IRC Logs for #crux Sunday, 2007-12-09

Romsterthis is gonna be fun figing out dependencys and crap..00:01
treachwell, if you don't think it's fun there's Ubuntu or OpenSUSE is just a few clicks away. :>00:05
treachs /is//00:05
Romsterwhy would i wanna do that when i'm on crux <_<00:08
Romsteror you trying to get rid of me <<00:08
Romsterlets hope they haven't done modfications to the kdesupport stuff.. thats diferent to the various projects i've ported.00:09
*** predatorfreak has joined #crux00:11
Romsterhi predatorfreak00:11
predatorfreakHi Romster00:11
Romsteryay kdelibs is compiling.00:18
Romsterpredatorfreak, i'm building kde4 <<00:19
Romsteri msut be crazy to be doing this.00:19
predatorfreakRomster: Call me when they FINALLY release it :P00:19
Romsterit'll show ya when i've altered stuff.00:20
Romsteri'll still keep kde3 just incase <<00:22
predatorfreakRomster: I'm waiting for a final release.00:23
Romsterme too.00:23
Romsterbut i may aswell get the packages done and it'll be less work then.00:24
Romsterbump versions etc update.00:24
Romsterno idea what alan is doing..00:25
Romsterhe hasn't even got the lateist version of kde3...00:25
predatorfreakRomster: Killing people maybe?00:25
Romsterah maybe he is over seas arn't he?00:26
predatorfreakYou never know, he might have bodies stored in his basement.00:26
Romstercoffee time..00:28
*** Microsofties has joined #crux00:29
Microsoftieshey, im trying to configure network for my laptop. when i run /etc/rc.d/net start i get "SIOCGIFFLAGS: No such device"00:31
Romsterdid you edit the file?00:37
Romsterenable your lan card in the kernel drivers etc.00:37
Romstermodprobed it if built as a module.00:38
RomsterMicrosofties, ^00:38
predatorfreakMicrosofties: Did you rape your kernel with a stick already? I generally have to do shit like that to make shit work.00:38
Romstercan take a few days if ya messing with the kernel to get it right on a new system.00:43
Romsterthen alter find out ya missing something.00:43
predatorfreakRomster: Well, I have experience raping kernels with sticks.00:44
predatorfreakBut not everyone has my experience :P00:44
Romsteri had an idea of some hardware detection program to autoconfigure the kernel for device drivers maybe.00:44
predatorfreakRomster: Enjoy updating it every new kernel version :P00:45
Romsterwouldn't do the entire kernel config but the anoying part.00:45
Romsterthats true00:45
MicrosoftiesRomster, thanks. got it sorted..00:49
*** Microsofties has quit IRC00:49
predatorfreakWhy is it that certain bands have to record songs where I go "Holy shit this is like.... perfect" and then on the same album have songs that make me go "Okay, that's the worst thing they've ever put to tape."00:50
predatorfreakJust stick with the perfect and avoid the latter :)00:50
Romsterno idea it's like wicked to wtf was that crap.00:50
predatorfreakRomster: Yep.00:50
predatorfreakRomster: Sadly, the curse even infected Monster Magnet, their latest album has perfectly awesome songs and then things that I'm left wondering why they bothered to release it.00:51
Romsterjsut rip the good ones and leave the rest.00:52
Romstersometimes i can like a song if i play it a few times.00:52
predatorfreakRomster: Nah, I'm a completest and I have a shitload of harddrive space.00:52
Romsterbut some are a defenete no way.00:52
predatorfreakRomster: I tried with the main song I have serious problems with on this album, but I can't like it XD00:53
Romsteri'm gonna rerip my cd's to ogg sometime.00:53
Romsterand piss off mp3 except the downloaded stuff.00:53
predatorfreakRomster: Strangely enough.00:54
predatorfreakI've never had Ogg do a transcode that wasn00:54
predatorfreakwasn't perfect*00:54
predatorfreakIt's never botched an MP3-to-Ogg transcode in all the time I've done it XD00:54
Romsterah i prefer not going form one lossy format to another.00:54
*** mwansa has joined #crux00:54
predatorfreakSo do I normally, but when it's transparent, I don't mind.00:55
prologicFLAC ftw00:55
predatorfreakprologic: Screw that crap :P00:55
predatorfreakI am not wasting a shitload of space on stuff I can't hear!00:56
prologicsuit yourself :)00:56
prologicyou must be deaf :)00:56
prologicor deaf to good music :)00:56
predatorfreakprologic: Most rock music encodes so well it's ridiculous.00:56
prologicthere ya go00:57
prologicno idea in music at all :)00:57
Romsteri like flac but when i got a near full hd00:57
Romsterit's either resort to lossy or swap cd's all day.00:58
predatorfreakprologic: What do you listen to? :P00:58
predatorfreakReveal your shames!00:58
Romsterone of these days i'll get a bigger hdd00:58
predatorfreakSo that I may bash you!00:58
Romsteri can hear the diference between a mp3 and lossless/cd00:59
Romsterbut it's diferent on diferent types of music.00:59
predatorfreakSo can I.00:59
predatorfreakBut with an autov-patched Vorbis encoder.00:59
predatorfreakI can't tell the difference between a 128kb/s average Vorbis file and a CD most of the time.01:00
Romsteryeah i'm gonna have to get your settings again..01:00
predatorfreakRomster: Generally, -q 3, the default.01:00
predatorfreakBut, my libvorbis port is my real trick.01:00
