IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2007-12-02

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mwansajaeger are you there ?00:26
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jaegeronly for a few minutes, what's up?00:33
mwansammh, gnome main menu gives me the error "ImportError: No module named glade"00:35
jaegerwhen doing what? clicking on it? editing it?00:35
jaeger(both work for me, incidentally)00:36
mwansarunning it it, it doesnt open so i run alacarte in prompt and get that error00:36
jaegerrunning crux 2.3 and gnome 2.20.000:36
jaegerno idea what would be causing it... perhaps rebuilding libglade and pygtk would help but I'm not sure... I can't reproduce it here00:37
mwansamm ohk. ill give it a crack. anyways thanks :)00:38
jaegerno problem, good luck. going to sleep but if you still have the problem tomorrow we can try to dig deeper00:38
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rehabdolltilman: radeonhd depends on xorg-util-macros04:09
tilmanoh crap04:09
tilmanthat seems strange though04:10
tilmanrehabdoll: maybe i should have stolen your port after all ;D04:12
tilmanrehabdoll: 1.0.0 builds without xorg-util-macros here04:12
tilmanrehabdoll: did it break for you?04:13
tilmanyour git port needed it, because you ran autogen.sh04:13
tilmanbut the packages shouldn't need util-macros04:13
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tilmanare there any systems on which cpudynd is better than one of the other cpufreq governors?04:55
rehabdolldoubt it, the project seems pretty dead05:00
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RedShifttilman: why not use the ondemand kernel module?06:38
tilmanRedShift: that's my point06:39
tilmanRedShift: i think nowadays the various governors do a better job than userspace+cpudynd06:39
RedShiftsame thought here06:39
tilmanondemand works great on my desktop (athlon64), and conservative works great on the laptop06:39
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tilmanthese idiots logged #idlerpg12:19
thrice`2.4 seemed to install well for me, btw :)12:19
thrice`just the rsync issue was noticed12:19
tilmantreach: btw, can you compile firefox and give me your time? ;)12:19
treachnot atm.12:20
treachI will, when I've put 2.4 back on. ;)12:20
tilmanah, right12:20
thrice`udev update didn't go to 2.4, either :(12:20
tilmanthrice`: i don't want to litter the history with merges all the time12:20
thrice`ooh, just do a merge after awhile ?12:21
tilmanwill merge once pkgutils 5.30.1 is out12:21
thrice`fancy :)12:21
thrice`i didn't know it was that close12:23
tilmanit will just contain jaeger's source mirror patch12:23
jaegerwhich I'm adding now. should I change a minor version somewhere?12:24
tilmanno, that should be a separate commit12:24
tilmanyour patch also modifies pkgmk.conf to contain an empty line for the new variable, rgiht?12:25
tilmanneed willing testers12:30
tilmanbump core/pkgutils to 5.30.1 and see whether the resulting pkgmk still works12:30
teK_moment :)12:30
thrice`if you do it on 2.4 branch, I will12:30
tilmanthrice`: i meant, bump it yourself12:30
thrice`ooh, ok.  is source there ?12:30
tilmandon't want to push the current md5sum if the tarball turns out to be flaky12:31
tilmanthrice`: just edit /usr/ports/core/pkgutils/Pkgfile :P12:31
thrice`thanks... :)12:32
thrice`seems to work OK here12:33
thrice`new pkgmk.conf showed up in rejmerge too12:33
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teK_seems to work fine here, too..12:45
tilmanfyi, i decided to bump the minor version instead12:45
tilmanso you can delete that .1 tarball you just downloaded :P12:45
teK_404 *g*12:45
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jjpkIRseek eh, that's an odd problem.13:07
jjpkThere probably has been a logger here, alta_ve(whateverfuckingnumber follows)13:08
jjpkNever said a word, frequently disconnected and never identified to nickserv.13:11
jjpkGovernments and companies need to know everything now, don't they...13:12
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jjpkOne of these days where absolutely nothing works. \o/13:21
jjpkNow if it were possible to find those motherfuckers who have this place on its knees...13:21
jjpkDiplomacy is not an option with those retards.13:22
jjpkGive it about 2 hours before everything gets cut off.13:23
jjpkTwo more weeks of this...13:28
jjpkIf 2.4 is still not out, I'll chip in on debugging the rc release.13:31
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brian|lfsdoes anyone know why the nvidia driver won't install for me it says that nvidia.ko is a invalid module18:05
