IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-11-24

Romsterhmm thiking it might be this libxcb business..00:04
nipuLcorrection, it's a java game00:13
nipuLi having troubles with getting the java plugin to work on multilib crux6400:14
nipuLcheck the ml, tilman posted about the libxcb locking shite00:15
Romsteryep it was the sloppy lock..00:18
Romsterjava then.. why i get flash and java mixed up..00:18
Romsteryeah i read it i wasn't thinking of it as it didn't crash it wouldn't even load it.00:20
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Romsterthere, i never realised java could be such a bitch.00:26
Romsteri didn't even think to check libxcb as nothing crashed...00:26
Romsterthen i thought of it..00:26
Romstercan't you run java in 32 bit mode on a multilib system, just means firefox needs to be 32 bit too?00:27
Romsteror run it in a chroot on a 32bit crux.00:27
Romsteror some other work around.00:28
w4ckowould anyone happen to have a backup image for an hx4700?00:29
w4ckoi lost mine and i want to attempt a dual boot or at least go back to wm5 because work is demanding that i develop wm5 apps.00:31
Romsterno idea it's a pda?00:35
w4ckoipaq (hp)00:35
w4ckoim out of ideas on how to locate a rom so i figured ide ask those dealing with embedded stuff00:35
Romstersomeone might be able to help i wouldn't know..00:40
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w4ckothis is brutal01:35
w4ckoi really dont want to use windows01:35
w4ckobut im forced to go through such efforts to do so01:35
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mike_kRomster: your festival/Pkgfile has missing sources: festvox_ellpc11k.tar.gz, festvox_rablpc16k.tar.gz are not in the http://[...]/latest directory but in they are in http://[...]/1.95.08:12
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Romstermike_k, remove them, when i updated the port it built ok so i didn't see it, i'm rebuilding the port now.08:59
mike_kRomster: and running /usr/bin/festival show that it tries to load something from $SRC. I am figuring out what files need to be ryn through sed.09:01
Romsterhmm i've cleaned up some stuff but maybe something is missed.09:01
Romsterfestival is one hell of a thing to get to work..09:02
mike_kyep, I was glad someone had a port already09:02
Romsteris why i kept that one..09:02
Romsterseems i'm the only one left lol.09:03
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mike_komg. searching inside pkg gives more than 20 files mentioning $SRC09:05
Romsterbloody hell..09:05
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Romsterthere is a for loop with sed in the Pkgfile...09:05
Romsteri can'tr even look yet still compiling...09:06
mike_knot a problem. some matches are just comments inside binary files, others do matter however09:08
Romsterit's not a port i've been messing with alot.09:10
Romsterpreaty much uped the version and left it..09:10
Romstermost stuff i keep working good but being a private repo i tend to be a bit slack on some.09:11
mike_kI can't understand why some huge software maintainers expect users to keep sources or to avoid some kind of packaging...09:14
Romsteram i classed as a huge software maintainer? <_<09:15
mike_kno, I mean that scientists, programmers, etc09:16
Romsteryeah hacking at there sources to point to the right locations09:17
Romsterbecomes a nightmare for some programs.09:17
Romsterlike this one..09:18
Romsterok built and now looking for them paths09:22
Romstersometimes i think there needs to be a hash for each file...09:24
Romsterso ya know when a file has changed or not.09:25
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Romstermike_k, ports -u romster and then rerty.09:30
Romsterjsut did a update.09:30
* mike_k rebuilds...09:30
Romsterlooks ok..09:32
Romsterforgot how to even use it lol..09:33
Romsterunbound variable...09:33
mike_kstill a bunch of files mentioning $SRC, and /usr/bin/festival still complains: Initialization file [...]/work/festival/src/festival/lib/init.scm not found09:38
mike_kRomster: maybe it is not woth that. if I am the only (hipotetical) user of this crap - it would be my pain =)09:39
Romsterwhere about i dont' see it...09:41
Romsterpastebit the output so i can find the darn things.09:42
Romsterhmm work maybe that'll find results..09:42
RomsterLIBRARY_PATH} = "/var/tmp/ports/work/src/speech_tools/lib";09:46