Romsterah i should look into that.01:01
predatorfreakRomster: It's in my repo :P01:02
Romsteryeah gathered that <<01:02
predatorfreakRomster: Among other useful bullshittery tools.01:03
predatorfreakIn fact, I need to package up my CD ripping script and shit.01:03
Romsterah yeah so i can look at hack at it <<01:04
predatorfreakRomster: Well, feel free to hack it, but I don't think I missed anything of importance :)01:04
Romster12 shiping containers of fireworks gone off hollyfuck01:05
Romster3 windows blown out 1 kilometer away!01:05
predatorfreak <-- HOLY SHIT SOMEONE FOUND MY CAT!01:05
Romsterseen that.01:07
predatorfreakRomster: I WISH01:08
predatorfreakI had a cat like that.01:08
predatorfreakCats like those redeem the whole species.01:08
Romsterpredatorfreak, why on earth is it off a geocitys site for libvorbis01:08
*** jdolan has quit IRC01:08
predatorfreakRomster: The guy who develops the fork can't afford real hosting :P01:08
*** jdolan has joined #crux01:09
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o jdolan01:09
Romsterman ecky.. could of thrown it on sourceforge..01:10
Romsterwhats the diferences?01:10
predatorfreakRomster: Too many to count.01:10
Romsteri'm reading the site but you'd know already01:10
predatorfreakSuffice to say it's leaps and bounds better than mainline.01:10
predatorfreakRomster: Pretty much every listening test I've seen states that autov is leaps and bounds ahead of mainline and from my own experience, that's very true.01:12
predatorfreakMainline produces about the same quality as I get a -q 3 at about -q 501:12
Romsterhmm i have very good ears i could test it out.01:13
Romsterwonder why they don't merge..01:13
predatorfreakRomster: Beta 2 did merge into upstream.01:13
predatorfreakBut Vorbis hasn't seen anything beyond bugfixes upstream forever.01:13
predatorfreakFreaking upstream developers are damn lazy01:14
Romsterso just maintain not improve another words other than bug fixes.01:14
predatorfreakRomster: Yeah, Xiph seems to be short on actual development.01:15
predatorfreakA lot of its projects reach maturity.01:15
predatorfreakThen quickly get stale as they make another project.01:15
Romsteri see..01:16
Romsterthat sucks.01:16
predatorfreakRomster: Plus they're slow ass developers anyway.01:16
predatorfreakTheora hasn't even reached maturity yet and it's got fuckshit slow development.01:17
Romsteri'd love to get into DSP but i only know some of the basics.01:17
predatorfreakI swear, they FINISH one project every FIVE BILLION YEARS.01:17
predatorfreakThen do one bugfix every 10 billion years.01:17
treachdid you by accident forget your lithium? :>01:18
Romsterkdelibs-3.96.0/kate/syntax/katecodefolding.cpp:836:2: warning: #warning "FIXME:  why does this seem to work?"01:18
predatorfreaktreach: I don't take drugs.01:18
treachRomster: that's kind of.. confidence inspiring, isn't it? :p01:19
Romstertreach, yeah..01:19
predatorfreaktreach: What do you expect from KDE developers?01:19
predatorfreakThey tend to make a lot of promises.01:19
predatorfreakThen be like "Yeah. We'll get it to you four months after we told you we'd get it to you."01:20
treachI expect a lot more than I do from gnome developers01:20
predatorfreakand then it's 4 months after that.01:20
treachwhat's the panic?01:20
predatorfreaktreach: Takes them forever to get shit done.01:20
predatorfreakThey promise stuff by a specific time and then don't deliver.01:21
Romsteri wonder if kdelibs4 will install along side kdelibs3...01:21
treachand everyone else is really fast?01:21
treachgnome is essentially stuck.01:21
Romsteri haven't been following gnome devalopment.01:21
treachmicrosoft polished the vista-turd for five years, and it's still a turd..01:21
Romsterwhy are they stuck?01:21
predatorfreaktreach: I didn't say that.01:21
predatorfreakBut ffs.01:21
treachso, if you get delayed a few months - big deal01:22
predatorfreakRather than spend all the time in the world adding useless features or fucking with Amarok's interface or something.01:22
Romstervista would need another 20 years to be stable. even if then.01:22
predatorfreakThey could cut out the non-essentials for the first KDE4 release.01:22
treachpredatorfreak: that's a fallacy01:22
predatorfreakGet the essentials done.01:22
predatorfreakRework Amarok or some other thing later.01:22
predatorfreakand then release KDE 4.101:22
predatorfreakthis is open-source.01:22
predatorfreakWe don't need to bring everything in one sweep.01:23
treachOf course we do01:23
predatorfreakNo, we don't.01:23
Romsterwhat desktop with no aplications <<01:23
treachif you're going to jump, better make a big one, and the be stable.01:23
predatorfreakRomster: I mean port KDE 3 apps to a basic underlying KDE 4 environment, add in any apps that are done.01:24
Romsterkde4 is majorly diferent but i'll tell ya later how it works if i get it to work.01:24
predatorfreakHold off any features not-yet-complete for apps, etc.01:24
Romsterhmm i guess.01:24
treachkde has been basically the same since 2.001:24
predatorfreakThen 6 months down the line when everything is stable.01:24
treachIt needs a *major* workover01:24