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brian|lfsI tired the one in the ports and downlaoding it from nvidias site my self18:06
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brian|lfsanyone home18:18
thrice`yes, but don't use nvidia18:19
thrice`I assume that you've ran depmod -ae and everything since compiling and installing the module ?18:19
brian|lfsit fails to compile18:23
brian|lfsso runnign depmod is going to help18:23
brian|lfsthere isn't somehtign I'm suppsoe to edit to allow non gpl packages is there?18:23
thrice`shouldn't have to - check out the port's Pkgfile18:25
brian|lfsI tired botht he ports file and the driver on the nvidia site18:28
brian|lfshow do I type in a box in elinks18:29
brian|lfsI'm looking at the manual it jsut says how to submit and stuff I don't see antyhing about entering text in a box18:30
brian|lfsI've never used elinks before I'm use to lynx and links18:30
brian|lfsgtk still fails19:10
brian|lfseven after a reinstall19:10
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brian|lfshello Romster19:43
Romsterhi brian|lfs19:44
brian|lfsare you new to crux or have you used crux for a long time19:45
thrice`your problem isn't really crux related, I'm afraid19:45
brian|lfsits all good thrice` I manually isntall gtk and I'm letting prt get install gnome I will see what happens19:46
thrice`why did you manually install gtk ?19:46
brian|lfsprt-get compiles it fine but fails to instlal it19:46
brian|lfsso I used pkgadd and it installs fine19:47
thrice`ah; what did you call from prt-et ?19:47
brian|lfsprt-get depinst --install-scripts gnome19:47
brian|lfsand it still don't seem to be isntalling gnome19:48
brian|lfsso I'm confused19:48
Romsterbrian|lfs, for a long time since 2.119:48
brian|lfsthis is gettign annoying19:48
Romstergtk installes just fine what error did you get?19:49
brian|lfsthats jsut the thing there is no compiel error19:49
Romsterpastebin your results and comands it would help alot instead of all this guess work.19:49
brian|lfshow with no window manager19:49
brian|lfsI have x now19:50
thrice`wget -O - | bunzip2 - > /usr/bin/wgetpaste && chmod +x /usr/bin/wgetpaste19:50
thrice`then pipe commands with wgetpaste :)19:50
brian|lfsI went thought all this yesterday adn everyone told me to unisntall the gnomne packages and reisntall them so I did and have the same result19:51
brian|lfsso obviously there is a bad build script or soemthign its not soemthing I'm doing wrong19:51
Romsterthrice`, that's a nice metthod maybe that should be on the install cd <_<19:52
brian|lfsmaybe someone should test stuff before they post it19:52
thrice`gtk builds perfectly for everyone else, unfortunately19:52
brian|lfswhat does glibm do?19:52
brian|lfsI never heard of it19:52
Romsterit's easy to get a light weight window manager running that don't take ages to compile like icewm as a backup.19:53
brian|lfslike I said it buidls fine and prt bitches about it19:53
brian|lfswhat repop is icewin on19:53
thrice`brian|lfs: try prt-get update -fr gtk19:53
Romsterwell pastebin the bloody results so we can see the problem if there is one19:53
brian|lfsis there a way for me to copy that url fromt he room19:54
Romsterinstead of jsut bitching it don't work.19:54
Romsterno idea...19:54
brian|lfswouldn't you be fusterated if you do a whole reinstall twice and ran into this problem19:55
Romstersomeone could package that program <<19:55
thrice`I've just updated my gtk fine a few hours ago19:55
Romsteryes but i dont' give up easily, i mean i got so many packages i maintain i get problems too...19:55
Romsteri'll package that port so you can prt-get install it..19:56
thrice`should be a quick port :)19:58
brian|lfsbecuase the bunzip2 isn't working on it20:01
brian|lfsit says the file may be corrupt20:02
thrice`tilman: not sure if this is a weird bug, but somehow my xorg meta-port isn't installed with stock 2.4 (though all deps are good)20:02
brian|lfsare you sure you do have to do a -fr on your keyboard mouse and video20:03
brian|lfsI had to do that yesterday20:03
thrice`prt-get update -fr will update a package, but force it to be rebuilt.  so, if I have gtk at the latest version, that will force it to build again from source and update20:04
brian|lfsya I understand that20:04
thrice`but yes, you will need to update video and input drivers if you update xorg-server (I think that is your question)20:04
brian|lfsI was trying to help Romster becuase thats the problem I had yesterday not sure if he is having the same problem or not20:05
