IRC Logs for #crux Friday, 2007-11-16

*** pitillo has joined #crux00:00
pitillogood morning00:59
Romsterevening <_<00:59
jaegergood morning01:00
Romsterhi jaeger01:01
Romsterslowly fixing up old ports in contrib.01:01
Romsteras tilman pointed out.01:01
Romstersome days i sware i'm the only one doing anything in contrib then i see sepen and one or two others that keep there stuff upto date.01:02
pitilloI think the most active in contrib are you Romster. Sepen has a few ports in contrib too, but less than you01:03
pitilloI think you are doing a great job (lot of ports maintained and well done too). Keep it in that way :)01:04
Romsteri still think quality over quantity.01:04
pitilloyou keep both... :P01:04
Romsterck4up helps alot to keep me informed of most updates.01:04
*** namenlos has joined #crux01:04
jaegerI have a few in contrib but not many01:05
Romsteri don't wanna become like han or yhafri though.01:05
jaegerneed to clean a bit, like gl-select-x11r7 can go01:06
Romsteryeah i seen a few, why are they in contrib and not opt jaeger ?01:06
jaegerdidn't seem necessary to put them in opt01:06
Romsteri'm still seeing traces of x11 stuff that i'm clearing out and changing to xorg01:06
pitilloRomster, I think you are you... han did a great job IMO. About yhafri's ports.... Like someone said yesterday, I breaked my system with one of his ports, now I don't touch his repo01:07
Romsteri had the dreaded libiconv at one stage, very nasty01:07
pitillobut really was my fault using a private repo without reading his ports first01:07
Romsterfrom his repo.01:08
Romsterand i even had it in my repo...01:08
pitilloRomster, like me... The only way to solve that was updating to a new version removing the old crux01:08
Romsteruntill i nuked it and recompiled my entire system to kill it01:08
RyoSme too! XD01:08
Romsterah i kept the same crux but i had to recompile everything wasn't fun and then to clean out *.la files too.01:09
Romsterjsut grep *.la files for libiconv and rebuild any that had it.01:09
Romsteri think it's safe to say about 50% here got bitten by that.01:10
Romstermy private repo might be a bit out of date but i'm working on that, it's quite safe <_<01:10
Romsteri always make sure my stuff is safe.01:10
Romsterwhen it comes to other repos theres only a few i trust.01:11
Romsterother than the main ones.01:11
Romsterhmm i got a patch i need to make for pkgutils got some things to alter at some stage, wonder if it's worth it as in accepted or it's not worth messing with?01:13
pitillowell, may be sending it to the ML and wait comments from devs can be a good idea01:14
Romster2 new decompression file type and another variation of a archive name Pkgutils misses is one patch i need todo.01:14
Romsterif i could ever mail the ML <_<01:14
Romsterlooks like i'll have to use a bloody web based email address01:14
pitillobut have you tried to send from a gmail avcount for example?01:14
Romsterjust for the ML01:14
Romsterdon't have one.01:14
pitillowell, isn't a bad idea IMO, at least you can post there01:15
pitillomake one Romster xD01:15
Romstermore effort for me when the orgiional problem sould of been fixed years ago.01:16
pitillowell, but if the problem exists, try to find another solution01:16
pitilloat least while the problem is fixing01:16
Romsterlike not use the mailing list and use irc.01:16
pitillowell, I prefer irc too, but ML is still used by people who isn't here by now and they can help a lot too.01:17
Romsterfixing... i haven't even seen an attempt at it being fixed other than a discussion at a meeting, then noting happens.01:17
Romsteri've given up on it ever being fixed.01:18
pitillothen, look for another solution... I think a mail client web based isn't a bad option01:18
Romsterflyspray and irc is all i'll use.01:18
Romsterand maintainers of ports too.01:19
pitillowell, we have the ML too... it's another way to talk and IMO a good one too (for people who isn't here, like cptn and who looks at ML)01:19
pitillo(I think those people read the irc log too, but ML is more readed)01:20
Romsterthere loss since i can't use it without more effort.01:23
Romsterunless you can find me a pop3 one that i can use with thunderbird that works on the ML i'm not gonna bother with a web based one.01:24
pitillobrbrbr.... that's different then01:25
pitillomay be one from SF?01:25
Romsterhmm do they give emails out?01:25
pitilloat least when you start a project... but not sure. I will ask sepen.01:26
Romstermaybe i could host one of my projects there..01:26
Romsterhas anyone here messed with DOM on web sites?01:33
Romsteri got a string generated to use Math.max() but i can't seem to use a var in Math.max(tmp) and tmp=3,4,501:34
Romsterbut if i put Math.max(3,4,5) it works.01:34