predatorfreakRelease a new version.01:24
Romsterkde4 is suposidly gonna be faster and a new indexing engine.01:24
predatorfreaktreach: Do it incrementally so it doesn't take forever to get the underlying bits out.01:25
Romsterkdelibs-3.96.0/khtml/rendering/font.cpp:279:4: warning: #warning "Light bloatery"01:25
treachpredatorfreak: doesn't work that way01:25
predatorfreakThe main reason I give a fuck about KDE4 is the cleaner underlying code.01:25
predatorfreakI.E. less cruft in kdelibs, move to QT4, removing of old shit, etc.01:25
treachworking incrementally ony takes you so far.01:25
Romsterand there using cmake now too.01:25
predatorfreaktreach: You obviously haven't looked at Linux 2.6, have you?01:26
Romsterincrementally is going up minor versions in kde301:26
treach*they are, those, I am.*01:26
predatorfreakRomster: No, that's bugfixes.01:26
predatorfreakThat's not incrementally improving something.01:26
predatorfreakI mean swap out the underlying KDE3 bits, move to a basic KDE4 library setup for KDE 4.0.01:26
Romsterimprovments can go the same as a bug fix?01:26
predatorfreakBlah blah.01:27
treachpredatorfreak: of course I have, and I don't quite get your point, since the kernel isn't incompatible with itself.01:27
predatorfreakThen move in reworked apps and shit.01:27
predatorfreaktreach: Then why don't you get that doing shit incrementally is better?01:27
predatorfreakThe kernel gets a release out while they're working on big overhauls.01:27
predatorfreakand every couple releases they add in a new big overhaul.01:27
treachbecause it isn't. Some stuff doesn't work out that way.01:27
Romsterthat be like saying going from 2.4 to 2.6 kernel and expecting iptables to work and userspace?01:27
predatorfreaktreach: Then Linux 2.6 should be busted.01:28
predatorfreakBy your reasoning.01:28
* Romster shrugs01:28
predatorfreakYes, you're saying incremental improvements don't work out.01:28
treachno, that's not at all what I said.01:28
predatorfreakBut Linux 2.6 is basically nothing BUT incremental over time.01:28
*** mrks has joined #crux01:29
treachplease go back and read what I said again, if you think I said incremental upgrades doesn't work!01:29
predatorfreak<treach> because it isn't. Some stuff doesn't work out that way.01:29
* Romster keeps out of this..01:29
treachand please refrain from putting words in my mouth!01:29
Romsterwere near a flamewar here.01:30
predatorfreaktreach: You just said that incremental improvements don't work out to be better in the real world.01:30
treachyeah right. *SOME* things. If you look at it, KDE has been INCREMENTAL SINCE 2.0 FFS.01:30
predatorfreaktreach: It's hardly incremental when you take something.01:30
predatorfreakand overhaul it for 3.0.01:30
predatorfreakThen do the same for 4.0.01:30
Romsteri dont' see kde3 to kde4 as incremental01:30
predatorfreakThat's not incremental.01:30
treachKDE 3 was basically a port of kde 2 to qt301:31
Romsterkde4 is nearly a rewrite.01:31
treachgo back to those old versions and you'll see what I mean.01:31
treachbut I guess neither of you ever used kde 2.001:31
predatorfreaktreach: They overhauled a decent amount of the underlying architecture beyond a qt3 potr.01:31
predatorfreakBut honestly, I'm not going to get into KDE2, you're right, I haven't used it.01:32
treachstill. FOR THE MOST PART it was a port.01:32
predatorfreaktreach: I'll trust you and give you that KDE2 was incremental since I can't really challenge that.01:32
treachit wasn't ANYWAY NEAR such a massive change as KDE 4 will be01:32
predatorfreakBut why can't we do KDE3 -> KDE 4.0 as a port to QT4, massive change of the underlying internals.01:33
predatorfreakThen do KDE 4.0 -> KDE 4.1 as moving apps, replacing apps, overhauling apps, etc.01:33
predatorfreakThat way 4.0 can be a way to deploy the underlying structure and code improvements and 4.1 can do all the fancy shit.01:33
predatorfreakIncremental overhaul.01:34
predatorfreakCleaner and faster.01:34
treachwell, that's what they are doing, if I get things right. I think you, as a lot of other people confuse KDE4 with KDE 4.001:34
predatorfreaktreach: Well, I've seen them hype a shitload of new apps.01:34
predatorfreakOverhauling Amarok, etc, etc.01:34
predatorfreakShit that I consider non-essential to the basic underlying core components and libraries.01:34
treachKDE 4.0 will probably for the most part be used by people who want to port their apps to kde401:35
treachAmarok development is not related to kde01:35
treachat all.01:35
predatorfreaktreach: Then why the blooming hell do they talk about it on KDE's site.01:35
predatorfreak-. +?01:35
treachit's like bitching at adobe for not helping out with the development of vista01:35
treachbecause it's a prominent kde application?01:36
treachone that many considers a killer app?01:36
predatorfreaktreach: Leave it to the Amarok people to discuss.01:36
Romsteri only got on kde3..01:36
predatorfreaktreach: To use your analogy: It'd be like Microsoft talking about Photoshop for Vista.01:37
treachfirst kde version I used was  1.43 I think :)01:37
treachsure, but it's not compareable.01:38