Romsterwhat on earth..09:46
Romsterfunny mine fires up fine but soem paths are still wrong..09:47
mike_khow the hell do they expect people to use (redistribute) it?09:48
Romsterhmm i see it..09:50
Romstergive me a bit and i'll see how i go.09:50
Romsterno idea..09:50
Romsterit would work if it wasn't built with a pkgmk and done manually.09:58
Romsterthey haven't allowed for the prefix.. or soemthing hmm.09:59
tilmanhow hard can it be to fix some paths?09:59
Romsterisn't i got it covered.09:59
Romsterjsut that i had some i missed.09:59
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rehabdollcongrats aussies10:15
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Romsterthanks rehabdoll10:25
Romstermike_k, there update and rebuild.10:26
Romstershould work this time10:26
Romsterif not pastebin the commands and output, let me know if it works too.10:26
Romsteri'm so off to bed, nearly passing out here.10:27
mike_kRomster: thanks, I am checking...10:27
Romsteri'll check on irc later g'night.10:28
treachhoward even lost his own seat. that's rare. :)10:28
Romsteri'm glad too.10:28
treachcongrats, one less rotten apple.10:29
Romsteri'm so happy.10:29
Romsterlets hope keven rudd does better.10:29
treachCan he do worse?10:29
Romsterlol maybe not...10:30
Romsterthen again paul keating and bob halk were bad in there own ways too.10:30
treachHawke? Well, they're all bad in some way I guess.10:31
Romsteranyways i'm gonna sleep on things getting better and no nuculear reactors.10:31
Romsterhawke yeah..10:31
treachbut if you continously vote out the worst people, there should be improvement over time10:31
tilmannuculear, go homer :>10:32
treachgood night10:32
treach"Vent radioactive gas? [Y/N]"10:32
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mike_kRomster: uff, replacing something in ELF binary with different lenght strings will break it. I am not in the mood for diving into the sources... leave it as is. Maybe I'll try to fix it later.11:54
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bjohantwo 24" monitors or one 30"?13:34
bjohanteK_, why? :)13:35
teK_more pixels to fill13:36
bjohanteK_, yes, but but the area will be broken up so im not sure if it can be used as efficiently13:36
bjohanbut the 24" seems to have beter specs and is cheaper per pixel so its probably a good choice13:37
teK_well space on my desk would be an additional criteria13:37
bjohanteK_, Physical?13:38
bjohanits not that many more pixels, only about 500K13:38
teK_physical, yes13:39
bjohanteK_, would not one big take up less space on the desktop?13:39
teK_I'd have problems fitting even a 24" on my desk13:39
bjohanaah :)13:39
bjohanbut now we are talking my desk which is 80*160 cm13:40
bjohanive been thinking for a while if a 30" is really worth more than two 24"13:40
bjohana lot of money for poor students :/13:41
treachmmmh, poor and owning a 30"?13:41
teK_IMHO one 24" is enough in general13:41
bjohanthe second thing is that i'm thinking of using my computer monitor to replace my tv13:42
teK_you american?13:42
bjohantreach, its a matter of priority13:42
bjohanim from sweden13:42
teK_food, inet, clothes *g*13:42
treachfood, rent, inet, computer parts. ;)13:43
bjohanbut a big monitor would be the thing to have for PCB-cad13:43
teK_uhm well.. 24" is ok for watching television. IMHO13:43
bjohanteK_, yes, but if i have two, which one should i watch?13:43
treachthe one to the left13:43
bjohanhehe :)13:44
teK_*cough* luxury *cough*13:44
bjohanbut i mean for tv-watching 30" gives a alot mor area13:44
bjohanteK_, yes its one of those problems typhical only to industrialized nations13:44
treachunless you're sitting a mile away from the screen 24" should be big enough for telly13:45
bjohanyes, my tv is 24" now13:45
bjohanand its enough13:45
bjohani'm just not sure if i will have regrets later :)13:45
teK_I do watch TV once a week for a maximum of 60 minutes (scrubs just rocks)13:45
teK_so no need for a decent tv set13:46
bjohanbut there is still a while until i can afford it so i guess i have time to ponder13:46
bjohanteK_, when i think about it i have not watched tv for many weeks13:46
bjohanits mainly my girlfriend who does that, so maybe two monitors is a good idea13:47
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MzOzDanybody has any bitmetv invite to share ? ^^ :>18:53
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