IRC Logs for #crux Thursday, 2007-12-06

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treach@seen sip03:24
clbtreach: sip was last seen in #crux 1 year, 1 week, 1 day, 16 hours, and 32 seconds ago: <sip> Romster, what was the general advice?03:24
rxiromster does that to most people :P03:25
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Romsterforever making my channel list flash..03:43
treachwell, shut up then. ;)03:45
Romsterman it got to 32c today, gonan be 13 tonight and 19 tomorrow... and now it rains a bit.03:47
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tilmanarchlinux ships my broken gift client giftoxic04:01
tilmanit's been unmaintained since 2003 or so04:01
teKCRUX rocks anyway :>04:02
tilmani had had to get my car fixed in the garage yesterday04:03
tilmanand it's only 15 euro \o/04:03
tilmantoday rocks :P04:03
treachdoesn't that make it hard to drive around? ;)04:03
tilmanexcept for the little bastards that are going to come by tonight :|04:04
teKbroken foxtail?04:04
tilmantreach: i'm ashamed to admit that i've got 3 days off this week :o04:04
tilmani'm so slacking04:04
teK15Euro... you will get a seal .. maybe..04:04
treachgetting time off is essential.04:05
treachso no need to be ashamed afaic. :)04:05
tilmanapparently they just welded the extension pipe a bit04:05
tilmandidn't sound like the ep to me at all ;)04:05
teKI need to get a new exhaust :\04:06
teKor a new car ..04:07
tilmana coworkers friend used to fix his exhaust pipe using red bull cans04:07
tilmanie he welded them onto the exhaust pipe to fix a hole or something04:07
teKI cannot drinkt that much Red Bull04:08
treachhe must have been very good at welding.04:08
treachsince AFAIK those cans are made of A) aluminium, and B) quite thin.04:08
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Romstertilman, really wish they would update there giftd program etc i liek it but it's not been worked on for years now.04:11
tilmangift is dead04:11
tilmanit's a pity04:11
Romstereven as we speak i got apollon on now..04:11
Romsterand it still works fine.04:11
tilmanwith openft?04:11
tilmanor what network?04:11
treachamusingly it died from poisoning, I heard. :p04:11
Romsteri've looked everyware for a multiprotocol p2p program i find one and it's dead.04:12
treachRomster: afaik azureus can do that too.04:12
Romstergnutella and openft work ok the other 2 give me problems.04:12
tilmanazureus... java... *cough*04:12
Romsterazerious is java and cpu hungery but hmm i might look into that...04:12
treachtilman: what's the problem with that?04:13
tilmaneats memory alive and it's butt ugly04:13
treachyou're not stuck on your old underpowerd box anymore, remember? ;)04:13
treachwell, the latest versions look pretty decent.04:14
treachnot that I spend a lot of time looking at the torrent client, but anyway04:14
Romsteri've been using ktorrent since it don't eat as much ram as azureus.04:14
treachdepends on how you look at it.04:15
treachit's hard to measure since it's so tightly integrated with kde.04:15
Romsteri've been meaing to try and get azureus to compile with gcj04:15
treachalso, ktorrent have been a bit unstable to me.04:15
Romsteri've not had any problems what version you on?04:15
tilmanRomster: how many users are there on openft?04:16
Romsterah says it's off atm i'll make it reconnect04:17
treachRomster: when was that released? I think I used 2.2.304:17
treachanyway, I'm not going to put up with kde for the sake of a farking torrent client04:18
Romstertreach, 3rd of december04:19
Romstersame day as i turned 30 O_o04:19
treachright, I had dropped kde (suse) by then04:19
tilmanRomster: happy late birthday04:19
Romstertreach, i keep my own kde ports now.04:20
Romsterthanks tilman04:20
treachwelcome among the graybeards. :o04:20
Romsterironicly i got a beard too...04:20
tilmandid it turn grey over night?04:20
tilmanie from 2nd to 3rd? :p04:21
