IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2007-12-01

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Romsterwine 50 is out :P01:20
treachlet me guess01:20
treachwith "lots of bugfixes"01:20
Romsteryep directx 8 fixes01:21
Romsteronly found out because i'm in #winehq01:22
Romsterhow ironic i was saying firefox was geting more releases like wine, now firefox is out and then wine updates.01:25
treachmmh, a real alternative to firefox... :/01:26
Romsterwebkit tilman was talking about01:27
Romsteries4linux :P01:27
treachwebkit, *still* too immature. :/01:29
Romsterthere is netscape not shure how good that is.01:40
Romstergah i keep typing shure as the microphone brand...01:40
treachthat's not why I lauged..01:41
treachdamn, I hate this keyboard I had to dig out of the basement..01:41
treachnetscape; basically firefox/mozilla with some proprietary crap, last time I had a look at it at least01:42
prologicelinks ftw01:43
Romsteryeah no graphics...01:44
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tilmanjust realized my ck4up stuff is still on my old desktop03:59
treachReminds me, I have to dig out a salto database out of a decomissioned box here. :/04:00
tilmanudev update04:03
tilmancross your fingers for me :p04:03
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tilmananyone around who could quickly test the udev bump patch on _2.3_?04:14
tilmanit's working fine here04:14
teK_is it in core already?04:16
tilmani'd like it to be tested before i push04:16
teK_but..? I will test it04:16
teK_(again ;))04:16
tilmanthanks :)04:17
teK_you're welcome04:17
teK_well, nothing seems to have changed04:25
teK_trying it on another machine04:25
teK_works so far.04:32
tilmanno footprint mismatch either?04:32
teK_lesson learned: never try to login on  another machine while the keyboard is attached to your other box that's  running an IRC session d'oh04:32
tilman.oO(GET THE FUCK OFF MY LIST)05:04
tilmandestruct_: i disagree on your understanding of "unmaintained since years", but i'll look at util-linux-ng after 2.4 is out05:08
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DarkNekrosmorning you all ;)05:10
tilmanhello DarkNekros, aon05:13
tilmanah damn, didn't notice the thread on crux-devel05:14
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tilmanwhere did vico's ports repo go?05:44
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tilmandoes anyone have a copy of the prettyokayish gtk2 theme?05:49 is having issues05:49
treachtilman: as in ?05:58
tilmanno, that's the icewm one05:58
tilmanonly braindamaged morons use icewm05:58
treachindeed. :D05:58
treachI suppose that's a better link. ;)05:59
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tilmanjaeger: i just built gnome/gtk-engines. the port claims it depends on gconf, but there's no trace of gconf in the source package09:46
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jaegerodd... wonder why10:17
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squeeky88does anyone know how to redirect console messages to a logfile? (i.e. /dev/console)12:51
squeeky88so if kernel writes messages to the console screen, you can still see them remotely by looking in a logfile...12:51
tilmansqueeky88: mmh, that should be possible using /etc/syslog.conf12:52
tilmani think you need to filter for error or something12:52
squeeky88ok, i'll take a look at that12:54
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squeeky88tilman, i tried syslog.conf, but i'm not sure that is the right thing.  I recently had a system (remote, in a datacenter), and there was some bad RAM.  it logged some messages to the console screen, but i never saw them in a logfile.  Just looking at syslog.conf (and "logger") now, any of the messages i tried to write (with logger) appeared only in logfile, but NOT on the console.  Thus i am not sure if the messages written to the c13:06
squeeky88hanism in the first place.13:06
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jjpkUndecided with the nick ;)15:35
vicoAm I the only one with constant footprint mismatches on the last two udev updates?15:35
jjpkI have not updated udev to the very latest yet, the previous one installed fine.15:37
jjpkWhat is happening? Missing files in the footprint?15:37
vicoWell, take a look :-)