brian|lfsdid I do somethign wrong witht he lien you gave me to get wgetpaste thrice`20:05
brian|lfsI've never used bunzip2 before and it says the file may be corrupt20:06
thrice`how am I supposed to know that ?20:06
thrice`just wait til Romster sticks it in contrib, and install from there20:06
brian|lfsI figured it out20:07
brian|lfsdid a --help on it20:07
brian|lfsso do I do my last command and pipie it wgetpaste I'm confused?20:08
thrice`prt-get update -fr gtk | wgetpaste20:09
brian|lfsok that makes sense20:09
brian|lfshuh gave me a command lien right back20:11
brian|lfsahh its a blank file20:13
brian|lfsI'll wait on Romster20:13
Romstersudo ports -u contrib20:13
Romsterthen sudo prt-get install wgetpaste20:14
brian|lfshow do I add the contrib repo20:14
Romsterit might take a few minutes before it shows in contrib.20:14
Romsterdo you ever read manuals..20:14
brian|lfsya I do its jsut not in front of me20:14
thrice`drivers are in /etc/ports/20:14
Romsteredit /ext/ports/contrib filename.20:14
Romsterthen add it in /etc/prt-get.conf20:15
Romstersudo mv /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive /etc/ports/contrib.rsync20:15
Romstermay i add RTFM right here.. <_<20:16
Romstercrux isn't a distro that holds your hand while installing.20:16
brian|lfsdo I want it as the first source20:16
Romsterput it under core opt xorg gnome so it's last.20:17
Romsterorder matters.20:17
thrice`it's even in there, just commented out20:17
brian|lfsin that case would I want gnome first I was told yesterday I need gnome first20:17
Romsteranything above will override if there is duplicate ports.20:17
Romsteryeah it's in the file but commented.20:17
Romsterthought brian|lfs would of seen that.20:18
Romsterok it's in contrib nowi looked.20:18
Romsterso after moving that file and adding contrib to prt-get.conf run "ports -u contrib" then prt-get install wgetpaste20:19
Romsterthen do as thrice` said <_<20:19
Romsterthrice`, something like that should of been in crux ports along time ago.20:19
brian|lfsok its installed20:20
brian|lfsbut when I do prt-get update -fr gtk | wgetpaste I jsut get a prompt back20:20
Romsterpipe your command that you use to compile gtk20:20
Romsterthat's ok20:20
brian|lfsso how do I know if it is working20:20
Romsteryou can do prt-get update -fr gtk | tee wgetpaste20:21
Romsterbut don't now it'll be on the site20:21
brian|lfshow long should it take20:21
Romsterthrice`, what site does it paste too..20:22
thrice`it'll spit back a url20:22
Romsterso it picks whatever it can use.20:22
thrice`I think there might be a .conf file generated...dunno, never used anything except the defaults20:22
Romsterbrian|lfs, just wait for it to return the prompt.20:22
Romsterthrice`, you got a package or you just installed it manually?20:23
thrice`echo "this is a test" | wgetpaste20:23
Romsterah i should try it out..20:23
thrice`:) b4b20:23
Romster$ echo "this is a test" | wgetpaste20:24
RomsterYour paste can be seen here:
Romsterso yeah give the url it spits out after the prompt returns brian|lfs20:24
brian|lfsI had a blank wgetpaste on my system still20:25
brian|lfsits working now20:25
Romsterif you use that "tee wgetpaste"20:26
brian|lfsits going to be a while it compiles the whole thing then fails when it trys to isntall20:26
Romsteryou can see what's going on aswell as what's being piped.20:26
brian|lfsno I see output with out tree20:26
Romsterah k20:26
Romsterah good.20:26
brian|lfsI could of looked up add contrib it was jsut easier to ask int he room20:27
brian|lfswhat kind of packages is contrib suppose to have20:27
Romsterif you gonna recompile alot prt-get depinst ccache and then you need to setup some optiosn in pkgmk.conf20:27
Romstersay again? there liek the other packages.20:28
Romsteronly there maintained be a select group of users.20:28
Romstermostly users some devalopers put stuff in there too instead of opt.20:28
brian|lfsI really don't think I did anyhthign worng I think there is a bug with gtk20:29
brian|lfsor prt-get20:29
Romsterthere could be..20:29
brian|lfsthe output is to big20:29
Romsterbut we'll know once i see the result.20:29
Romsterdamn it..20:30
Romsterpipe to a file..20:30
thrice`well, pipe to a file, cut out the early stuff20:30
Romsterthen cat the last few lines that the error occurs at.20:30
thrice`then cat file | wgetpaste20:30
brian|lfslog.log lol20:30
Romstertail the last fewlines enoughto see the problem20:30
brian|lfsso do cat file | wgetpaste | tail -n or something like that20:31
