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pitillogood morning01:08
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DarkNekroshi you all ;)01:44
DarkNekrosmorning :D01:44
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Romsterhi namenlos02:21
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namenlosif i use another port during building another one, do i then have to list it in the dependencies?02:46
namenlosi would use ketchup in the build()...02:48
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tilmanxorg-xf86-video-radeonhd 1.0 in ports09:12
tilmanrehabdoll: which means i don't have to steal anything \o09:12
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tilmanwhy is gettext 11 mb? o_O09:58
thrice`yay, new ff :(10:01
thrice`i should set a cron job10:02
thrice`tilman: did you say there was a known package breakage in 2.4test1?10:03
tilmanjaeger: no offense intended towards you :)10:04
tilmanthrice`: rsync was compiled against libpopt in test110:04
tilmanthrice`: so to get rsync to work, you need to either recompile rsync, or install popt10:04
thrice`tilman: ah, but can you do an initial ports -u ?10:05
thrice`if rsync is broke10:05
thrice`i wanted to try it this weekend, but also knew that rc1 might be done next week10:05
jaegerno, but jue posted a working rsync pkg10:05
jaegeryou can install it and then update10:06
thrice`oh, OK - perfect :)10:06
jaegertilman: none taken, I was complaining about their release frequency10:10
tilmanmaybe we'll see a good browser based on webkit soon10:11
thrice`ah, I see rsync and libxslt packages10:12
Roomsteri so want to see a gtk browser just using the gecko engine. i'm guessing webkit will be the answer to this,10:19
tilmanwebkit doesn't use the gecko engine10:19
tilmanwebkit is apple's fork of khtml10:20
Roomsteroh lovely does it render the same with css? or has it's own quirks too.10:21
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Romsterfirfox updates are geting as frequent as wine <_<10:23
tilmanit's rock solid here10:23
tilmanfirefox of course, not wine :)10:23
tilmanRomster: blame it on the cflags, maybe?10:24
Romsterwell it's not crashed as oftern.10:24
Romsterbut i've had it go back a page if you use the mouse wheel and scroll up really fast/10:24
Romsterplus open the bookmarks menu is very slow.10:25
Romsternot sure how many bookarmks i got but it is in the thousands i'm sure.10:25
thrice`was there a determination if hotplug is still needed in core, out of curiosity?10:26
Romsteryeah i think firfox don't like that.10:26
Romstergah missed the 'e' again....10:27
jaegerspeaking of wine... /me builds it10:28
Romsteroh yeah there is a missing package i emailed the maintainer about i'm guessing hasn't updated it though.10:32
Romsteryay firefox error to compile
thrice`expat eh10:39
jaegerjust finished building here without trouble10:42
jaegerwill test it after lunch10:42
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Romsterok odd it seems to be building ok now.. some random distcc issue maybe.10:50
thrice`seems to be going OK here too10:50
Romsteri'm having issues compiling new gstreamer still. i'll try again later.10:51
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Romsterah firefox built ok this time11:00
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tilmanrugek: wanna update contrib/xmms2 to DrKosmos? :p11:11
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rugektilman: uhm, totally missed the release ...11:20
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thrice`haven't tried xmms2 yet11:24
rugekit's worth a shot11:25
rehabdollnice tilman! that means i can delete my port :)11:28
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e-c0liI have a uestion12:23
thrice`I don't know what a uestion is :(12:23
thrice`ah, ok then12:23
e-c0liHow do I change the defaule gcc -flags? I exported "CFLAGS" and "CXXFLAGS" but when I install ports, it over rides my settings.12:24
thrice`have you looked at pkgmk.conf ?12:24
e-c0lioh, dear.. no12:25
e-c0liThe docs on the main page don't say much about them12:25
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thrice`right.  it's not a necessary step, really12:25
e-c0liok, thanks12:25
thrice`sure thing12:26
e-c0liAnything else?12:26
e-c0lihave a good one m812:26
thrice`you too :)12:26
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mwansalol "root"@63.146... shouldnt be running irc in root :)12:27
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tilmanjaeger: you gotta be kidding me13:17
jaegeram I?13:17
tilmanprobably not13:18
jaegerabout what? new firefox?13:18
jaegerif only :P13:18
tilman.11 today, .10 yesterday, .9 the day before yesterday13:18
tilmandoes mozilla corp have some kind of QA problem? :P13:19
jaegerIt seems they do. Pretty rediculous13:19
jaegerIf you want it I'll upload the built package13:19
tilmanjaeger: no thanks. i want to test the build on this machine13:20
tilmanto see whether i get the same strange footprint mismatch that rehabdoll was reporting13:20
tilmanoh man13:29
tilmanthey don't even have release notes for .1113:29
thrice`they're too busy preparing .1213:29
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jaegerprobably :P13:31
jaegerit occurred to me that I could wait until the .11 release was official on the front page to push it but they I decided it didn't matter much13:32
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rehabdolltilman: ive had those footprint issues for a couple of releases now14:45
rehabdollim gonna look into it tomorrow14:46
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tilmanNEW       -rw-r--r--      root/root       usr/include/firefox/system_wrappers/gdk/gdkpango.h15:00
tilmanthat's the only  one15:00
thrice`gdkpango...weird.  haven't tried here15:04
jaegeronly shows up on 2.4 for me. is that on 2.4, tilman?15:06
tilmanoh. yes, it is15:06
rehabdollim also running 2.4 btw15:11
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Romsterjaeger, cairo needs a update.16:58
Romster1.4.12 i noticed on freshmeat16:58
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Romsterthe never ending battle to keep things upto date.17:24
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DarkNekrosnight you all ;)18:23
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mwansagnome-user-docs doesnt seem to like libxml2.. ->
Romstermwansa, looks like your missing libxml2-python21:54
Romsterwell maybe old version...21:55
mwansamm i have libxml2-python 2.6.30-121:57
Romsterhmmz that is the lateist verison21:58
mwansaahh i was running an out version of libxml2, an update should hopefully solve it. thanks Romster ;)21:59
Romstermake sure you recompile libxml2-python after libxml222:00
Romsternew feature you didn't have <<22:00
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