Romstertilman, openft si being a pain at connectiong atm guntella conects just fine though..04:21
tilmanthought so. openft blows ;)04:21
Romsteri'm trying it again now..04:22
Romsterit could be i needto mess with my connections database.04:22
nipuLanyone know of a simple cups enabled program, my 32bit firefox and wine crash on calls to libcups04:22
tilmanmmh wait04:23
tilmani think it might use http to talk to the cups server04:23
nipuLplus a tonne of deps04:23
tilmanwell, check src/PrintPter.cxx04:23
tilmannipuL: gtk, poppler, cups :P04:24
RomsternipuL, you could disable cups in your wine build if oyu don't use it?04:24
nipuLtilman: plus all the xorg stuff, i'd need to make a heap od compat32 ports04:24
RomsternipuL, i'd also report that too #winehq04:24
nipuLi've posted my backtrace there04:25
Romsterah good.04:25
nipuLthere was no --disable-cups option for wines configure script04:26
nipuLit's probably automagically detected04:26
nipuLman i hate that04:26
Romsteruninstall cups compile wine and throw cups back on <<04:27
Romstera hack but it would work i expect.04:27
Romsterunless you wanna dig in the configure script04:27
nipuLheh, getting compat32 ports to work is all about hacks04:27
tilmani don't understand04:30
tilmanif you've got wine running, you must already have x, no?04:30
nipuL64bit x04:32
tilmanand wine is 32 bit?04:33
nipuLhmm there is an option in wine for 64 bit support04:33
nipuLi wonder if it can process 32bit code04:33
nipuLknowing my luck it will only run 64bit windows programs04:34
RomsternipuL, worth a try.04:35
nipuL --enable-win64          build a Win64 emulator on AMD64 (won't run Win3204:36
nipuL                          binaries)04:36
Romsterlol lovely.. you would think it was backwards compatable to 16 and 32 bit...04:37
nipuL32bit wine can run 16bit04:38
nipuLlol, here's a headfuck04:38
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nipuLi found a thread on the arch forums04:39
Romstertilman, openft has 1.89 million users, had it's gone back to conectiong again,....04:39
nipuLif you disable the cups server wine runs04:39
nipuLand firefox doesn't crash04:39
nipuLi might have to run cups completely 32bit rather than use a compat32 port04:40
tilmanwhy can't you use a native 64 bit cups port?04:40
tilmanoh, for acroread?04:40
nipuLbecause the deamon makes my 32bit apps crach04:40
tilmantreach: i don't think i want a 64 bit system like nipul's :P04:41
Romsterseems 64bit is mroe pain in the arse than it's worth..04:41
nipuLthe joys of being an early adopter04:41
nipuLwell, earlyish04:42
Romster64bit has been out for ages, now i know why people say 64bit arn't worth it for a desktop enviorment.04:43
nipuLoh no it wasn't the server04:44
nipuLit was the library04:45
treachtilman: no, I concur. :)04:45
nipuLremove the lib and everything works04:45
RedShiftRomster: I disagree04:45
RedShift64 bit works excellent here04:45
Romstertilman, the way my gift is working i'd be betetr on a guntella based p2p app....04:45
RomsterRedShift, what i've been told...04:45
nipuLRedShift: hanne's pure64?04:45
RedShifteven on desktop, I can live without flash04:45
RedShiftand for the only game I play (urbanterror) there is a 64 bit version04:46
Romsterwell i guess you can run a 32 bit crux in qemu if need be...04:46
treach"hanne's" ;D04:46
RedShiftand my servers run great on 64 bit04:46
tilmannot being able to run anything in wine would suck04:46
RedShiftthey respond better under load04:46
RedShiftand if I really need 32 bit, I just create a full 32 bit chroot04:47
treachhannes' would be the proper grammar I think, but that aside, his pure 64bit crux worked pretty well when I tested it.04:47
RedShiftwhich keeps the 64 bit and 32 bit nicely seperated, a very clean solution04:47
nipuLtreach: i know the correct grammar, it was a tpyo04:47
RedShiftmuch better than a multilib system04:48
treachah, ok. Hard to know, since "hanne" would be a girl. :)04:48
