IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2007-12-10

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namenlosanyone here familliar with rcs?04:39
tilmanhello, 89? yeah, need help w/ rcs04:39
namenlosok, i don't think, i got this...04:41
tilmani called 1989 for you04:41
tilmanbecause absolutely _noone_ uses rcs today04:41
namenlosand what do you then use for single files? git?04:42
tilmandunno, i don't have version control for single files04:42
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namenlosi use it for single perl scripts, to track, what i have done, and so on...04:43
Romsterrcs is ages ago.04:50
Romsterwhy not make a directory under revision control?04:50
sepensubversion rocks!!04:51
Romsterthis sucks i built kdelibs right then built kdebase then find out i was ment to build kdepimlibs before kdebase..04:52
Romsteryet kdebase never complained.04:52
tilmansubversion is a pain in the ass and a sorry excuse for a scm04:52
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Romstermercurial or git is the way to go.04:53
namenlosimho subversion is not that much better than cvs04:53
tilmandisconnected ops are a huge advantage over cvs04:53
tilmanbut well, git stomps it :D04:53
namenlosyes, but git is a overkill for stupid scripts, which aren't related to each other...04:53
tilmancompare eg "svn log" and "git log" :P04:53
tilmannamenlos: yeah, i can understand that04:54
Romsternamenlos, what are you working on?04:54
namenlosnothing special. i just have my config files and scripts managed by rcs. atm i am experimenting with merging of different branches...04:55
Romsteri havne't used my safe-build in ages and i'm suprised it works ok since i haven't touched it in so long. good to build kde4 in.04:56
Romsterno idea if i'll use it for long yet though..04:56
mwansawere can i get 2.4...04:57
sepentilman, how can I merge only a selected revision or changeset on a branch with git?04:57
Romsteror build from git.iso <<04:58
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tilmansepen: "git cherry-pick -x hashofthechangeset"04:58
tilmansepen: using -x is strongly recommended04:58
mike_kFYI: some thoughts on version control and programming culture from svn creator
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DarkNekroshi all ;)04:59
sepenheyo DarkNekros04:59
Romsterhi DarkNekros04:59
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tilmantreach: with the new box, epdfview doesn't seem as slow anymore either :D05:02
tilmanmike_k: true, i wouldn't even try to deploy git for my colleagues ;)05:03
mike_kthe interesting part is: git encourages people to fork, not to cooperate =)05:04
tilmani wouldn't put it like that05:05
mike_kbut it has some sense05:05
tilmani think i need a better mua05:24
tilmanmutt's imap support isn't that great :x05:24
rehabdoll linus on git :)05:35
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sepenis jaeger on holidays?05:58
sepen@seen jaeger05:58
clbsepen: jaeger was last seen in #crux 1 day, 13 hours, 45 minutes, and 11 seconds ago: <jaeger> tarballs are excluded on purpose, they shouldn't go into the git trees05:58
tilmanhe's probably asleep :P05:59
sepenhmm hal compilation crash due to libvolume_id dependency05:59
sepenand the only repo with this avail is yhafri05:59
Romstersepen, maybe if you remove libvolume_id it would build ok..06:03
sepenis not installed here06:04
Romsterbut version of libvolume_id is 0.66.006:04
sepenbut seems is a direct dependency, also in the 'configure' script appears06:04
sepen  VOLUME_ID_CFLAGS06:04
sepen              C compiler flags for VOLUME_ID, overriding pkg-config06:04
sepen  VOLUME_ID_LIBS06:04
sepen              linker flags for VOLUME_ID, overriding pkg-conf06:04
Romsterthat says you got it installed to me?06:04
sepen$ pkginfo -i | grep volume ---> NULL06:05
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sepenhmmm really strange06:06
sepen$ pkg-config --list-all | grep libvolume06:06
sepenlibvolume_id            libvolume_id - Filesystem label and uuid access06:06
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Romsterstrange indeed...06:07
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sepenlibvolume is provided by udev pfff06:11
sepenand I my udev installed port is not updated06:12
Romsternearly got all of kde4 compiled <<06:13
Romsterstill need ot mess with cmake and see if there is a path for mandirectorys.. or do a dodgy mv..06:14
Romstersepen sounds like hal should list udev as a dependency?06:15
Romsterso that udev is upto date before hal gets updated.06:15
sepenany idea of this?
sepenwhen I tried to update udev I surprised about new inodes06:16
Romsterwhat on earth i never got that..06:17
Romstersomething fishy..06:18
tilmansepen: prt-get update pkgutils06:18
tilmansepen: and then build udev again06:18
Romsteroh lord..06:18
tilmansepen: make sure libarchive is up to date before you update pkgutils06:18
Romsterthat could be it..06:18
Romsteri didn't get that udev issue..06:19
sepenohh I'll try this06:19
Romsterupdated fine..06:19
Romster prt-get update -fr libarchive pkgutils06:19
Romsterworth a shot..06:20
sepen$ prt-get deptree udev ====> null06:21
sepencould be due to that?