Romsterreally anoying me <_<01:34
Romsteri can't just do (x,y,z) as temp gets it's vars from an array.01:35
Romsterand i can't figure out how to even sort or use it as say array[].Math.max() don't work :/01:36
Romsterlooks like i'm stuck to trying if (x < y)01:36
Romsteri'm sure someone here might know the solution to this. and will read it sometime.01:37
*** sers has joined #crux01:38
namenlosRomster: are you takling about java?01:39
RomsterJavaScript DOM01:39
Romsteron a web page.01:40
namenlosah, ok. i am not familliar with javascript..01:40
Romsterdarn, hope someone is.01:41
Romsterweb site making is frustrating01:43
Romsteri'm forever hiting a css limitation.01:43
Romsteri wouldn't use Java when i got other languages i'd rather use.01:47
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*** sepen has joined #crux02:04
Romsternamenlos, ah i found it
Romsteri can't do it the way i wanted too..02:10
Romsterbut that method will do exactly what i wanted.02:10
Romsterhi sepen02:12
sepenhey Romster02:14
Romsterlol neat02:16
Romsterand damn you! you won...02:16
Romstermy point i made yesterday in another channel about 'what dosn't google do' and 'i wouldn't be suprised if google is heading the way of MS'02:25
Romsterget there hands in everything.02:26
sepenits a netcat script alternative to googlefight02:27
Romsterneat thought you'd use curl for that..02:28
Romsterand you haev too much time on your hands <_<02:28
*** mrks has joined #crux02:29
sepenRomster, how much time you need to write that script02:29
* Romster shrugs02:30
sepensurely 3 or 5 minutes02:30
Romsteri've not messed with netcat02:30
Romsterwhat happend to ?02:30
sepenjust a network 'cat'02:30
Romsterwould take me longer since i've nto touched netcat.02:30
Romsterpersumed that.02:30
Romsterintesting command i might have a use for that.02:31
*** mrks_ has quit IRC02:43
sepenalso I had port 'cryptcat'02:44
sepenpfff * I ported02:44
Romsterand finally i got this bit of JavaScript working..02:54
Romster if anyone is intested.02:59
Romsterthanks took me a little time to do.03:06
Romsterhack around a css issue.03:06
Romsterand that max() dosn't work as expected..03:07
RomsterJavaScript DOM needs work done to it too,,03:07
Romsterhmm does cryptcat work on https ?03:11
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namenlosRomster: ah. interesting. but i am not a fan of javascript (this is why i installed the noscript ff extension ;) ). i think in perl you can do it in one line ;)04:03
Romsteryeah but i can't do it in css so only other option is to do it in dom04:04
Romsterjavascript isn't bad in itself, just alot abuse it.04:05
namenlosand i think the ff javascipt engine leaks memory...04:05
namenloscan't image why then firefox uses nearly 200mb ram..04:06
Romsteroh i would n't be suprised.04:06
Romsterah that's not a leak i'm sure thats a memory cache04:06
namenlosand if you don't allow javasciript you cant be attacked with xss...04:06
Romsterto speed up web pages you've visited04:06
Romsteri have noscript to.04:06
Romsterand only allow some sites.04:06
namenlosbut not 200mb of cache.04:07
Romsteri'm sure i can trust my own site <_<04:07
namenlosme, too04:07
namenlosthink so ;)04:07
*** roliveir1 has joined #crux04:09
Romsterah cookie theft to get sessions..04:11
namenlosjust was curious to try it out in perl:04:14
namenlosperl -e '@rand = (5, 6, 3, 6 ,98, 3); @sorted = sort {$a <=> $b} @rand; print $sorted[-1], "\n";'04:14
Romsternamenlos, yeah try in a browser todo that js ^04:14
Romsterand i don't like perl..04:15
namenloswhy not?04:16
Romsterbecause there is wway too much badly writen perl code about,04:18
namenlosyou mean in cpan04:19
namenlosor by users?04:19
Romsterby users.04:20
namenlosok, that might be true04:20
Romsterand that i've messed with python and other languages a little and decided to stick to a select few to learn04:22
prologicanyone know how to use compiz ?04:24
namenlosme too, and i decided to use the language, where i got the imho fastest route to my goal04:24
prologicI've successfully installed jaeger's compiz-fusion ports04:24
prologicI want to use it with xfce4 and get it's zoom feature working04:24
nipuLdo you have ccsm and the plugins installed?04:30
prologicI think so04:36
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nipuLwhat about it isn't working?04:58
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prologicnipuL, ping05:05
prologichow do I get this thing working ?05:08
nipuLin ccsm tick Zoom Desktop in the Accessibility section05:08
nipuLsuper+scroll should zoom in05:09
nipuLsuper = windows key05:09
nipuLor you can change the bindings to whatever you like05:09
prologicyeah done all that05:10
prologicbut my problem is if I run compiz --replace05:10