predatorfreaktreach: If it's not developed by the KDE developers and not part of KDE.01:38
predatorfreakIt's the same business.01:38
predatorfreakand the KDE developers don't need to waste time talking about it on their site.01:38
treachsure, but I think you're missing something essential01:38
predatorfreaktreach: Which is?01:39
treachMicrosoft doesn't *need* to market themself by pointing to fancy apps not written by themselves01:39
treachthey don't *need* a killer app.01:39
Romstereveryone is forced to change..01:39
predatorfreaktreach: Neither should KDE?01:40
predatorfreakIt's one of the major freaking DE's for Linux.01:40
treachoh? If you look at message boards etc, you'd be forgiven if you thought gnome and ubuntu was this "Linux thing"...01:41
treachalso, you've got to put up something to attract windows users01:41
treachbeing a major linux de will bring over about 0 current windows users01:41
predatorfreaktreach: So you're telling me that the KDE developers are making the same mistakes as users?01:42
treachthat made absolutely no sense?01:42
predatorfreaktreach: Users confuse Linux and Ubuntu as being the same.01:42
treachthat's not what I said.01:42
treachthat kde devs make that mistake that is01:42
Romsterwhats with this Ubuntu back when i tryed linux it was manderake01:42
treachI'm saying they have to counter that01:42
predatorfreakThe KDE developers talking about Amarok as a significant part of KDE is the same shit.01:43
predatorfreakOnly the mistake is being made by the developers.01:43
predatorfreaktreach: Plus, as far as I've seen.01:43
treachI don't think they ever said amarok is a _part of_ kde.01:43
predatorfreakMost Ubuntu users/Windows converts don't know or give a shit what DE they're using.01:43
predatorfreakSo long as it works.01:44
treachthat's why you need a killer app01:44
Romsteri honestly didn't read all that stuff just the devalopment of kde401:44
predatorfreaktreach: Then the KDE developers don't need to talk about freaking Amarok.01:44
treachof course they do01:44
predatorfreakThey aren't going to convert the Ubuntu noobs.01:44
treachyou said it yourself01:44
treachUsers doesn't care about DE's01:44
treachthey care about APPS01:44
RomsterAmarok to KDE would be like Mediaplayer to Windows?01:45
treachand amarok is an APP. A damned fine one too.01:45
treachRomster: stfu01:45
predatorfreaktreach: Exactly and there's plenty of good Amarok alternatives for GNOME.01:45
treachpredatorfreak: not that I'me aware.01:45
predatorfreakThe dumbass Ubuntu users will just install and use whatever Ubuntu tell them to.01:45
Romsterguess i'm an anoyance here..01:45
treachRomster: no01:45
predatorfreakMost freaking Windows users I know don't seem to give a shit about which app they use, hell most use whatever comes with their box.01:46
treachbut comparing amarok to wmp is seriously ill adviced01:46
predatorfreakor they just use iTunes.01:46
predatorfreaktreach: I'm more opinioned about what I use, but the average user isn't.01:46
treachpredatorfreak: well. you've got to play on the points where you're strong01:46
treachand there IS nothing that compares to amarok01:47
treachthere are a few feeble attempts, but nothing comes really close01:47
predatorfreaktreach: Personally.01:47
predatorfreakI can't use Amarok.01:47
predatorfreakToo much bullshit, GUI crap and fancy features.01:47
predatorfreakDistracts away from the only damn thing I give a shit about: How well it plays music without wasting my resources.01:48
treachfine, it's not my preference either. but that's not the point01:48
predatorfreaktreach: My point is.01:48
predatorfreakThe average user doesn't know what a killer app is.01:48
treachno, but they will know what app they want to use..01:49
Romsteri was saying as they each have a DEFAULT player did i say i was comparing the media players, i think not. but whatever.01:49
predatorfreaktreach: It depends.01:49
predatorfreakCertain people have a preference.01:49
predatorfreakI.E. on Windows, I always use foobar.01:49
predatorfreakBut others will use whatever comes with their system.01:49
predatorfreakI.E. WMP, Winamp, whatever.01:49
treachRomster: the gap in functionality is just too freakin huge, you can't compare them.01:50
predatorfreaktreach: The majority is the second.01:50
treachpredatorfreak: as I said. you've got to use your strengths.01:50
predatorfreakBut, possibly due to being enticed to use Ubuntu or whatever.01:50
predatorfreakThey might get more opinionated.01:50
predatorfreakBut old Windows habits die slow.01:50
treachnobody will switch to linux/kde because the looks of kde, but if they see and read about amarok and a few other kool (if you pardon me) kde apps, then maybe01:51
predatorfreaktreach: Sure, but honestly.01:52
Romsterkew4 has a slightly new look i'll take some screen shots when i have it running.01:52
predatorfreakThe KDE folks could just let the Amarok developers talk about how awesome Amarok is.01:52
treachpersonally, I'm quite interested in where koffice and krita is going01:52
predatorfreakand point people in that direction.01:52
predatorfreakand not waste time talking about it themselves.01:52
treachwell, you kind of need kde for it, so kde is the "enabler"01:53
