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bitwisecan't seem to get evilwm working, it starts, then shuts down immediately00:26
jaegerhow are you invoking it?00:27
Romsterbitwise, i find wicwm to be quite ok too, still a KDE user though. <<00:28
bitwiseusing the .xinitrc (that should be in the home dir, yes?) they provide, minus the clock... /usr/bin/evilwm &00:29
Romsterjaeger, have you had a look at nvdock i added in contrib?00:29
jaegerah, that's why... try "exec evilwm" instead00:29
jaegerRomster: nope, what is it?00:29
bitwiseRomster: thanks man, and i wasn't trying to diss anybody's stuff they use:)00:29
jaegerbitwise: the & is telling it to background itself and when it does that, the x server stops00:30
Romstera dock app to access nvidia settings and nvclock to overclock the video card if need be it even tells you gpu temp.00:31
bitwisei tried without that as well, i shall try again00:31
Romsterbitwise, yeah it's fine, i like to try new stuff out too.00:31
Romsterwhy would you want that wm to damonize itself?00:32
jaegerI've seen that done intentionally before but not sure why00:32
jaegerlike starting twm & and then exec xclock00:32
jaegervery odd00:32
Romstermaybe run a gui only app like a daemon?00:32
Romsterbut hidden00:32
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Romsterand use xorg socket to view if need be? *shrugs*00:33
Romsterjaeger, yeah if you wanna nice nvidia dock app take a look at nvdock00:33
Romsteri'm running it it's very stable.00:33
Romstersince your on nvidia i'd thought i'd let you know.00:34
jaegerI've never really needed to change that stuff but I'll keep it in mind00:34
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Romsteri just decided to try it.00:34
Romsterand liked it so thre it in contrib.00:34
jaegerfair enough00:35
jaegerbitwise: any luck?00:35
bitwiserunning dual monitors, and it doesn't seem to have set the second display...checking the settings...00:36
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bitwisetrying fluxbox00:53
bitwisethink i'll try six or seven before i get back to work00:54
Romsterbest part is you can even switch really easily. or even run a second xorg on another console00:55
Romsterstartx -- :100:55
bitwisei'll see if i can get a different manager running for each monitor00:56
bitwisewhat an atrociously wonderful waste of time that would be :))00:57
Romstereven more bring ya windoze friends around and go check this out.00:57
bitwiseoh's a mission00:58
Romsteri got a friend saying linix is mroe headache than it's worth and i just laughted at him..00:58
Romsterit's hard at times but ya learn more.00:59
Romsterwindoze == lazy users <<00:59
Romsterbitwise, let me know wht you like i'm still messing with other WM's too i go ticewm and fvwm in my romster repo.00:59
Romsteri'm still building kde4.01:00
bitwisewell, not everyone is supposed to be able to hack;)  but that just gives us something to do:)01:00
jaegerI usually use gnome but of the simpler ones, evilwm and windowlab are my favorites01:00
bitwisei put on the kde port, but i think i am just going to stick with a nice wm01:00
Romsteri've tryed xfce4 that's not bad too.01:00
Romsteri wanna get to a nice wm if i can break old habbits and stop using kde but eh i'll see how the new one works first.01:01
bitwisebrb, trying fluxbox01:01
Romsteri'm off for awhile on my moutain bike <<01:01
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bitwiseso do i speak up if the packages in the opt port don't jive together?03:40
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bitwiseahhh, never mind03:52
Romsteryeah just give a shoult to the person that maintains them if you know there in here << although email is the best option or the bug tracker.04:00
bitwisetreach: aye04:01
bitwisejust needed to sync up the packages04:01
bitwisecd ..04:18
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Rotwangomg lot of updates05:53
treachI bet there will be more shortly. ;)05:59
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DarkNekroshi all ;)11:50
acrux_ehy tilman are you here?11:56
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acrux_hi romster12:07
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Romsterhi acrux_12:07
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Man0l0hi all13:23
DarkNekroshi Man0l013:23
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hnazjaeger: ping15:18
hnazjaeger: there is a more recent version of libtheora; 1.0beta215:24
