyone around with a mcp65 aka nforce560 board?14:15
jaegernot I14:17
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tilmanit *must* be broken14:50
tilmani almost want to slap a fucking windows on this POS to see how it copes with it14:50
tilmani've got one dvd drive and one dvd writer connected to the one and only ide channel14:50
tilmanand it's detecting just /dev/hdb14:50
tilmanejecting /dev/hdb -> first drive opens14:51
tilmanejecting /dev/hdb -> second drive opens14:51
tilmanwhat the fucking fuck14:51
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tilmancan anyone nuke maro's ports from contrib?15:18
tilmanhe resigned like 3 months ago15:18
tilmann/m, i'll ask romster to do it15:21
nipuLno ones going to adopt his ports?15:22
tilmanromster might :D15:23
nipuLjust grepped his ports, as long as mpd is adopted i'm happy15:24
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nipuLyay, was fighting with xcb locking assertions yesterday, wake up and there's a new version of libxcb15:28
thrice`Romster seems to own contrib, basically15:29
thrice`reminds me of han :P15:29
nipuLyhafari's repo is bigger i think15:29
RyoSyhafaris repo is DENGEROUS15:30
nipuLso was han's15:30
RyoShans repo is working fine here with contrib15:30
nipuLwhat about all the gzipped footprints15:31
thrice`han's shouldn't be in contrib15:31
nipuLbah, still getting locking assertions15:34
RyoSnot that i would care if its in contrib or not.. i think hes doing a good job, my two pennies on that topic. but yhafaris repo fucked my system up once and i'll never use it again..15:34
sepenthe same here15:35
nipuLnever use a private repo without auditing the ports first...LESSON LEARNED15:35
RyoSnipuL: pwn ololo15:35
thrice`well, some.  I trust some :)15:35
thrice`(not including my own)15:35
tilmanthat reminds me15:36
tilmani wanted to send some blurb re. libxcb 1.115:36
tilmanyou now need to set $XCB_SLOPPY_ASSERTS=1 (or so) to diasble them15:37
tilmanthis pisses me off so much15:37
nipuLi'll give it a go15:37
nipuLwhy not just fix it15:37
tilmantell that sun15:38
tilmanthey've known about that bug in their frigging jre for what, a year?15:38
nipuLno joy15:38
tilmanand it's still not fixed15:38
nipuLatleast it gives a back trace now15:40
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tilmanoh man16:29
tilmanthere's a possibility that the card doesn't work in the board because of different pci standard crapage16:29
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Romstertilman, what O_o17:05
Romsterisn't it like pci version 2.1 or something?17:06
tilmanRomster: i've got a soundblaster live 1024, from 200117:06
tilmanand it just doesn't work in this am2 board17:06
tilmansome guy on the gigabyte forum suggested it might be a signalling voltage problem17:06
tilman3.3v vs 5v17:06
tilmanthey don't even include the version of the pci standard they are supporting in the frigging tech specs17:10
Romsterthrice`, heh nah i don't own contrib jsut i'm very active, someone has to keep things working or theyu go stale..17:11
tilmanRomster: speaking of contrib. may i ask you to remove (or adopt, if you're interested) maro's ports?17:13
tilmanhe resigned some months ago17:14
Romsteri got a sound blaster 6 bit version 1.5 i tink it was they made a v1 v1.5 anv v2 i beleave, also got a sb16 before the crap awe32 came out.17:15
Romstersure i'll go though them, i wasn't aware he resigned.17:15
Romsterseems i'm doing a fairly good job keeping stuff maintained?17:16
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pitilloI think so17:17
tilmani think i'll grab a knoppix cd17:19
tilmanand see whether it can handle the card :/17:19
Romstertilman, your mobo dosn't sound healthy...17:19
Romstertryed it in another pci slot?17:19
tilmanyeah, tried four different slots17:19
tilmanout of 5 i think17:19
Romsteryou got bios set to let system assign IRQ's?17:20
pitilloaren't interestings options at bios about pci slots?17:20
tilmanRomster: yes17:20
tilmanpitillo: no :(17:21
Romsteri cna't think of mch else17:21
Romstergah bad typing.17:21
Romstertilman, which are marios ports i greped mario nothing.17:23
tilman"Mark Rosenstand"17:24
tilmanmaro, not mario :D17:24
Romsterah rofl..17:24
Romsterah i did take quite a few over of his thought he or others would addopt the rest.17:25
tilmanno worries17:26
Romster13 ports left i'll go though and either take up or drop the,17:27
RomsternipuL, shush, too many games <_<17:27
RomsternipuL, hows your 64 bit crux going btw?17:27
nipuLjust take mpd, i would but i'm not a contrib contributer17:27
Romsterseems everyone i've seen here is using han's version?17:28
nipuLive been running 64bit for months now, the only thing stopping me from doing a release is trying to find an elegant multiarch solution17:28
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RomsterSimon Glo├čner is maintaining mpd17:29
tilmanhan is totally not involved in any 64 bit linux17:29
Romsterhannes then..17:29
nipuLRomster: hannes version is pure 6417:29
nipuLmine is multilib17:29
nipuLso i get to play games, use flash etc17:29
Romsterah is it /lib and /lib32 ?17:30
nipuLhannes version would be more suited to servers17:30
nipuLwhere as mine is more desktop friendly17:30
Romsteri see..17:30
Romsteri would prefer yours being backwards compatable for some 32 bit apps.17:30
nipuLi'd like to get a few more things working too such as 32bit jre for firefox plugin17:31
nipuLbut that's not overly important17:31
Romsterah i'd help more but i don't have 64bit desktop yet.17:32
Romsterbut i intend too.17:32
nipuLwell next upgrade you won't have a choice17:32
nipuLgood luck trying to find a 32bit x86 cpu these days17:32
nipuLwell, new that is17:33
nipuLto get a release i'll either need to hack prt-get or write a new alternative that handles multiarch ports17:33
Romstereither be a dual or a quad core.17:33
Romsteri so use alot of fpu so that better be good on them new cpu's17:34
nipuLand i don't have much time or patience to play with c++ often17:34
Romsterheh c++ is a real mess if you ask me.17:35
nipuLi find it easier to grok perl17:35
* Romster quivers.17:36
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nipuLanother quiet day at work, been here for an hour and no one's come in yet17:43
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RomsternipuL, guess you could mess with linux stuff or something to make it look like you're busy17:56
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rehabdolldamnit, now i got another urge to buy hardware i dont really need18:09
rehabdollbut quad cores are just soo much cooler than dual :(18:11
rehabdollah, screw it. might just as well surrender and move on18:11
Romsterbuy a quad and sell the dual no problem rehabdoll .18:13
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rehabdolldone! off to bed, i bet ill kick myself tomorrow :(18:18
Romsterthen again be in awe with the power of a quad core.18:22
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nipuLRomster: i don't have to look busy today, i'm here on my own18:53
nipuLjust sitting at the POS with psytrance blaring out of the workshop18:54
RomsternipuL, sweet18:56
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