predatorfreaktreach: Really.01:53
predatorfreakYou only need kdelibs :)01:53
Romsterwell that i've jsut built..01:54
treachand, as I've said a few times, I guess, if you want people to get interested in your DE, you have to make people interested in the apps that exists for it.01:54
Romsterbe in the repo in a few minutes01:54
predatorfreaktreach: I only really use one KDE app.01:55
predatorfreakand that's because there's no decent, maintained GTK alternative.01:55
predatorfreak(non-GNOME bound, I ain't installing a billion GNOME deps)01:55
predatorfreaktreach: and that's K3b, because at times I can't be arsed to use cdrecord by hand.01:55
treachI certainly agree with that view. : )01:55
predatorfreaktreach: If there was a decent GNOME CD burning app that wasn't bound to gstreamer/this/that/flyingmonkeypants/etc I'd use it.01:56
predatorfreakBut fuck, there's none <_<01:56
Romsteryeah k3b is awesome..01:56
treachI guess it depends on your preferences, but if I were a gui guy, I'd probably find kdevelop, quanta etc quite interesting.01:56
predatorfreaktreach: Don't come in handy for the kind of shit I code atm.01:57
predatorfreakI don't need kdevelop to write shell script :)01:57
treachkonversation is just as good a xchat (better actually) etc01:57
predatorfreakGimme vim and urxvt and I'm happy.01:57
treachpredatorfreak: sure, I'm just pointing out that there are a lot of excellent kde apps.01:57
treachktorrent is another one btw01:57
predatorfreaktreach: I'm using deluge atm.01:58
predatorfreakEverything ktorrent does.01:58
predatorfreakwithout the KDE depend.01:58
predatorfreaktreach: There are a lot of nice KDE apps.01:58
predatorfreakBut there's smaller, non-DE-dependent alternatives for almost all of them :)01:58
treachnever seen that, currently using rtorrent and ...azureus. :P01:58
predatorfreaktreach: It's basically ktorrent in GTK.01:59
treachI'm looking it up01:59
predatorfreakOnly it uses Rastabar's libtorrent, which supports a shitload of stuff.01:59
predatorfreakThere's a port in my repo, complete with all the deps01:59
treachmmh, I might wait for the next version of rtorrent instead. :p02:01
Romsterkdelibs is in but i must warn man pages are in /usr/share i'll fix that later.02:03
Romsterstill have todo kdebase and the rest.02:03
Romsteri'll have to do a chroot now todo the rest..02:03
Romsterhmm deluge don't look to bad.02:06
Romsterpredatorfreak, why don'tyou have access to contrib to throw some stuff in?02:06
Romsterlike deluge etc..02:06
predatorfreakRomster: No one gave me access?02:07
predatorfreakand I'm too lazy to submit to get access :P02:07
Romsterhave you applied too?02:07
predatorfreakRomster: Besides, let someone else submit shit.02:07
predatorfreakI have enough trouble maintaining my own repo.02:07
treachyou do not maintain other peoples shit, even if you're in contrib.02:08
treachright Romster? ;)02:08
Romsteri let my repo get out a little but contrib i maintain my stuff.02:08
Romsterrigth they have there own ports thay maintain theres.02:09
predatorfreaktreach: I don't want to maintain my shit IN contrib and outside it.02:09
Romsteri've had the temptation to fix some common errors but i know i'm nto allowed to touch there ports.02:09
predatorfreakI have my hands full maintaining my freaking personal repo.02:09
predatorfreakLet alone whatever I submit to contrib..02:10
Romsterhwo many ports have you got..02:10
treachman I thought han would preform the first murder via the soip protocol when Romster messed with his contrib ports. :D02:10
Romsteris that all..02:10
treachsiop (strangulation over IP)02:10
predatorfreaktreach: Han wouldn't bother with soip.02:10
predatorfreakHe'd just get his Axe out.02:10
predatorfreakVisit Romster.02:11
predatorfreakand be like "Hi."02:11
predatorfreak"YOU BASTARD!!!!"02:11
predatorfreakRomster: oh and I'm a teenager, I have other shit to do than maintain ports.02:11
Romsterreally ck4up some time to check..02:12
Romstereh suit yourself..02:12
predatorfreakRomster: Mostly learn0ring, or as I call it.02:12
predatorfreakU.S. bullshit 101.02:12
Romsteri guess get others todo it.02:13
predatorfreakRomster: You can throw my stuff in contrib if you wanna :P02:14
Romsteri seem to be the only one afaik that picks ports out of private repos to throw in contrib.02:15
Romsterand i do make my own too.02:16
predatorfreakRomster: Throw in littleutils, md5deep and optipng for me? :P02:17
treachRomster: if you find something interesting in my repo, you're free to take that too. ;)02:17
Romsterwell deluge seems to be something everyone would like to use.02:18
Romsterbut i got ktorrent too so i guess i'll have to maintain both.02:19
treachpersonally I think it's something of a disgrace there is no "official" port for fvwm :p02:19
predatorfreakRomster: All the deps for all those are in my repo too XD02:19
Romsterwell i have fvwm in my repo...02:21
Romsterpredatorfreak, yeah i may do that..02:21
Romsterbut not right now.02:21
predatorfreakRomster: They're all in my personal repo anyway.02:21
predatorfreakSo, I don't care either way :D02:21
Romstertreach, what's your repo name? not treach ? i don't see that.02:22
