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schniggiethx to nipuL i should better read the ml ;)00:27
pitillogood morning01:16
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tilmanschniggie: indeed02:15
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tilmancool, knoppix detected an AGP bridge in my non-agp system07:25
tilmanoh wait, it's probably integrated in the r400 chip07:26
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namenlosanyone tried the 2.6.23 kernel with the propetary nvidia driver?07:38
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RedShiftnamenlos: works fine here07:58
RedShiftbut I did read has problems with nvidia, still running here07:58
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tilmani just removed the board from the case10:27
tilmanthe cpu cooler stuck like fucking hell to the cpu10:27
tilmanthermal paste shouldn't be *that* sticky, or should it?10:27
tilmani accidentally ripped the cpu out of the board ._.10:27
treachdepends on how much emphasisthere is on the "paste" part. :)10:28
pitilloare you sure is it themal paste? or some kind of silicon?10:28
pitillo"silicon"/"glue" ?10:28
tilmando you mean silicone? ;)10:28
tilmanyes, it is thermal paste10:28
tilmani wonder whether i applied too much paste originally10:29
tilmanwhich killed the cpu10:29
tilmancausing all my problems10:29
pitilloyep... the paste provided by coolers is always some kind of silicon10:29
treachtilman: using 3 party cooler?10:29
tilmanbtw, i finally found out that this thing does 800 mhz hypertransport max10:29
tilmanit should do 1000 (5x)10:29
tilmantreach: yeah10:29
treachmmh. :/10:29
tilmanoh well10:29
tilmani'll send in the board10:29
treachthat's a possibility then.10:29
tilmanif they tell my it's my fault, and that i fried it, so be it10:30
treachI'd guess the board is fuxord10:30
tilmanguess i'll have to shell out 100 eur for a new board and cpu :>10:30
treachI never managed to kill a cpu, actually.10:30
treachMainboards are a much more probable cause of problems IME10:30
j^2anyone played with splunk here?10:32
tilmantreach: also funny: the brisbane cores apparently don't have a working temperature sensor10:40
tilmanso it's possible that i did damage it10:41
tilmanbut i'm not sure whether i want to know at this point10:41
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treachtilman: mmh. but the thrm sensor should work, shouldn't it? Since it's ACPI iirc12:00
tilmantreach: the sensor reports false data12:01
treachthe THRM as well?12:01
treachor just the on chip sensor?12:01
tilmani thought that was a typo :D12:02
tilmanwhat's the THRM? ;D12:02
tilmanthe bios reported values from 20 deg to 30 deg12:02
treachwell, I've got 4 sensors for cpu temp here12:02
tilmanlm_sensors reports 1-10 degrees12:02
tilmanthe latter is from k8temp i think12:02
tilman no data in thermal_zone cause the bios sucks12:03
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treachugh :/12:03
tilmanwhich board do i buy now?12:03
treach20-30 sounds more correct12:03
tilmani kind of liked the nforce 56012:03
tilmanbut having a working bios would be cool, too12:03
treachmmmh, something based on VIA? :P12:04
treachI've always had good luck with ASUS boards, but I've had issues with this one. :/12:04
tilmani think the amd chipsets all come with a radeon igp. which sucks.12:04
treachwell, I suppose you could always disable it and use a discreet card.12:09
jjpkSeems it is problem season.12:09
treachor use it for a second monitor ;)12:09
treachjjpk: always like that with new hardware. :p12:09
tilmantreach: two monitors via two chips is sucky12:10
tilmancause you won't be able to combine the framebuffers12:10
treachI suppose that leaves you with the option to disable it.12:11
jjpkYou would hope it does.12:11
treachIt's not like it makes the board more expensive, so all that happens is that you get an extra connector at the back12:11
jjpkNever liked the idea of having integrated this and that on the motherboard.12:12
jjpkAlthough, in some sense, they could serve as backup IF something were to happen. :12:12
treachjjpk: dude..12:12
