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Brian|lfswow the room is dead tonight00:22
treachnot exceptionally so.00:24
treachI told you most of us live in europe, right?00:25
treachWhich means it's just 07:25 CET00:25
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pitillogood morning01:16
Romsteri'm just busy with stuff.01:16
Romsterhi pitillo01:17
pitillolo Romster :)01:17
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RomsterBrian|lfs, compile manaully... that's rarely needed.01:21
treachman, this is frustrating.. I messed up my kernel config, and now I don't have a "RETURN" chain.. :/01:21
treachNo idea what I need to enable to get it back. ;(01:22
Brian|lfsdoes your system have weird kernel options treach01:24
Brian|lfsit shouldn't be that hard to figure out what you need to enable01:24
Brian|lfsor not enable01:24
treachwell, I'm stumped atm.01:25
Brian|lfswhat do you have for hardware and what kernel version are you trying to use01:25
treachhardware shouldn't matter..
Brian|lfs2.6.23.9 is a mess01:26
Brian|lfsI had no video at all witht hat kernel01:26
treachiptables -A syn-flood -m limit --limit 1/s --limit-burst 4 -j RETURN01:27
treach"No such chain"01:27
Brian|lfsnot sure I always use a frontend for iptables like shroewall01:29
treachwell, that's not particulary relevant, since I'm obviously missing some module.01:30
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pitillonot sure about, but is it the mark module? I hope this can be a clue01:37
treachpitillo: sorry, no cigar. :/01:41
treachIt didn't help.01:42
pitillodo you have all netfilter support like modules?01:42
treachnope, I was trying to avoid build all that crap.01:43
treachsince I dont't need half of it anyway01:43
pitillodo you mean only needed modules?01:43
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pitilloummm can you paste wich modules are you using now?01:47
treachsorry, I just gave up, and built everything. :/01:49
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namenlosnote to myself: never update udev or dhcpcd again...02:01
Romsterlol and trench says about me taking the extreame approch!02:01
Romsteri got updated udev it's fine.02:01
Romsterand i don't use dhcpcd i got static rules.02:01
Romstertrench is most likely is missing the LIMIT module..02:03
namenlosgot no idea, what the problem was.02:05
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namenlostoday i switched on my laptop, and i coudn't get a ip any more.02:06
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namenlosthe first reboot after udev update02:06
namenlosso i set back udev to the version on the install iso, but this didn't help02:06
namenlosthen i set back dhcpcd, too and now i works.02:07
namenlosi will lock them again...02:07
Romstertry udev on it's own..02:11
Romsterthe lateist one is fine and did you run rejmerge?02:11
Romsterthen reboot test..02:11
Romsterno idea about dhcpd02:11
Romsterhave the tarballs and jstu keep going back versions untill it works.02:12
Romsterthen report to the maintainer.02:12
namenlosatm i am copying the tarballs.02:12
namenlosi will give it a try after i read the news ;)02:12
Romsteri can say udev is fine..02:12
Romsteron 2.3 anyways02:12
RomsterOT junk for the day :P02:13
Romster"Morons. These people who live in my apartment complex are connected to my wireless. They must think they're super-cool hackers by breaking into my completely unsecure network. Unfortunatly, the connection works both ways. Long story short, they now have loads of horse porn on their computer."    ? Mootar from
namenloslol, horse p0rn?02:14
namenlosi always read the ....02:14
Romsterno idea..02:14
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treachjesus, that was annoying..02:22
treachI had a little controverse with iptables. ;/02:24
Romsteryou sure yu got the MATCH module compiled?02:30
treachyeah, I guess I had some unfortunate mix of stuff compiled in and living as modules.02:31
Romster"Dude, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I'm afraid you've been hacked ? the FTP server at has all your personal files. See for yourself; just log in with your normal id...."    ? Classic joke on new Unix users.02:35
namenlosok, got to try the new udev... *cross-fingers*02:37
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Romster"Broadband sucks in the sense that goatse loads before i can close the window..."    ? Ich. < lol02:50
namenloshm, dhcpcd was the root of all evil02:50
Romsternamenlos, all good?02:50
Romsterthought so..02:50
Romstersince udev workd ok for me.02:50
namenloshm, i think this is a weird combination of udev + kernel + dhcpcd...02:51
Romstermaybe dhcpd and the kernel issue, what kerneo you on?02:53
Romsteryou do know .9 is out03:00
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Romster    "Whenever my Boss pisses me off, I secretly change the password to his e-mail account.03:22
Romster    When he can't log on, he'll piss and moan for 5 minutes, cursing the computer. Then he'll come groveling to me for my help. Once he's groveled enough, I re-enter the right password from my office, go to his and watch him look like a dummy while I log-on easily.03:22
Romster    I just love it. Heh, heh, heh."03:22
RomsterLMAO so gotta do someting like that oneday.03:22