treachRomster: it's not official.02:23
Romsterurl then <<02:24
treacha moment.02:24
treachthat should do the trick02:25
Romsterso why isn't it on the portsdb?02:28
treachbecause I can't take the amount of responsibility for it that I'd like to.02:29
Romsterbut it's a private repo <<02:29
Romsterwho cares?02:29
treachsure, but I personally think that if you put something up so others might use it, you take care of it.02:30
Romstermore chances of someone finding something they want.02:30
Romsterhmm i guess.02:30
Romstero knwo i wanna get into more fonts so i'll be looking at them first.02:31
Romsterand why you got xine-lib and see if there is any diferences to what i got.02:31
treachterminus rocks02:31
Romsteri'll try that out.02:31
treachxinelib is just old, I don't even use it anymore02:32
Romsterwin32-rp9-codecs < hmm02:32
predatorfreaktreach: Show me too! :P02:32
predatorfreakI might steal something from it.02:32
Romsterthink that's already covered.02:33
treachit's absolutly not interesting in anyway.02:33
predatorfreaktreach: Just show me you pansy :P02:33
treachno. ;)02:33
predatorfreakDO IT!02:34
predatorfreakDon't make me sign you up for gay porn spam lists or something.02:34
Romsterlol, treach only showed me becasue i'd pull a few into contrib <<02:34
predatorfreakRomster: Show me dang it!02:35
predatorfreakI might steal some for my personal repo02:35
predatorfreakDon't make me get out my axe...02:35
treachpredatorfreak: fwiw, it's actually fully public.02:35
treachif you can find the page. :D02:35
Romsterpredatorfreak, with libtorrent i'm wondering if there is a command line downloader?02:35
predatorfreaktreach: Too lazy! :P02:35
predatorfreakRomster: For rastabar libtorrent? I don't think so.02:36
Romsterwell some get
predatorfreakRomster: Now gimme the link or I axe ya! :D02:36
Romsterand it gets the file.02:36
* predatorfreak raises axe02:37
predatorfreak5 4 3 2 102:37
Romsterit's upto treach i don't wanna get into his bad book.02:37
* predatorfreak axes Romster 02:37
* predatorfreak buries Romster in Hans Reisers flower garden next to Nina.02:37
Romsterso my ports go stale <<02:38
Romsterreally isn't that much..02:38
predatorfreakRomster: and the only thing of value that was lost was ktorrent :P02:39
Romsterk3b too <<02:39
predatorfreakRomster: JESUS CHRIST02:39
predatorfreakYou've got 181 in contrib02:39
Romsteri thought it was 150 or so...02:40
Romsterthen i got all my private ports too.02:40
predatorfreakRomster: You're insane!02:40
Romsterand i keep them all upto date.. well try too.02:40
predatorfreakand also a zombie.02:40
predatorfreakSeeing as I axed you.02:40
predatorfreakand you're still alive.02:40
* predatorfreak axes Romster in the head02:40
predatorfreakDie zombie die!02:41
* treach watches Romster go for the brains02:41
predatorfreaktreach: Me02:41
predatorfreakYou've got me mistaken for some other kind of creature.02:42
* predatorfreak proceeds to set fire to treach's computer and demand the URL to treach's ports.02:44
treachRomster: the gphoto stuff should probably go in too, I don't think it's available otherwise02:44
predatorfreaktreach: Link me you demon! :)02:46
treachln -s predatorfreak /dev/null02:46
predatorfreaktreach: Sorry.02:47
predatorfreakMy brain is fed directly from /dev/null.02:47
predatorfreakSo, indirectly.02:47
predatorfreakI'm already there.02:47
predatorfreaktreach: :)02:47
treachok, I thought it was linked to /dev/random02:47
predatorfreakPeople put the strangest things in /dev/null.02:47
Romstertreach, i'll look at it.02:47
predatorfreakand everything that goes into /dev/null.... comes into my brain.02:47
Romsteri thought t was fed from /dev/urandom <<02:48
treachpredatorfreak: honestly, it's not interesting at all. I've let it rot for a while, and there isn't that much stuff to begin with.02:48
predatorfreaktreach: I don't care! Just show me :)02:49
predatorfreakRomster: On Linux /dev/random and /dev/urandom are basically the same thing, aren't they?02:49
Romsternot over urandom uses more cpu02:49
Romsterabout all i know of.02:49
predatorfreaktreach: oh and, I'll shut up about ports.02:51
predatorfreakBut I don't guarantee anything else :P02:51
Romsterok enough ports for now... game time.02:53
Romsteri'll get to more tomorrow.02:53
Romsterand run compiles when i goto bed.02:54
predatorfreakRomster: Remember, when stabbing people, it's best to not be seen :)02:54
*** predatorfreak has quit IRC03:22
prologicis there some way to mount a .dms file ?03:29
mwansanot in linux i dont think so..03:47
tilmandid anyone try to install a 64 bit debian etch in a 32 bit qemu (in crux), and succeeded?03:48
tilmanit's hanging for me when grub is being installed to the mbr :/03:48
treachI blame grub. ;)03:48
mwansalilo ftw03:49
tilmanthere's an 'expert' installation mode03:49
tilmanmaybe i can choose lilo there03:49
tilmanspeaking of grub03:49
tilmanis it normal that grub takes much longer to boot, and load a kernel on a sata disk compared to ide?03:49
treachnot that I've noticed.03:50
treachotoh, I'm pretty far from a grub-guru.03:50
treachdoes grub have some equivalent of the "commpact" command that lilo uses?03:51