treachthere wouldn't be enough space in the box if you should have everything that is integrated on the mb as discrete cards.12:13
treachI suppose you'd like a discrete math co-processor as well? ;)12:13
tilmandid i mention why the soundcard does not work?12:14
tilmanboard is pci 2.3, card isn't12:14
treachyou can't set that in bios?12:14
tilmanpci 2.3 slots only provide 3.3 volts apparently12:15
tilmanand older cards might want 5V12:15
tilmanthis also means that i cannot even use my old matrox millenium for testing12:15
tilmanat least not in x12:15
treachMaybe I should try fiddling with that to get my pci adapter working properly..12:15
treachsince I can set the pci version in bios12:16
treachI kind of doubt it'll do any good, but hey, I can try.12:16
tilmanwhat pci adapter?12:17
treachthe sucky radeon from yesterday12:17
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tilmanoh, heh12:17
tilmantreach: good idea, though i doubt it will help lD12:18
treachmaybe you should get one of those AM2+ boards. ;)12:19
tilmanLULZ, there's boards with *4* pcie-16 slots12:19
treachinsane gamer galore12:19
tilmanwhat kind of retarded drooly fool would run 4 video cards?12:19
treachsee above. ;)12:19
tilman234 euros12:19
jjpkhaha. it is beginning to sound like the japanese import car tuners found the gamer galore.12:20
treachtilman: a bargain. ;)12:20
jjpkNothing but vanity.12:20
treachjjpk: I wonder what I would need to run everything at max and full speed on this 21".12:21
treachwhich means 1680x1050 btw12:21
tilmandepends on the game, duh12:21
jjpkA whole hell lot of horse power :D12:21
treachbut let's say "crysis" or something12:22
tilmanthe nforce 430 supports both kinds of pci cards12:22
tilman3.3v and 5v12:22
treachnow, all you need is a good bios, :/12:22
treachstupid asus compiled their acpi implementation with the microsoft crap.12:22
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tilmani'm also looking at
treachNot listed. :/12:23
jjpkI'll have to make note of that pci + volt issue. Then again, no plans to get new stuff just yet.12:24
treachtilman: then again, maybe it's just me who can't get stuff working properly.12:25
tilmanthere's only 5 x2 boards listed :D12:25
treachcurrently running fedora without issues.12:26
treach(ASUS M2N)12:26
tilmanand only 3 AM2 boards, bleh12:26
jjpktreach: considering the amount of behind-the-scenes actions fedora does...12:26
treachjjpk: yeah, yeah, I know12:27
treachI just wanted something where I could be reasonably sure it wasn't my fault.12:27
treachI had to disable the HPET for the pci bus though.12:28
treachanyway, afk, bbiab12:28
clickonceHmm, anyone knows arp? I want to set IP to always go to MAC X (mask on eth2), I've tried all sorts of commands.. none work.12:29
clickonceEven better, does anyone know how to do inverse arp? I got the MAC of my managed switch, but I've forgotten it's IP and subnet12:30
RedShiftclickonce: /etc/ethers is all you need12:31
RedShiftsee man ethers12:32
RedShiftI doubt you'll get anything from it, just reset it or use the console port12:32
RedShiftclickonce: what kind of switch is it?12:32
clickonceI don't have a null-modem cable, otherwise I would have.12:32
clickonce3Com SuperStack II 330012:32
RedShiftyou could also use wireshark and see if any ARP traffic passes from the switch, that should reveal the IP address12:33
RedShiftclickonce: get one at a shop or make one yourself12:34
clickonceI don't want to wait till tomorrow :)12:34
clickonceI am not a patient man.12:34
RedShiftgood luck then12:35
clickonceWikipedia says something about Inverse ARP to get IP-adresses from MAC.12:36
clickonceInstead of MAC from IP.12:36
RedShiftmaybe you need to lengthen your patience and read the entiry article12:38
RedShiftclickonce: just run wireshark and see if any ARP traffic comes from the switch12:39
RedShiftdisconnect it first, start wireshark, then connect it again12:39
pitilloclickonce, do you remember the range of the ip?12:43
clickoncepitillo: nope12:43
pitilloclickonce, then sniff like RedShift told :)12:44
clickonceIt is probably somewhere between 192.168.0 to 192.168.1012:44
clickoncebut broadcast ping doesn't work, no response12:44