prologicmy keybaord inputs frreze up05:10
prologicand it goes a bit hay wire05:10
prologicrunning xfce4 here05:10
prologicnot really doing what I expect (not sure what to expect though as I've never used compiz yet)05:10
nipuLworks fine for me05:13
nipuLwhat version are you using?05:13
prologicjaeger's version05:13
prologicok it seems to have run properly now05:13
prologicnone of the hotkeys work though05:13
nipuLi find that sometimes things stop working, i just disable then enable the plugin and it fixes things05:13
prologichow ?05:15
prologicjust run ccsm while compiz is running    ?05:15
prologicbut nothing is working :/05:16
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prologicnipuL, this is bizare05:28
prologicI can't get any compiz feature to work05:28
nipuLmaybe there's some bug using it with xfce05:29
prologicwhat are you using it with ?05:30
prologicyou sure tehre isn't anything else to configure ?05:32
prologicI installed all jaeger's compis-fusion ports05:32
prologicconfigured a few things in ccsm05:32
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* prologic kicks keybaord05:55
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Romsterlol good one..06:06
nipuLyou can't just use any window manager06:07
nipuLyou need to use emerald06:07
nipuLcompiz has an extra layer of abstraction, the window decorator06:07
prologicemerald isn't even installed06:08
prologicwhere did you install emerald from ?06:09
prologicjaeger had no ports for it06:09
*** clickonce has joined #crux06:09
nipuLi have ports06:13
nipuL if you want to browse first06:15
prologicoh wow06:16
prologicI got it working!06:16
prologiccompiz --replace ccp06:16
prologicwtf is ccp ?06:16
nipuLit doesn't have to be ccp, not sure what plugin it is06:16
nipuLyou just have to start a plugin06:17
nipuLi think ccp is core compiz plugin06:17
*** prologic_ has joined #crux06:18
prologic_so you're using emerald with compiz ?06:18
nipuLhmm i wonder what decorator jaegers ports are using06:20
nipuLxfce might have it's own decorator06:20
prologic_how do you start up compiz in your .xinitrc ?06:22
prologic_I don't care much to use xfce406:22
Romsterjaeger's using gnome with it i beleave maybe e17 ?06:22
prologic_I just want compiz :)06:22
clickonceprologic_: Like you would any where else, .xinitrc is just a shell script06:23
prologic_example ?06:23
prologic_atm I'm doing ALT+F2 and runnning compiz --replace ccp06:23
nipuLafaik e17 doesn;t support compiz06:23
clickonceprologic_: just put "exec compiz" in it06:24
Romsteri'm wondering how s3d will progress.06:24
clickoncebasic shell script...06:24
nipuLin my xsession the first command i run is compiz ccp&06:25
prologic_and what about a window manager ?06:25
prologic_you can't just have "exec compiz" can you ?06:25
prologic_nipuL, ahh06:25
nipuLthen i get tell rox to use emerald as the window manager06:25
prologic_I'll try that06:25
*** prologic has quit IRC06:25
*** prologic_ has quit IRC06:25
Romsterdbus-launch --auto-syntax --exit-with-session <window manager>06:26
Romsteris what i use06:26
nipuLahh, i just noticed helidor in jaegers repo06:28
*** acrux|ppc has joined #crux06:28
nipuLthat's gnome's decorator06:28
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prologicthings are working much better now06:47
prologicone thing though all my window decorators aren't working06:47
prologichow do I fix that ?06:47
nipuLas in no borders?06:50
clickoncenipuL: URL to jaegers repo?06:53
clickonceah, he was on the list06:54
nipuLi'm the one not in the portdb06:54
clickoncethat one on the portdb didn't work06:55
clickoncenow it did, stupid wget06:55
prologicfixed the decorators06:56
prologicnext issue06:56
prologicwith the enhanced desktop zooming for vision impaired (which I am)06:56
prologicthe panning happens too soon06:57
prologicany way for the zoomed region to pan when the mouse pointer is cloer to the edge of it ?06:57
nipuL$ ./ -i -r jaeger07:02
nipuLjaeger count: 60 type: httpup url:
nipuLthanks for reminding me to add that feature clickonce07:03
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger07:44
prologicthis compiz is pretty fuck'n cool :)07:50
prologicnow that I've gotten it working07:50
prologiconly missing feature in the enhcnaed desktop zoom is tracking the text cursor07:52
prologicthat would be really nice07:52
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*** j^2_ is now known as j^209:38
jaegerAnyone in here have experience setting up exim to act as an SMTP AUTH client? not server09:53
jaegerthe documentation on their site in the spec doc is a bit slim on this09:56
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clickonceHave ports servers changed? I get EOF from
j^2clickonce: woah11:56
j^2old skool11:56
