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pitillogood morning01:10
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tilmanRomster: nah01:57
Romstertilman, arn't it the same deal as /bin for core and /usr/bin for everything else?02:00
Romstermmm pizza02:00
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DarkNekroshi you all ;)04:20
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nipuLheh, trying to figure how much time the missus pissed away on forums today when i was at work but looking at the time between requests07:14
nipuLinteresting that the time deltas converge to the time range07:15
nipuLthe total time ~= the sum of deltas07:15
nipuLso i filtered the deltas to ones longer than 5 minutes, 4 hours out of 7 wasted on the tubes07:19
nipuLhow could anyone be entertained by forums for that long i wonder07:20
nipuLbut then again how could anyone be entertained for 20 minutes analysing someones "time wasted" on the internet07:21
nipuLand with that i bid you all goodnight07:21
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namenlosany one is using spellchecking in vim?11:09
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namenlosmrks_: you do?11:20
namenlosi got a problem with retrieving a spellfile11:20
Romsternamenlos, i've only used it once and it's just worked for me.11:21
namenlosman, man, man, and those guys on #vim aren't responding...11:22
mrks_hm, don't know the details.11:26
RomsternipuL, lol...11:26
Romsternamenlos, can't help without more information.11:27
Romsterlike what have you tryed todo to solve the issue?11:27
namenlosRomster: i have following file: /usr/share/vim/autoload/spellfile.vim11:28
namenlosso i guess it is spellfile is loaded automatically11:28
namenlosthen i type ":set spell spelllang=de_at"11:28
namenlosand get: Warning: Cannot find word list "de.utf-8.spl" or "de.ascii.spl"11:29
Romsterah i set it in gvim menu to EN_AU11:30
namenlosthe docu says, if this spellfile.vim is loaded then it should retrieve it from the server11:31
namenlosafaik the english dictionaries are already in the vim distribution11:31
namenloswhat do you get if you try :set spell spelllang=de ?11:33
Romsteri don't have that option in gvim so i'm guessing it would fail.11:34
Romsterif i tryed to set it in vim11:34
Romsterah it should download one if need be..11:35
namenlosbut somehow it doesn't for me...11:35
Romsterhmm unnown option spelling=de11:36
Romsterspellang ? that arn't even a word or is it...11:37
namenlosspell + lang11:38
namenlos= spelllang (3 'l')11:38
RomsterWarning: Cannot find word list "de.latin1.spl" or "de.ascii.spl"11:40
namenlosok, thx. at least i am not dump11:40
Romsterno wonder it wasn't working and needed 3 l's11:40
namenlosmust be some hidden setting i haven't discovered yet.11:41
Romsterwell just get the file and save it in the directory then it shoul;d work i guess11:41
Romstermaybe run vim as root user.11:41
DarkNekros_namenlos, has you put the *.spl and the *.sug into /usr/share/vim/vim{version}/spell?11:41
Romsterand try then it may save the spell file it downloads?11:41
namenlosso simple11:43
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namenlosi already made a strace -e trace=file -o ... vim11:43
namenlosand tried those things11:43
Romsterit's in /usr/share/vim/spell/11:43
DarkNekrosnamenlos, don't worry, some times it happens ;)11:44
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namenloswas wondering what this ~/.vim/spell directory was, and that it was searching in it11:44
namenlosnow i did a find, and there is no ~/.vim/spell, so i created it.11:44
namenlosnow it asks me, whether it should download the dictionary ;)11:44
Romsterso it would search that ~/.vim firs then /usr/share/vim/spell/11:44
DarkNekrosnamenlos, you can put it on your home directory or in /usr11:44
DarkNekrosand after that you have to edit the /etc/vimrc11:45
RomsterO_o so the script wouldn't work without the ~/.vim directory?11:45
namenlosRomster: yes, but this is afaik also documented (just didn't reach that)11:45
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Romsteri'd install them files systemwide. in /usr11:45
namenlosDarkNekros: yes, but for /usr i need root rights, and i dont like that.11:45
DarkNekrosand put in it: set spelllang=de11:45
DarkNekrosset spell11:45
DarkNekrosnamenlos, so you have to create it in your /home/.vim I think so11:46
namenlosDarkNekros: yes, simply create ~/.vim/spell and vim does the hard work for you ;)11:46
DarkNekrosthat's it, namenlos ;)11:47
namenlosso this was a productive day. i can go to training ;)11:47
namenlossee you all, and thx11:47
DarkNekrosnamenlos, say if it works :D11:47
DarkNekrosyou're welcome namenlos ;)11:47
namenlosDarkNekros: i will report tomorrow ;)11:47
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Romsternamenlos, it's fine to install more spelling dictionarys in /usr if you expect others to want to use that language in vim.11:48