vicoat the end :-)15:40
vicowrong numbers for the device links, althoug the Pkgfile say's different :-)15:41
jjpkIndeed. :o15:43
tilmanvico: it built correctly for teK_ at least15:43
tilmanvico: try updating core/pkgutils :)15:44
tilmanlooks like yours is built against an ooold libarchive15:44
vicook I have a look15:44
vicopkgutils 5.30.0-1 and libarchive 2.3.4-1 is what I have15:46
tilmanvico: do you rebuild pkgutils after a libarchive update?15:47
vicoa thats a point15:47
vicomaybe not, only if prt-get has done it for me :-)15:47
tilmanthat whole thing isn't documented at all iirc :(15:48
vicoI'll try as soon as firefox is complete15:48
vicoWell its not a problem since I can change the links in just a few second myself. It i just strange why it happends.15:50
tilmanone version of libarchive had a bug wrt handling of device nodes15:50
vicoah, ok thanks tilman15:51
tilmanvico: can you let me know whether the build succeeds when you rebuild pkgutils?15:51
vicotilman: yep just waiting for the **** firefox build :-)15:52
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treachthat should be done shortly ;)15:52
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vicotreach: like me my computer is old and slow15:54
treachheh, that would be a bit of a downer. :>15:55
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treachI'm still shocked over being able to build the POS in 15 min rather than ~1 hour15:55
tilmani didn't even take the time15:56
tilmantreach: doesn't it take at least 5 minutes to untar? :))15:56
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treachno, not on a tempfs.15:57
* tilman <3 3 gb tmpfs15:57
treachtilman: have you considered a multilib version of crux?15:58
tilmani have considered thinking about doing something about 64bit support15:58
treachthere's nipuL's stuff, but that seems to be heading off on some tangent, and there's Meyer's stuff, but that's not multilib..15:58
vicotilman: hurray now it builds fine without problems.15:58
treachtilman: ok, let me know if you think some more about it ;)15:59
tilmantreach: heading off how?15:59
treachmulti-arch support etc15:59
jjpkTime to roll your own variant? :D16:00
tilmancertainly not16:01
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tilmantreach: what freq does your cpu run at? ;)16:03
treach1 GHz16:04
tilmanand those 15 min were without using ccache, right? :p16:04
treachright, you mean top - 2.816:04
tilman2.1 here16:04
tilmanso it's probably more than 15 min ;)16:04
treachnot much, I don't quite remember16:05
treachit's in the ballpark16:05
tilmani mean on my system16:05
treachah :)16:05
tilmani'm running a build atm16:05
treach-j 4 ftw. :)16:05
tilmani'm pondering setting up ccache to run on a tmpfs16:05
tilmani don't want it to trash my hdd16:05
tilmanerr, thrash16:06
treachif it thrashes it it might turn into trash.. like disk #1 :)16:06
tilmani wonder how smart it is to use 512 to 1024 mb of ram for ccache :p16:07
treachonly one way to find out.16:07
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tilmanhytter med naven16:24
tilmantreach: damnit, you made my mouth all watery. i'm nowhere near 15 minutes16:24
treachheh, maybe I'll have to recheck that value ;)16:24
treachbut I'm fairly sure I remember it correctly16:25
treachwhat time did you get?16:25
tilmanit's still compiling16:25
DarkNekrosnight you all ;)16:35
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tilmanoh well16:39
jjpkNot quite 15 minutes I'd say. :p16:39
treachmmh, that's suspiciously slow. :/16:39
jjpkWhat did you compile btw?16:39
treachsure you've got the ram timings right?16:39
treachjjpk: firefox16:40
jjpkRight, that beastly software.16:41
tilmanno, i'm not sure16:42
treachI'd recommend a little investigation then. ;)16:42
tilmananyone around with an athlon 64 x2 4000+? :P16:42
jjpkNot me, sorry. ;)16:43
treachwhat timings are your ramsticks rated for?16:43
tilmanit's ddr2 800, CL416:44
tilmanbut they might run at cl516:44
treachyou probably have to set that specifically in your bios16:44
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tilmani didn't bother so far16:44
treachhave a look, the defaults are insanely slow16:44
treach333MHz etc iirc16:44
