IRC Logs for #crux Tuesday, 2007-11-27

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pitillogood morning01:23
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mwansaHello :P02:04
Romsterhi mwansa02:11
tilmanRomster: no - when you touch a port and edit name/version/build you should also bump the revision02:16
tilmanotherwise you cannot distinguish them properly02:16
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DarkNekroshi you all ;)02:18
Romstertilman, hmm k, well there is git revisions..02:18
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tilman<tilman> which version of xorg-server do you run?02:18
tilman<person> 1.4.0-102:18
tilman<tilman> the one with or without the patch?02:19
tilman<person> uh, dunno?02:19
Romstereh i see your point..02:19
Romsteralways one step ahead of me <_<02:20
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tilmanthis udev usb segfault also happens with my notebook03:53
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nipuLyay, found a bug in prt-get04:01
nipuLset makecommand pkgmk -cf /etc/pkgmk-other.conf04:03
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nipuLthen in pkgmk-other.conf change the PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR04:05
nipuL=======> Package '/net/home/pkgmk/package/i686/glib#2.14.3-1.pkg.tar.gz' is up to date.04:06
nipuLprt-get: updating glib from 2.14.0-1 to 2.14.3-104:06
nipuLpkgadd: could not open glib#2.14.3-1.pkg.tar.gz: No such file or directory04:06
tilmanthat's probably not a bug04:06
tilmannipuL: you can get the same behaviour by setting the PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR environment variable to something odd04:06
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nipuLdefine odd04:08
tilmanexport PKGMK_PACKAGE_DIR=/lulz/you/idiot04:08
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nipuLwell there should be a way to tell prtget where the package is04:11
tilman the usb problem04:13
nipuLrather than assuming /etc/pkgmk.conf is always used04:13
tilman # possible fix04:14
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Romstertilman, last i looked udev 116 is out.05:13
tilmani think i'll look into an upgrade tonight05:14
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rehabdolla new firefox again..06:23
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Romsterit's geting as frequent as wine..06:34
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tilmanmike_k: btw, lm_sensors released v 3.009:37
mike_ktilman: I've suspected that. Now I have to find a host to test that new stuff =(09:47
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mike_kdoes your new mobo require that update?09:48
tilmanmike_k: nope, i just noticed the announcement, and though it was pretty cool that they didn't have to ship their own drivers anymore09:48
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tilmanthis intel hda driver is funny10:36
tilmanwhen some apps fiddle with audio, a new mixer channel magically appears in alsamixer10:36
tilmanit's not there when i don't use the soundcard...10:36
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mike_kI hope it doesn't try to guess a jack type (aka "jack sensing"). I was unable to use s/pdif out because of that shit.11:28
jaegerI'm pretty annoyed with snd-hda-intel in general11:36
tilmanjaeger: i think there's an issue with resampling, too11:37
tilmanwhen i played music at a party with this thing, people told me to remove the pitch effect11:37
tilmanit played stuff a bit too fast11:37
mike_kjaeger: have you managed to include pkgmk mirrors patch for 2.4?11:37
tilmanmaybe 44.1 khz vs 48 khz, but that's just a guess11:37
mike_kpiece of crap11:38
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jaegermike_k: I haven't tried with 2.4 yet but I can't imagine it would be difficult11:45
mike_kI mean, you wanted to _include_ it11:46
jaegerI'd still like to see the option included but I don't think anyone else did11:47
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jaegerhrmm... I wonder why in gnome 2.20.0 my keybinding of <Control><Alt>Delete doesn't work but <Control><Alt>(anything else) does11:48
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jaegerwell, this is charming, video artifacts showing up now -
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rehabdollany ideas why i get this footprint missmatch with firefox?