Romster@seen viper06:21
clbRomster: I have not seen viper.06:21
sepen@seen Viper_06:22
clbsepen: Viper_ was last seen in #crux 19 weeks, 3 days, 14 hours, 13 minutes, and 37 seconds ago: <Viper_> what's the new url?06:22
tilmandude, udev just doesn't have dependencies...06:22
sepenin this case, why I need to recompile libarchive and pkgutils?06:22
Romstergeez he don't come on much... i found a bug in libpth..06:22
tilmanit looks like you compiled pkgutils with an old version of libarchive06:22
sepenhmm thats could be06:23
Romsterthat would be my guess too.06:23
sepenpfffff (maybe) *DA*SA((my english sucks)06:23
Romsterrevdep might even see it maybe?06:24
Romsterthen again it's linked but not compatable.06:24
Romstersepen, it's better than my english <<06:25
sepentilman, now udev is updated without problems06:25
Romsternow hal should update too.06:25
sepenmaybe we need a README file atached to udev port no?06:26
Romsterand then install that new hal-info after.06:26
sepengood choice06:26
Romsteri doubt it being a problem maybe get jaeger to list udev as a dependency of hal maybe..06:27
Romsterdosn't seem to be a big issue.06:27
Romsterthe libarchive -> pkgutils issue seems alot more worse, and wonder how you got it broken like that..06:29
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namenloshehe, this works: echo test | ssh localhost "cat > /tmp/sshtest"08:22
namenloswould this also work with binary data?08:25
sepen$ cat myfile | ssh localhost "cat -"08:35
sepenno idea08:36
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sepentilman, which is the equivalent of 'svn diff <file>' on git?08:53
tilmantake a wild guess08:54
namenlosit seems, tat git becomes more and more popular..08:55
tilmansavannah offers git these days, too08:56
sepennamenlos, its a requeriment for contrib ports development08:56
namenlossepen: i know. but i was also looking at other projects, or #git08:56
namenlossepen: this might help you
namenloson #git there where many questions on git-svn :D08:57
RedShiftsup all08:58
sepennice document namenlos08:58
* RedShift received 1700 euro worth of software this morning08:58
RedShiftI got two cd's, 1 dvd, two cardboard boxes, a few pieces of paper and a sticker for that08:59
namenlostilman: i guess savannah then is the first project hosting page offering git...08:59
tilmannamenlos: nope, has been around for a long time08:59
tilmancan't really compare the two ;D08:59
namenlosyes, but with a bug-tracker, and so on.08:59
sepennamenlos, the url you paste said: ""git diff  ----->  svn diff | less""09:00
sepenis not 100% true09:00
sepengit diff HEAD .09:00
sepenthat's the correct command I found09:00
tilmangit diff HEAD also includes files you already added09:01
sepenthis is that I looking for09:01
namenlossepen: there is a file called the 'index' and diff only lists afaik the diff between your working directory and this index files...09:02
namenlosbut please don't ask me, why it is called index, i guess noone knows that...09:02
namenlosso git-add only updates the index, and git-commit puts the index into the repository (as far as i understood it)09:03
namenlosyou can also use git-commit <file>, if you are 100% sure, what you are doing...09:03
sepenhmm curious09:04
tilman'git commit -a' is recommended09:04
tilmanbecause that will commit exactly what you have in your working copy09:04
namenlosi don't like this.09:04
tilmanif you commit only parts, you cannot really say you tested it thorougly09:04
namenlosyes, but if you have files changed, you don't want to do with this commit...09:04
sepenwell, in this case anyone could modify
sepenand modified the line that references to git commit09:06
sepentilman, nice git document and graphs, maybe it would be added to the contribhowto as a link (imo)09:09
tilmando it09:10
sepenIm not a web mantainer09:10
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sepentilman, rocks --amend option09:18
namenlosi like that one, too ;)09:18
namenlosmakes you look 1337 :D09:20
tilmanbecause there's never bugs in your commits? :]09:20
RedShiftlinus has released kernels that contain no bugs, said by himself09:20
RedShiftso if he can do it, I'm sure we can do it09:21
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mike_kRomster: libcdio installs usr/man1/cd-paranoia.1  Typo in Pkgfile.09:23