namenlosis there any documentation, what changed in linux
Romstererr changlog on the site...03:23
namenlosyeah, found that right now. was searching the mails on lkml...03:23
namenlossomethimes the announce mails are simply empty...03:24
namenlosthere was a fix for ipw2200...03:26
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tilmanreally stupid question:04:47
tilmanhow do i tell this system that my hardware clock is in UTC?04:48
tilmanso far i assumed that hwclock --utc --... did the trick, but it doesn't04:48
teKlink /etc/localtime against /usr/share/zoneinfo/UTC?04:48
tilmani want the bios to store the time in UTC04:49
tilmanthat's all04:49
tilmanso /etc/localtime should link to my real tz04:49
treachahem.. you set it to UTC?04:50
treachat least that's how I understood things..04:50
tilmani want my system to have the correct time04:50
tilmanbut i want the bios to store the time in utc04:51
treachwell, that's what happended to me when I played with suse.04:51
treachit set my hw-clock to UTC and then showed the time correctly with some tz magic.04:51
tilmanthat's how it should be04:52
tilmanmaybe we need to add a hwclock call to the chroot-phase of crux installation04:52
tilmanafter sudo /sbin/hwclock --utc --systohc04:53
tilmani now have 'UTC' in /etc/adjtime04:53
* nipuL throws cookies into the air04:53
treachnow, the question is, what's wrong with using local time? :p04:54
tilmanonly windows does it?04:54
treachAh, windows does it so it must be wrong. hai, hai.04:54
treachyou know, those menus you have at the top of your windows, only windows does that too. ;)04:55
nipuLicons on your desktop...05:00
tilmancomparing apples to some other crappy fruit05:00
tilmani have no icons btw05:00
nipuLneither do i05:00
nipuLor menus for that matter05:00
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treachputting icons on the desktop must be one of the most retarded ideas ever..05:03
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treachProof; CDE does it.05:03
nipuLis it just me or has half the internet died?05:09
nipuLsomeone must have googled the word google05:10
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RedShiftlol tilman05:48
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sepentilman, great patch05:51
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teKeven greater comment05:52
sepenyeah! xDD05:52
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rehabdoll is broken btw06:45
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DarkNekrosmorning you all ;)08:57
Romsterhi DarkNekros08:59
tilmanRomster: have you seen that there's a 2.4 branch for contrib?09:17
thrice`I also think that the test1.iso had 2.3 ports drivers09:18
tilmanthrice`: correct09:18
tilmanthrice`: we fixed that09:18
thrice`ok...just thought of it :)09:19
Romsteri hadn't merged my current changes to 2.4 yet09:19
tilmanRomster: do you know how to do it? ;D09:20
tilmangit checkout 2.409:20
tilmangit pull . 2.309:20
Romsteriw as jsut gonna brach to 2.4 then copy the directorys over then commit.09:20
tilmanugh, that's horribly wrong09:20
Romsterah that will merge everything though..09:20
tilmanno, that's not a merge09:20
tilmanit's a manual desaster09:21
Romsteri'll do it your way..09:21
Romsteri know my old ways made a mess09:22
sepenmany differencies with svnmerge09:28
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treachman, that sentence have to be some kind of record..10:58
Romsterwhat one?11:02
treachwell, I guess you got the point. ;)11:05
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mwansajaeger, all packages seem intact...nothing seems broken...11:15
jaegerglad to hear it11:16
mwansawhen i run chess, i get the same error as with alacarte ->
jaegertry this: run python, then in the python shell run "import"11:18
mwansasame error, ImportError: No module named glade11:20
jaegerdo you have /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/gtk-2.0/gtk/
mwansammh doesnt exits in ../gtk11:22
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jaegerdo you have libglade installed?11:23
jaegeralso, does 'prt-get path pygtk' show the one in the gnome repo?11:24
mwansayep to both11:24
jaegertry rebuilding pygtk and capture the build log?11:25
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jaegermwansa: get your pygtk/libglade sorted out?14:01
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tilmanGeNToo - Gentoo on the NT kernel16:05
tilmanoh, (April Fools)16:06
wbeenei think it is funny when i find april fools jokes16:08
wbeenebecause i don't read the date16:08
wbeenethey trick me more during not april fools16:08
wbeenei'm pretty gullable though16:08
wbeenealthough that says april fools in the title16:08
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jdolanrehabdoll, there's a new URL posted for the trailer, thanks for spotting that.17:11
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DarkNekrosnight you all ;)17:38
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mwansajaeger, pm ?22:54
jaegerwhat's up?22:57
Roomsterafternoon all23:02
mwansaafternoon, Roomster23:03
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jaegerheyo, Romster23:11
Romsterhi mwansa jaeger morlenxus23:15
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