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RedShiftfor me, 64 is A+04:48
nipuLRedShift: yeah but you're duplicating a heap of etc,share,include files04:48
tilmanwhat else is the downside of a pure 64 bit system?04:49
tilmanwhat about java apps?04:49
treachno go04:49
treachfarking installer needs 32 bit installer04:49
nipuLwell no java plugin04:49
RedShiftnipuL: diskspace is cheap these days, and even still, my servers only use a 5 GB / partition and with both 32 and 64 bit systems I have plenty of space remaining04:49
tilmani have java crap assignments from time to time :/04:49
treachtilman: ie, sun java can't be installed.04:49
treachsome other jvm might work04:50
nipuLjava runs on 64bit04:50
RedShiftI'm building a 64 bit netbooted system, so when that's complete I don't even need a harddrive in computer04:50
nipuLi have tomcat running here04:50
treachnipuL: yes, but not the fucking installer.04:50
RedShiftalmost total silence, here I come!04:50
treachit needs 32 bit libs04:50
treachcompletely retarded04:51
nipuLinstaller? isn't that why we have ports?04:51
treachmaybe someone could get something out of it. I was too damned tired when I struck that, so I couldn't be arsed to try too much.04:52
RedShiftthese instructions work for crux as well04:52
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DarkNekroshi you all ;)04:53
Romstertilman, hmm apparently there is updated nodes at i'm gonna give a try04:53
tilmanDarkNekros: jesus effing christ, say "hi all" instead04:53
tilmanyour broken english makes me eyes and ears hurt04:54
DarkNekrostilman, it's funny xDD04:54
treachnipuL: it would be interesting to see someone on a pure 64 bit system trying that port.04:54
treachiirc, it failed already at the "sh $SRC/" stage04:55
RedShifthmmm this makes me wonder04:58
treachah found something that might fix java on hannes' system.04:59
treach"create a /lib64 directory and a symlink in /lib64 named to /lib/ before attempting to unpack and install the Java binary."04:59
treachany volonteer testers? :p04:59
tilmanwe need to think about a good way to write ports that work on several systems05:00
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marotilman: in what sense?05:24
marofootprint mismatches?05:24
RedShiftI theory there should be now footprint mismatches05:27
RedShiftA pure 64 bit system doesn't use things like /lib64, it's just called /lib05:27
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Romsterin case of a pure 64 bit system being not so pure you'd have a /lib32 directory.05:42
Romsterln -s /lib/ /lib32/ld-2.4.so05:44
Romsteror something like that maybe?05:44
nipuLyou don't put 64bit libs in /lib3206:05
nipuLi have multiarch patches for pkgutils that work nicely06:07
nipuLa solution that doesn't break prt-get would be even better06:07
tilmannipuL: how do you do it? one pkgfile for each arch?06:08
tilmanor case $ARCH... in build()?06:08
nipuLit uses subdirectories06:08
nipuLand adds a -a flag to pkgmk06:09
nipuLotherwise auto detects your arch06:09
tilmani see06:11
nipuLso for any ports that required changes for x86_64 i add a x86_64 directory to the port06:11
nipuLPkgfiles are reduced to the required changes06:12
nipuLif .md5sum or .footprint are in the subdirectory it uses them instead of the native ones06:12
Romstertilman, openft 1.91 milllion users, and i got fastrack to have 571 thousand07:27
RomsternipuL, is it a merged diff or something how that works?07:28
Romsterlooks more of a over ride than a merge of changes between the two...07:31
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tilmanoverride, yes07:56
Romsterimo multiarch wouldn't be keeping to KISS but the seperate subdirectory is a good idea, i'd prefer to see the x86_64 to use the main Pkgfile and just override lines and or add/remove from the main Pkgfile, that way htere be less changes todo.08:03
tilmani'm undecided what i like better (copy of build() or a diff)08:25