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alanciohey anybody knows if there is a problem with commiting a port that has a .tar.bz2 source and not beeing synchronized on the rsync repo?16:11
jaegertarballs are excluded on purpose, they shouldn't go into the git trees16:13
alancioaha! I suspected that16:15
alancioso, if I have to apply 34 patches, what should I do? I thought that a .tar.bz2 was a good idea16:15
aon_unify them?16:16
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alanciowell, its inconvenient and its also 198Kb16:18
alanciobut if theres no other option, I will16:18
mike_k34 patches are pretty suspicious themself =)16:19
alanciothey are patches for qt, submitted by the kde team16:20
alancioit has always been there, I am just updating them16:20
alanciotilman, are you there?16:21
alanciooh well, forget it16:22
mike_kalancio: some sort of a new kde release?16:24
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Romstergah missed..16:51
acrux_tilman: do you know if libpciaccess works with xorg-server-1.4 ?16:51
Romsteri'm messing with kde.. wonder if he ment qt3 or qt4?16:51
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tilmanacrux_: 1.4 doesn't use libpciaccess yet16:52
tilmanacrux_: xorg-server from git master uses it though16:52
Romsterhi bitwise tilman mike_k16:53
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* bitwise bows to Rom16:53
acrux_tilman: mmh... 'cause pci domain doesn't owrk on powerpc arch16:54
acrux_it's borken16:54
tilmani might hve heard of pci problems on ppc16:54
tilmanacrux_: you could ask in #xorg, or check (product: xorg-server)16:55
acrux_yes, i'll do, thanks :D16:55
bitwisei have a general linux/xwindows question...when i move windows around, they chunk and break up as i move them...any magic xorg.conf settings maybe?:)16:56
tilmanwindows of an application that *you* are writing? :>16:56
bitwisehmm, not this one...this is just an xterm...or any window i move around16:57
bitwisealthough, panning in my opengl app, with no window moving, causes the same effect...16:57
tilmanwhat do you mean by "chunking" and breaking up?16:58
tilmanno idea what panning is, and too tiredlazy to look it up :<16:58
bitwiselike if you were painting to a screen with no buffer...16:59
bitwiseLOL, just moving the camera around in 3d space17:00
tilmandoes it also happen when you start just xterm, and no window manager?17:00
bitwisehmmm, haven't been able to move windows around then...the thing is, on my last computer i noticed some of the same behavior, which is why i thought it might be a setting/option17:01
bitwisei'm pretty sure this is a hardware "issue" of sorts17:03
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Romsteranyone knwo of a program that can parse badly written html to extract text? i'm having a search i can vagely rememebr a program but not it's name.19:31
bitwisecould do a quick sed stripping out tags19:32
bitwisewould s/<*>/ /g work?19:32
Romsterbut i did think of that.19:33
Romstergotta find tags and extract text out between the tags.19:34
Romstertest here19:34
Romsterand need to pull all of the text between the tag19:34
Romsterguess i need a start and a end tag to look for19:34
bitwiseahhh, specific tags, neh19:35
Romsteri was looking for a html to xml converter..19:35
bitwisethere's a way to do that...but i forget how....19:35
Romsterthen i could do simple xml stuff.19:35
bitwisei think you can extract the matching text in a variable19:35
Romsteryeah i did see some program that would even work on badly made sites even.19:35
bitwise<think, think, think.....>19:36
bitwisebrb, coffee19:36
Romsterlol that always helps19:36
Romsterthinking html to xml and use xmlobject in python..19:38
Romsteri'm browsing sourceforge looking for canidates.19:39
RomsterLogAnal Apache Log Parser < LOL19:40
bitwisedarn it all, i prob would have used that a few months ago, when i had a life;)19:41
Romster something like that but that's pre-alpha grr..19:42
Romsterbitwise, you doing much or bored?19:43
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bitwiseheh, i'm slept about 3 hours in the past two days busy:)19:46
Romster < looks like about it java though...19:47
bitwisei was working on a major personal project when my computer decided to start shitting the bed19:47
Romstermaybe i need to hack at my own..19:47
Romsterdamn that would suck19:47
bitwisemaybe do s strtok on < and >19:48
Romsterwhat did oyur pc do? long time crux user or you decided to wipe your OS and movve to crux?19:48
Romstercould but if there is a missing < or >19:48
Romsterguess run it though tidy first.19:49
Romsteri'll figure something out.19:49
