IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-11-29

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DarkNekroshi you all ;)01:15
pitillogood morning01:25
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Romsterevening <_<02:15
DarkNekrosmorning ^_^02:19
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clustererhi there02:42
clustereranyone home?02:42
clustererim having a difficult time running nfsserver on my CRUX installation02:42
clustererwhenever i run rpc.nfsd02:42
clustererit never starts02:42
clustererwhen i run /etc/rc.d/nfsserver02:43
clustereri get function not implemented - i think in rpc.lockd this is happening02:43
clustereranyone had this problem? or have any ideas?02:44
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clustererhi mxq02:49
mxqclusterer: hi02:51
clusterermxq: do you run NFS on your CRUX installation?02:51
clustererim having trouble with rpc.nfsd, it just wont seem to start02:51
mxqclusterer: no i dont ;)02:52
clusterermxq: ok thanks02:52
namenlosclusterer: posting your output would be a good start. then you could also tell us, what you have tried and so on. otherwise (even the more expreienced people here) got to take their crytal ball out and guess ;)02:53
pitilloclusterer, did you take a look to messages log to see if are there any clue? (here i am not using nfsd too)02:53
namenloswith posting i mean a pastebin service like:
clustererno nothing in messages03:03
clustereroutput is blank03:03
clustererjust returns nothing and it does not show up in ps -A03:03
clustereri have tried calling nfsserver03:05
clustererin rc.d03:05
clustererall services show up there except nfsd03:05
clustereri have made sure /etc/exports is good as well as hosts.allow and hosts.deny03:06
clustereri have tried calling the daemons separately03:06
clusterernamenlos: I have made sure portmap daemon is called first03:09
clusterernamenlos: I have also double checked my exports syntax for errors03:09
namenloshave you tried to do the steps the rc.d sript does my hand?03:10
namenlossometimes this gives me a clue03:10
namenlos(i never used the nfsdaemon)03:10
clusterertried that just now03:11
clusterersame story03:11
clustereru have crux?03:11
clusterercan you do me a favor and run /etc/rc.d portmap03:11
clustererthen /etc/rc.d/nfsserver03:12
namenlossure. but i don't even have nfs compiled into the kernel03:12
clustererand see if rpc.nfsd shows up?03:12
clusterercompiled into the kernel03:12
clusterernow thats my first hint03:12
clustereri need to recompile kernel for nfs?03:13
namenlosfirst i would check the kernel config03:13
namenlosshould be somewhere under file systems.03:13
clustererman i forgot how to check that03:14
clustererwhere to look?03:14
clustererbeen so long since i compiled this thing03:14
namenloscd into your kernel sources, run "make menuconfig" ("make help" spits out some ducu)03:15
clustererwell there we have it03:16
clustererno NFS server support checked off03:16
clusterermy minimalism has screwed me this time03:16
namenlosi know this feeling..03:17
clustererany alternative network mounts not requiring kernel recompile03:17
clustererbesides NFS03:17
namenloshm, rsync?03:17
namenlosor usison?03:18
namenlossorry, unison03:18
namenlosbut this is not mounting, ony synchronizing03:18
clusterercan i have rsync set up to trigger when a directory or files within the directory are changed?03:18
clusterersync'ing is ok03:18
namenlosatm i don't know a possibility to trigger on a file/directory change. maybe launch rsync every 5 minutes, but this is not a neat solution...03:20
clusterernamenlos: ok, well thank you for helping me find the issue03:21
clustereri now know why it failed!03:21
namenloswhat about webdav?03:21
clusterertake care and thanks again03:22
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Man0l0Hi All10:34
j^2j squared in the HIIIZZZOUUUSSS!!!10:41
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thrice`"new FF release possible by Friday" o.O13:15
treachdevs on.. fire?13:16
thrice`who knows13:19
jaegercrack, more like13:23
teK_we don't need  no water13:29
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mwansamorning Romie16:55
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Romsterhi mwansa17:08
Romsterhi vico haven't seen you on in awhile17:08
vicohi Romster, well I'm here often but didn't talk much :-)17:13
Romsterthat be why.17:16
Romsterhow things?17:16
Romsterpreaty much the same for me.17:16
viconothing dramatic, try to keep my ports up to date, keep up with crux, like I always did, and work work work :-)17:20
Romsterah hehe17:22
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