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tilmantreach: the superio chip doesn't publish the frequency at which the ram modules run, does it?17:11
treachno, I don't think so.17:11
treachI'm afraid you'll have to reboot. :>17:11
tilmanalready did17:12
tilmani'd just like to confirm they really run at ~400 mhz17:12
tilmani wonder whether it's even using both cores17:19
tilmancpu usage doesn't go beyond 99% :D17:19
treachtilman: start top, press "1"17:19
tilmaneven without that, i should see a sum of % cpu usage of close to 20017:22
treachnot that I've noticed.17:22
tilman# parallel build17:25
tilmanmk_add_options MOZ_MAKE_FLAGS=-j217:25
tilmanthat's in mozconfig17:25
tilmandon't know if it takes precedence over $MAKEFLAGS though17:25
treachI don't think so. I put MAKEFLAGS=-j 4 in pkgmk.conf. :D17:26
tilmanwhy do i never see two "cc1plus" processes in top?17:30
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Brian|lfshello is anyone there17:30
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treachno idea. frankly I'm a bit too tired to think of something right now.17:31
Brian|lfsI'm a bit confused17:31
Brian|lfsI installed crux and during the install I picked the core and xorg17:31
Brian|lfsand I updated my ports with ports -u and have tried doing prt-get sysup multiple times and the mirros seem to time out for a lot of the packges17:32
Brian|lfsand now xorg doesn't work becuase it says all the moduels are the wrong version17:32
tilmanre. the timeouts
tilmansounds like you updated xorg-server17:33
tilmanyou need to rebuild your drivers17:33
tilmanxorg-xf86-input-mouse (or -evdev)17:33
tilmanxorg-xf86-input-keyboard, and xorg-xf86-video-YOURDRIVER17:33
Brian|lfswhat about gtk for gnome17:34
tilmanwhat about it?17:34
Brian|lfsit won't compile17:34
Brian|lfsfails everytime17:34
tilmancan you paste the error messages at ?17:35
Brian|lfsbut yet suppsoeably the rest of gnome compiled lol17:35
tilmanit's a bit hard to help without knowing what's going on exactly :P17:35
Brian|lfsya I will once I can get X back up17:35
Brian|lfsI had to reboot into windows because X won't work lol17:35
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tilmanBrian|lfs: when there's non-trivial x updates, i usually write to the crux mailing list about it17:36
tilmanso next time before you update x , you could check the list archives for such an announcement17:37
tilmanmight spare you some pain17:37
Brian|lfspain  isn't the word lol17:38
Brian|lfsso should I reisntall my xorg drivers for now and see if that fixes it17:38
Brian|lfsthen if not do I have to wait until the dev people fix X17:39
tilmanif it doesn't help, you should ask in here again17:39
tilmanbut i think it will fix it :)17:39
tilmanothers had the same issue i think17:39
Brian|lfswhat repo is xchat on?17:40
Brian|lfsso I can install it after I get X back up17:40
tilmanports -l|grep xchat17:40
Brian|lfsthat makes sense lol17:40
tilmanjust prt-get install it17:40
treachman prt-get ftw17:40
Brian|lfsI know how to install it just wasn't sure if its on a default repo or not17:40
Brian|lfsat elast it uses gtk2 lol17:41
Brian|lfsI'll be back in a few ho17:42
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tilmandid he just call me a whore? :p17:43
tilmanalso, i have no idea how i managed not to get upset17:43
treachmodern day "friendlyness" :s17:45
jjpkThat, or tilman is distracted by the slowness of tmpfs ;)17:45
jjpktreach: yep, I want it all NOW.17:46
tilmanif the frigging build isn't *much* slower on hdd i'll go on a rampage17:46
treachjjpk: heh, I guess tilman's issue is having the wrong settings somewhere. 42 min for firefox is *way* too slow.17:46
treachffs, it's only marginally faster than my old xp250017:47
jjpkThat was what I wondering as well. Way back when I still compiled firefox myself it was about an hour's worth.17:47
jjpkThat being on an xp2400.17:48
treachsounds reasonable17:48
jjpkSomething has to be wrong because that would be an incredibly minor improvement in compile time.17:51
treachmmh, I just like tilman initially didn't care about the ram settings, and got approximately the same results.17:52
jjpkEven more so because there's at least four years of difference between the hardware.17:52
tilmandd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null17:52