treachjust "arp" should tell you which systems your're talking to.12:44
treach(ie. listed in the arp-cache)12:45
clickonceDamn, Wireshark is GTK+.. I don't run X on my firewall/router and all GUI machines run Windows... darn.12:45
pitilloclickonce, what about nmap?12:45
clickoncetreach: It hasn't been used for a few years and the machines have been reinstalled, no cache for that switch.12:46
RedShiftclickonce: wireshark has a non GUI exe too12:46
RedShiftand use tcpdump12:46
RedShiftuse proto arp12:46
RedShift* or use tcpdump12:46
RedShiftofcourse :)12:46
clickonceDanke schön, I'll try that =)12:47
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clickoncetcpdump don't print any activity on eth2 which is the interface the switch is connected to.12:58
treachwell. does it even have an IP?13:00
RedShifttry poking it somehow13:00
RedShiftit needs to start communicating ARP13:00
clickoncetreach: Yeah, it should have.13:00
RedShiftyour eth2 is up?13:00
clickonceeth2 is up and running13:00
RedShiftpower cycle the switch13:04
RedShiftthat should do at least something13:04
RedShiftsuperstack II13:06
RedShiftthose things are old :D13:06
RedShiftsuckers that take up 1,5 unit :X13:06
clickonceYeah, it's really old :)13:06
clickonceThough it's the most advanced piece of equipment I have =)13:06
RedShiftclickonce: that's disturbing :)13:07
clickonceYeah, it truly is.13:07
treachtilman: maybe you should try a "MSI K9A2 Platinum", btw. Only 161 âE. :13:07
clickonceHmm, no activity even after power cycle.13:07
tilmantreach: looking for a board is really a problem13:08
tilmani'd like to have a parallel port for teh printer13:08
treachoh. ok13:08
RedShiftwell then, I guess a console cable is all that remains :)13:08
tilmanthough i'm leaning to ignore that13:08
RedShiftso you'll have to wait13:08
tilmani don't print stuff that often13:08
treachtilman: well, I've got one, and no need for it. :P13:09
treachtoo bad I can't ripp it of and mail it. :p13:09
RedShifttilman: what's the budget?13:10
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treachthat damned printerport is useless anyway.13:11
treachI'd rather have say 4 more usb ports..13:11
tilmanRedShift: mmh. 70 euro13:11
RedShiftwell can't help you with that :D13:11
tilmanalso i have no use for dual/triple/quad sli crap13:11
tilmanor integrated gfx chips13:12
RedShiftmy boards usually cost about 250 euro13:12
RedShiftit's the only motherboards I distribute13:12
tilmani'm way to annoyed to find your uber-pr0 stories funny13:13
RedShiftmy uber-pr0 stories?13:13
RedShiftI have uber-pr0 stories?13:13
treachMainboard for 250E for a damned desktop == total overkill13:14
treachin case you didn't get that13:14
RedShiftyeah, they are more workstation boards than they are desktop boards13:14
tilmantreach: i thought about buying a mac next twice in the last two weeks13:14
tilmannot seriously, but still13:15
treachscary. :D13:15
RedShiftbut whatever, I don't care, at least they don't fail and have no freaking loud chipset coolers on them13:15
RedShiftmost of them are passively cooled13:15
RedShiftwell I wish I could tell that my girlfriend just yelled dinner's ready but in reality my mom just yelled that...13:15
treachtilman: I would considering accepting if someone gave me a mini. ;)13:16
treachtilman: btw, if you're looking for mainboards, I'd recommend either ASUS or MSI.13:16
treachI wouldn't touch any of the others.13:16
treach(Ok, if someone gave me a Tyan, I'd probably not say "No". :o) )13:17
treachalso, I wonder why they insist on putting two damed pcie 1x ports on all boards..13:21
treachI have only seen a few (controller) cards that use it..13:21
tilmanmatrox :)13:22
tilmanthe g550 pcie is 1x13:22
tilmanthen again... they are sooooo unimportant these days :p13:22
treacha bit like s3... not sure those guys are around anymore even.13:23
treachhaha, they are. And they sound like SCO. :D13:24
treach"S3 Graphics offers a number of leading edge graphics solutions for the desktop, mobile, and embedded markets."13:25
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rehabdollquadcore ftw13:40