Romstertail log.log -n20 | wgetpaste20:31
Romsterjsut pick how many lines you need..20:31
brian|lfsother way around20:31
brian|lfsnot sure how it will help you becuase it shows no errors lol20:32
Romsterhmm what does it actually say?20:32
brian|lfsit says insall failed20:32
Romsterinstall command was prt-get depinst gtk ?20:32
Romsterbefore that?20:32
Romsterwhats it say20:33
brian|lfsno gnome20:33
brian|lfsI'll tell you again in a sec I forget the exact words20:33
brian|lfsafter I get a log.log file lol20:33
Romsterseems kinda strange..20:33
brian|lfsya it is then you pkgadd and it installs20:33
Romsterwhat pkgadd command did you use?20:34
Romsterany arguments?20:34
brian|lfspkgadd /usr/ports/gtk#2.1220:34
brian|lfsdon't remember the rest of the file name20:34
brian|lfsit trying to isntall gtk then at the end it says building of gtk failed20:35
brian|lfsthats all it says for an error20:35
thrice`no, there should be more before that20:35
thrice`can you paste like 40 lines prior?20:36
Romsterthere should be a reason grep error log.log20:36
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brian|lfsok I pasted 500 lines20:36
brian|lfsdid that url work?20:38
Romsterand i'm puzzled you did run as root?20:39
brian|lfsya as root20:39
Romsteryou should be seeing soemthing like this20:40
Romster=======> Building '/usr/ports/packages/wgetpaste#2.7-1.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.20:40
Romsterprt-get: installing wgetpaste 2.7-120:40
Romster-- Packages installed20:40
brian|lfsya I saw that for wgetpaste20:40
brian|lfsand all my other packages20:40
Romsterso pkgadd the file works.20:40
brian|lfsbut gnoem still bombs out20:40
brian|lfsI still don't have gnome up20:41
Romsterprt-get update -fr prt-get20:41
Romsterrun that and then if it don't install pagadd the resulting file.20:41
brian|lfsI can try that but its a new isntall and I did all my updates20:41
Romsterprt-get might need rebuilding to link it to new stuff.20:41
brian|lfsit isntalled fine20:42
brian|lfssod o prt-get update -fr gtk now?20:43
Romstertry a prt-get deptree gtk20:43
Romsterfirst see if nothing is missing on your system on that list.20:43
Romsterif nothing is missing then run that prt-get update -fr gtk20:43
Romsterand we'll see what happens this time..20:43
thrice`i would cd /usr/ports/opt/gtk && pkgmk20:44
Romsteri've never seen this fault before.20:44
thrice`see if pkgmk builds it successfully20:44
brian|lfseverythign has i20:44
Romsterbrian|lfs, that's good..20:44
Romsterthrice`, hmm there wouldnt' be a old gtk package?20:44
brian|lfs2.12 sounds old to me20:44
Romsterbrian|lfs, do as thrice` said cd /usr/ports/opt/gtk20:44
thrice`yes, 2.12 is old20:45
Romsterugh you just pkgadded a old package off the cd..20:45
thrice`wait, nevermind.  2.12.2 is latest20:45
Romstercd into and pkgmk20:45
Romstereh you on 2.12.2?20:45
thrice`it just build fine here20:45
thrice`on crux 2.4 even :)20:45
brian|lfsI dont'[ see a pkgmk fodler20:46
thrice`no, cd /usr/ports/opt/gtk20:46
thrice`and use "pkgmk" to build the package20:46
brian|lfsya I'm in gtk20:46
Romsternah it's cd /usr/ports/opt/gtk20:46
Romsterthen type sudo pkgmk or run pkgmk as root.20:46
brian|lfsok its building20:47
Romsteri prefer to use sudo, you might wanna mess with pretendroot later on.20:47
brian|lfsI'll install sudo if this fixes my problem20:47
brian|lfsits easier then doing su all the time using sudo20:48
brian|lfsand more secure20:49
brian|lfsis 2.4 new I didn't see it when I downloaded 2.320:49
Romsterit's jsut a way to run root commands witout being root.20:50
Romsterwon't fix the current issue..20:50
Romster2.4 is still in testing.20:50
Romsteryou can update to it later on a current 2.3 system.20:50
brian|lfsdo you guys put kenrel updates in the ports or is the kernel only updated with new versions20:51
Romsteri wouldnt' try it yet unless you got pacence and some stuff may be broken still.20:51
brian|lfsor crux20:51
*** destruct has quit IRC20:51
Romsterthe kernel is updated manually, although one person has made a package of the kernel but i prefer to use ketchup to get the sources 'ketchup' in in contrib too.20:51
brian|lfsmkpkg failed20:52
brian|lfssame error20:52
brian|lfspkgmk I mean20:52
brian|lfsfootprint mssmatch found20:52
brian|lfsand the fiels it list have to do with cups20:53
Romsternow run pkgmk -uf20:55
brian|lfswe didn't get that error before20:55
Romsterthat's safe to ignore.20:55
Romster-uf will update the footprint new files aren't so bad but missing files could be a worry.20:56