Romstermaybe later it'll be 32 bit that's in a subdirectory and 64bit be the standared.08:39
morlenxusBtw. would be cool if `ports` would return an exitcode, for example when i check if there are any differences there could be an exitcode of 1, while without any diffs it could return 0.08:40
morlenxusMight code a patch for that.08:40
morlenxusAnyone interested?08:40
Romstermorlenxus, for that 64 bit?08:41
Romsteror you talking about ports -u ?08:41
treachthat's been up for discussion before, but that would be pkgmk, wouldn't it?08:41
Romsteror i'm not even on the right track08:42
treach+5 insigthful08:42
teKwhat should be returned if connection(s) for updates failed?08:43
Romstersome octal code..08:43
morlenxustreach: Well ports is a bash script, so it can do this on it's own.08:43
treachor maybe clippy could make an apperance.. :p08:44
teK$? = 1 IS the error-case for almost every program08:44
treachmorlenxus: sure, but it would be more helpful with various errorcodes from pkgmk, nicht war?08:44
morlenxusWell 0 if everything is up to date, 1 if there are diffs and maybe 2 if there was an error while checking.08:44
tilman$? <> 0 means error usually08:44
tilmanmorlenxus: do the drivers provide enough information do that at all?08:45
teKmorlenxus: you want to avoid an unecessary prt-get cahe;prt-cache sysup, don't you?08:46
morlenxustilman: We already have an elseif in the ports script.08:46
morlenxusIf there are ports found it outputs them, if not it has an echo "No differences found"08:46
* treach reads with some astonishment about some guy trying to get money back on "return toilet paper rolls". :>08:46
morlenxusSo there could be a simple exit 0 / 108:46
morlenxusteK: Well i want to use ports -d &>/dev/null ; echo $? ;)08:47
morlenxusIt's always better to check for exitcode instead of parsing something.08:48
teKit's always parsing *scnr*08:48
teKbut you're right08:48
morlenxusI create a patch with some exitcodes which i think are useful, i drop a mail to core-ports at crux dot nu, ok?08:51
tilmancrux-devel@lists... would be better08:52
morlenxusDo i need to be registered at the list?08:53
tilmanif you aren't your mail will be held for moderator approval08:53
mike_kwhich is not the best scenario08:54
morlenxustilman: Can i send that mail to you and you forward it? Don't want to register at the list for sending a little patch. ;)08:55
tilmanyou could also paste it somewhere08:55
morlenxusAnd link it here? :) ok08:55
mike_kc'mon, crux is a distro where every user _should_ subscribe to *devel ml =)08:57
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morlenxusmike_k: Naaa, can't spend time on another ml. :)08:58
treachheh, it's hardly high-volume08:59
tilmanthe prtverify and source-url-check-script-thing mails might be annoying to the casual reader08:59
treach0: \ * ^Subject:.^ \ /dev/null09:01
mike_ktilman: As for me, those things are filtered to another folder (inside mail client). I hate having those two messages every day and hoping that is something valuable from developers.09:02
tilmani can totally understand that09:02
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treachI wonder if *anyone* really looks at them.09:03
tilmani do :p09:04
treachok, I got the impression you mostly found them annoying. :D09:04
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*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jaeger09:05
thrice`is util-linux something I can just remove safely, while installing util-linux-ng ?09:08
tilmani was a chickedn and renamed the line in /var/lib/pkg/db first09:08
tilmanthen did pkgadd -u09:08
Romsterthrice`, i managed to remove util-linux then pkgmk -i the util-linux-ng09:10
Romstertilman, you cheat <<09:10
thrice`yeah, I removed and added successfully09:11
jumalisteI have problems compiling firefox I had this error "ld: cannot find X11". trying now with "./configure --x-libraries=/usr/X11R6/lib/X11", should it work? I have x11 6.7.0-209:12