treachchanging the defaults to what the ramsticks were rated for were quite the improvement. :>17:52
tilmankill -USR1 `pidof dd`17:53
tilmanhow many MB/s does yours do, treach?17:53
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Brian|lfsdid I miss understand someone I rebooted into crux and I tried reinstalling the keyboard  and mouse and video drivers and they reinstall but xorg still says there the wrong version17:54
treachtilman: 799MB/s17:54
tilman~920 mb/s here17:54
tilmanthis is with compiling firefox in parallel17:54
Brian|lfswas I suppose to do it a different way I did prt-get remvoe and the names of the packages and prt-get install and the names of the packages17:54
tilmanBrian|lfs: are you sure it *updated* the packages?17:55
Brian|lfsit said installed it didn't say failed17:55
jjpkYou have to recompile the packages.17:55
tilmanBrian|lfs: paste your xorg log at paste.lisp.org17:55
jjpkYou have just removed them and installed it again, nothing changed.17:55
Brian|lfshow am I going to paste it I can't even install xhcat it bombed out as will17:56
treachirssi <317:56
tilmanyou could prt-get install ruby17:56
tilmanand then wget
Brian|lfsthat works but how am I going to paste lol17:56
tilmanand then ruby paste.rb /path/to/the/log17:56
treachBrian|lfs: screen + irssi works for pasting too, you don't even need X that way17:57
Brian|lfsnot familer with ruby17:57
tilmanyou don't have to be17:57
Brian|lfsI've heard of it but never used it before17:57
tilmanjust run the commands i gave you17:57
tilmantreach: i don't want him to paste the stuff on irc :(17:57
Brian|lfswhen I do that with ruby where is am I pasting to the room or to pastebin17:58
Brian|lfsthats whats confusing me17:58
tilmanit will print the url it pasted it to17:58
Brian|lfsruby will work on pastebin17:58
treachtilman: sorry, I should go to bed, I've been up since 05.00. I'm not thinking straight17:58
tilmanBrian|lfs: you could also think about what jjpk said17:59
tilmanmake sure you're not simply re=installing the old packages17:59
tilmantreach: ;)17:59
tilmantreach: err, np17:59
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Brian|lfshow do force it to recompile then?18:00
jjpkread prt-get's manual.18:00
tilmantreach: hdparm -T gives me 1135 mb/s. so that seems to indicate the number from dd isn't totally off18:01
tilmanthen again, wikipedia says the peak transfer rate of ddr2-800 is 6400 mb/s. they don't say what's a realistic value to get in practice is, though :D18:02
jjpkTheoretical peaks versus reality, I would not say they are the best measurement.18:03
tilmanlet's see whether i can get that data via i2c, too18:03
treachhowever, only getting a 1/6 of theoretical peak is pretty bad.18:04
treach(roughly, obviously)18:04
Brian|lfshmm I'll I see is adding removing and searching and basic stuff liek that18:05
Brian|lfsI probably would of saw that if  reboot and looked at all the switches lol18:06
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tilman40 minutes now ;)18:08
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tilmancool&quiet should work nicely with cpufreq, right?18:12
treachyeah, if you even need it.18:13
treachscratch that, I read it as "cpufreqd"18:14
treachcpufreq -> no problem18:15
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brian|lfsxorg starts now that I actually rebuiklt the packages18:19
brian|lfsgtk 2.12 still seems to fial18:19
tilmani'll mention the wonderful one last time ;)18:20
brian|lfshow would I pastebin the error with ruby and where would I be looking for the log18:20
brian|lfsya I know18:20
tilmanchmod +x paste.rb18:21
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tilman~/paste.rb path/to/the/file/with/the/build.log18:21
brian|lfsok cool just looking for the log file18:24
tilmanyou'll have to create it yourself18:24
brian|lfsoh ok would explain why I can't find it18:25
brian|lfsso just recompile and make it spit the out put to a file18:25
tilmanwe only need the first few errors18:25
tilmannot the full output18:25
brian|lfshmm is the a way just to have it spit just hte first few errors18:27
brian|lfsbecuase I just did a > filename18:27
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tilmanbrian|lfs: do it manually18:32
brian|lfswhat do you mean by manually copy the important liens out of the file I need?18:35