brian|lfsok footpritn updated20:56
Romsterthat jsut means you got cups installed and it has created the librarys to use cups.20:56
Romsternow run pkgmk -u20:56
Romsterto install the new version.20:56
Romsterit's odd prt-get would show the errors of the footprint mismatch.20:57
Romsterbut it would still create the gtk#pkg...20:57
brian|lfsdon't you mean wouldn't20:57
Romsterit would!20:57
Romsterit will she footprint mismatch20:57
brian|lfsso what should I type to try to get gnoem to install now20:57
Romsterthen you can at your own option run prt-get depisnt -uf20:58
Romsterprt-get depisnt --install-scripts gnome20:58
Romsternot sure but maybe you might want to run prt-get depisnt --install-scripts -if gnome20:58
Romster-if will ignore nore footprints but might leave you with errors you don't see.20:58
brian|lfsI'll do it without the if for now then20:59
Romsteryou can always run prt-get -uf packagename20:59
Romsterthen continure with the origional command.21:00
brian|lfsso why did I have this problem with gtk in the first place21:00
Romsterwhat i don't get is prt-get would show the footpirnt mismatch.21:00
Romsteri get that problem if i pipe prt-get to ccze21:00
brian|lfsits nothing I did wrong right?21:00
Romsterit'll reorder the output and put the footprint mismatch code above the installing lines.21:01
Romsternope i don't think you did anything wrong..21:01
brian|lfsI wouldn't think so either this happend on my other machien in the other room21:01
brian|lfsthat I was using crux on to run a ftp server and a counter strike server21:01
brian|lfsgnome worked fine until I did a prt-get sysup21:02
brian|lfsand it tried to update21:02
brian|lfsI eneded up switching that box to ubuntu server21:02
brian|lfsits doing poppler right now21:03
Romsterah k..21:04
brian|lfsno clue how many more packages are left lol21:04
Romstergnome should be better maintained now,21:04
Romsterits got tags for each verison so conflicts etc should be avoided.21:04
brian|lfsany idea why my nvidia driver won't install21:04
Romsternvidia binary?21:04
brian|lfstried the prots package it failed and I tired the binary off nvidias site it failed21:05
Romsteryou'll need to keep the linux sources in /usr/src/linux or /usr/src/linux-<version>21:05
brian|lfsis it ya I have the sources21:05
Romsterand you did use prt-get install nvidia?21:05
brian|lfsbombs out21:05
brian|lfsis there a kernel option I need21:05
mwansabrian|lfs, mttr ?21:06
brian|lfswhats mttr?21:06
mwansaRomster, r you running gnome21:06
Romsterno i'm running kde.21:06
mwansabrian|lfs, sorry MTRR21:07
brian|lfswill MTRR whats that lol21:07
Romsteri can't remember what MTRR is now.21:07
brian|lfsand whats it under I'll see if its on21:07
Romsternet abbreviation?21:07
mwansamemory typr range registers21:08
Romsterbrian|lfs, what error do you get when you run prt-get depinst nvidia?21:08
Romsterand if your card is older you'll want one of the legacy drivers.21:08
Romsterthere are 2 legacy ports.21:09
brian|lfsMTRR was off21:10
brian|lfsI have a 7900GS21:10
Romsterk so nvidia port si fine for you.21:10
Romsteryou do have agpart and the stuff set in the kernel config?21:11
brian|lfsshould I recompile my MTRR was off21:11
brian|lfswhats that udner I'll look21:11
mwansabrian|lfs, yea try that21:11
Romster$ zgrep MTRR /proc/config.gz21:11
Romsterhmm mine si on..21:11
brian|lfsI turned MTRR on21:12
Romstermwansa, i can't remember what that does now but it works so i'll leave it as that.21:12
brian|lfsand PCI express is set to any21:12
brian|lfsdo I want to leave that on any21:12
Romsterthat's ok.21:12
Romsterit'll pick what it needs.21:12
Romsterand oh you got PCIe you won't need agpart then.21:13
Romsteryes leave it on any.21:13
brian|lfsdidn't see an option for agp lol21:14
Romsteronly change that if you later get problems.21:14
Romsteryou on a newer system so nevermind that..21:14
Romsteri'm still on a agp graphics card system.21:14
brian|lfsis it safe to compile nvidia so I can pastebin the error while gnome is compiling21:15
Romsteryou'll need to do the sueall make make modules_install copy and bzImage and sudo /sbin/lilo reboot then try to install nvidia then.21:15
brian|lfsI rather pastebin my error before I recompile my whole kernel21:15
Romsterif you got the sources still the make would only update what needs to be changed.21:16
Romsterif you didn't do a make clean.21:16
brian|lfsoh I didn't recompile my kenrel yet or do make clean21:16
Romsterk so you edited .config or ran make config21:17
Romsterso type make now do the useall steps.21:17
