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DarkNekroshi & morning all ;)01:50
namenlosreinventing the wheel:
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Man0l0hi all02:46
DarkNekroshi Man0l002:50
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treachactually I think a lot of ikea stuff is pretty cool if you think about it.09:34
jjpkShameless Ikea plugs? ;)09:35
tilmanwhat's with you and the window confusion so ofteN?09:36
treachtilman: in this case it was just plain tiredness I guess.09:36
bitwisemaybe if we could put the windows together ourselves....09:39
treachwell, in a sense you do, just pick your poison wrt windowmanager09:41
treachor write your own09:41
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bitwiseoh sure, but it was mostly an ikea joke ;)09:45
treachwell, it was in the wrong window, but anyway, I think crux and ikea got a lot in common. :)09:46
bitwiseyes!  good save!09:46
treachmodular stuff to be assembled by the enduser, aided by some really clever tools/design choices.09:47
tilmanyou're always missing a tiny part/tool when building things?09:47
bitwisewell, i'm new here, but i am completely impressed thus far09:47
treachI've never had that happening to me.09:47
tilmanbitwise: \o/09:47
bitwisetilman :)09:49
bitwisei've been doing some opengl work with sdl, and a binary ran with nothing other than ports installed09:52
bitwisei'm sold09:52
tilmanyou mean as opposed to eg debian where you need a whole bunch of extra development packages?09:52
bitwiseis that the right terminology?  "should it be packages installed from ports"09:53
tilmanwhich maybe sometimes/often have funny names? :p09:53
bitwiseaye, just had to make the sdl package09:54
tilmanbitwise: well, usually you'll install evertying from ports, since there's no binary/packages repositories09:54
bitwisetilman: right, but i was looking at making an sdl port, until i saw there already was one;)09:54
treachheh not the first one to make that observation :p09:55
treach<- was drawn over from slack a long time ago by the ease of creating ports.09:56
treachonly to find out that I almost didn't need to. ;D09:57
bitwisewell, i did the LFS install one time, but i can't go through that every time i want to set up a box09:58
tilmani came from lfs, too09:58
bitwisethis is about one step above with a fleshed out software repo system09:58
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bitwisehey, here's a question i have, and please forgive my ignorance...when the x server starts, none of the windows displayed have any kind a title bar, i.e. can't move this a setting i can change to get a title bar or did i build something incorrectly?10:05
tilmansounds like you're not running a window manager10:05
tilmandid you put some stuff in ~/.xinitrc or ~/.xsessionrc?10:06
bitwisewell, i am using kde now, so that's all working...but i only have a default script plus "startkde"10:07
bitwisewhen i was just using x-windows, i.e. xterm...what should i be using?10:08
tilmanwell, a window manager ;D10:09
tilmanblackbox, openbox, fluxbox, xfce, ratpoinson10:09
bitwise<scribble, scribble>10:09
tilmanthe first four should come with reasonable default configurations10:09
tilmanratpoison is strange though ;D10:10
treachno, it's cool10:10
treachI'm on dwm right now though10:10
treachfvwm is nice too, doesn't have much of a reasonable default config though. ;D10:11
bitwiseany of those in ports?10:13
tilmanall of them probably10:13
tilmanbitwise: use the port database linked in /topic10:13
bitwisenice, there's the intel wireless drivers i spent two days building10:14
bitwisetilman: tnx!10:14
bitwisenot seeing that repo in the portdb10:15
tilmanwhich one?10:17
tilmani meant the topic of this channel ;D10:18
bitwiseLOL, riiiiight10:18
bitwiseall right, gonna try this out, be back!10:24
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Romstermorning all10:35
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rehabdollRomster: why lzma on x264?11:30
Romsterrehabdoll, moving to a new archive format. becasue it takes up less space on the server it takes less time to download and decomrpesses faster. and installing lzma is a once off and isn't that much of a problem.11:39
Romsterjsut stupid prt-get dosn't handle new dependencys.11:39
Romstermaybe everyone dosn't like change and prefers bzip2?11:43
DarkNekrosme :D11:44
