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Toshioff craigslist?00:24
Toshisorry, wrong window!00:26
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pitillogood morning01:20
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tilmanRomster: hopefully i didn't break the cpu and the board :D02:08
Romsterdoubt it, i've done it a few times with no damage.02:18
Romsterto various boards.02:18
Romstercan't lift the lever when the heatsink is on it.02:18
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namenlosanyone here expreienced with cvs2svn?04:18
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telitiHello. Just a short question: Is there a test.iso for the upcoming 2.4-Release?05:30
namenlosteliti: i don't think so. you might have to build it.05:32
telitiahh thank you :-)05:33
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ssimon(for the line counters) 8)13:28
ssimonoh, I forgot about the scum in the channel 8)13:31
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jjpkScum in the channel? wtf13:59
RyoSjjpk: i guess he is stoned14:00
jjpkTip-ex sold well haha.14:04
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j^2.seen jjpk14:45
j^2seen jaeger14:48
RyoS!seen jaeger14:50
jaegerI have not seen jaeger.14:51
RyoSwell, thats not the trigger :P14:51
RyoSoh, ok14:51
roliveirais the bot here?14:51
jaeger@seen roliveira14:51
clbjaeger: roliveira was last seen in #crux 8 seconds ago: <roliveira> is the bot here?14:51
roliveiraohh the name is different14:52
roliveiraclb, jaeger14:53
tilmanclb is the first bot14:53
tilmanjaeger is the second14:53
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tilmanso, what's the difference between jurassic park and microsoft?15:59
tilmanone of them is a hi-tech theme park based on prehistoric information and primarily populated by dinosaurs15:59
tilmanthe other is a steven spielberg movie16:00
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RedShiftI hate late night datacenter interventions16:55
RedShiftbad for the health, bad for the speedingtickets :X16:55
treachheh, got one? ;)16:56
RedShiftjust had one17:00
RedShiftluckily it was easily fixed17:00
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RedShiftbut still17:00
tilmanthe speeding ticket?17:00
tilmanyou bribed the cop?17:00
RedShifta sudden rush of adrenaline when you find out something is down and you have to go17:01
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RedShifttilman: not this time, I didn't see any flashlights going off, but I got one last time :-(17:01
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RomsterRedShift, not able to log into the datacenter remotely to fix most problems?18:01
RedShiftRomster: Don't have a KVM-over-IP thing yet18:02
RedShiftmaybe that would be a good investment for next year18:02
RedShiftI've also decided to become a RHCE next year18:03
Romstersetup a VPN and run a VNC over it?18:03
Romsteror just console ssh to it18:04
RedShiftRomster: VPN and VNC are useless if the server doesn't boot anymore ;-)18:04
Romsteri see.18:04
Romsterlol true..18:04
RedShiftIt'll be a whole change of pace but I hope it will attract some more business customers18:04
RedShifthoping it will look good on my company's profile18:04
Romsterit would solve some driving though except for things like that.18:04
RedShiftconsole SSH?18:07 shared this with you: Extreme Clean!!!18:09
tilmanthat's the first spam mail that survived gmail's spam filter18:09
RomsterRedShift, yeah log in like ssh user@host in a term or console etc.18:11
Romsteror is it all windoze?18:11
RedShiftyou just mean ssh thus18:11
RedShiftofcourse SSH is running18:11
RedShiftI administer all my servers that way18:11
RedShiftbut if your server is down, ssh is no use ;-)18:11
Romsterdid soemone screw up the config or ya poped a fuse?18:12
RedShiftkernel upgrade and the early userspace didn't load the raid1 module for some reason18:12
Romsterthey should have watchdog timmers for lockups.18:12
RedShiftI'll have to figure out why tomorrow18:12
Romsterand a fall back kernel18:13
RedShiftthe server isn't locked up, it just jumped into the early user space shell18:13
Romsterthats a bugger18:13
RedShiftso even if a watchdog was active it wouldn't be of any use either :D18:13
Romsteryeah, but a backup kernel would of if the machine was told to revert if no activity in say the next 30 minutes18:14
RedShiftI fixed it in 29 minutes ;-)18:15
RedShift(that includes grabbing my gear and driving to the DC)18:16
RedShiftI had a little panic though when I couldn't find my software cake box18:16
Romsterand a possable speeding ticket too <<18:16
RedShiftso I had to quickly burn a new knoppix cd18:16
Romsterwhy not a cd case to store them all in.18:17
Romsterthem bags like that hold 96 cd's18:17
Romsteri have a 10 cd holder one with OS cd's etc.18:18
RedShiftyeah I have basically the same thing but I couldn't find it18:18
RedShiftit went missing :(18:18
Romsterthat sucks..18:19
Romsterleast it don't tke long to burn another.18:19
RedShiftyeah, true that18:21
RedShiftI'm off to bed18:23
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rehabdollsweet, just managed to wipe my 35mb bogofilter wordlist18:51
treachreal men and back up, etc. ;)18:52
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nipuLrevison control isn't just for code19:16
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treach :)19:26
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rehabdollthats actually pretty awesome20:07
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RomsternipuL, yeah aslo makes it easy to see what ya altered that broke something too.23:11
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