brian|lfsthats all I did21:17
Romsterand you'll need to reboot before you can try building the nvidia port.21:18
brian|lfsya I know how to compile a kenrle just didn't want to want to compile my kenrle over until I knwo the MTRR thing is the problem for sure21:18
Romsterjust control c the gnone build once it's finished installing a port and continue with the same command after a reboot.21:18
brian|lfstake a look at my url21:19
Romsterinclude/linux/autoconf.h or include/config/auto.conf are missing.21:19
Romsterso see if one exists..21:20
brian|lfsI'm in inclue don't see autoconf.h or auto.conf21:20
Romsterwhat kernel verison btw?21:21
Romsterhmm there should be..21:21
Romsterk taht should be fine.21:21
brian|lfswhich is stock with crux 2.321:21
brian|lfsso recompile my kernel21:21
brian|lfsI didn't see an opotion for agp21:22
Romsterwhy are you missing that file when you didn't do a make clean?21:22
brian|lfsI have a feelign the driver mgiht look for agp even though I don't have an agp slot21:22
Romsternevermind agp if your system dont' have agp... i assumed..21:22
brian|lfsI'm looking in linux/include21:22
Romsterthat you were on a agp graphics card..21:22
brian|lfsare thsoe fiels part of MTRR then which wasn't on before21:22
Romsteri have /usr/src/linux-2.6.23/include/linux/autoconf.h21:23
brian|lfsoh I'm not in linxu under include21:24
Romsterso type make in the linux source.21:24
brian|lfsya I have autoconf21:24
brian|lfsbut no file with .h on it21:24
brian|lfsI'm recompiling my kernel21:25
brian|lfsI did make all21:25
Romsterit might be a compiled file for MTRR maybe...21:25
Romsterjsut make is fine it calls all by default.21:26
brian|lfsor we are missing antoehr option21:26
Romsterwe'll find out..21:26
brian|lfsnot sure what would be missing I've compiled kernels before21:26
brian|lfswhat did you say that program was to grab sources21:26
brian|lfskernel sources I mean21:27
Romsterprt-get depinst ketchup21:27
brian|lfswill try this kernel for now21:27
Romsterthen run int he linux kernel directory "ketchup"21:27
brian|lfsit is a new driver so it mgiht be that this kenrel version is old who knows21:27
Romsterit'll update to the last 2.6.20.x version.21:28
Romsterthen run make oldconfig21:28
Romsterand continue with what your doing now.21:28
Romsteri'm owrking on just fine though.21:28
brian|lfsI'm compilign 3 thigns at once lol21:29
brian|lfsgnome kenrel and ketchup21:29
Romsterpoor system <<21:29
Romsterketchup won't take long.21:29
Romstergone will take a while <<21:29
brian|lfsya it will21:30
Romsterif you got a few computers i'd look at distcc21:30
Romsterprt-get info distcc21:30
brian|lfspinentry faild21:30
Romsterbtw i maintain ketchup <<21:30
Romsterah yeah i got that too do a prt-get update -uf pineentry21:31
brian|lfsa dep of ketchup21:31
Romsteri'll notify the maintainer of that footprint mismatch.21:31
Romsterthe .footprint is jsut a safe guard to let you know there are new or missing files.21:32
Romsterdosn't mean the program didn't compile.21:32
brian|lfsit says package not installed21:32
Romsterprt-get update -uf pineentry21:32
Romsternot install if you ran that.21:32
Romsterah actually install sorry21:33
Romsterprt-get install -uf pineentry21:33
Romsteri keep using update as i have previous versions of everything on my system21:33
Romsterjust use install if update failles with not installed.21:34
brian|lfsketchup installed and now its compiling a million toher programs21:34
brian|lfscould it of got confused becuase I"m installing gnome21:34
brian|lfsoh its done nevermind21:35
brian|lfsshould I try the 2.6.20 kernel I compiled first21:35
Romsterk try the
Romsteryou'll need to cp /boot/ and arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz21:37
Romsteri even cp config /boot/kconfig21:37
brian|lfsI did all that and reran lilo21:37
brian|lfsbrb going to reboot21:37
Romsterbut i also have -verison on mine as i got a few kernel versions.21:37
Romsteryeah enver forget to run lilo.21:37
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC21:38
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux21:41
brian|lfsok I'm back21:41
brian|lfsnah it still didn't work21:41
brian|lfserror looks identical21:41
brian|lfswhat am I doing with ketchup now21:43
Romsterupdate to the lateist kernel version in th 2.6.20.x branch21:46
Romsterrun ketchup
Romsterthen make oldconfig21:47
Romsterand then make and do the same stuff.21:47
Romstermaybe the later version will be fine.21:47
brian|lfsit faield patching21:47
Romsterwhat error?21:47
Romstergpg key not found?21:48