Romstercan anyone test that cmake compiles ok i'm having a issue.11:44
Romsteri might of borked something..11:45
Romsteron my pc.11:45
Romstermake and configure is fine cmake don't workie..11:45
vredfreakRomster:  cmake works fine here11:45
Romsterk so i've nuked something on my box then, most likely i've messed my gcc up..11:46
Romsternot the first time i've done that..11:46
jjpkoops ;)11:53
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jjpkI do not have the inclination to mess with glibc/gcc.11:57
jjpkSince the compiler chain works fine in crux, I see little need in interrupting it. :p11:58
Romsterwise move <<11:59
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Rotwangwhen will be new ati driver (catalyst) available in ports?12:15
tilmancatalyst is the win32 driver12:15
tilmani think you mean fglrx ;)12:16
tilmanRotwang: ask sepen, he's maintaining the port12:16
Rotwangati changed their driver name to catalyst12:16
tilmanoh, ok12:16
RomsterRotwang, wait for seppen to update or prt-get edit ati12:18
RotwangI'll wait12:19
vredfreakI'm using the newest fglrx driver and I still can't get compiz working with AIGLX12:25
Rotwangnot all boards are supported12:25
Rotwangi cant get aiglx working on x155012:26
vredfreakyeah, but supposedly mine is.  x165012:26
vredfreakaiglx shows enabled, but compiz doesn't work12:26
Romstervredfreak, ask jaeger he runs it sometimes.12:29
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tilmansepen: they say contrib/ati is out of date12:34
sepenyeah Nov 21, 200712:36
Rotwangbtw, will the port change its name?12:37
jaegerI run compiz sometimes but not with ATI cards12:37
tilmanRotwang: because of the amd merger?12:37
tilmansince every port rename generates some level of pain for users, i'd advise against it12:38
Romsterjaeger, ah12:38
Rotwangtilman: yes, and version number changed backward12:39
sepenwtf, what version number I should use pfffff12:39
Romsteryeah you a nvidia video driver. but might be able to give him a hint or two.12:39
Romstersepen, maybe you run compiz?12:39
Rotwangand catalyst builds with 2.6.23 kernel12:39
sepenI haven't compiz12:39
tilmansepen: use the one in the package. ie 7.11 if that's what it is12:39
sepenyeah tilman but in this case, could prt-get sysup don't update them?12:40
tilmanprt-get doesn't try to parse versions iirc12:40
sepen$ grep versions /etc/prt-get.conf12:41
sepen### prefer higher versions in sysup / diff12:41
sepenwhich is the higher ??12:41
tilmanin doubt, send an announcement to the crux mailing list12:41
tilmanexplaining how contrib/ati is now following the catalyist driver, and that that's why the version has been decreased ;)12:41
sepenIll try to use 7.11 and rename ati-8.4xx to ati-legacy12:42
Romster8.42.3 so going to 7.11 wouldn't update if prefer higher is set...12:42
Romsterlol i could see the looks on there faces at seeing a lower version.12:45
sepenati sucks one more time12:45
Romsternvidia arn't much better having 2 legacy drivers.12:46
sepenif ati catalyst runs fine, I'll update my kernel and test on it too12:47
Romsteri guess it could be more madness having 1 archive for each video card. but then it wouldn't be so confusing.12:47
sepenthe current driver on contrib crash with 2.6.23.x kernels12:47
sepen""Caution: The ATI Catalystâ„¢ Linux software suite 8.42.3 will be the final software suite that supports Linux kernel 2.4 and XFree86 version 4.3""12:49
* DarkNekros hurraes ATI Catalyst xDDD12:50
sepen9250 chipset no longer supported12:51
sepen""The kernel module is now working on kernel version 2.6.23""12:53
sepenwell, Ill update the port after weekend, Im going to part to contry now12:58
sepenlater guys!12:58
tilmanbye sepen12:58
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rehabdollRomster: im all for change, but needing a package just to unpack another one seems a bit excessive :)13:05
Romstermaybe so but it's a once off thing and it'll be used more than once.13:07
rehabdollyeah, the next time theres a new release of x264 :D13:08
rehabdollnah, im sure i'll come across something that uses it13:08
rehabdollno worries13:08
vredfreakjaeger:  You are the libmp4v2 maintainer, right?13:08
jaegerI guess I am, technically. haven't used it recently. does it need updating?13:10
vredfreakI sent you an email.  nasm has changed the version command, so compiling libmp4v2 goes into an infinite loop.13:11