RedShiftIIRC S3 is property of VIA13:42
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tilmantreach: which board did you buy?13:44
treachtilman: I'm not sure about this, but is EXA default nowadays?13:44
tilmanm2n iirc?13:44
treachASUS M2N13:44
tilmantreach: grep -i exa /var/log/Xorg* ;P13:45
treachI take that as "yes"13:45
treachIf that's the case, I think I might have found the culprit13:45
tilmanafaik xaa is still the default for radeon13:46
tilmanthe only driver that has exa as the default is intel (since a few days, 2.1.0)13:46
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treachI explicitly disabled it now, and things at least seem to work a great deal better13:46
treachpreviously it was dead easy to crash things, just open up firefox and start scrolling...13:46
treachthat doesn't work anymore.13:46
tilmantreach: try one of the first 3 exa options described in man exa13:48
tilmannocomposite, nouploadtoscreen, nodownloadfromscreen13:48
tilmanmy money is on uploadtoscreen13:48
treachthanks for the hints13:48
treachhaha, were do you post bugfixes for the manpages?13:49
treach"Disables acceleration of uploading pixmap data  to  the  freame- buffer."13:49 :p13:51
treachok, crossing fingers, bbl.13:51
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clickonceI found it! The IP is 1.57 .. though, the ports 23,80 are filtered..13:57
RedShift192.168.1.57 or something?13:58
clickoncenmap also says it's something from 3Com and prints the proper MAC13:59
clickonceI have probably set the switch to only allow connections from a specific IP on a specific port on the switch14:00
jjpkMight be a good idea to document what you've done and store it in a safe place. :p14:03
clickonceI haven't used the switch for 2 years =)14:03
jjpkTrial and error sucks when you take things for granted :/14:04
jjpkChange is in the air, albeit slowly.14:06
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treachtilman: ok, it seems some combination of those makes it work. However, those settings makes it slow as fuck.. :/14:12
treachso I'll stick with XAA for now, and hope that solves it.14:12
tilmantreach: agd5f has been hired by amd :D14:13
tilmantreach: which one makes it work? that information is crucial :p14:14
treachI don't know. Some combination of them.14:14
treachshotgun approch seemed to work.14:14
treachhowever, I couldn't find out if any other combo worked14:15
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mustmr2.4 ETA?15:37
tilmanyeah, sigh15:37
* thrice` points to the dev15:38
mustmris there some kind of beta iso?15:40
tilmanmustmr: check  the list archives15:41
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thrice`, probably15:41
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Romstertilman, then pads that come with tghe cpu coolers are ment to go goie when hot and hard when cooled again, best to take them off straight after the cpu has been running, or yeah you pul the cpu out of the ziff socket without even having to lift the leaver.16:06
Romsterpersonally i don't use that stuff and i clean it off in favour for artic silver paste.16:06
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* treach hands Romster the tip-ex.16:07
Romsteris it just me or are half the darn web sites i try to get to don't load.16:09
treachIn 1988 the Ayrshire Education Authority (AEA) banned the use of Tipp-ex in all its schools, by staff and students alike. The reason given was the possibility of the solvent being inhaled by children as a form of substance abuse.16:11
treachThe decision was revoked six months later following complaints from staff, students and parents.16:11
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jjpkSubstance abuse is bad, children! :D16:22
treachnot worse than not being able to fix your typos apparently. ;D16:23
treachIt must have been a revolt. :D16:23
jjpk"Now, shut the hell up and hit the tip-ex"16:23
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treachI can imagine the "illegal" trafficking in the "contraband. ;)16:24
treach"yo, got the white stuff"?16:24
jjpk"how much you want?"16:24
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