Romsterah too late..11:48
Romsterkeep forgeting the time zone diference.. is nearly 5am here now.11:48
DarkNekrosdon't worry Romster, namelos will read it (or I hope so xDD)11:49
DarkNekrosI do, sometimes (forget the time zone difference)11:49
Romsterelse ya could end up with the same file in /home/<user>/.vim/ for everryone that uses it.11:50
Romsteri'm in Australia..11:50
DarkNekrosRomster, I'm in France :P11:50
Romsterthink there is like 4 or so aussies that are here at various times.11:50
DarkNekroshere it's 18:50h11:50
DarkNekrosso there will be 5:50h11:51
DarkNekrosam I right, Romster ?11:51
Romster4:51am here.11:51
Romsterand that is with DST now so my real time would be 3:52am11:52
Romsterif we didn't get stupid DST time..11:52
DarkNekrosDST time??11:52
DarkNekrosyou mean time autum change?11:52
DarkNekroswe changed time 3 weeks ago11:53
DarkNekroswe passed from 3am to 2 am, so we had 1 more hour11:54
DarkNekrosI don't like change time like that, it has non sense :S11:54
RomsterDay Light Savings Time11:55
DarkNekrosRomster, do you think we save daylight doing so?11:55
Romsternot really..11:55
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DarkNekrosperhaps some decenies ago or some northen or southern countries will do, but not Spain nor France...11:56
Romsterment to help save power which it don't, relly just gives office workers more daylight time after work to walk dogs and have bbq's etc.11:56
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DarkNekrosRomster, time to go shopping to eat xDD12:00
DarkNekrossee you ;)12:00
Romsteroh and screw up the internal clock for ages adjusting to the new time and the pain in the arse of reseting the clocks after DST as going back an hour is a bitch.12:00
Romsterhi jaeger12:00
Romsterlater DarkNekros12:00
DarkNekrosRomster, I prefer to change 30mins and no more changes the rest of the century xDDD12:01
RomsterDarkNekros, that was my thought exactly split it 30 minutes and keep it that way all year around.12:02
Romsterjaeger, talking about the stupid daylight savings time..12:02
jaegeryeah, I figured12:02
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DarkNekrosI'm not the only one who things it's a stupid change \o/12:04
RomsterDarkNekros, oh there are others that i know that think it's stupid too.12:11
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jaegerI don't think I know anyone who thinks it IS a good idea12:20
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Romsterthat's a good point.12:24
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RedShift[glenn@shared1 ~]$ ps xfau|grep httpd |wc -l12:46
RedShift<RedShift> 8512:46
RedShift<RedShift> joy12:46
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Romster85 O_o12:55
RedShiftRomster: new site that launched yesterday and it made national news12:59
RedShiftpulled 40 megabit of traffic after it was broadcasted12:59
Romsterwhats the url :P13:00
RedShiftRomster: www.helpleterme.be13:00
RedShiftRomster: but the game doesn't really make sense if you don't know the current political situation in our country :D13:00
RedShiftor don't speak dutch :D13:00
mike_koh, it makes sense - it keeps your httpd's running!13:03
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Romsterhmm and australia has to vote on saturday, damn elections13:08
Romsterwhat on earth...13:09
Romstersome political thing i figure from the pictures..13:09
* Romster goes ot make coffee13:10
Romsterjaeger, we don't have stats anymore at ?13:19
jaegerI took them down because they weren't accurate... will replace them when I find something that is13:22
Romsterah k13:23
Romsterit was humious though <_<13:23
Romsterwhat log parser and log files where you using?13:23
jaegersupybot logs with pisg13:24
Romsteryou arn't on supybot now though?13:26
Romsterhmm i remember messing with pisg years ago on mIRC when i was in windoze.13:27
jaegerclb is still supy13:28
Romsterah ok..13:28
Romsterthought i remember reading some bot change in dev channel.13:29
teK_if you plan to use an eggdrop, you may want to look at stats mod:
Romsternah eggdrops are preaty bloated the last time i messed with one.13:30
Romsterwondr if someone has a python irc stats log file parser. that would be ideal13:30
jaegerit was eggdrop a long time back13:30
Romsterah that could of been it.13:32
teK_the only messy thing was tcl, iirc :)13:32
Romsteryeah not fond of tcl..13:33
Romsteralthough i got the tcland tk ports in contrib ironicly.13:33
Romsteras some programs use them. but i so don't fancy writing tcl stuff.13:33
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clickonceRomster: C's much nicer, isn't it?14:05
Romstercleaner yeah14:07
Romsterbut ya can't compare a interperted language to C14:07
clickonceTrue, though.14:11
RedShiftsure you can compare C with interpreted languages14:11
clickonceI hate interpreted crap.14:13