Romsteror other error.21:48
brian|lfscan't check signiture no public key21:48
Romsterah run ketchup -G
Romsterdunno why that dosn't always work.21:48
brian|lfsok that worked21:49
brian|lfsok ran make oldconfig21:49
Romsteronce it's done patching make oldconfig and make and do the rest and reboot and hopefully nevidia willcompile then.21:49
Romsterif that fails too after this then we'll haev to look at the config more..21:50
Romsteri find ketchup to be very handy say geting the lateist sources is jsut typing ketchup 2.621:50
brian|lfshopefully its a kernel version issue it is a newer driver its 14.19 or soemthing21:50
Romsterah yeah21:50
brian|lfsso should I have jsut gotten kernel 2.6.23 or whatever the newest is21:51
brian|lfsor is 20.21 the samething21:51
brian|lfswow gdm is downloading21:52
Romstermaybe but i dont' think 2.6.23.x will work on nvidia i hadn't tryed.21:53
nipuLjust got spammed in an interesting way that defeated my greylisting21:53
Romsterthey all should download ok sourceforge can be a pain though.21:53
brian|lfsdoes xorg 7.3 work on it yet21:53
Romsterbrian|lfs, yes21:54
brian|lfsI htought I had the driver had to be doen over for xorg 7.321:54
brian|lfsthats why distros delayed shipping with xorg 7.321:54
Romsterwasn;t but that chaged along time ago.21:54
brian|lfsmaybe I don't knwo can't recall ever running xorg 7.3 before lol21:55
brian|lfsdon't even think the new Ubuntu uses it21:55
brian|lfsis downlaoding21:56
RomsterO_o wow there behind the times.21:56
brian|lfsthere bleeding edge for other stuff just not xrog not sure why21:56
brian|lfsI still like Ubuntu and gentoo jsut like trying different distros21:56
Romsterah crux is easer than ubunto for packages.21:57
Romsterunbuntu is it's own ball game so can't compare it really.21:57
brian|lfseaiser what lol21:57
Romsterwell i find crux easy.21:57
brian|lfsif it was easier I would of had gnome running last night21:58
brian|lfsI'm rebooting kernel done compiling again lol21:58
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC21:58
*** acrux_ has quit IRC21:59
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux22:00
brian|lfswhat is inotify it says my kernel don't support it every time I boot up and the driver still doesn't install22:01
mwansabrian enable inotify22:02
Romsterugh you should have that enabled...22:02
Romsteranother kernel compile <<22:02
Romsterinotify is a new system for notifying of file changes.22:02
brian|lfswould that make nvidia fail22:03
Romstersomething along those lines.22:03
Romsterdon't know but it wouldn't help..22:03
brian|lfsoh whats inotify under22:03
mwansabrian|lfs, Filesystem22:03
Romsterby the way everyone it's my birthday i'm 30 today <_<22:05
brian|lfshappy birthday22:05
brian|lfsI never even heard of inotify22:08
brian|lfsmust be on as default normally22:08
Romsterlol see ubuntu and i guess gentoo hides stuff from ya.22:10
Romsteri'd say it's a gentoo on default thing.22:10
brian|lfsever look at a kernel for ubuntu its source  code lol22:10
brian|lfsthey add all kinds of weird shit to it lol22:11
brian|lfsreboot time again22:12
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC22:12
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux22:14
brian|lfsnah didn't help22:14
brian|lfsbut got rid of that error22:14
brian|lfsabout inotify22:15
brian|lfscan I send my kernel config to someone to look at22:16
brian|lfsor pastebin it22:16
brian|lfsdid I need to rename myh kernel folder name22:21
brian|lfsI left it as the origional name22:21
*** mwansa has quit IRC22:22
Romstermight help..22:26
Romstermv linux linux-
Romsteri hadn't tryed with linux/22:26
brian|lfsI'm looking through my kernel config right now22:30
Romsteri dodn't check but do you have any inbuilt video drivers you'll need to disable them22:30
Romsterall i see is needed is22:32
RomsterEnable loadable module support22:32
RomsterMTRR (Memory Type Range Register) support22:32
Romster/dev/agpgart (AGP Support) or in your case PCIe22:33
RomsterRemove the in-kernel driver22:33
brian|lfswhats /dev/agpsupport under22:33
RomsterEnable VESA support22:33
RomsterDevice Drivers --->22:33
RomsterCharacter devices --->22:33
brian|lfsis in-kernel driver in there22:34
brian|lfsahh option for nfroce under agp22:35
brian|lfsI have an nforce chipset22:35
brian|lfson my motherboard22:35
Romsterah i think you'll need tat22:36
Romsterbut make sure stuff like22:36
RomsterDevice Drivers --->22:36
RomsterGraphics Support --->22:36
Romster< >   nVidia Framebuffer Support22:36
Romster< >   nVidia Riva support22:36