Romsterjumaliste, 11 is out now..09:13
jumalisteso I have to upgrade the X?09:13
tilmanjumaliste: nfc, didn't run a monolithic x build since late 2005 :P09:13
Romsterand that /usr/X11R6/lib/X11 is a old path that xorg dosn't use anymore09:13
tilmanmaybe just /usr/X11R6/lib09:14
tilmanor even just /usr/X11R609:14
Romsteri would think09:14
Romsterbut why still use x11r609:14
Romstertilman, is it still called X11 or is xorg prefered now?09:15
Romsteras oposed to just x or x1109:15
jumalisteI tried upgrading from crux evolution 2 -> CRUX 2.3 but failed09:15
tilmandon't think people care much09:15
Romstercrux evolution?09:19
jumalisteyes, the contrib with KDE and Gnome09:20
jumalisteI don't need them but my family does09:20
Romsterno idea of evolution, but we have seperate repos for gnome and kde.09:21
jumalisteit's old, based on CRUX 2.109:22
tilmanit would probably be a good idea to upgrade :o09:22
tilmantry to upgrade to crux 2.2 first09:22
tilmanin general upgrades from x.y to x.(y+1) will work09:23
tilmanbut we make no guarantees about bigger steps09:23
Romster2.2 to 2.3 has udev change iirc09:23
Romsterjumaliste, hope you did run rejmerge too.09:23
jumalistewhen should I run it?09:24
mike_k'man 8 rejmerge' or look inside /var/lib/pkg/rejected for new configs from updated ports09:25
Romsterafter a sysup/update09:26
Romsteri'm guessing you never used rejmerge..09:26
mike_kRomster: I never use it. just look for actual rejected files to copy over/edit.09:29
Romstermike_k, ah09:30
Romsterjumaliste, well thats your problem <<09:30
Romsterjumaliste, and look out for udev and inotify support in the kernel too09:30
jumalisteok. so the new udef stuff is in /etc/rc?09:31
jumalisteI'll try as soon as I have time09:32
mike_kbacking up all /etc,/home and reinstalling fresh distro might be much less tricky.09:32
jumalistethanks for help09:34
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Romsterwhy even backup home just mv /etc and deleate all stuff in /usr/bin and various directorys then install new crux.09:42
Romstershould already be backed up if they know whats good for them <<09:42
treachinteresting talking to yourself? :p09:53
Romsterseems so...09:57
Romsterafter all the structure of linux is that so you can remove everything but /home and install another distro.. if ya wanted too.09:58
Romsteror is that old skool...09:58
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treachyes, new method is putting everything on /, including swap, in order not to confuse the poor "normal users" coming from windows. <.<10:01
treachyo jjpk, back in the land of the thousand lakes? ;)10:02
jjpkNot quite. ;)10:02
treachheh, figured. :)10:02
treachA bit too early yet.10:03
jjpkIt's another holiday here.10:03
treachmore musical chairs? :>10:03
jjpkNot at all, this place is a ghost town for the next days. :D10:03
jjpkWhich is nice.10:03
treach..and there was much rejoicing. :D10:03
jjpkPeace and quiet, a rarity in this place. :D10:05
jjpkThere is rejoicing indeed!10:05
Romster"build a system for fools and only fools will want to use it" i think not puting everything in /10:07
treachyou should get some scary looking friends from back home, and go around knocking doors..10:07
treachkita kiinni perkele!!10:08
jjpkThat certainly would leave them scratching their heads for a bit :D10:09
treachmight be good if you paint some odd looking stuff with blood in your forehead or so. :p10:09
tilmancorpsepaint \o/10:10
treachjjpk: damn, that would have been the perfect halloween prank. :D10:11
jjpkRight, I'll just call up Gaahl, get him to do the dirty work.10:11
jjpktilman: which would land him in prison yet again :D10:12
treachjjpk: you could try "fougantine" as well. ;)10:12
treachthat should be "Fouganthine"10:13
treacha.k.a Juha Valjakkala10:14
jjpkSlight chance it would get out of hand, but I like the suggestion. :D10:16
jjpkThe baboons on the third floor could use a visit.10:18