Romsterbut it's highly unfair though.14:13
clickonceWith one exception, shell scripts.14:13
RedShiftsame thing with apples and oranges14:13
RedShiftwhoever said you can't compare them didn't know what he was talking about14:13
RedShiftI like oranges because I don't have an allergic reaction to them like I have with apples :D14:14
RedShiftoranges have more flavor than apples14:14
RedShiftimho :)14:14
Romstermadarines are better than oranges, unless it's orange juce itself.14:15
Romsternot crazy on apples but apple pie is nice.14:16
Romsterallergic reactions suck..14:16
RedShiftyeah apple pie is nice14:18
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nipuLmandarines are oranges :P17:32
DarkNekrosnipuL, that's not truly true xDD17:33
nipuLyes it is, it's a type of orange17:34
nipuLjust like granny smith is a type of apple17:34
DarkNekrosI don't think so, but...17:35
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Romsterhmm yeah mandarin is a type of orange17:38
RomsternipuL, is right.17:38
DarkNekrosok, I accept mandarin as a type of orange xDD17:39
nipuLit's also known as a mandarin orange17:39
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Romsterjsut look up wikipedia :)17:40
nipuLbut that said, from a purely biologcial perspective, it is a different fruit17:40
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DarkNekrosI'm from Spain and here oranges and mandarine are different xDD17:42
DarkNekrosperhaps there is a type of orange called mandarin17:42
Romsteri'd jsut say it's a citrus fruit17:42
Romstercan't go wrong there <_<17:42
DarkNekroshehehe, you're right Romster ;)17:43
Romstermandarin has many names17:44
nipuLfrom the tastyus genus i believe17:45
* nipuL strikes an intellectual pose17:45
jaegerI call bullshit!17:45
nipuLi dno't think he's home17:46
DarkNekrosit's time to go to bed17:52
DarkNekrosI'm tired and tomorrow I have to get up early17:53
DarkNekrossee you ;)17:53
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nipuLalso, did you know that a koala bear is a type of bear ;P17:55
Romsterit's not a bear it's a marcupical17:56
Romsteralot get that wrong17:56
Romsterand your aussie yeash <_< you should know better17:57
nipuLit was a joke you nutsack17:58
Romsterok i so didn't get that as a joke,18:00
nipuL<3 65daysofstatic18:03
nipuLand you're an aussie, you should know better18:07
Romsterlol what..18:10
Romsterman i'll be glad when this fucking election is over..18:10
Romsteri'm already sick of hearing about it.18:10
* RedShift zzz18:11
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Romsterand the fact it's compulsery to vote too.. bustards..18:11
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nipuLturn it into a game18:48
nipuLlast time i gave everyone a 118:48
nipuLthey're all winners for trying18:49
nipuLthis time i'm going to stand in the booth until i'm asked to leave18:49
nipuLeven if it takes all day18:49
Romsterlast time i tryed to avoid the useless paper work they hand out and go up the hill instead of around it... didn't win on that account.18:53
Romsteri still got bombarded.18:53
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nipuLdress up in a french maid costume, they'll leave you alone19:08
nipuLand if they don't, tickle them with your feather duster19:18
Romsteri'm sure i'd pass with this goatie i got <<19:35
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jaegerargh, focus19:51
jaegergotta get used to the trackpad on this thing :P19:52
nipuLsloppy focus is a mixed blessing19:54
jaegerwell, it's not sloppy, it's just that I accidentally tap the trackpad with my palms sometimes while typing19:55
jaegerhaven't had this laptop long, taking some getting used to19:56
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nipuLyay, almost paid off my CC, stupid thing20:06
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RomsternipuL, get a debit card instead.22:06
nipuLi do now22:15
RomsterCC'rd are evil.22:26
Romsteryay i have my gamebit drivers now, so now i can open them toys that have them stupid screws.22:28
mwansamorning :)22:31
nipuLwhere i work is a jaycar dealer, i get all that junk cheap22:32
Romsterya can't get gamebit drivers in jaycar.22:52
Romsteri think they had one listed ages ago though22:52
Romsteri got both 3.8mm and 4.5mm gamebit drivers.22:52
Romsterharder to get the smaller one.22:53
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nipuLjaycar shits me like that23:11
nipuLlike the other i found they sell FNE connectors but not the sockets23:12
nipuLhow does that make sense?23:13
Romsterthat's retarded...23:21
Romstergoto farnnel electronics or maybe altronics to get that stuff.23:22
nipuLyeah, we get stuff farnell too23:32
nipuLheh, have you seen their engineering catalogue?23:33
Romsterit's huge as.23:41
Romsterthicker than a phne directory for melbourne <_<23:42

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