tilmanoh come on18:36
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brian|lfsI don't have ruby and its downlaoding at 1.5 k a second18:46
brian|lfsI'm confused I look at the gtk log I made and it looks like it isntalls fine so why is it saying it failed18:46
treachwell. what does it say?18:47
jjpkBuilding and installing packages are two different things in this distribution.18:47
treachout of the blue I would guess a footprint mismatch, but that's based on almost nothing..18:48
brian|lfsI'm installing ruby18:48
brian|lfsjsut slow mirror18:48
brian|lfsit probably won't isntall like everything else anyhow18:48
jjpktreach: your magic crystal ball is still out of order isn't it? :p18:49
tilmanyou could also use elinks to operate paste.whatever.blah18:49
brian|lfsok it works18:50
brian|lfsruby comping that is so do I do ,/paste.rb /path to file18:50
brian|lfsok it says it worked18:51
brian|lfsbut doesn't say where it pasted to just says pasted18:51
brian|lfsI couldn't find an easy way to get rid of all the extra junk18:53
brian|lfsI was going to hit the delete key but that would of taken all year18:54
tilmandownload paste.rb again18:55
tilmanfixed that bug that prevented it from showing you the url it pasted to18:55
brian|lfsok ok no prog18:55
brian|lfswhats the url again18:55
brian|lfsdo I put the url after the path to the file18:56
brian|lfsthats what was confusing me18:57
tilman./paste.rb path/file18:57
brian|lfsahh my file is to big lol18:57
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brian|lfscan I just send the file to someone over irssi18:58
tilmani suggest you invest some time and find the errors18:59
tilmanif it's too large to be pasted, i don't want to have it sent by ddc either18:59
brian|lfsI still don't get it I don't see an error19:02
tilmanpaste the last 100 lines19:03
tilmantail -n 100 the.log >
brian|lfsI can do that19:03
* treach files an order for replacement parts for his sarcasm-o-meter19:04
tilmantreach: are you on 2.4 or 2.3, btw?19:05
treachneither atm, planning on going 2.4 asap19:06
brian|lfsmissed a number19:06
tilmani wonder whether it's just gcc 4.2.2 that's being retarded and slow19:06
treachno idea, I don't think so. I tested it on 2.419:06
tilman25 minutes now19:07
tilmani added an "export" in from of "MAKEFLAGS=..." in pkgmk.conf19:07
tilmanand changed -j2 to -j4 in mozconfig19:07
treachright. stupid me.19:07
tilmani'm not sure whether the export is needed :o19:07
tilmanbrian|lfs: unhelpful. try again with tail -n 50019:07
treachexport "MAKEFLAGS= -j4" isn't it?19:08
tilmanexport MAKEFLAGS="-j4"19:08
tilmanno quotes needed in this case, but oh well :p19:08
brian|lfsdo I need to type the url out19:08
brian|lfsI repasted with 500 lines this time19:08
tilmanno, we can guess the url, too19:09
tilmanjust kidding19:09
tilmanbrian|lfs: copy & paste...19:09
tilmanyou're in x, right?19:09
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tilmanget the fuck in x then19:09
brian|lfsI have no webrowser or anything in x yet19:09
treachbrian|lfs: you can do it with screen19:09
treachif you have a look in the manual19:09
tilmanUnknown Paste d74a0e89gbd7942fc19:11
tilmanthere's no error19:13
brian|lfsbut yet it fails to install19:13
tilmando you try to run prt-get install as root or as user?19:13
tilmandoes "pkgadd /path/to/the/package" work?19:14
brian|lfsbut that is a good question19:14
brian|lfsI can try that19:14
treachtilman: he's irc'ing as root. ;)19:15
brian|lfsI know I was lazy I didn't make a user yet19:15
brian|lfsI know root is bad19:15
mwansatreach, lol. there was one aswell yesterday19:15
brian|lfswasn't me lol19:15
treachwell, the point being, if you're irc'ing as root, you're probably not trying to build stuff as a normal user19:16
brian|lfsis it gtk+2.12 or gtk#2.12 the packe I'm trying to install with pkgadd19:17
brian|lfsjust checking don't want to isntall the wrong one19:18
tilman /usr/ports/opt/gtk/gtk#2.12*.pkg.tar.gz19:18
brian|lfsno error19:18
brian|lfsgave me a prompt right back19:18
treachprt-get listinst | grep gtk19:19
tilmanmaybe enable logging in prt-get and see whether it can tell you more about the error19:19
jjpkGood night.19:19
*** jjpk has quit IRC19:19
brian|lfsit says its isntalled19:20
tilmanbrian|lfs: you didn't touch prt-get.conf or pkgmk.conf yet, right?19:20
