IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2007-12-05

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pitillogood morning01:14
teKhi there01:17
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RomsterBoot from within a host operating system (that's right, it can run *inside* Windows)02:44
Romsterhmm wonder how they do that.. qemu or something?02:44
pitill0Romster: yes, there is a puppylinux distro wich does the same02:45
pitill0it uses qemu for that02:45
Romsterseen the site for puppy linux uses packages called pups, kinda cute lol..02:48
Romstercrux on usb stick sounds like an idea for when ya out and ya stuck at a windoze computer.02:49
pitill0Romster: sepen is working on a live crux-usb... can be a good idea to use it with qemu too and add support to use it from windows02:52
Romsteri'll have a chat to sepen sometime.02:54
Romsterpitill0, i plan todo more work to my safe-build port too simplify it and update to work on crux 2.3/2.402:54
Romsteryou done anymore on your chroot script?02:55
* Romster runs a sysup on 2.302:56
Romstertilman, that util-linux-ng is working fine stll02:57
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DarkNekroshi you all ;)08:02
teKhola senor08:04
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tilmanwe need a saner uname08:26
tilmanthe patch that arch linux uses seems okay08:26
tilmanours is an insane hack08:26
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Romsteruname -a ?08:49
RyoStilman: what does arch use?08:49
RyoSnever saw it or noticed it08:49
tilman /proc/cpuinfo08:49
treachLinux tank #13 SMP Tue Dec 4 13:00:46 CET 2007 i686 athlon-4 i386 GNU/Linux08:49
RomsterLinux arkanoid #15 PREEMPT Mon Oct 15 20:20:19 EST 2007 i686 athlon i386 GNU/Linux08:50
RyoSNetBSD thor 4.0_RC4 NetBSD 4.0_RC4 (TB) #1: Sat Nov 17 11:14:39 CET 2007  root@thor:/usr/src/sys/arch/i386/compile/TB i38608:50
Romsterwhats with my date yet it's correct on uptime08:51
RyoSand pretty proud of it :(08:51
Romsteroh that's right that's when it was installed.08:51
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treachmmmh. two disks from the same manufacturer, same size, same model, but one has twice the amount of chache.. and is ~ 9.5 E cheaper. :S08:58
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jaeger@seen clare09:06
clbjaeger: clare was last seen in #crux 1 week, 1 day, 15 hours, 39 minutes, and 37 seconds ago: <clare> tilman,  this time I had better quit and go to work,  hope you find somehting09:06
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Romstertreach, i'd so go for the bigger cache hdd even if it was 9.5 E more.10:25
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treachRomster: you got it wrong.11:16
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Romstertreach, the sore /even/.. didn't was it /was/11:29
Romsterthe word*11:29
treachgladly, since I didn't manage to make any sense of it at all.11:33
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Romsteri was saying i'd get the hard disk with the bigger cache /even/ if it cost more.... how was that not so simple to read.11:41
alanciohey, are there any KDE users here?11:43
treachRomster: didn't was it was... that's hardly particulary easily interpreted.11:45
RedShiftalancio: what about kde?11:46
alanciowell, I could enable KDE to automagically mount inserted media, but it would require creating a world writable directory: /media11:47
treachRomster: also, the point I was trying to make, was that it feels a bit fishy. Why would they sell the one with twice the amount of cache for *less*?11:48
Romsteri run kde.11:48
alanciothis could be a security concern for some people11:48
Romstertreach, no idea on that one you would expect it to be more..11:48
RedShiftin theory yes11:49
treachexactly, but it isn't.11:49
RedShiftare you going to richard stallman on your asses too?11:49
Romsteralancio, chmod 1777 /media11:49
alancioyes, that is what I have done11:49
alanciobut even though, I think I'm gonna get flamed in the mailing list11:49
Romsterdon't know..11:50
* treach gets the bbq gear11:50
tilmani can has steak?11:50
RedShiftI'd like sausage and ribs please11:50
treachis this the international gallimatias day? :/11:51
mwansakeep to topic, use #crux-bbq for none related material :P11:51
RedShiftthere's no-one there11:53
RedShiftI'll have to barbecue by myself11:53
treachtilman: roman judge who accidentally said "Galli Mathias" rather than "Gallus Mathiae"11:53
treachthus the expression "gallimatias".11:55
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alanciotilman, are you there?15:30
alanciois core, opt and base on git or svn?15:30
alancioerr core and opt15:31
alanciook, I just liked svn better, oh well15:32
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alanciotilman, when I create a new branch of a repo that is available through rsync, does the directory for rsync appear automatically?15:58
tilmanalancio: semi-automatic16:03
tilmanour git_to_http script has a list of branches to export16:04
tilmanfor each repo16:04
alancioI created a branch of kde 2.3 a time ago, and I can't rsync it16:05
alancioand while you are at it, could you create the directory for branch 2.4?16:05
tilmanlet me have a look :)16:05
tilmani added 2.3 and 2.4 to the export list16:06
tilmanyou should be able to rsync them in 5 minutes16:06
alanciogreat, thanks, I'll be working in the branch 2.4 soon16:06
alanciotilman, are you aware that xorg ports for 2.3 are newer than for 2.4?16:07
tilmanthe 2.4 branch is up to date according to the log16:07
tilman("merged 2.3 into 2.4" is at the top)16:08
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alanciooh ok, I saw that some time ago, its probably ok now16:08
tilmanyeah, i don't always merge after every commit16:08
alancioyou know, I have a font that is really nice for terminal emulators, but its not from xorg16:11
alancioif you want to give it a try: httpup sync font-uvga16:11
tilmancan't reach that site16:17
tilmanthe source page i mean16:18
RedShiftstill nobody in crux-bbq :(16:23
RedShifthey guys guess what I'm installing right now16:24
RedShiftdebian with plesk on it16:28
tilmanaha, good16:33
RedShiftwell the install went pretty good16:34
Romsteryou and non-sourced based distros..16:38
RedShiftcustomers want it :-(16:43
RedShiftplesk does seem to work nice though16:44
RedShiftit uses qmail which is a PITA16:44
RedShiftlots of people praise apt-get too16:46
RedShiftI don't see what's so special about it, pacman works far better16:46
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Romsterno idea..17:15
Romstermaybe pacman eats too many packages <_<17:15
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nipuLand it's scared of ghosts20:25
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