jjpkBesides, I have heard they put all of the troublemakers upstairs.10:19
treachhmm? Don't they have some old shed or something they could lodge them in? =]10:19
jjpkPossibly, but I doubt they could have them pay rent. :D10:20
jjpkThey might be crazy, but they are a source of income.10:20
treachsigh. same old. same old.10:21
treachas long as you have money, you're pretty much allowed anything. :S10:22
treacheven when it's detrimental to others.10:22
jjpkYou know how students are.10:23
jjpkIt gets horrendous when you put them all in one place.10:23
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thrice`jaeger: flash released a new tarball (115.0)10:59
jaegerok, thanks11:00
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crosverahello crux people13:06
crosveraI have a problem with the liveCD (kernel panic)  "atkbd.c: Spurious ACK on isa0060/serio0. Some program might be trying acces hardware directly."13:09
tilmancrosvera: what kind of cpu do you have?13:10
crosveraI have a laptop13:10
crosveraany idea?13:12
tilmannot from the top of my head, i'm googling for the error13:12
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tilmancrosvera: are there any other error messages after that?13:19
jjpkI think that problem was once stated a long time ago, but I do not remember how it was fixed, or if it even ever was fixed.13:24
jaegercrosvera: if you add i8042.panicblink=0 to your boot line does it still happen?13:25
tilmangoogling indicates that the kbd error shouldn't be critical :x13:25
crosveralet me see13:25
jaegeryeah, I'd guess there are 2 problems13:25
Romsterpanic and 'shouldn't be critical' on the one line sounds like a oxymoron to me.13:30
jaegermaybe "I don't think the ACK causes the panic" would be a better way to word it13:31
crosveraVFS: Cannot open root device "hdc" or unknow-block(0,0)13:31
jaegerthere we go, that's the REAL culprit13:31
crosveraplease append a correct "root=" boot option13:32
Romstersounds like a missing ide driver.13:32
jaegeror wrong root=13:32
Romsteror that13:32
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux13:32
jjpkjaeger: isn't the default root=/dev/hdc?13:32
tilmancrosvera: yes, that's what i meant with 'additional messages' :D13:32
jaegerjjpk: for the install CD, sure13:33
crosverakernel panic= sot syncing: VFS: unable to mount root fs orn unknown-block (0,0)13:33
jaegerassuming no override was passed13:33
predatorfreaktilman: FYI, giflib is supposed to be API/ABI compatible with libungif.13:33
crosverai've installed a lot of distros13:33
jaegercrosvera: what kind of controller is your CDROM on?13:33
crosveraand later, whe i want to start the system i got an error13:34
tilmanpredatorfreak: damn, i even read that today ;)13:34
Romstercrosvera, tryed with a older crux install cd or jaeger's updated cd?13:34
predatorfreaktilman: I suggested on the mailing list sticking it in the 2.4 branch and giving a testing run, seeing if anything breaks and if nothing does, going with it for 2.4 :)13:34
predatorfreakI'm gonna throw together a port right now.13:34
predatorfreakI'll give you a link when I finish.13:35
crosveraRomster, no13:35
Romsterjaeger, does the install cd have support for sata cd drives?13:35
crosverain Archlinux i got this (picture isn't mine)13:36
Romsteri could look for myself but being that you hack at it the most.13:36
jaegerit does13:36
jaegercrosvera: do you know the brand/model of the controller?13:38
Rotwangcrosvera: arch 64?13:38
crosveraroliveira, both13:38
crosvera686 and 6413:38
crosverajaeger, wich controller?13:38
Romsterthat more looks like a udev or bad fstab file from that screen shot?13:39
jaegercrosvera: whichever controller your CDROM is on13:39
predatorfreaktilman: Actually, I'm just going to convert all the ports in opt that depend on libungif to giflib as well and provide a full blown diff against opt to make life easier :)13:39
jaegerIDE? SATA? SCSI?13:39