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sepenjaeger, your server is down13:09
jaegerit's not down, it's just apache2 being pissed off13:13
jaegerno idea what's causing it13:13
sepenhmm strange13:13
sepenis not responding me to ping proves13:14
sepen--- ping statistics ---13:14
sepen2 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 1008ms13:14
jaegerwell, I'm logged into freenode from it and rsync works fine... it's just apache that's broken13:14
sepenok just I wait13:15
Romstermike_k, hmm i must of missed that, fixing.13:15
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Romsterdamn it git commit --amend ddin't work as expected for me oh well..13:52
tilmanthankfully you can run it as often as you want13:52
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* Romster shouldn't commit when half asleep waking up still.. 13:58
Romsteri forgot to bump the revision=13:58
tilmanof course --amend only works if you didn't push the commit in question yet13:59
Romsternow it lookslike i've commited twice with the same commit message..13:59
tilmanthat's because you did13:59
Romsterhow do i fix my mess up or i jsut leave it13:59
tilmanyou're a lost cause13:59
Romsteri realised /after/13:59
tilmanrun 'git log' before you push14:00
tilmantakes one second14:00
tilmanavoids so much pain14:00
Romsterfuck doing a commit when still waking up14:00
mwansahal-0.5.10 requires libvolume_id > 0.77. what version is yhafri's ports ?...cant be fucked updating the whole repo takes too long :-(14:01
Romstermwansa, update udev first...14:02
Romsterit's in new udev...14:02
Romsterit was in this channel earlier if you look up the irc logs.14:03
mwansaim running the old crux-2.3 iso... so every package must pretty much be updated14:03
Romsteryou havent' done a sysup?14:03
tilmanjaeger: did you sync the iso?14:03
mwansanah, cause last time completely fucked up gnome14:04
mwansaprobb a good idea tho...14:04
Romsterthen just install libarchive update pkgutils and udev, hal then install hal-info then rejmerge14:04
Romsteralthough you should update the system..14:05
jaegertilman: it's being synced right now14:07
jaegertilman: it just finished14:07
Romsterjaeger, you might want to list udev as a dependency for hal..14:17
Romsterand a note not to use libvolume_id but to update udev instead14:17
thrice`udev is a core port, though14:18
tilmanwho managed to run crux without udev?14:18
RedShifttilman: why would you want to do that?14:19
thrice`i didn't think core ports got listed as deps14:19
tilmanRedShift: read the damn context before asking silly questions14:19
* jaeger sighs14:20
RedShiftyeah haven't read the backlog yet14:20
sepenprt-get update `prt-get quickdep udev` should run if core ports have dependencies, but not sure14:20
Romsterthrice`, the reason for the /might/14:20
tilmanmwansa: you might want to install 2.4-rc1 instead of 2.314:20
Romsterit's a rc1 now <<14:21
tilmanthat reminds me14:21
tilmanshould the release notes mention that it ships with radeonhd?14:21
thrice`what cards is radeonhd for?14:23
tilmanr5xx and r6xx14:24
thrice`probably not my old 970014:24
rehabdollradeonhd :)14:24
tilman9700 is r3xx iirc14:24
thrice`yes, I think so too.14:24
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sepenI updated ati contrib port too with fine results for my 960014:25
rehabdollim looking to encrypt backups on a usb-stick. any suggested solutions?14:26
tilmanie cryptsetup + dm_crypt14:26
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rehabdollill take a look14:27
bitwisecan anyone suggest a good video capture card?14:29
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sepenjaeger, ping?15:50
sepenafter gnome update, I just need to install gail15:51
sepenlibgnomecanvas now depends on it15:51
jaegerit's already in the depends list15:52
sepenyeah your are set this correct15:52
jaegerat least, it should be for the metaport15:52
sepenbut after try a prt-get sysup it fails15:52
sepenand its required a manual install of gail15:53
sepenits only my impressions15:53
sepenafter that libgnomecanvas is installed fine for me15:55
sepenno one experienced the same?16:01
jaegerI haven't had that problem yet, done the upgrade on a couple machines now16:01
jaegerlibelf is the only one that gave me trouble16:01
sepenhmmm I have the same thing at office and here at house16:03