tilmanwhat is compact?03:51
treachcompact Tries  to  merge  read  requests for adjacent sectors into a single read request. This drastically reduces load time and keeps the map file smaller. Using `compact' is especially  recommended  when booting using a map file on a floppy disk.03:52
tilmanno idea03:52
treachmakes a hell of a difference actually..03:52
tilmanbut iirc grub doesn't fit on a floppy disk anyway03:52
tilmanon hdd too?03:52
treachI forgot to put it in lilo.conf a while ago, couldn't understand why it took so long to unpack the kernel..03:53
tilmani'll try lilo some day03:56
treachSo far I haven't found one compelling reason to use grub..03:56
tilmanalso, what the FUCK happened to debian03:56
tilman"installgui. Start the installation using the *graphical* installer."03:57
treachit got infected by the gnome-goons03:57
tilmantreach: it looks nice, and you don't need to rewrite the mbr if your kernel image changed03:57
tilmanreduces the chance of fucking up your system03:57
tilmans/the chance/chances/03:57
treachmmmh? I can agree with the mbr part.. but "looks nice"??03:58
*** mike_k has joined #crux03:58
tilmancolor green/black light-green/black03:58
tilmantreach: not a strong argument ;)03:58
treachweird. Unless you're refering to that it's easier to make it show a splash screen than it is to make lilo do it, I don't quite get that03:59
treachyou can man lilo show a menu too, and IIRC you can set the colors too..04:00
tilmani haven't used lilo since 200104:00
*** Rotwang has joined #crux04:15
*** mwansa_ has joined #crux04:31
*** mwansa has quit IRC04:32
*** rehabdoll has quit IRC04:35
*** treach has quit IRC04:37
*** destruct has joined #Crux04:43
*** destruct_ has quit IRC04:55
tilmaninstalling lilo worked :)05:05
mwansa_:>, im trying grub now..05:06
*** mwansa_ is now known as mwansa05:07
tilmandebian64 login:05:07
mwansahmm strange, so problem wasnt with debian... it was with grub ?05:08
*** boe has joined #crux05:13
*** Viper_ has joined #crux05:25
*** boe_ has joined #crux05:25
*** boe has quit IRC05:35
*** boe_ has quit IRC05:37
*** rehabdoll has joined #crux05:50
mwansatilman, "kernel (hd0,0)/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda3" Error 15: File not found :S05:54
tilmansounds like you used the wrong argument ro root()05:56
tilman(hd0,0) == /dev/sda105:56
tilmanyou want hd0,2) i guess05:56
mwansamm i thought args to root dont have to be in "Grub device form"06:00
tilmani meant root-the-grub-command06:01
tilmanroot (hd0,2)06:01
tilmansetup (hd0)06:01
mwansaah i see..06:01
tilmanerr wait06:01
tilmanyou can just change it in grub.conf06:01
tilmanfrom the top of my head, i don't even remember why the root() command exists06:02
aon_because you need to tell the kernel where to search for /bin/init?06:03
*** aon_ is now known as aon06:03
tilmani'm talking about root-the-grub-command06:03
tilmani'm even adding the stupid parens ;)06:04
mwansawell i suppose the root() command checks to see if / is mounted seeing as its the backbone for the whole filesystem heirachy06:04
*** ChanServ sets mode: +o aon06:04
aonright, dunno06:04
tilmanmaybe so grub finds /boot/grub/grub.conf06:04
tilmanyeah, that would be it :P06:04
*** rxi has quit IRC06:05
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*** rxi has joined #crux06:05
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Romsterfreenode is having a fit..06:53
*** mwansa has quit IRC06:57
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*** Rotwang has joined #crux07:03
tilmanffs, debian is a pain in the ass07:09
*** roliveira_ has quit IRC07:16
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux07:18
RyoStilman: ack07:21
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC07:22
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RyoSsomebody here can help me out with setting up a proper automount with hal?07:23
*** DarkNekros has joined #crux07:23
*** rugek has joined #crux07:24
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*** teK has joined #crux07:24
DarkNekroswhat had happened?07:25 seemed not to be working properly and it lost connection to the rest of the network07:26
DarkNekrosok, RyoS07:26
*** bitwise has joined #crux08:12
bitwisei have an md5sum mismatch on a package, what would be the best next course of action?08:18
rehabdollmake sure the downloaded file is not corrupted08:20
rehabdollif not, report it to the maintainer of the package in question08:20
bitwiseheh, he's in here08:25
*** Rotwang has quit IRC08:35
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tilmanlzma isn't too shabby really10:28
tilmanbetter compression rate _and_ better decompression performance than bzip2 *are* nice10:29
*** mrks has quit IRC10:43
bitwiseIs romster here?11:45
*** treach has joined #crux12:00
*** rehabdoll has quit IRC12:22
*** rehabdoll has joined #crux12:23
*** rehabdoll has joined #crux12:24
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*** rehabdoll has joined #crux12:28
RedShiftbitwise: try ping'ing him :)12:30
tilmanrehabdoll: connection problems? :p12:31
bitwiseRedShift, i'm a total n00b here, i have no idea how to do that;)12:41
RedShiftbitwise: It's easy, let me show you12:42
