IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-11-28

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pitillogood morning01:17
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DarkNekroshi you all ;)04:24
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nipuLyay, is down06:02
RedShiftoh noes06:03
nipuLthere we go06:05
nipuLdoomsday averted06:05
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sepenseems that changeset at introduces an error06:35
sepenanyone can verified?06:36
tilmansepen: what do you mean? i don't seeany errors06:36
sepenCSS errors06:37
sepenat Checking out a branch06:37
tilmanlooks good to me06:37
sepen1 moment06:38
sepenplease can you take a look06:39
tilmanhit f506:40
sepenoOOooh my cache06:41
mike_kFYI: page has 13 warnings reported by htmltidy and 83 errors reported by SGML parser06:41
mike_kthis ff-plugin is very helpfull in debugging markup mistakes:
tilmanmike_k: well, that would be bugs in the wiki then07:10
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treachgood night16:21
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Toshigood afternoon16:24
Romsterpitillo, des it in the morning so i thought i would :P16:27
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Telefohi all16:35
pitillohey and bye :)16:37
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Romsterlike veryone goes to bed when i get up <_<17:13
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mwansajaeger, lol ->
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Romsterwhat the
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