Romsteris not set.22:36
brian|lfsya there off22:36
brian|lfsI know that will make a driver not compile22:37
brian|lfswhere is vesa support at I don't see it22:37
RomsterDevice Drivers --->22:37
RomsterGraphics Support --->22:37
Romster<*>   VESA VGA graphics support22:37
Romsteryeah you must have that22:37
brian|lfsI found it22:39
brian|lfsjust udner a different name in graphics22:39
brian|lfswhere is that in kernel thing located22:40
brian|lfsin-kernel driver thing22:40
Romsterah that's the nVidia Framebuffer Support22:41
Romsterstuff they should be off.22:41
brian|lfsoh ok thats off22:41
brian|lfsI'm going to rename the fodler then do a recompile22:42
RomsterSelect framebuffer type22:42
Romster(X) vesafb22:42
brian|lfsya its on22:43
RomsterThen, under "VESA driver type" select either vesafb or vesafb-tng. If you are using an AMD64 processor, you should select vesafb rather than vesafb-tng:22:43
Romsterso yeah try that and hope it works was vers off before?22:43
brian|lfsso I want framebuffer on jsut don't use nvidia for it22:43
Romsterjsut use the versa framebuffer mode not the nVidia Framebuffer Support22:44
brian|lfsya vesa is on22:44
Romsterso rename directory do the kernel thing and reboot and hopefully nvidia will compile.22:45
brian|lfsthats weird that you need vesa on for nvidia to compile22:45
brian|lfsI would assume its a programming thing right22:46
Romsteri guess so.22:46
Romsteri'm guessing it's some chipset support.22:47
brian|lfsthats true22:47
Romsteron the mobo.22:47
brian|lfsI'm assumeing that you read soemhting ont hsoe options22:47
brian|lfsyou didn't just pull those out of your ass lol22:47
Romsternope i didn't pull them out of my arse <_<22:47
Romstermaybe that stuff should be in the README too..22:48
brian|lfsweird thing is I never had an issue installing nvidia drivers before in linux22:49
Romsteryou'll want to read the nvidia readme still.22:49
Romsterbecasue all other distros have there own defaults and probabbly had them options on22:49
Romsterso gentoo has a heavily patched kernel too?22:50
brian|lfsthats true22:50
brian|lfskernel is compiled I'm rebooting22:51
Romstercrux lets the user do there own kernel.22:51
brian|lfsmy gnome is getting there dont think there are to many packages left22:51
*** brian|lfs has quit IRC22:52
*** brian|lfs has joined #crux23:14
brian|lfsRomster: with vesa support on I get no video on my lcd screen23:14
Romsterhmm not sure on that..23:15
Romsteri read it off a guide..23:15
Romsteri think there is other options for lcd screens like backlight driver etc23:15
Romsteri'd be looking at that.23:15
Romsterbrian|lfs, ^23:16
brian|lfsthats true23:16
brian|lfslowlevel backlight and lowlevel lcd controls23:17
Romsternot sure on them23:18
Romsterbecasue i got a crt still *gasp*23:18
*** mwansa has joined #crux23:18
brian|lfsdon't thbink those are going to work vesa don't even work on my LCD monitor in xorg23:18
Romsterbig one though.23:18
*** morlenxus has quit IRC23:18
brian|lfsI have a CRT still lol23:18
brian|lfsI'm on it sshed into my server23:19
brian|lfsinto my crux machien I mean23:19
brian|lfsok trying the LCD options23:22
brian|lfsnah don't work23:23
brian|lfsI'm getting the newest kernel23:28
brian|lfsand I'm going to compile it with vesa framebuffer off23:29
brian|lfsthen I'll try to compile the nvidia driver23:29
*** jaeger has quit IRC23:31
Romstero try without VESA seems to be only for 16bit display mode.23:31
Romster]so i guess that isn't a requirement and actuaklly borks lcd screens.23:32
Romsterdid you use ketchup 2.6 ?23:32
brian|lfsnah dowloaded it from kernel.org23:37
brian|lfsI think half the problem is with the patches23:38
brian|lfsor patching the kernel I mean23:38
brian|lfsI ran make oldconfig and it asked me a million questions23:39
brian|lfskernel installed and system is rebooting23:44
brian|lfsnot sure what I fed up I have no video still even with vesa off23:50
Romsternah that arn't broken..23:50
Romsteryou do have PCIe stuff on?23:51
brian|lfsoh ya duh use my old kernel config23:51
brian|lfsya I do23:51
brian|lfsunless having agp on is messing it up23:51
Romsterit could possability.23:53
brian|lfscopied my old config back and turned vesa on and am compiling23:53
brian|lfsturn MTRR  on also23:54
brian|lfswhere are you at Romster23:55
brian|lfsI'm in Washington DC23:55
brian|lfsdon't think its snowing there lol23:57
Romster7 ugh23:57
Romsterand wrong channel i'm on runescape game geting exp.23:57
brian|lfsits 1 in the morning here23:57

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