j^2what version are of crux are you using?11:57
j^2jaeger: the exim thing, is it just a relay?11:57
rehabdollwow, cvsup11:58
rehabdoll isnt that from like.. crux 2.1?11:58
clickonceperhaps this is older than I thought it was11:59
j^2we use svn frome 2.211:59
clickonceAnyway I can see installed CRUX version?11:59
j^2 /usr/bin/crux?12:00
j^2i think thats it12:00
clickonceI thought it was 2.3 since the 2.3 CS was in the machine :)12:00
clickonceeww, 2.012:00
* clickonce really needs to do prt-get sysup12:01
j^2if it's stable and works who cares ;)12:01
clickonceWell, ports doesn't work and I need software ;)12:01
rehabdollyoull need new git-drivers for ports12:02
rehabdollim sure theres a tarball containing everything somewhere12:02
rehabdollyou need the new rsync package and ports (obviously)12:05
clickonceI'll get that from the Crux 2.3 cd when I get home12:08
clickonceNo, wait, I can fix it, nice. hehe12:09
clickonceNo I've got it running.12:31
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*** mustmr has joined #crux12:36
jaegerj^2: yeah, more or less. smtp auth with tls as a client. turns out it's really easy12:44
*** mustmr has quit IRC12:49
*** mustmr has joined #crux12:49
jaegerwell, maybe it's not as easy as it sounded, hrmm13:04
pedjaIf anyone is interested, I have a patch for wxgtk that solves vlc crashes/hangs.Works for me, anyway :)13:16
*** boe has quit IRC13:34
jaegerpedja: I'd like to take a look at it, at least, have it posted somewhere?13:41
pedjai also found patch for vlc problem with liba52(garbled sound), I'll test it when compile finishes.13:49
rehabdollvlc just segfaults for me13:51
jaegerpedja: I'd love to have that vlc patch, too, that's been annoying the hell out of me13:52
* pedja starts freshly built vlc13:54
jaegerlet me know if it works :)13:55
j^2jaeger: where you stuck at? i'm good with postfix now anyway i can help?13:55
jaegerI switched that box to postfix, it's solved now13:57
jaegercouldn't get exim to do what I wanted13:57
jaegerthere are 18 different results for anything you put into google and they're all different suggestions for different versions of exim :P13:58
j^2heh always great :P13:59
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jaegerI'll play with it on a test box sometime when I have time to mess around with it14:00
pedjait doesn't work ;( I get a lot of 'audio starving, playing silence' messages, and no sound.dammit...14:05
*** jjpk has joined #crux14:08
rehabdollwtf, 6 kernel releases in one day?14:15
jjpk"bugger, forgot this patchset" repeat x 614:17
*** roliveira has joined #crux14:17
jjpkThe day nothing works out properly. :D14:19
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jaegercurse you, xcb!14:33
jjpkWhat did xcb break this time?14:34
tilmanit didn't14:46
tilmanunles it did14:46
*** Romster has joined #crux14:46
clickonceGuys, going to run CRUX from a 1GB CF-card, can you recommend any good FS for it?14:47
rehabdollsomething w/o a journal14:47
clickonceOkay, thanks. Can you recommend any? Wasn't possible to disable ext3 journals.14:50
rehabdollext2? :)14:50
clickonceThat might work :)14:50
*** roliveira has quit IRC14:53
Romsterlol yeah use ext214:59
Romstermorning all15:00
tilmanjaeger: so, what's the problem w/ xcb?15:01
jaegera java app bitching about it... the sloppy thing works15:04
*** roliveira has joined #crux15:07
tilmanjaeger: yeah. we can do sed -e '' on some java library or executable, to work around it. i keep forgetting to talk to sip about it15:31
jaegergood to know15:33
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clickonceWhat ports package contains xargs?15:51
Romsterclickonce, prt-get fsearch xargs15:55
clickonceRomster: thanks =)15:58
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teK_last time (today) i checked and it was .1, now we've got .8?!16:34
teK_2.6.23.1.. you know16:50
Romsteryes i know but the .1 -> .816:50
Romsterwhat happend to the other numbers16:50
teK_single releases.. have a look at the changelog-files16:51
teK_just today i thought "the current version is very stable" ;)16:51
Romsteri'd run .23 but no nvidia support as of yet.16:52
Romsteris it too much to ask for a video card to have decent drivers for 3d acceration?16:52
Romsterthat work on newer kernals.16:53
teK_no, the kernel is closed source, you know.16:54
Romsterhope ATI do better but as i've heard not all of the cards features will be open source in the driver.16:55
teK_I first have to buy a working card..16:56
onestep52 kbytes, hmm16:57
onestep5388 lines16:57
Romsteri have a geforce 7600gs16:58
Romsterlast of the AGP series.16:58
jaegerRomster: and nvidia work fine for me17:18
jaegerall pci-express cards, though - 6600GT, 8600GT, 8800GTS17:18
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