brian|lfsshould I trying compiling soemthign with that uses gtk now such as xchat19:20
brian|lfsprt-get.conf to add the gnome repo19:21
tilmani'm afraid it's likely you'll get the same strange thing with prt-get install xchat19:21
brian|lfsdid I put the gnome repo in the wrong spot19:21
brian|lfsI put it after all the other repos which I thought was the smart thing19:21
treachprobably not.19:22
treachcontrib might clash with gnome19:22
treachif that's so, you should put gnome *above* contrib19:22
brian|lfsxchat installed fine tilman19:23
tilmanwell then19:23
brian|lfsam I going to have to rebuild gnome since gtk failed19:23
mwansait should do, sometime prt-get acts strange like that. someone should try find out why19:23
tilmanmwansa: do you have a reproducable test case?19:23
mwansatilman, mm not really19:24
mwansatilman, ill try simulate one ;)19:24
tilmanmwansa: let me know when you hit it again19:24
mwansatilman, sure thing19:24
brian|lfsis my gnome going to work fine or be all messed up I compiled gnome and everythign compiled except gtk and now I have gtk fixed19:24
brian|lfsat least thats what prt-get said19:25
tilmanit's a bit strange that you even could install gnome without having gtk19:25
tilmantry and see19:25
mwansabrian|lfs, did you install gnome with depinst or manually19:25
brian|lfsthats what I'm thinking also19:25
treachif gtk wasn't installed heaps of stuff would be broken.19:25
brian|lfsvery strange19:25
treachsome might have built anyway, but it certainly shouldn't work19:26
brian|lfsso should I rerun the compile of gnoem and do a -fr19:26
mwansabrian|lfs, yea try run a prt-get update on gtk19:26
brian|lfsoh ok19:26
treach with -fr19:26
brian|lfsits rebuilding19:27
brian|lfswhy am I having this problem19:27
brian|lfsI had this issue with gtk on my other machien also19:27
brian|lfsbut I ended up redoing that system anyhow19:27
tilmanupdate gtk? why? you just did19:28
brian|lfsI was wondering why he said to do that also lol19:28
mwansatilman just trying to see weather prt-get agrees with pkgmk he shouldnt force rebuild tho19:28
brian|lfsId idn't force rebuild19:29
brian|lfsits just doing it on its own rebuilding19:29
mwansaif it was installed properly prt-get should just say "package updated successfully" or something19:29
mwansalike that19:29
brian|lfsits still going19:30
brian|lfsxchat compiled nwo so I would hope it would say its good now19:30
brian|lfsam I unique with this gtk issue19:30
brian|lfsit says packaged failed19:31
treachwell, afaik you are19:31
mwansasee there you go..19:31
mwansait *will* work, but you may have problems with other builds later on19:32
*** MzOzD has quit IRC19:32
brian|lfsso should I do a -fr on gnome to have it rebuilt19:33
mwansatilman ? although i dont think a rebuild will really make a diff19:33
treachnot exactly. this is one of those cases were having a lot of packages sucks.19:33
treachbrian|lfs: I suggest using some kind of for loop doing the work for you.19:34
brian|lfswhat do you mean by foor loop19:34
brian|lfsfor loop19:35
brian|lfsI think I should of never isntall crux becuase obviously its not useable19:35
brian|lfsit would of been easier to doa LFS isntall lol19:35
treachit works for a lot of people.19:35
treachobviously it's useable19:35
brian|lfswhy bombing out on me when I follwed the doc on the website19:36
treachwell, since we don't know exactly what you did, that's a very difficult question.19:36
tilmanenable prt-get logging, then we'll tell you why19:36
brian|lfsobviously somehtign wasn't tested becuase I duplicated the same problem on two machiens that don't have the same chip19:36
tilmantreach: the 'export' is crucial. 25 minutes. good enough i think19:37
brian|lfsI installed crux from the crux 2.3 i686 cd19:37
brian|lfsand told it to isntall xorg and the core19:37
treachtilman: yeah, of course. I just forgot about it.19:37
brian|lfsand did a ports -u19:37
brian|lfsand got lots of time outs from sourceforge and still am missing the newest openssh and pkgutils19:38
tilmantreach: i wasn't so sure, because make is run in build(). it's not a separate process, so why do you need export?19:38
tilmanbrian|lfs: i referred you to the FAQ for the sourceforge problem19:38
brian|lfsand prt-get claims all of gnoem compiled excpt gtk19:38
