IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-11-17

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bjohanwhen i run a script it complains about not inding a lot of m4 macros that i seem have, how do i configure automake, or m4 to find them?05:01
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tilmanbjohan_: can you paste the full error somewhere?05:43
bjohan_libtool.m4 not found05:44
bjohan_its a few of those05:44
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bjohan_preceeded by a line that says "Checking for required M4 macros..."05:46
tilmanbjohan_: libtool.m4 should be in /usr/share/aclocal/libtool.m4. is it?05:46
bjohan_tilman, yes05:47
tilmanbjohan_: did you set $ACLOCAL_FLAGS to a strange value?05:48
bjohan_the other macros complained about are also in there, i have not touched $ACLOCAL_FLAGS what i know :)05:48
bjohan_tilman, $ACLOCAL_FLAGS is empty, if it is a environment variable05:49
bjohan_perhaps that is what is wrong :\05:49
tilmani don't have another idea right now05:49
bjohan_tilman where is $ACLOCAL_FLAGS set?05:50
tilmanyou don't need to set it05:50
bjohan_tilman, how do i know what it is then? :)05:50
tilmani just wanted to check that you didn't set it to a bad value05:50
bjohan_ok :)05:51
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mxqanyone tried to run statistica 7 under wine?10:56
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tilman2.6.23.2 to all got released yesterday13:37
* aon is on 2.6.2113:39
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rehabdollAlso, memory is getting relatively cheap these days --- we're talking13:39
rehabdollmaybe US$30 to US$40 per megabyte if your machine can take SIMMS.13:39
rehabdollUpgrading a machine from 2 meg to 4 meg doesn't cost *that* much money.13:39
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Romsterarn't we talking gig and not meg?13:51
tilmanthat quote is from 9113:52
Romsteri even have some 1meg 30 pin ram laying around somewere.13:54
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mwansabuilding virtualbox fails. Md5sum mismatch, ignoring ls18:16
mwansamismatch still gives an error18:16
mwansamm sorry fixed it somehow... :)18:17
Romsterhmm if it's fresh after a ports -u contrib; mail the maintainer.18:21
Romsterin the meantime us pkgmk -um at your own risk.18:21
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rbdyckHey Jason21:01
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rbdyckIs there anyone available to provide technical support?21:13
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Romsterif they stayed on long enough...21:26
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mwansamm i have 2.5GB RAM and linux only recognises 884mb21:55
Romsterhave you got it set to 4GB ram?22:01
Romsteri have over 1 gig and it sees it all.22:02
mwansanope...strange tho22:02
mwansaill check kernel config see if theres an option for max memory to recognise22:03
Romsterzgrep HIGHMEM  /proc/config.gz22:04
mwansayea i havent set HIGHMEM22:05
Romsterthere you go <_<22:05
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mwansaRomster, CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE=y. if set to no would this make much of a performance doff22:24
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mwansaseems vbox doesnt support HIGHMEM. error ->
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Romstermwansa, CC_OPTIMIZE_FOR_SIZE would slow the speed down somewhat is really ment for boot floppys etc.23:12
Romstermwansa, no idea on that one you'd have to ask seppen that made the port or someone else here might be able to help.23:14
mwansaah ohk. thanks :P23:15
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Romsteri don't have a modern enough mobo/cpu to do virtualisation.23:24
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