vredfreakapparently libmp4v2 is no longer being developed (according to website)13:13
vredfreakbut k3b and kdeaddons have it listed as dependencies13:13
jaegerok, I'll have a look13:14
vredfreakthanks.  I sent a patch.  It's just a simple change in the configure script from 'nasm -r' to 'nasm -v'13:15
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jjpkWhee, netsplit.15:41
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Romsterfigures found my issue my nice printing fo compiles is messing up the compiling...16:55
Romsterdosn't like cmake for some reason..16:56
Romsteralways a catch...16:57
jjpkPrinting of compiles? Now you've lost me.17:04
Romsteryeah i got a python program i found that groups the gcc options and addes colour to the console.17:05
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jjpkRomster: oh ok17:07
Romsterah so you got it17:07
Romsterbefore you pinged out.17:07
Romsterseems to hate cmake but works with everything else, something i'll have to look at it's quite good on everything else.17:07
Romsternow that is not stoping me to compile cmake stuff i can continue building kde417:08
Romsteri should add some bypass code so it don't use it for cmake as cmake has it's own colouring etc.17:09
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pedjajaeger: i have updated hal to 0.5.10, no problems so far.18:01
pedjaI have a diff against opt/hal, if you want it.18:02
jaegerI've got it updated locally, not happy with hal-info quite yet18:02
jaegerjust haven't tested it much yet. I plan to mess with it tonight18:04
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pedjabtw, how do you test hal?you have a lot of hardware around you, so you plug everything, to see if it works :) ?18:08
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jaegerjust play with it, basically... card readers, wireless keyboards, battery backups, etc.18:08
jaegerI don't have a lot of them but enough to mess with it a bit18:09
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pedjajust push it to opt, if no user cries, it's all good ;)18:10
jaegersplitting things up into /etc and /usr/etc is getting to be a pain in the ass, too18:11
jaegerI might move both hal and dbus to /etc to avoid some trouble18:11
pedja"Cannot obtain lock on /media/.hal-mtab" when I try to mount memory stick.What did I mess up?18:12
jaegerdoes /media exist?18:13
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pedjaI made /media, and now it works :) silly me18:15
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Romsterlol that should be in the port then.18:24
jaegerwhat app are you using to mount?18:24
rehabdolli use udev rules to automount usb-sticks and such18:25
pedjajaeger: thunar from xfce18:28
jaegerI don't like having to move udev rules after make install, grrr18:31
pedjarehabdoll: I had to disable automounting, it fucks up k3b somehow.18:32
jaegeron the other hand, if I move the dbus sysconfdir it'll mess with avahi, hald, cups, etc.18:32
pedjas/fucks up/confuses/18:33
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rehabdollyou need userspace tools to automount cd's. just using hal and udev is not enough19:02
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jaegerthat is why I asked what app he was using, which has already been answered19:06
jaegerok, pushed hal and hal-info, hal now depends on hal-info19:12
pedjathis version of hal-info depends on hal being >=0.5.10, right?so, updating hal first would be a good idea...19:29
jaegerI think so. Probably should have included that in my mail but I think people will figure it out19:30
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bitwisegreetings, programs!:)23:07
jaegerheyo, bitwise23:13
bitwisehow goes it?23:17
jaegergoes well here, you?23:19
bitwisenot too bad at all....a fine fellow mentioned blackbox yesterday, so i've been cracking out on that for a while23:20
jaegerI lean towards evilwm when I need minimal but blackbox is indeed rather nice23:29
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bitwisemuch of this is rather new to me....i've leaned on a lot of the prettier stuff...never been without kde when i was running X before23:34
bitwisebut i'm learning23:34
jaegerwell, they all do the job, just in their own way23:35
jaegernothing wrong with trying them all23:35
bitwiseand big surprise, there's a port for evilwm;)23:57

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