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sepenrehabdoll, tell to the port  maintainer13:46
sepenseems that he didn't update the .footprint13:46
rehabdollyeah well i dont think those files ought to be installed13:46
rehabdollits probably caused by some other stuff i have installed somewhere. the question is what13:47
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sepenRedShift, use finddeps13:48
sepenit will show the extra port you linked with13:49
sepenohh sorry rehabdoll13:49
rehabdolli appended the output, feel free to compare to your own13:52
jaegerI'm the firefox maintainer but I don't have those... so not a footprint update issue, most likely some other software installed like you said above.13:54
rehabdollim just curious what causes it13:55
tilmanrehabdoll: wanna figure it out by reading several megs of makefiles? :D13:56
jaegerI don't know off the top of my head, sorry =/13:56
rehabdollnot tonight though :)13:56
sepenrehabdoll, use pkgutils, prt-get, etc to find it13:56
sepentilman, what? this is the second time .)13:57
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tilmansepen: how do pkgutils/prt-get/etc help here?14:01
tilmanthey don't14:01
sepenI think it can find which is the port that seems cause that14:03
sepenor useing ldd or something similar to see their compilation dependencies14:03
sepenbut sounds a hard job14:03
tilmanrehabdoll: mind if i steal your radeonhd port for xorg.git?14:04
tilmanrehabdoll: that'll will make it easier to put a package on the iso (yes sounds silly :p)14:04
rehabdollgo for it14:05
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ssimontilmans feets smell not good!14:08
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sepenRomster,  Edit: romster/index.html trying your repo14:18
thrice`wow, lots of jaeger software out today15:06
treachjaegerware. ;)15:07
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jaegerthere is?15:13
thrice`gtk, firefox, pidgin, etc.15:14
jaegerI was wondering what jaeger software meant :)15:16
thrice`jaeger ports*15:16
thrice`long day, I apoligize :)15:16
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ximondaOkay, I'm also out now...16:25
ximondagood night!16:25
tilmannight ximonda16:25
ximondanight tilman16:26
tilmanximonda: oh btw16:26
tilmanximonda: did the libxcb issue wrt missing libraries vanish? :p16:26
tilmanximonda: the one you emailed me about last week16:26
tilmanok :)16:26
ximondaWell... I just recompiled that stuff.16:26
ximondaI should have noticed more details...16:27
ximondabut nothing special... revdep does the job in that case.16:27
ximondaok, cu... have some soldering left here.16:29
tilmanhave fun :D16:29
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Romstersepen, i have a rsync setup too, yeah minor issue with index.html...16:44
sepensure I just reported16:52
Romsterlet me know what you find useful, or if you think i should have something that goes along the lines of what i have now. i'm alwas scouting around.17:05
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thrice`is there a tutorial for building the 2.4 iso anywhere?  i'm sorry interested in trying17:16
DarkNekrosgood night you all ;)17:18
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Romsterthrice`, not what i know of you make a ports directory throw in what you want it to contain like ports/xorg ports/core ports/opt17:22
Romsterand do the make all command i think?17:22
thrice`that's what the iso.git is for, I thought17:23
Romsteri've only skimmed over the Makefile17:23
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thrice`looks like the repos are incorrect, though17:24
thrice`oh well...I shall try another day17:27
thrice`git pull git:// new_iso   does not work for me...must be me sucking at git :)17:28
tilmangit clone (00:23) <   Romster> i've only skimmed over the Makefile17:28
tilmangit clone git://
tilmangit branch new_iso origin/new_iso17:29
tilmangit checkout new_iso17:29
thrice`that I have done17:29
thrice`oooh, OK17:29
Romsterthat's obvious...17:29
jaegerhrmm... I've got a doc somewhere with the chroot+bootstrap version of that process17:29
jaegermight be good to wikify at some point17:29
Romstertilman, i know how todo that with git..17:29
thrice`I posted the wiki link above...looks a bit out of date17:29
tilmani was talking to thrice`17:29
tilmanRomster: ^17:30
Romsterjaeger, ah yeah..17:30
thrice`thank you tilman17:30
Romstertilman, oh right...17:30
Romsterok not enough coffee <<17:30
jaegermine's just my personal notes on the updated iso, though, never been official :)17:30
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jaegerbut now that 2.4 is the updated iso, I should make it official17:30
jaegerwell, public at least17:30
Romsterjaeger, is it all your work or a collaberation?17:31
jaegerwell, the initramfs stuff is mine17:31
thrice`tilman: that branch gives "not a valid git repo."17:31
thrice`do I need to be in iso ?17:31
jaegerbut I started with the default iso tree and worked on top of it in 2.1 or 2.017:31
tilmanthrice`: yes :D17:31
Romsterthrice`, cd iso17:32
Romsterthen do that stuff17:32
thrice`ah, it17:32
jaegerok, time to cook dinner17:32
thrice`thanks for the spoonfeed :)17:32
Romsterjaeger, ah17:32
Romsterjaeger, initramfs be so handy having mostly needed tools to work with. hmm thought of a live crux cd? like ubuntu has a cd that's live with the option to install.17:35
thrice`that takes the fun out of it17:38
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Romsterthrice`, <_<17:40
Romstermight be enough leaverage to get more users <_<17:41
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Toshithe iso isn't live enough??17:45
Romsteri mean all the packages are there but to load in ram and run.17:47
thrice`load blackbox to ram?17:47
Romsterso someone can test without having to partiton format install straight away17:48
thrice`isn't that what ships on the iso17:48
Romsterbut i was thinking of icewm or something a bit more fancy17:48
Romsterthat arn't bloated like dke/gnome17:48
ToshiI like bb personally17:51
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jaegerok, I do see the firefox footprint mismatch with 2.421:53
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Romsteris 2.4 offical now?22:23
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jaegerit's officially in progress22:32
jaegerunder development22:32
jaegerwhen it's done (tm)22:32
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jaegeroh, neat... my commit showed up as root... smooth23:19
jaegersometimes I don't even know what the fuck with git23:20
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