sepenwell, just nothing16:03
jaegerdon't know what to tell you, sorry16:04
sepenand look at that please
sepenIm testing gnome nowadays16:06
tilmani thought you were a xfce lover :D16:07
sepentilman, I recently update xfburn but I in trouble16:07
jaegersepen: are you missing some things in the list from "prt-get depends gnome" ?16:08
sepenjaeger, well I only do a prt-get sysup16:09
sepenmany ports are failed. then I try to update manually16:09
sepenIm in doubt, if xfburn depends on ports that isn't listed in xfce repo, how I should do? add them to xfce? is that correct? or I should add them to contrib instead?16:12
sepenexpecially these ports are libburn and libisofs16:12
tilmanwell :)16:13
tilmanlibburn and libisofs are not xfce-specific16:13
tilmanso imo they shouldn't be in the xfce repository16:13
tilmandidn't we have a similar discussion with gnome recently?16:13
sepenand results?16:14
tilmani'm hoping jaeger will comment :D16:14
sepenalso I had a discussion with jue about this16:16
jaegernot about libburn and libisofs16:16
sepenand results where that he recommends me to put intltool on xfce repo16:16
sepenI see also it appears on gnome16:16
sepenI think unless we need speciall configs they should appear more centralized (imo)16:17
sepenor specific patches ...16:17
tilmani think i'd rather see xfce depend on some ports of gnome16:18
tilmanduplicating work is stupid in most cases ;))16:18
sepenalso I think it would be better if intltool is listed on contrib16:18
tilmanintltool depends on gnome-common16:18
sepenbut not all people need gnome ports16:18
tilmanif the former was in contrib, the latter would have to be there, too :(16:19
sepensorry for my words16:19
tilmani don't run gnome and have gnome.rsync in /etc/ports16:19
sepenwell and then, xfce repo depends on gnome repo?16:19
tilmanso far i survived ;)16:19
tilmanwhy not?16:19
sepenyeah tilman here the same16:20
sepenno problem, Ill send a mail to jue with that question16:20
sepenif he's accord to that Ill remove the port from xfce16:20
sepen(bad english)16:20
sepenI think me need more specific concepts with group of ports16:22
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sepenIf I remove a dependency I should add a README file with the advisement???16:24
sepento say people to add another port to his collection16:24
tilmanimo: no16:24
tilmani think the average crux user will turn to the port db if he's missing the port16:24
tilmanand then gnome will quickly turn up16:25
tilmansepen: i would send an email to the crux mailing list though16:25
sepenIm in mind something like # Groups: gnome xfce16:25
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DaViruzmy fluxbox seems totaly incapable of spawning programs when started from xdm, but works fine when started by startx.. i dont even get a root window. blackbox on the other hand works fine in both cases. fresh crux 2.3 install. ideas anyone?19:02
DaViruzfluxbox reports no errors on the console..19:03
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RomsterDaViruz, prt-get install libarchive; prt-get sysup, for starters. alot of updates from stock 2,319:26
DaViruzi'll do that :)19:28
Romsterand don't forget to use rejmerge after that man rejmerge19:30
Romstercould be just old versions if any luck.19:30
DaViruzyeah i know about rejmerge. thanks19:35
Romsteryou'd be suprised <<19:46
Romsterat how many don't.19:46
DaViruziirc prt-get sysup tells about rejmerge when it's run is completed?19:49
thrice`I don't think so19:49
thrice`that's gentoo :)19:50
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DaViruzi feel offended ;)20:02
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nipuLman this pc i'm building is nuts20:29
nipuL4x500gb raid5, quadcore q6600, sli ati 2600xt, 8gb ddr2 80020:30
nipuLclear perspex case and casemods up the wazoo20:30
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ARCKEDAHeh, anyone home? :P20:40
* nipuL is at work20:51
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ToshiI did a prt-get sysup, today and now I've having issues with my mouse.  Anyone else having that issue?21:58
ToshiSeems like the buttons double click instead of single click21:58
jdolanQ2W trailer:
emfrednice :-)22:20
jdolanemfred, my pet project since i retired from crux :)22:22
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