crosveramm i donT know13:40
crosveralet me search13:40
Romsterpredatorfreak, a simple sed line could do that...13:40
Romsterand then a diff -pruN opt.orig opt > opt.diff13:40
predatorfreakRomster: Sure, but a patch that includes the new port + the converted stuff is one command.13:40
predatorfreakand quick to commit :)13:41
Romsterthat would even include the new port.13:41
Romsterand remove the old..13:41
Romstereasy enough for tilman or anyone to do than to submit a patch?13:41
predatorfreakRomster: Makes it easier for tilman to be lazy.13:42
Romsterheh i guess.13:43
crosverahow i can know wich controller use the crom?13:44
jaegercrosvera: lspci would show you if you could boot into a livecd that doesn't panic... or if you know the model of the motherboard we could look it up13:45
tilmanpredatorfreak: cool, can you build-test them too? :p13:45
tilmanpredatorfreak: cause *that* is a potential problem13:45 vs i guess13:46
predatorfreaktilman: I will, I will.13:46
predatorfreakOnly two ports in opt that use libungif anyway.13:46
crosvera --> my lspci13:54
crosvera --> my   lspci -nn13:55
crosvera --my   lspci -nnv13:55
jaegercan you also paste the output of dmesg?13:57
jaegerlooks like an nForce controller to me13:57
crosveraim using archlinux livecd to get them14:01
*** bitwise has quit IRC14:01
jaegerthat's fine14:02
crosvera  -> dmesg14:03
*** Romster has quit IRC14:05
jaegerit looks like they're using pata_amd which the default crux 2.3 iso doesn't, but it does have the amd ide support enabled... that dmesg is confusing when compared with the lspci output... nvidia and amd overlap14:08
jaegernot sure what to tell you. you could try the updated iso14:10
crosveraupdated iso?14:11
crosverait's the last archlinux's iso14:11
*** roliveira has quit IRC14:12
jaegerI meant the updated crux 2.3 iso. if you want to use arch you14:12
jaegeryou're on your own14:12
crosverai have 2.3 crux iso14:13
crosverathe 2.3 crux iso tell me that KP14:13
jaegerthis one's a bit customized but I honestly can't tell from the output so far if it'll work14:13
jaegeryour dmesg and lspci don't agree, pretty confusing14:13
*** Romster has joined #crux14:18
*** crosvera has quit IRC14:18
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Romsteranyone in use to test ? seems to be not working.14:40
Romsterk ta.14:40
sepenRomster, xerces-c done15:06
sepenRomster, you are a great port mantainer15:06
sepenresults for you in contrib: 135 ports (36/A, 99/M, 0/P)15:06
Romsterreally? thanks.15:08
Romsterlol that many..15:09
Romsterwhat script is that?15:09
Romsterand i've been meaning to know how many ports the rest maintain and maybe a alias list to there irc nickname too.15:09
RomsterIt is recommended to install CLucene >= 0.9.1615:09
Romsterand i've installed CLucene 0.9.2015:10
Romster>= means greater than or equal too right?15:10
Romstersepen, whats the a m and o/p ?15:11
teKyes, romster15:11
Romsteri must be missing a header firle maybe..15:13
*** Rotwang has left #crux15:26
sepenRomster, A = mantainer and packager, M = maintainer only P = packager only15:38
sepenRomster, I've an script for see my contrib ports, are you interesting on?15:39
sepenthats the complete output of the command
RomsterA= both. another words.15:42
Romstersepen, yes i'am tanks15:42
*** mike_k has quit IRC15:43
sepenRomster, its included in my crux-scripts-sepen port, on my repo15:44
sepenand the sources here
sepenfell free to use15:45
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC15:52
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux15:56
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predatorfreaktilman: See mailing list for patch, sorry I didn't send it earlier, I had it done forever ago, just been a bit busy XD16:24
*** sepen has quit IRC16:35
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j^2heh, no /etc/profile :P19:17
j^2n00bs :P19:17
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