bitwisei've been a centos fan for a while, but i was looking for a change19:49
bitwiseso i actually swapped my file server for my desktop and my sand box for my file server19:50
bitwiseand my old desktop, well, he's just sorta sitting there19:50
Romsterwasn't too painful seting up crux?19:51
bitwise it was a sweet, blissful joy...after i figured out the nfs install using a usb thumb drive as a boot disk;)19:52
Romsterah cool never did that before.19:52
Romsterused nfs before but not booted off usb yet.19:52
bitwiseneither had i...crash course in lilo19:52
Romsterlilo nver forget torun lilo d'oh..19:53
Romsterbeen there <<19:53
Romsterboot off cd mount chroot run lilo reboot.19:53
bitwisemight just script up a little bash like "addkernel" that moves the files about and runs lilo19:53
Romsterah there is a kernel port someone is working on but dosn't run lilo.19:54
bitwiseLOL, sounds just about right19:54
bitwisei don't think i would use a kernel port19:54
Romsterhnc repo i think if he has it in there yet. i've never tryed it.19:54
Romsteri'm happy doing it manually.19:54
bitwiseyeah, too many times i would want to stop/pause the process19:55
bitwiseand that would be a hard port to maintain19:55
bitwisewell, good luck to the brother:)19:56
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Romsterplus i got 3 versions of kernel installed too.19:56
Romsteronyl thing i use with the kernel is ketchup19:56
Romstermanages patching upgrade/downgrade version19:57
bitwisei'm sort of a spicy brown mustard guy from time to time as well19:57
Romstercan tell what a person is into by there port colection if they have on on the portdb.19:57
bitwiselike when you used to be able to browse peoples napster list19:58
bitwise"awwwyeah, getting that and that and that...."19:58
Romsteri used to go oo like that song what else has he got.20:03
Romsteri used to be on audigalixy too.20:03
Romsterget into a category of music type.20:05
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RomsterBlitz is an interm image effect library that people can use until KDE4.1 is released. KImageEffect, the old image effect class is being dropped for KDE4.0 and the replacement, Quasar, won't be ready until KDE4.1. Blitz gives people something to use in the meantime.23:29
Romsterthat's really smart for KDE todo....23:29
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treachI'd hold off any judgements on that point untill I knew exactly *why* they chose to do like that23:39
Romsterno idea but that's what i found so far.23:42
Romsterdunno anyone else building kde4 so i'm attempting it man theres a few packages but not as bad as gnome yet.23:43
treachlots of new stuff under the hood :/23:46
Romstertreach, if you wanna see what i got so far note i got old kde3 stuff sitting in there i'm gonna rename to kde*323:46
treachI'm yet to be conviced of the usefullness of stuff like strigi. :/23:48
Romsterit appears all the external dependencys for kde4 are put though  kdesupport23:48
treach(even if I'm sure it beats beagle by miles)23:48
Romsterno idea i'm just reading the building page23:48
RomsterThere are several libraries that KDE applications rely on in the kdesupport module. This includes Strigi and Soprano for file metadata and search, QImageBlitz for image manipulation needed in kdebase, eigen for visual effects in applications such as Kalzium, taglib for music players and qca for some cryptographic needs.23:49
treachI had a look at it a while ago, but I came to the conclusion that dwm makes more sense to me, and have considerably less complicated deps. :P23:50
Romster"QImageBlitz for image manipulation needed in kdebase" < i arn't sure if thats a dependency of kdesupport that kdebase depends on kdespupport, or kdebase directly..23:50
Romsterah thought i'd give it a try if anything i'll learn more.23:50
Romsterwho knows i might be the first on kde4 in a couple of days <<23:51
Romsteron crux.23:51
Romsterok i must be blind i can nto see a tarball of kdesupport....23:55
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treachgood. because there isn't any such package. at least from what I can see.23:56
Romsteri'm checking it out of svn..23:57
treachah, I thought you were using the latest release23:58
Romsterlooks like kdesupport is jsut all them libs i've already compiled..23:58
Romsteri'em just i didn't see no kdesupport so i thought i'd look in that mudle on svn if it got renamed or something.23:58
Romsterlooks like it's just them libs i've made so i can skip that and start with kdelibs i guess...23:59

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