brian|lfsit jsut said to install cvsup19:38
treachbrian|lfs: well. the key is to *understand* the package management system and the utilities. Unless you do that, everything will be very difficult19:38
tilmanmaybe you had gtk before, who knows :>19:39
mwansabrian|lfs, did you run ;prt-get depinst --install-scripts gnome'19:39
treachtilman: since I put it in pkgmk.conf19:39
brian|lfsits on the page that tells you how to install the gnome repo19:39
*** Jason5876 has joined #crux19:39
mwansawell im gonna get some rest, good night :)19:40
treachI'm on my 22 consecutive waking hour.19:40
tilmantreach: maybe i'll look into it tomorrow, i'm not very motivated right now ;D19:40
brian|lfswhat part of the world are you all in19:40
brian|lfsso I guess my question is what shoudl I do to fix my mess19:41
brian|lfsyou all just said rebuilding gnome won't help so what should I do19:41
tilmanfind out whether your current gnome works19:41
treacheasiest is probably to uninstall all packages related to gnome, and redo that part19:41
tilmanif it does, yay.19:41
tilmanif it doesn't, what treach said19:42
brian|lfsis there a easy way to uninstall them all or am I going to have to type them all out19:42
treachand make sure the gnome repo trumphs the others that might clash19:42
brian|lfswhat do you mean by gnome repo trumphs19:43
brian|lfsis that the name of a repop?19:43
tilmantop of the list in prt-get.conf19:43
treachI'm refering to the order of the reops listed in prt-get.conf19:43
treachnigth tilman19:43
brian|lfsthats what I asked earlier if I should have it on the top or bottom19:43
brian|lfsof my repo list19:44
treachyeah, and that19:44
treach's when I told you to put gnome high in that list19:44
brian|lfsI must of missed what you said or soemthing19:44
treachsince prt-get goes for the first found match19:44
brian|lfsI'm sorry man19:44
brian|lfsis there a easy way to remvoe all of gnome or am I going to ahve to lsit every package out19:45
treachprt-get listinst | grep gnome | xargs prt-get remove or something like that should help with most stuff.19:46
treachyou *will* have to adjust that.19:46
treachpossibly with some awk magic19:46
brian|lfswould I be safer jsut starting over with a fresh install19:47
brian|lfsI would think there is always the chance I miss a package19:47
treachwell, if you think it's faster, by all means, go ahead.19:47
brian|lfsprobably is faster if I save my kernel config and fstab and a few other files19:47
brian|lfsI made my home fodler a seperate partition19:48
treachgood move19:48
brian|lfsI see what happened now with gtk19:48
brian|lfsI had my repo at the bottom it probably tried to install the wrong version19:49
treachquite possible19:49
brian|lfsor build with the wrong options if it was the right version and on the wrong repo19:49
brian|lfsI would think that could cause problems having the same or similar packages in multiple repos19:50
treachyes. that's why prt-get takes the first.19:51
treachyou usually can't have more than one verision installed.19:51
brian|lfsthats true19:51
brian|lfsshouldn't cvsup have been part of the core repo?19:52
treachrsync is used now.19:53
brian|lfswas that what the package was called cvsup I can't remember19:53
brian|lfsI searched for it and it said not found19:54
treachprt-get search \*cvs\* ?19:54
brian|lfsall I can find is plain cvs19:56
treachit might be part of that.19:57
treach<- haven't used the cvs stuff for ages19:57
brian|lfsthats what I was thinking so Installed cvs19:57
treachthere's always fsearch19:57
treachprt-get fsearch blah19:57
brian|lfsbut it still don't want to connect ot get openssh19:58
treachyes, as the previously mentioned faq points out, that's their problem.19:58
treachunless the url has become outdated, in which case the maintainer should be notified, there's very little we can do about that.19:59
treachfinding a mirror is usually the best solution.19:59
brian|lfsso just find a mirror and downlaod it myself and have prots build it20:00
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treachI highly recommend using the src and package dir settings found in /etc/pkgmk.conf as well.20:01
treachmakes it a great deal easier to keep things tidy.20:01
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