RedShiftRomster: ping12:42
bitwiseLOL, oooooooooooooh12:42
RedShiftany sane person will respond with a pong12:42
RedShiftit's ICMP-over-IRC12:42
bitwiseRomster: ping12:44
tilmancareful, don't overflow his ping buffers12:44
bitwisewell, thank you...i have fulfilled my daily requirement of learning at least one new thing:)12:44
*** sepen has joined #crux13:03
rehabdolltilman: nah, just client problems :)13:06
*** mwansa has joined #crux13:26
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*** Romster has joined #crux17:32
Romsteri can't get java stuff to work with opera only on firefox i'm suspecting that new change to the jdk package. i have the libxcb export line in profile.17:38
*** Romster has quit IRC17:47
*** Romster has joined #crux17:50
*** RedShift2 is now known as RedShift17:53
*** treach has left #crux17:54
Romsterlooks like opera has a issue i removed the allow sloppy lock since jdk has a fix for it now. and firefox works fine but not opera.17:54
Romsterok opera port is out of date maybe new verison will fix the issue.17:56
*** pedja has quit IRC18:00
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*** roliveira has joined #crux18:42
bitwiseYou around Romster?18:50
Romsterhi bitwise18:50
Romsteryeah i'm here.18:50
bitwisegetting a md5sum mismatch on libsndfile18:51
bitwisewell, last night18:51
bitwisehaven't tried it today yet18:51
rehabdollask the developer whats up: erikd@mega-nerd.com18:54
Romsteri'll check it out..19:02
bitwisethank you much, good sir19:03
bitwisecan someone suggest a good image viewer package?19:03
Romstergive me soem time new version is out.19:04
Romsterfeh or mirage19:04
bitwisethanks again:)19:04
Romsterprt-get dsearch is handy to.19:06
bitwisethat will search for dependencies, neh?19:07
Romsterdsearch will show a word it finds on the Description:19:07
Romsterprt-get depinst feh19:08
rehabdollimagemagick's display ftw :)19:09
Romsterbitwise, in contrib now.19:11
*** acrux_ has quit IRC19:12
* bitwise bows to Romster 19:12
Romsterjust give a hoy if you find anything else, everyone else here knows i'm fairly quick on fixes.19:13
bitwisecompiling now19:16
bitwisenice work, friend19:17
Romstermost versions bumps are easy todo.19:17
bitwiserehabdoll:  oh yeah?  didn't know it had a display portion19:21
Romsternever used that part.19:21
bitwiseRomster: still appreciated:)  been watching movies on my laptop while i rebuild my system19:23
Romsterbitwise, i keep a few newer versions and my own modfications on my site.19:26
bitwiseof what exactly?19:26
Romsterlook in core opt xorg etc..19:27
Romsterand contrib-other19:27
Romsterah it's just contrib i didn't rename that..19:28
Romstereither newer versions or changed in some way.19:28
bitwisecool, thanks!19:29
Romsterjust got sick of some settings and out of date so i've messed with stuff myself.19:30
Romsterto suit me.19:30
Romsteridea being i should be able to doa  new install later on and have it in the same state.19:31
Romsteri just override what i got in them directorys in my system.19:31
bitwisethat's what i love about open source in general, how i can change it to suit me19:33
Romsterbut most of the changes are sane for anyone to use.19:34
*** mwansa_ has quit IRC19:39
*** mwansa has joined #crux19:40
*** DarkNekros has quit IRC19:53
*** bitwise has quit IRC19:58
*** bitwise has joined #crux20:06
bitwisecan anyone suggest a good media player other than xine?  or a better ui for it?:)20:08
Romsterxine-ui for movies bmp or bmpx for music20:10
bitwisexine-ui is going haywire in x-windows20:11
Romsterit shouldn't...20:12
Romsterit works for me..20:12
Romsterwhat's it doing?20:12
bitwisecould be my windows manager, too20:12
bitwiseevery popup gets a window bar20:13
bitwiseand my wm eats it when i shut it down20:13
Romstercan you test in another WM?20:13
bitwiseyeah, compiling imagemagick right now, i can try in a minute20:16
rehabdollcompile with --enable-gui20:19
rehabdolli have a port with gui at
bitwisecan i just tweak the Pkgfile and add that to the compile?20:21
bitwiseconfigure, rather20:21
rehabdollbtw Romster, the current libdvdnav in contrib seems to screw up my mplayer-build20:37
Romsterrehabdoll, pastebin a error log for me.20:37
Romsteris it missing header files?20:37
*** sepen has quit IRC20:39
Romsterguess i'll compile mplayer and see for myself what the error is20:42
rehabdollim on it20:42
rehabdolllost the output and need to trigger it :)20:43
rehabdollthere we are20:43
rehabdollwhat exactly depends on libdvdnav?20:48
rehabdollanyway, removing it allows mplayer-svn to build20:51
rehabdollscrew it, almost 4am20:52
Romster2pm almost here20:55
Romsterrehabdoll, i'll have a chase down of that.. must be some change or the version i got now is too old.21:00
Romsterrehabdoll, you're using a svn branch no wonder..21:04
Romsterand why not use a snapshot setup like i do?21:05
Romsterplus you could co the libdvdnav svn sources along with mplayer as it's from the same site.21:05
*** jmvr has quit IRC21:09
*** Romster has quit IRC22:03
*** Romster has joined #crux22:04
*** Romster has quit IRC22:05
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